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How to Color your Hair

Updated on : Oct 20, 2023 12:26 PM
How to Color your Hair


Most people in India prefer to colour their hair at home. It is much cheaper than going to a salon and you can do the entire procedure at the comfort of your home.

There are many products available to colour your hair. With right instructions and necessary precautions, you can make your hair colouring experience hassle-free and safe.

Here are a set of guidelines you should follow before you get started with colouring.

  • Don’t trust the model on the box

Usually the image shown on the box is misleading. The colour in reality doesn’t show up like it does on the model on the cover. This is because the developer in the box or at-home permanent dyes is very strong than the ones used in salons. It lifts up the colour making it lighter than what is shown on the cover. You can best estimate how the colour will look by observing the chart at the top of the box.

  • Know when to go darker or lighter

If you are going for permanent dye, opt for a colour that is tad bit darker than the colour you actually want, because strong developer lightens the colour by a smidge. With semi-permanent dye, choose one that is lighter than the required colour.

  • Think quality and quantity

If you have super-thick or coarse hair, or long tresses, use two boxes of same shade to ensure full coverage. Just make sure that you use a plastic or glass bowl to mix the dyes and not metal, as it will oxidise the dye and can cause the colour to change.

  • Do your homework

Read the instructions carefully, if required, read it twice for a more precise application. If you carefully follow the instructions on the pack you are barely bound to make any mistake.

  • Wash your hair 24 hours before

You need natural oils on your scalp to protect it from dyes. So if you have oily scalp wash it a day prior or if you have the head of dry and frizz, wash it at least 2 days before. Do not comb your hair vigorously before application, as it might leave your scalp irritated. If you have used extensive hair styling products or have been colouring your hair for quite a long time, then you should use clarifying shampoo couple of times before you plan to colour your tresses.

  • Consider your hair texture

Hair texture matters as much while dyeing your hair as it does when getting a haircut. Thick, coarse and unruly hair absorbs colour faster and become cool-toned when you dye it, so it will have a bluish undertone. Medium to fine hair takes the time to suck the colour and when you dye it, become warm tone with orange, red or copper undertones.

In short, this means that, for frizzy or curly hair, choose a warm colour (golden, bronze or copper) but little lighter than your natural colour. Fine and straight tresses go well with cooler shades, like beige or champagne, which are slightly darker than your natural hair colour.

  • Touch up your roots, ONLY

Many times, instead of touching up the roots, most of us accidentally end up dyeing the ends too. The ends of the shaft are really porous and can really get stained easily, even from the run off while washing the colour from your roots. To prevent this, always apply conditioner to your ends before washing off the colour from your roots and top of your head.

  • Section it out

To achieve uniform colour, section your hair into four parts – two in front and two at the back. Always apply colour from back to front, which allows the colour to sit for the longest time. Anyways the front is lighter than the back hair.

  • Add Shampoo

If you’re dyeing your entire head and have dry ends, do not put the dye on them. Rather, three minutes prior to the rinsing, add two squirts of shampoo into the spare dye in the bottle. Shake it well and apply that to your ends. It will not only give your ends pinch of colour but also adds shine to it.

  • Let your hair down

Don’t tie your hair in a bun as they show in the commercial. Leave your hair down till the timer rings and then rinse.

  • Add water

Before rinsing out the colour, sprinkle a little water on your head and push your hair with your hands for a little time. This helps in emulsifying the dye and move thoroughly, so you get an even colour pay-out

  • Nip down the results

After drying your hair, if you are not happy with the colour, you can take it a notch down by applying deep conditioner to damp hair. Then cover your head with plastic or a hot + damp towel for about 20 minutes then rinse.

  • Maximise the hair colour with right products

You can increase the longevity of the hair colour by taking care of it and using the right products. Use shampoos and conditioners meant for coloured hair, this would not only lock the colour but also give a boost of shine to your tresses.

Follow and practice these tips to make your hair colouring experience easy and convenient.

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