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"Lg number one refrigerator"
Review on: LG 215 L Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator (GL-B221ASLI)
Rating: By: 300y | 1 day ago

Lg full form is life's good.I use this fridge about 2.5 yearsThis is excellent fridge for medium home.It have good look, all parts is very goodI use 2.5years there is no any problem.My all family members are use the lg fridgeLg's all products are goo
"Whirlpool 19 L Elite"
Review on: Whirlpool 190 L Elite
Rating: By: salivendralatha | 1 day ago

Hi friends, recently I brought a Whirlpool 190 L Elite. Product is very good. Cooling is efficient and quite operation. The color and design is good. No noise when fridge is operating. Highly recommended for those who have small family. Got it for 1
"Good product"
Review on: Whirlpool Ice Magic 230L Elite
Rating: By: Paromitac1994 | 1 day ago

Hi friends 5 monts back I bought whilpool ice magic 230 l elite model.this has very good ice cooling can make ice within very short time compares to others.the cooling system and the model is very good.this has cool interiour as well.the
"Whirlpool 190 L Elite"
Review on: Whirlpool 190 L Elite
Rating: By: yourbestfrined | 1 day ago

Dear all visitorsToday I am going to share with you all my real experience with Whirlpool 190 L Elite. This refrigerator is not user friendly at all because when we keep our food in it, the ice in the fridge gets dried up by eating ice water, which c
"Amazing product"
Review on: Whirlpool FP 263D Protton Roy 240 L Triple Door
Rating: By: kusarv09 | 2 days ago

Hello friends, I am talking about whirlpool FP 263 D protton roy 240 L triple door refrigerator . this is amazing product by whirlpool. I has power saver capability. it consume less electricity .cooling power is more than other refrigerator in this
"Bad performances"
Review on: Haier HRF-618SS 565 L Side by Side Refrigerator
Rating: By: rpankaj853 | 2 days ago

Hello guys today I am here to tell you about this product where I recently sell it due to poor performances where when I buy it hear many feature but all are wrong .this product main problem s there cooling problem they take more time to cooling whic
"Very best product"
Review on: LG GL-D372JPZL Frost Free Refrigerator
Rating: By: SagarDadlani | 2 days ago

This refrigerator is best budget product.This refrigerator are make very slow time ice and deep freeze are the best for dairy products .Lg refrigerator product is very best company in the world.Lg has provide a full support to customer and Lg service
"Samsung 345L Refrigerator"
Review on: Samsung 345 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT36JSMFESZ)
Rating: By: Visitmalviya | 2 days ago

Recently my old refrigerator was being obsoleted so I wanted to buy a double door refrigerator. After looking and searching for so many refrigerator, I finally come to select this refrigerator. This samsung refrigerator is of 345 litres which is suff
"Good Product"
Review on: Whirlpool Triple Door Refrigerator Fp 283D Protton
Rating: By: kalianaveen003 | 2 days ago

Hi,I purchased this item 45 days back and have deliberately held up till date to keep an eye on its execution and after that compose the audit.This same item(however extraordinary hues) is obviously 3 or 4 thousand higher in retail shops and can incl
Review on: LG Powercut Evercool Refrigerators
Rating: By: suhasinip | 2 days ago

Hai all some people living in rural areas they people facing many problems in summer with power cut. this type of refrigerator too good in all seasons.this refrigerator cooling mechanism has main parts like cooling retention source, cooling pipes, re
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