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Pride Builders LLP Pride House, 5th Floor, 108, Ganeshkhind Road, Near Pune University, Pune 411016, MH

Reviews on Pride Builders, Pune

Mar 25, 2021 08:00 PM Read

This review is to help the Pride Purple group management to know the ground reality of the sales team

me and my frds have dropped the idea of buying a flat in Pride group because of the below experience:

constant false promises of "I will call back" .as if customers have to chase and beg to buy the flats(same experience with my frds with same person names Loius from Pune).

we have been chasing the sales person -every time gives different availability of flat numbers

sales person will commit a different cost - then when u are about to book the amount changes, person will deny the commitment of the previous sales person
Jun 25, 2020 05:54 PM Read


Please don't get your self Screwed with pride Builder Group there Management are Pathetic and the Worst is there CRM department

if you book your flat then your night mare starts before booking they will give u big big commitment but once you book the flat and then you are your own . they are worst then the Government Department

Keep on Visiting there office and keep on sending them email they never reply and the worst part is they even dont have the proper records of what all is being allotted to whom either it be the parking or any other activity list .

since Feb till Jun almost ending I am still struggling to get the things completed from the Builders part.

In case if anyone still wants to get into Pride city please get everything written on the Letter head and or with the Official Stamp from Pride World city with the CRM Signature else later you will suffer the same way I am Suffering from last 4 months
Nov 25, 2019 05:29 AM Read (via Mobile)

No negative feedback other than negotiation ..I just wanted to know the size of the single basement car parking. As per their sales executive its 9x14 feet .. and they are telling that ....1 SUV and 1 bike can be parked..

I want to know if this is true .. Are basement parking has enough space to park 1 car and 1 bike or are they congested???


Pride Builders - Pune
Aug 11, 2019 09:04 PM Read

POOR QUALITY OF SERVICES. Staying in Pride Enchanta is overall is not good experience in terms of services(customer care) over here.I believe govt official can perform better then these stupid fellows.they don't care about customers specially even if you are staying buddy will care for you.
Oct 30, 2018 11:57 PM Read (via Mobile)

Pathetic builder, already paid 75% amount and have rejected my chance to visit my property.

They never communicate and late fine like hell calling it late payment. they rob their customer with no shame.

Avoid pride world city.. its a trap.

please avoid from getting cheated.
May 04, 2018 08:00 AM Read (via Mobile)

Bought a flat in Pride& regretting. They charge premium for good builder but material used is very poor quality& construction is sub-standard. You can see crack across building; leakage; cement falling.Also support or maintenance. They ignore you request! Not recommended to invest!
Feb 06, 2018 10:56 PM Read

We have booked flat in Pride Enchanta, BHEL, Mysore Road, Bangalore. Had we read some reviews on them before buying, we would not have bought from them. Atleast let this be helpful to others. Everyone please do your own research, no need to go by this - ask people who have bought, read online and so on.

  1. Financial Loss: Pride has the policy of taking 90% of money 1.5 to 2 years in advance. This is lost opportunity who pay from their own funds. This is a loss of Pre-EMI for those who taken bank loan. They have credit card interest rate of around 18% for late payments and they are one sided penalties. There is no right or wrong in this, this is their business and they have the right to do it they want to do. You do your research and decide whether to buy from them or not - you have the choice. Many developers take money over a period in small amounts, mostly you need not take loan at all. Financially such friendly builders make more sense.

  2. Not customer friendly at all: They behave like, 'we are big builders, you silly customers just listen to what we say' attitude. They really don't care about their customers. They are doing business and you give your money in lakhs or crores, the customer service is a pity. There would be builders who would want to treat their customers like a king.

  3. Delay in handover: They are prompt in taking your money. Not prompt in completing. Pride Enchanta C and D block was supposed to be handed over in Nov/Dec 2017. Till date, there is not even a courtesy email to give an update to customer what is going on. They don't even allow to visit the site freely - too many formalities. People who want to take handover and rent out to handle the bank loan have no choice but to wait at the mercy of the builder.

Bottomline: Do your research thoroughly before dealing with Pride Builders.
Jan 14, 2018 01:00 AM Read (via Mobile)


I have heard about few ghosty events and paranormal activities happening in pride world city.

Has anyone experienced it.?

Or it's fake?

I m really worried as I m about to shift alone at pride world city from feb' 18

Rest all seems to be fine with me.
May 31, 2017 07:07 PM Read

I visited pride world city in Pune. As far as the customer service is concerned they have a trained and professional staff who will help you with the demo video for the entire project. As with other projects of pride this one too maintains the quality standards.

The project is spread across 400 acres with world class infrastructure. All facilities like multiplexes, IT offices, hotels, restaurants are included in their scheme of things.

However for those looking to stay there immediately things might be a little inconvenient as it is still an outskirt area and you might feel a bit isolated. Apart from that, the whole project will take upto 10 years to get completed which means there will be constant work going on so be prepared for the unwanted noise. But if you look from an investment point of view, say 10 years down the line, thats when your will reap the complete benefit of your investment.
Feb 18, 2017 12:13 AM Read (via Mobile)


Pride LLP. haha what a joke they are. when I went there for follow up with 2BHK.

Thing is first my family visited there office as I was busy with my some work.

They gave one form and told write everything about yourself from Name to what kind of Job you doing, what visit you have.Etc etc so much unwanted information.Maybe they need to marketing and making people fool. My family did that.

Then They show some videos. which are easily available on YouTube. I was wondering why they show that.? Anyways. will ask you so Politly. like you are bali ka bakara kind of thing. okay one story ends here.


When I reached in their office after some day. I asked to some male receptionist(who was busy on his cellphone in some video he might got on whatsapp even though I was there for 2 mints standing he did asked anything he was real enjoying his girlfriend message. Who knows) I said in high voice .SIR I am here for 2BHK. Then he asked This is your first time visit? As my family visited there not me. I said YES.

And after that. All drama starts. lol

Keep patience and read. he asked me to whether I should go for sample flat or brochure I told him I want to go for brochure first after watching brochure I told him where is sample flat. He show me the way of sample flat and again got busy in his WhatsApp video watching. I want to ask you question readers. that this is how any receptionist treat their consumer? Well I don't think so. but anyways let's go forward I came where he was seated and ask please send someone with me whom I can ask about the sample flat and he got rude like I was disturbing him in his video watching so he is send me one of his some assistant manager. Who was got double rude when I asked about out paperwork like search report of property.Draft agreement. Etc etc . Lol I am still not understanding? If they are such a BIG BIG BUILDER. Why they are having pain in providing me all paperwork?

Why they are demanding token amount with government registration charges before providing me all paperwork? WHY?

FINAL VERDICT. THIS PRIDE NAME IS JUST FOR NAME WHO TOTALLY RUNNING ON MARKETING AND PUBLICITY.For which they got more confident and forgot in world of internet. coin flip over on seconds. if you will not do good work. or not behave good to one.

NOT RECOMMEND BUILDER .PRIDE LPP. Please avoid.If you care for your money and of course if you have self-respect.hehe

All the best!
Aug 23, 2016 09:16 PM Read

One of my friend has purchase flat here. Lot of issues in this project

1) No municipal water, gas line, Internet, Network coverage.

2) Road is damage from D.Y.Patil college to PWC with No STREET LIGHT

3) Still buildings are not ready to leave.

4) Builder is giving flat for rent to bachelor.

Builder has given possession with lots of work remaining. Still waiting to use single amenities .

Very very very poor.
Aug 10, 2016 04:18 PM Read

They are not co-operative. People like Roshan Lalchandani will behave like bureaucrat.The residents have been facing numerous problems and have tried to bring this to the the notice of the builders on numerous occassions.

Their biggest liability is their customer relationship head or something Mr Roshan Lalwani.I thought it is time to bring to your attention about the agony and wait that we as a family have been going through over the last couple of months.But the promises they held still remain uncompleted. No Water Tank; No Electricity; No Tar Road; No Park till last month around two years.
Aug 10, 2016 03:59 PM Read

We are the residents of  a housing society created by pride Builders.

The residents have been facing numerous problems and have tried to bring this to the the notice of the builders on numerous occassions. Unfortunately the builder feels that he has no obligation towards this project any more. Attempts by the managing committee to meet, the CMD of prideBuilders, have been thwarted by his staff, surely on his behest. Over a year has passed and most residents have not been handed their possession certificates. The promised PMC water is a distant mirage.

Promised amenities have not been provided. Deterioration of the buildings has already started and the engineers at site turn a deaf ear to the pleas of the hapless residents. This especially from the President of the builders association of pune is shameful.
Jul 24, 2016 07:51 PM Read

Not good experience after the full payment. They are not co-operative. People like Roshan Lalchandani will behave like bureaucrat. Others have no say as they works their and have to report to him. Even if you try to sale your property they will try to squeeze you and try to earn their respective commission. They behave more like real estate broker that seller. Don't even expect any humanity from them from Abhay Singh to Roshan all are behind your money. Even after years they will not do the basic interior works like fixing the Gas Line or Intercom after several reminder. Bangalore management is worst and they are doing all crimes under the name of Pride Group.
Sep 07, 2015 03:01 PM Read

Worst Builder in pune. No customer service and value. Please don't purchase any property. They don't take care of any customer. Pride Group Spend huge money on marketing, but don't value any customer. Really unhappy with Mr. Arvind Jain. Pride group call them self a reputed builder, but ll customers are unhappy.
Sep 07, 2015 02:37 PM Read

Whenever you think to purchase a new property, you searched for a reputed builder. Same like that we searched a REPUTED BUILDER first when we purchase a property and AFTER DONE WITH ALL PAYMENT they talk very rude and trouble you to make more payment(They added more and more government taxes and try to get more money) Customer Support is worst. Mr. Ravindra Patil talk like a GUNDA and try to threat your property.

Mr. Arvind Jain(Managing Director) don't talk with anyone. You can email him, but he doesn't respond. I request all buyers to don't purchase any property from PRIDE BUILDERS
Nov 26, 2014 06:01 PM Read (via Mobile)

Have 10 flats in one of their property in Bangalore still I had to run from pillar to post to get my flats registered. Their biggest liability is their customer relationship head or something Mr Roshan Lalwani .

Such a horrible experience . Their junior level staffs are very courteous and polite . The problem

Is pride work slower then any government project .
Jul 03, 2014 11:13 PM Read

Letter to the Chairman:

After waiting for a very long time, I thought it is time to bring to your attention about the agony and wait that we as a family have been going through over the last couple of months.

We have just lost faith and we had no other choice than attempting to write to you to explain the casual approach of your staff, the arrogance in speech, customer service which has been way below par and more importantly lying about commitments given time and again.

My parents, (both Senior citizens) had booked a flat at Pride Springfields, Bangalore and as per the letters being sent to us, the payments were done in utmost faith of having worked with a reputed brand like Pride. Our faith was shattered when we decided to go for the final registration and in the handover of the property.

On May15th, we had couriered the final cheques to your Pride office at Bangalore and requested them to have the registration on 20th May. On enquiry with Ms. Saritha and Mr. Ravikumar, we were informed that cheques were presented for clearing and they would need some time as the cheques need to be realised. My parents who stay in Chennai had travelled to Bangalore for the registration but had to stay back.

We were assured and promised that we would have the registration on the 27th, which we agreed.

When we call Ms. Saritha on the 26th, we got a shock of our life. We were informed that the cheques sent for clearing were not credited and hence the registration cannot happen. There was no initiative from your end to inform us till we had called.

We were thoroughly disappointed as my parents had stayed back only for this and had cancelled their tickets the earlier time. We informed Ms. Saritha that we could have given a DD if they had intimated us earlier.

Just to have the registration done on the 27th, my parents had to go to the IOB branch at Bangalore, take a DD for the required amount and they had to shell out a considerable amount towards DD charges. Every single penny has been hard earned by them and they being retired government officials felt let down as their pension money which they had saved is being spent for no fault of theirs.

What surprised the most again was that, on the day of registration which was on the 27th, Mr. Ravikumar returned back the cheques which we had sent on the 15th. These were the same cheques which was intimated to us as being sent for clearing. We were taken aback as how could cheques sent for clearing be handed over post almost 11 days. Probably, this happens only at Pride.

On the day of registration, my parents were promised by Ms. Saritha and Mr. Ravikumar verbally that we would have the possession of the property between 20-30 days from the date of registration. We had expected the possession atleast by the 30th June as promised.

As always, when I called Ms. Saritha, we got the answer which was not a rude shock to us. We were told that it would take 45 days and I am not sure on what should our reaction be. Frustrated, agonized, feeling let down, regret the decision on why we booked a property @ Pride, pathetic customer service and what not.

When we speak to your service staff and tell them that we would be left with no other option than to escalate to the higher authorities, they just seem to say - go ahead if you want to. We are least bothered about you.

We had no other choice than to write to you so that atleast you could empathize with us and understand what we have one through. Not a great experience for sure but looking forward that this plight of ours would be addressed and your staff be educated on how to be customer centric.
Apr 14, 2014 09:42 AM Read

All, be careful while booking an apartment with Pride Group. During the launch of the project they promise almost every thing (like 360 degree view of greenery, 70% openspace, grand entrance, beautiful elevation, kids play area, swimming pool, club, gym, party hall etc) but as the booking gets completed and project progresses, ie. when structures come up and visible, you will start noticing that things they promised are modified (to smaller one) or things are not at all present.

When you start searching for the promises, they are present only in brochures, but not in actual legal agreement. Which will restrict you to take any legal action.

With My experience I would Suggest NOT to Go WITH PRIDE GROUP PROJECTS.
Nov 26, 2012 10:32 AM Read

Click on Pride Pristine Apartments reviews and there are so many negative reviews/comments to be seen. Then when I check the date and most reviews are very old. Hence thought of penning down my experience. I am a resident here from past 1.5 years and to be frank I have not faced any issues which were mentioned in some other reviews.

When I was planning to buy an apartment, I was more focused on premium apartment with Value For Money aspect and had checked about 9 different builders around Electronic City. Most apartments had hostel like structure and I was not a fan of those structures mostly because of privacy aspects. But in this apartment, that was not a concern. Also the management staff was very cooperative all through the process. They are very dtrict about financial aspects timelines for payment though. Also they are very accommodating all through the process right from booking to the registration.

Once I took the possession, there were some issues with the electrical wiring but were sorted out within a day and after that it was a peaceful affair till date (touch wood). The support staff is very helpful at the site and are always ready to help in case of any inconveniences. Build quality is pretty decent as well. Construction of final set of blocks (D, E, F and G) are in progress and hence dust is a common aspect to be seen. Two club houses are provided (one inside the complex with gym, party hall, carrom, table tennis and billiards table and a membership to Vasundhara layout clubhouse). As in all a fair buy according to me.

One irritant is that, any complaint or problem written in complaint book takes ages to be completed. But a word with the support staff fastens the process by miles.

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