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"Special features"
Review on: Whirlpool Protton F 300L Elite
Rating: By: Manpree | 10 hrs 37 mins ago

Whirlpool is Very famous for home appliances. Very stylish, very attractive, Very powerful and many more thinks. There are new and unique features u can use it in any ways. U can change Ice bar in upper and in lower chamber both. U can control temper
"Very Good Refrigerator and Saves Power"
Review on: Samsung RT27JSMSARZ-TL 253 L Double Door Refrigerator
Rating: By: kuldeepvala20 | 1 day ago

Samsung has wide range of refrigerator. And There are various style of Double Door Refrigerator.The refrigerator is very user friendly and easy to use. The application of refrigerator is simple and effective. And the machine is very strong makes cool
"Osm Goorej EDGE pro"
Review on: Godrej Single Door Refrigerator RD Edge Pro 240 PDS
Rating: By: nithinpannala987 | 1 day ago

So , friends this Defridge is osm Colling condition is so good , and it is rust free and it have been given 10 years warranty , and stabilizer free operation , and it is 6 stars , and it is power saving mode , and it have been given many operating s
"Samsung a great referigerator."
Review on: Samsung 253 L Frost Free Double Door Refrigerator (RT27JSMSAPZ)
Rating: By: Aayush_kamediya | 2 days ago

Recently I had purchased this referigerator from lotus electronics Indore. The referigerator is double door and has a feature of convertibility in which the freezer cans be converted into freeze and the freeze can be converted into freezer. Its a new
"Disappointing from the service!!!"
Review on: Haier HRD-1905BR-H 170 L Single Door Refrigerator
Rating: By: Harshitzzz | 2 days ago

When I bought this refrigerator I feels so happy but this hapinnes is not for a long time.This refrigerator is not all good and user friendly from any point of view , this contains a lot of complex and useless functions which is not good.This is made
"Cool refrigerator"
Review on: Samsung RR19H1104RH-TL Single Door Refrigerator
Rating: By: vanishree12 | 2 days ago

First I am impressed by the graphic designe on the door of fridge next I want to tell about price its worth. It's single door refrigerator. There is cool prices cool refrigerators for summer. Inside the fridge sufficient shelves to keep the substance
"Worth and easy to use"
Review on: Whirlpool PRO 495 ELT 2S Double Door Refrigerator
Rating: By: joglekarmandar6 | 2 days ago

This company refrigerators work with little power consumption. With high quality of food preservation. It has automatic water vaporizing system.So there is no need to check now and then.The company gives 10 yrs of warranty services. So this is unbeli
"Good Refrigerator."
Review on: Bosch Refrigerator 2 Door FF 358L
Rating: By: manishsah | 2 days ago

Hey guys this is really very good refrigerator. Belive me. I was buy this before five months ago from nearest electronic shop. It is very good designed. Stylish and Slim Frezze. It has very good features. Very nice cooling. Very fast. You can store y
"Tanda tanda"
Review on: LG Single Door Refrigerator GL 225BEDG5
Rating: By: shri9424 | 2 days ago

I am talking about refrigator of brand "LG" name Gl 225BEDG5. it is nice fridge I have ever seen its is durable and it will live long last it has 4 stars consumption it use low electricity .its capacity is 215 L it can work without stabilizer it has
"Freeze but not cooling"
Review on: LG GL-D372JPZL Frost Free Refrigerator
Rating: By: goutamggi | 3 days ago

Biggest problem is its closing door. if u r not pushing it harder, it will not be closed. I m using this refrigerator since 6 months. intially there was no such problem but later on it started and now a days it became worse. we have to give outer sup
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