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Bajaj Platina 125 Reviews

Very comfortable

4 days ago 81 Views (via Android App)

Bajaj platina 125 is a discontinued model from the indian manufactured. It came with a 124.6 cc air cooled engine producing 8.4 bhp at 7000rpm her engine like a horse power and 10 nm at 4000rpm the engines comes mated to a high speed gear box so I liked this scooter very much but one problem thi...Read More


Haryana, India

8 Reviews

Super average bike

5 days ago 96 Views (via Android App)

Bajaj platina 125 are is very platinum bike. Its a 125 cc engine bike. Bajaj platina 125 is a very good average able bike. Its fuel consumption is very amazing. Bajaj platina 125 bike not very costly. It is a not very weight full bike. Bajaj platina 125 are easily and smoothly handling and its a...Read More

Woo this is a savings bike

7 days ago 118 Views (via Android App)

Bajaj platina 125 wooo realy cool awesome no word for this bike this this bajaj plantina 125 is low fule comsupstion bike just 1ltr peterol u used and 80+ km u go tuis is a good bike I thikn so realy my father had 1 this bike my father was happy for buying this bike because this bike is so comfe...Read More

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Bajaj Platina 125: Best Bike

9 days ago 130 Views

New platina 125 bike, its average 75+, it is best bike for serviceman, it is best bike for serviceman, its fuel cost is one week is less than bus fare, low maintained, it is best for me, thanks bajaj. my bike experience platina is best economic bike, for why? 2013 year I brought this bike still ...Read More


9 days ago 158 Views

HLO GUYS . I tell about something to u . I tell my experience to bajaj platina bike. frds its really good bike. it is very comfertable. its look is very nice. iys also a long drive bike .So it is called father of milage . it give the milage of 75-85 km/litre. so it is good for view of saving ...Read More

Worst bike in the world

13 days ago 236 Views (via Android App)

Hello Platina is a bajaj product which was the most worst model. Its mialage was 40 km/h but as per docents iit is 60 km/hr. I personally don't like this. It is not comfortable at all. It is a light bike an .Dure to ita small engine it don't have so much power. The design and size was a...Read More


Delhi , India

26 Reviews

Paltina bakwas bike

15 days ago 206 Views (via Android App)

This bike is 125 evn though it gives low average Its give only 55km avergae and they says it give 90km/ltr average. When u ride it more than 60 km speed Bike hilne lag jati hai or Ek banda pecheu beth jaye to bile uthti mahi pic hi ud jaata hai Over all bekr hai bike Break dum ...Read More


Tezpur, India

4 Reviews

I lost my money

16 days ago 222 Views (via Android App)

I was in need of a bike. I select this bike for good mileage. but after six month I found that its average is not good. I got average nearly about 50 to 55 kms in the city for single person. when company declare Bajaj Platina average is 97 kms . we expect minimum 70 kms in the city. So its my hu...Read More

Bike for comman man

17 days ago 281 Views

Bjaj Platina 125 as every one know this bike is famous for its great millage. Its a bike made for Aam Admi. as it can save thousand of rupees in a year as compared to other hi-fi class bikes. Fuel Consumption- 72 km/litre Comfort level- you can drive 100 km easily Reliability- Totally a...Read More


Pratapgarh, Uttar Pradesh, India

3 Reviews


Good in milege for long drive

17 days ago 296 Views

The bike is good, slim, and light weight .good for job workers going to job everyday .it has a mileage of around 55-65 which is a good it has a top speed of 95km/hr but a drawback is there when a single peson is sitting on it it can not go behind 75km/hr as it gets disbalance due to its light we...Read More


Asansol, India

1 Review


18 days ago 264 Views

This bike is a average for a small family.its looks is quite good, the black version of this bike is looking more beautiful than other colors.it gives us a very good mileage of 45kmpl, its long mileage never left you its a very good bike for a middle class family.its provide you a comfort feel w...Read More


Pune, India

23 Reviews

Not long lasting bike

18 days ago 301 Views (via Android App)

Bajaj is a best motorcycle manufactuter in india is thruth, but bajaj motorcycles are not long lasting for use. I have used bajaj platina older version within 5 year ago. When I was buy this motorcycle I was getting an amzing experience as compared with Hero splendor and TVS star city. The pl...Read More

Great bike.....really loved it

19 days ago 289 Views (via Android App)

Its the best bike seen ever.It has great fuel storing capacity and also has great and fantastic milleage.now about its comfort.firstly seat.best comfort and suspension.loved??.you must try it.And also it has great average.now about the looks.it is styish.designed awesome.It has a great quality??...Read More

BAJAJ PLATINA Not Good Balanced

19 days ago 310 Views (via Android App)

Hii.friends toay I am giving my review on Bajaj Platina125. I bought this bike in january 2015. I think this is very good bike so I sold it. But its my wrong thinking about this bike. After driving it I feels many problems in it guys. First of all I talked its stabilty, control and balancing sys...Read More

The worst bike

20 days ago 280 Views (via Android App)

Since One year I am running Platina bike it is not useful to me in any of the perspective. Its look and design is very poor the light weight of the vehicle makes it less stabilty at higher speed. The mileage is also not achieved which is being estimated at the selling of bike. Its handling is ve...Read More

Very hot to good for long drive.

26 days ago 349 Views (via Android App)

Hi frnds I have experience great about bajaj platina. I have one platina bike and it was near around 9 yrs is with me. Dear frnds this bike is very hot and sexy. And too goos in milaege and average. Near aronud 70 to 80 kmpl for long drive this bike. I love this bike. Maximam 3 person can seat i...Read More


Aligarh, India

6 Reviews

Very efficient bike at 100 cc variant

26 days ago 342 Views (via Android App)

It is very efficient bike. Its average is very goos approx 100 kilometre per hour but it had an issue of less weight. Platina bike is very efficient and compatible for middle class peoples and everybody can afford it even in villages also.Bajaj automobiles do very good job by introducing this co...Read More

You can see and tell me about bajaj.

28 days ago 355 Views

Bajaj Platina 125 is a very good bike to all peoples why because it having a good specifications. these specifications are: fuel consumption: this is having a good and better fuel consumption like 78kmpl. comfort: this is having a good comfort for the driving. reliability: its reliab...Read More

Bajaj platina 125

Dec 23, 2016 10:21 PM 387 Views (via Android App)

Bajaj platina 125 Good bike but have some problem. The chain set : its loose every 500 km. This is one of the problem of this bike. Which create noise and make irretate me. When we go for long drive In long drive the seats are comfortable. But the suspenion is not so good in long drive ...Read More

Fuel efficient

Dec 20, 2016 07:22 PM 438 Views (via Android App)

Its a fuel efficiant bike among the bikes it has 70 to 80km/l milage with 125 cc engine it has average power. It don't have a better stability but stable around 70km/h. Some troubles has in its engine make some engine problem. Less weight so easy to handle and easy to control , average looks .it...Read More

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