Latest Reviews on Usha Sewing Machines

"Usha is famous company"
Review on: Usha Fashion Electric Sewing Machine
Rating: By: Livleen | 1 day ago

Usha is very famous company but it makes this type of stupid machine. Its a electric machine with many functions. Few days it works better. Then it creating problems. There is no service provider to make it. Companys boy come and assured that there i
"Bored to use and doesn't think as handy product"
Review on: Usha Flora
Rating: By: Souravy297 | 5 days ago

Really boring product this is and design of this product is so old generation type or working as every time stop. This is not so durable sewing machine as I heard from my mother who use it and she works on this machine is stitching and simple sewing
"Usha sewing machine is a branded"
Review on: Usha Home use Electric Sewing Machine
Rating: By: praveen2912 | 7 days ago

This is an user friendly sewing is homely user.the standard of the machine is very is very well is easy to is some what less weight compared to other is electric so that there is no using of le
"Usha janome allure."
Review on: Usha Janome Allure
Rating: By: ellens_505 | 17 days ago

Hai friendsI am so sorry to write a review about this product. I bought this from a shop which is very near to my house.For first few days I could not felt any problem on this machine. Later I can see some rust on different parts of the machine. Main
Review on: Usha Wonder Stitch
Rating: By: anshullshakya2050 | 18 days ago

Yeah everyone says that this is an amazing company but my mom is unsatisfied from this sewing machine because it does not work well diring stiching on jeans and hard clothes it malfunctioning the thread during stiching and sometimes and sometimes it
Review on: Usha Wonder Stitch
Rating: By: HEMASUDHADRM | 20 days ago

Usha is a good manufacturer in india at else. They produce guarantee products only. One of the beat product was sewing machine. It was weight less while comparing manual machine. Cheap price wonderful performance features available. Plastic material
"Usha Used my DAD"
Review on: Usha Tailor SD
Rating: By: sathishbose | 20 days ago

I remember the days, when my dad use to stitch clothes with Usha sewing machine for earning money and this is not use for my personal use.We should never forget out past and old products too. Well, it has been almost 10 years, we are having the same
"Good sewing machine"
Review on: Usha Janome Allure
Rating: By: vijibaijuviji | 28 days ago

This machine is very good. I purchased usha janome sewing maching 4 minth back rarely used. Machine has well known because of tge quality the ways service has given by company. It is working all types of Good quality product.m Usha janom
"Not user friendly...!!"
Review on: Usha Bandhan Manual Sewing Machine
Rating: By: artikanaujia1993 | Jul 22, 2017

Usha bandhan sewing machine is not up to the mark with my personal experiance because I bought this machine for its attractive style & design but it does not give me a satisfactory result, always get stuck at the time stiching of clothes, wheneve
Review on: Usha Tailor SD
Rating: By: panchalpriya442 | Jul 14, 2017

I have to give one star to usha sewing machine. I have a usha sewing machine .when I was bought this machine it properly work for one month after that it creating problem to sew.I take this machine to repair atleast 4 and 5 times but all time it crat
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