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PSC House, Dr. Ketkar Road, Near Suvarnarekha Dining Hall, Erandawane, Pune 411004, MH

Project By Paranjape Schemes Construction Ltd, Pune

Ready to Move
Bhugaon, Pune
Price On Request
1,2 BHK Apartments
Ready to Move
Bhugaon, Pune
Price On Request
1,2 BHK Apartments
Ready to Move
Baner, Pune
₹52.28 L - ₹83.2 L
1,2 BHK Apartments
Ready to Move
Bhugaon, Pune
₹71.06 L - ₹1.51 Cr
2,3,4 BHK Apartments
Under Construction
Hinjewadi, Pune
₹41.01 L - ₹1 Cr
1,2,3,4,5 BHK Apartments
Under Construction
Deccan Gymkhana, Pune
₹1.74 Cr - ₹2.25 Cr
2,3 BHK Apartments
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Reviews on Paranjape Schemes Construction Ltd, Pune

Dec 01, 2020 02:04 PM Read

I invested in Trident Tower, Wakad, Since I live abroad, I booked the apartment without even visiting the project because it was from Paranjape Schemes.

During the sales and negotiation the communication was very smooth and fast and the sales team was very responsive.

But once I had given the booking amount and 1st instalment, the after sales service team(Mr Makrand Shashtri) took over. They stopped replying to my mails and doesn't pick up calls. There is no way for me to reach out to them.

I still haven't received the agreement deed draft from them.

I regret trusting in Paranjape and investing in this project from far. Hence please don't go by name of Paranjape as their won't be any after sales support once you give your money to them.
Aug 16, 2020 04:19 AM Read (via Mobile)

No doubt township is very attractive u feel like buying house right away. But seepage is a big issue in all Tower. I dnt understand the builder what he is doing and not learning from him old Tower mistake all the new tower has also seepage issues which are only 1.5 year old so wont suggest anyone to buy
May 11, 2019 09:43 PM Read (via Android App)

Pathetic experience, I am a resident of blue ridge! A year back shifted to this premium society in Hinjewadi now planning to shift somewherein baner, the issues which we are facing here are water and greentech gas pipeline! We don't get water whole day and the water which we get in washroom is yellow in color with a bad odor complaint so many times but nobody gives a proper explanation! Maintenance of the society is bad too will not recommend to invest your hard earned money in this project


Paranjape Schemes Construction Ltd - Pune
Jun 23, 2018 02:00 PM Read (via Android App)

When I was searching for a flat in Pune, I came across every society here in Hinjewadi.The best society that I have seen is Blueridge.I have rented out a 3BHK apartment which is having 3 balconies, 3 baths and a big hall where you can even play cricket.The rooms are so spacious and with all the modern amenities.The best thing about this society which makes it different from rest all other society is it's GOLF COURSE. You can easily see the GOLF COURSE from every tower's balcony.From my common balcony and master bedroom balcony I can see golf course plus from my dry balcony I can see the river view surrounded by mountains.Each tower has it's own club area, Swimming pool, Gym etc.Trust me it's one of those place where everyone wishes to stay.The price is slightly on the higher side but it's totally worth it.I recommend everyone to visit this society and experience it's scenic beauty surroundedwith the nature.
May 16, 2018 08:53 PM Read

Builder is minting money for everything.

Shift-in charges, Shift-out charges are costing 2500 rupees which is like HUGE amount even if you have 1 bed and 1 cupboard.

Management should decide charges based on luggage that is being brought into the society.

And now even for bike sticker you will have to pay.

This is simply not acceptable.
Jan 05, 2018 11:59 AM Read (via Android App)

Don't go with the name add the name indicates.The organisation name does not make out worth it.

Read all the schemes before taking any step as it is has certain faults which you might not get at first step when you pass through the agreement.

Staff at the beginning of starting the process is to good they will treat you like as you are the only but when you are registered then you will feel like as if they have no relation with you and you are no one to them and it really feels insulting.

Product implementation why is too bad what they promise for its not delivered to you and plans may change anytime as they have certain terms and conditions which keep on changing and you never know what will you get.

Customer service is sadly pathetic and when you try to contact them at first instant they will not receive you and then when receive you too don't get answer to your problems.

Being a partner of such organisation or any of there schemes will surely get you into trouble and you need to pay afterwards
Jan 05, 2018 11:38 AM Read

Hi friends,

Just a short throw at what you need to careful of before you end up buying a house.,

Most of us base our selection on whether the builder is reputed and what facilities are offred. I am a resident of the Gloria bavdhan project for Paranjpe schemes. There construction is well thought off but lacks reliability. After some years staying here, we realize that there are leaks in the wall which the gloria staff quite conviniently shrugged off saying that is a leak from the somebody's bathroom which we confirmed it is not. Same cold reponse is for an complaint I had raised in there office and then on their forum only to be told that we will try and get it fixed over the next few weeks. That according to me is not what is expected when you pay an annual maintainence of 32000 . I am extremely upset with the way they have the roads inside, where the wear and tear maintainence lacks and is appauling. I would request all GLORIA GRAND customers to reconsider.Giving facilities is one thing but actually maintaining them is where you see how reliable the construction company is.The gym here also is poorely mainatained as has leaks on its roof every year during monsoon and is generally shut during monsoon. Now it is a general trend with builders to take new projects and hence can sometimes neglect the ones which they need to keep a focus on. There are some positives tht we have here. The swimming pool and the outside trees are well grromed and maintained, Add to that the quality of air being close to nature is better here. I also feel that these problems can crop up in next few years for Grand as I was thinking of buying a flat there.
May 21, 2017 11:18 AM Read

Well. this review is from perspective of someone who's staying in one of their townships for last two years. Can't talk a lot about the Budget and Prices as I'm living on Rent in on of the Trade-mark townships of Paranjape - BlueRidge. I've lived in so many different cities and Societies in last few years but trust me when I say that none of them stands close to the beauty and amenities provided by Blue Ridge. Almost all societies these days have a Swimming pool and Gymnasium but Blue Ridge gives you a Lawn-Tennis Court, A Badminton Court, a Basketball Court, a lush Green Football/Cricket Ground(which is maintained beautifully) and guess what? A Golf course and a river going adjacent to the township where you can go for a weekend boating. Security is incredible and one feels 100% safe walking down the streets inside the township even at odd hours of the night. There's a team of great security guards at every nook and corner and they're not just standing there, they'll offer their help for everything you want. Sanitation and cleanliness makes you feel like living in a different country altogether. If you have a good budget(Approx Rupees 1.1 crore), you can get a fairly large 3BHK(1750 Square feet) for yourself. And the rates are going high every month. SO undoubtedly, a great place to invest your money in. 2BHK- Around 80 Lakhs, 1BHK- Around 40-50 Lakhs.
Apr 04, 2017 06:34 PM Read

Paranjpe Arrange to the best House in Middle Cast People. To get 1bhk as well as 2bhk flat in low cost amount.

It's provide to the best services in the township. For example Swimming Pool, Am-pi Theaters, Gardens For Children, Nana Nani Park, Temple and etc. Staff Courtesy is very nice to detailing of the all flats as well as amenities explain it now. The Project Implementation motivation is good for middle cast people his get to the own home in pune city area.
Dec 02, 2016 12:12 PM Read

Dont get carried away by the Name Pranajpe, behind this name are the greatest crooks who for this group.

Before you buy any property of pranjape read all terms and condition for booking and the agreement copy in detail, they have a million lope holes by which these crooks can anytime inflate and add any cost and price which will cost and hefty amount.

Construction quality from the outside looks good but from the inside they use the cheapest quality of materials.

Read everything in detail and in case even 1% of doubt do not go in for any pranjape projects.else you will loose all the money
Nov 21, 2016 08:54 AM Read

The quality of home constructed are excellent.

rooms are spacious

amenities given are modern and well constructed

interior design is too good

rates although are high buy can be well bought as all good things necessary for resendial living are included along with brand value

project is completed in due time

staff is also co-operative

and customer service is also good enough.

material used in construction and in interiors is also tested and of good quality and looks descent
Oct 07, 2016 01:06 AM Read (via Android App)

Nicely constructed apartments.

Duplex apartments adds special features.

Every class people enjoy living together.

Great place to live for working bachelors.

Well formed societies. 24* 7 Safety.especially for womens.

Wonderful atmosphere.

Wonderful lakeside view.

Nice place to hangout.

Need not to be a rich to be there
Jul 04, 2016 09:51 AM Read

Hi All,

While the houses in Blueridge are good on the outside. The quality of construction is not great

  • Plumbing lines face constant issues. The quality of lines is bad

  • The walls are worst at sound proofing. You can literally hear what the person does in the loo for all adjacent flats

  • Same for the smell. Foul smell runs throughout the apartments in the houses

  • The so called covered parking lots have damaged my car. I came back from the weekend to realize that the rain water seeped through the parking lot and the wall paint and dirt spoiled my car paint and glass

  • The so called' Golf Course' is not free even when you buy a~1.5cr house

Hope it helps others before deciding to buy a house here

FYI - This is for buildings 1 to 8
May 30, 2016 06:51 PM Read

The Senior citizen apartments constructed by Paranjape in Bangalore, Athashree gets a step motherly treatment. There is no facilities for seniors, and they are left to fend for themselves. The Paranjape office in Bangalore completely turns a blind eye and expects the resident manager to take care of onsite issues.

There has been very rapid turnover of resident managers, almost,  one every few months. Each of them extremely useless.
Mar 13, 2016 09:35 PM Read (via Android App)

Nice construction . He always scheme are useful small children and old person. Nice construction . He always scheme are useful small children and old person. Nice construction . He always scheme are useful small children and old person. Nice construction.

He always scheme are useful small children and old person.
Oct 13, 2015 07:46 PM Read

Residents of Gloria(in Bavdhan Khurd, Pune) have been duped.

The approach road is unapproachable and clearly dangerous. when the flat bookings were going on, we were shown another road that directly opens up to the Pune-Bangalore bypass. But we have now realised that this was a private road and is disputed, so that road is closed to us. The other approach on the Bhugaon road is dangerous to say the least. It is waiting for an accident to happen.

Quality of bathroom fittings is pathetic. They started leaking the day we got possession.

The entire building has numerous leakages and any complaints made by the society members to Paranjpe Builders goes unheard.

The building already has started developing cracks.

We are vexed with the attitude. I will not recommend Paranjpe Builders to anyone wanting to invest their hard earned money.
Apr 22, 2015 01:20 PM Read

Blue Ridge-Paranjape Construction. Every one has a dream to get a lavish but peaceful flats with high amenities and facilities.

Now get ready as Blue Ridge Paranjape schemes is going to make it ready.

Good Aspects-

Get ur own cricket ground in front of balcony(cricket ground in Blue ridge)

Golf course

Club house with high amenities.

School at your doorstep.

Now why to travel miles when u can stay near ur office.

More than 40 leading MNC companies in ur building premises itself.

Wow! what a project.Hats of to Paranjape Constn.

I think its of of the best projects in pune till date apart from Lavasa.

and talking abt connectivity it is more convenient than Lavasa project.

its hardly 10min drive from Mumbai-Banglore Highway.

Location adjacent to it is Balewadi, Aundh, Baner, PCMC.

would rate 11 out of 10 to this project.
Aug 15, 2012 08:35 PM Read

Was planning to buy at this property but found it to be a fraud. Check more details on

A court has given a ruling against this property.
Jul 31, 2008 05:37 PM Read

The residents of Rolling hills, Pune are left with no proper access/approach road to the society. At the time of booking, the residents were told by builder to use temporary access road, passing thru the neighboring plots. It was also told that the builder and neighboring land owners has an understanding. Builder promised that the temporary road will be available for use till the two proposed DP roads are ready for use. Now all flats are sold-out and residents have taken possession. Money have exchanged hands. Now it seems that Paranjape builder lost his interest in the Rolling hills.

His understanding(?) with neighboring land owners has come to an end. Now the neighbors have started showing their true colors. Taking advantage of monsoon, these scavengers( the word'neighbor' is not relevant now) closed the temporary road and cornered the residents by bereaving access to their homes. Now the Rolling Hills residents are running here and there, begging for help from elusive builder, PMC bureaucrats and undeterred neighbors. PMC is workiiiiiing on the DP road! God knows when DP roads will come in reality. Scavengers are waiting for their booty of new understanding with the residents.

Residents have ruled out any help from local corporator. In spite of paying lakhs and crores for their dream houses, Residents are helpless and fallen pray to Builder-politician-bureaucrat nexus. Residents wonder how PMC has granted'Occupancy Certificate' to builder without ensuring official access road? My advice to potential buyers from Paranjape Schemes. 1. Do not go by reputation of the founder Paranjape. Now the time have changed. Do not fall pray to promises. 2. Do not compromise on temporary access road.

Insist for Official access road. 3. Do not sign agreement blindly. Carefully read the clauses in agreement. Many clauses may go against you in the future. 4. I personally feel, forming an cooperative housing society will be more beneficial for the residents than the Apartment association. Anybody else has similar experience with Paranjape Schemes? Can share.

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Paranjape Schemes Construction Ltd - Pune

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