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From Tania Malhotra
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New Year Logo
HAPPY NEW YEAR! Date: Dec-30-2005

Let's ring out the old and ring in the new. Say cheers to all that's waiting to unfold in the new year. HAPPY NEW YEAR!
Write As Many As You Can Contest

Date: Dec-28-2005

The year is coming to an end and what better way to bid farewell to 2005 than winning a review contest. Write as many reviews as you can on your favorite topics till December 31, 2005. Fame and fortune are just round the corner.

Ek Ajnabee Contest - Winners Announced

Date: Dec-26-2005

The winners of the Ek Ajnabee Contest are as follows:
» prurient » eagle_eye » sid_dreamz
» resh_1980 » the_sudarshan » solution
» kanbar » preview_review » sourish.ghosh
» maxmin    

Congratulations winners!

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas Date: Dec-23-2005

Merry Christmas to all MouthShut members. The new MouthShut logo wishes that the entire world binds itself in a conspiracy of love.
New Sub-categories
On popular demand, MouthShut has added new sub-categories for you to read and write unbiased product reviews. They are:

    » Inverters
    » Tour Operators

Now, you can also compare Digital Cameras on the basis of prices, features and reviews. Make a prudent buying decision.
Comments and Prizes - Result Announced
Date: Dec-19-2005

» Sunday, December 18, 2005

Caayotee for his comment on Saurav Ganguli's omission Timely, Just and Fair

» Saturday, December 17, 2005

arundhati90 for her comment on Dance with me

» Friday, December 16, 2005

mesmerised for his comment on a neutral view

» Thursday, December 15, 2005

PROFBBMOHANTY for his comment on Ouch! it hurts....

» Wednesday, December 14, 2005

sanjeevl for his comment on Newspaper - why have it everyday?

Comments and Prizes
Date: Dec-14-2005

It's the comment week on MouthShut. Everyday, beginning Wednesday December 14 until Sunday December 18, 2005 , MouthShut will announce the Best Comment of the Day from the hundreds of comments received on others' reviews. Your comment can make you famous - and help you win fabulous prizes. No catch. No tricks. So go ahead and write at least one comment.

You can enhance your chances at winning by writing more than one comment. Be sure to check this space for the winner list every morning.

Ek Ajnabee Contest
Date: Dec-09-2005

The year end marks the release of Apurva Lakhia’s slick-looking Amitabh Bachchan starrer Ek Ajnabee. The movie promises to narrate an emotionally riveting tale, full of kicks and punches in the right measure.

Why not write a review of the movie itself? MoutShut and INOX – India’s largest chain of multiplexes - will give away some great prizes. This contest ends on December 22, 2005.

MouthShut One Review Weekend Contest Result

Date: Nov-28-2005

The winners of the MouthShut One Review Weekend Contest are:
» ssudas » noesist » vinod_pillai

Congratulations winners!

MouthShut Weekend Contest Result
Date: Nov-21-2005

The winners of the Weekend Contest are:

» sweets_desire » nishanu34 » popeyeprem
» abhaygupta » scorpion82 » padma8376    

Congratulations winners!

MouthShut Weekend Contest
Date: Nov-18-2005

Six lucky members who, this weekend � Saturday and Sunday � successfully recommend MouthShut to at least two friends can win exciting prizes. Do use 'Invite a Friend' link (on the top of every page) that will help us track who invited whom. Please note that you could win a prize only if your friends register with MouthShut on your recommendation.

Watch this space on Monday morning for results.

Oxford Bookstore-MouthShut Book Review Contest Results
Date: Nov-12-2005

Reading books is a habit second to none. And reviewing books after having devoured them cover to cover can be extremely rewarding. The Oxford Bookstore- MouthShut Book Review Contest got members vying for the top place. The following, however, did well to beat all competition.

» prad1980 » tech-writer » ketantendulkar » findkhushi
» matwalaboy » paulose » thinavila » ram_cv
» PulomaDas » sndaya    

MouthShut congratulates the winners.

MouthShut Weekend Contest
Date: Nov-12-2005

We're sure you have great plans for this weekend. Why not stop at MouthShut ? Read, rate, and comment on some reviews this Saturday and Sunday. Six best comments - in terms of language and objectivity (please note abusive comments shall not even be considered) - will receive exciting prizes.

Watch this space on Monday morning for results.

Eid Mubarak
Date: Nov-03-2005

Eid is a day of thanksgiving, remembrance, victory, harvest, forgiveness and peace. MouthShut wishes all its members Eid Mubarak

Happy Diwali
Date: Oct-31-2005

Have a bright and prosperous Diwali this year. Light up your life but remember, crackers are dangerous .

MouthShut on CNBC
Date: Oct-31-2005

In recent months we have increasingly been receiving more attention from the national and international media. Recently, your favorite web site was given exclusive coverage by the leading business channel - CNBC India.

CNBC has captured the spirit of and its role in empowering consumers all over the world in a special series of Young Turks.

This episode of Young Turks will be telecast on Thursday, November 3, 2005, 10:30 PM and Sunday, November 6, 2005 , 12:30 PM on CNBC India.

Watch it. Hear from Faisal Farooqui, your much loved CEO. Be a part of his vision of MouthShut. Get a glimpse of the men and women who work behind the scenes at the MouthShut office.

INOX-MouthShut Movie Review Contest Results
Date: Oct-04-2005

The excitement generated by the INOX-MouthShut Movie Review Contest was tremendous. For two months we witnessed frenetic activity on the web site. The reviews were extremely well written and therefore it was very difficult for the jury to pick the winners. Winners are special. No two ways about it. But attempting to win is even more special. No two ways about it either. As Ronald Reagan once said, "My philosophy of life is that if we make up our mind what we are going to make of our lives, then work hard toward that goal, we never lose - somehow we win out�.

Presenting, the list of the winners.

» suketu » milinddesai » cool_kool » eng18
» Bhavna » whitedevil » fenil_seta » patenik2
» PulomaDas » cric_craz11 » coolcritic007 » paulose
» rahul_jour » orknob » atul_bits » nitesh1104
» real123 » prad1980 » coolnawab » svjayalakshmi
» sweet_shruti » kpvbalaji » dreamzunlimited » pleaseu2
» shivsri_13 » sourray » mouthshutdotcom » noshin
» thinavila » sachien

Oxford Bookstore-MouthShut Book Review Contest
Date: Sep-06-2005

Books are fun. Books are enlightening. Books have a whole new world hidden in them. Yes, books come at a price. At times, however, they come with a prize. Oxford Bookstore, India's leading base camp for books, music and gifts has joined hands with MouthShut to make book reading a rewarding experience.

All you have to do is:

 Pick up Ten books of your choice
 Review them on
 Last date for writing reviews is November 4, 2005

To add variety, you can also write Five Music Reviews to reach the minimum mark of ten. Oxford Bookstore will reward Ten Winners with exclusive books and other prizes.

Happy Independence Day
Date: Aug-13-2005

The new MouthShut logo celebrates the 58th year of our Indian independence and pays glowing tributes to all the martyrs and freedom fighters who made the idea of freedom a reality to be cherished. Jai Hind!

New M2M™ module
Date: Aug-09-2005

You will be glad to know that MouthShut has introduced a new M2M™ mail system. We have made it even more simple and powerful.

Until now all your M2Ms were being delivered into your email account. Now your M2M™ will be delivered in a new Inbox within your MouthShut account itself. All M2Ms will also have a customized subject line. You will continue to receive notification of unread M2M™ in your email account.

Monsoon Logo
Date: Jul-08-2005

Don't we all love the rain? Rain that sings us a lullaby, rain that makes still pools on the sidewalk, rain that sings its glorious sleep song all night. The new MouthShut logo celebrates the monsoon season.

Turn on the Heat this Monsoon
Date: July-07-2005

A unique contest to Turn on the Heat this Monsoon.

Members, why don't you make MouthShut your homepage? This means that every time you hook on to the Internet, your much loved web site opens up first. How do I do it, did you ask? Simply click on , visible on the top of each and every page. Alexa, a company owned by ranks us as the most popular consumer-related web site in India. To ensure that your visits to MouthShut are recorded, I would also encourage you to install Alexa's user-friendly toolbar on your browser. Alexa's toolbar is available at


And yes, why don't you spice up your profile page? With your kind of credentials on MouthShut, the world just needs to know you better. This implies uploading a brand new photo of yourself (please see Image Guidelines) and posting some very useful and interesting information about yourself. As we always say, LET THE WORLD KNOW THE REAL YOU. You may also upload photos taken on your cell-phone camera, to make your profile page interesting!


This month two lucky MouthShut members will be rewarded by � hold your breath � a Nokia cellphone. So get going my friend; here is a great chance of winning a fabulous prize by simply making MouthShut your homepage, installing Alexa and uploading your photo. The last date for participating in this contest is August 1, 2005.

INOX-MouthShut Movie Masala Contest
Date: Jun-28-2005

It is raining movies these days. To add to the excitement, MouthShut, in association with INOX, the multiplex giant, has decided to organize an exceptional contest � INOX-MouthShut Movie Masala Contest.

It is one of the most exciting yet simple contests organized on MouthShut where all you have to do is write a minimum of 10 movie reviews (except Advice).

30 lucky members will be given great prizes sponsored by INOX. The last date for participating in the contest is September 1, 2005. Here is your chance of winning fame and fortune.

Let the world know what you felt about the movies that you saw. As they say, �Khul Ke Bol Yaar!�

New Products Uploaded
Date: Jun-16-2005

On popular demand, MouthShut has uploaded as many as 2,300 products in Hotels, and Restaurants. So what are you waiting for friends? Just get into the thick of things and start penning your priceless reviews. After all, there is so much to choose from.

Mother's Day, Shyamchi Aai Contest
Date: May-07-2005

Is Mother’s Day a western concept? Is it alien to Indian Culture? While we may debate endlessly on this issue, why not celebrate Mother’s Day this year with something quintessentially Indian… Shyamchi Aai and reconfirm our emotional attachments with our mother. in association with Rudraa Entertainment Pvt Ltd have organized a very special contest, starting this Mother’s Day, i.e. May 8, 2005. All you have to do is pick up a DVD of Shyamchi Aai and write a review on it. Last date for entering the contest is May 30, 2005.

The contest is sponsored by Rudraa Entertainment Pvt Ltd. The entertainment company which has movies like the path breaking Devrai to its credit will be giving three lucky winners a Rudraa Gift Set each.

First Prize:
A Rudraa Gift Set comprising 10 CDs of award winning movies.

Second Prize:
A Rudraa Gift Set comprising 5 CDs of award winning movies.

Third Prize:
One DVD of a great movie.

Mother's Day
Valentine's Day
Date: May-07-2005

A famous Jewish quote goes thus: "God could not be everywhere and therefore he made mothers." Couldn't have been truer. Though our love needs no annual nudging, Mother's Day is probably 'the' day to tell our mother how much we love her. Celebrate Mother's Day with MouthShut's new logo.