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How to Choose Right Hair Product?

Updated on : Oct 20, 2023 9:57 AM
How to Choose Right Hair Product?


Grooming your hair is as important as grooming your face. With so many products introduced in the market on a daily basis one can easily get confused or buy products that are useless.

Here we briefly explain what kinds of hair products are available in the market.


It is applied to wet hair and helps to holds shape. It comes in strong to mild concentration. If you want stiffness, then go with strong-hold gel; but if you are looking for manageable hair or emphasise on waviness, a lighter gel is a much suitable option. Note that some gels produce white flakes if you comb or brush after applied gel has dried off, so don’t be too generous while applying it.

Suitable for– Thicker hair with short to medium hair length.


They are the go-to product when you want to tame bed-head hair. Styling creams usually come in soft, opaque, wax forms and hence they are less clumpy and generally have lighter hold compared to wax. So it is great for those who want slightly bouncy yet manageable hair. They also help in maintaining your hair’s health as they consist of ingredients like silk amino acids, olive oil or chamomile.

Suitable for– Thin to thicker hair, curly/wavy hair and good for all hair lengths.


Wax is extremely versatile and used for creating dramatic looks. It may have a matte or shiny finish and can be applied to hair that’s dry or slightly damp to define and style it. Wax makes the hair flexible. With wax you need to work quickly or it will dry out and harden the hair.

Suitable for– Thicker hair with medium hair length.


Pomade was originally made from mineral oil. Today many types of pomade are available like water-based pomade that facilitates easy distribution on application and removal. It’s softer and non-greasy, and so it gives the hair smoothness and definition. Pomade is creamier than wax, so its best for curly or thick hair. Also, pomade gives more natural shine and wet look, it is better than gel as it achieves the same strong look but without drying out or flaking like gel.

Suitable for these Hair Types – Wavy-to-extremely-curly hair and thin hair. It is good for all hair length, but if you have oil hair, then avoid using pomade as it will make it greasier.


It’s foam-like and surrounds the hair strand with chemical compounds called polymers, resulting in a voluminous appearance. Mousse it lightweight compared to hair gels and pomades hence its suitable for long thick hair. You need to apply it to damp hair and work quickly since it will dry out soon and make the strands slightly hard.

Suitable for– Thick silky hair


Also known as polish or gloss, this has a slick consistency that reduces frizz and gives sheen due to silicone and various oils. It is suitable to use the serum on long, curly or brittle hair, its coating mechanism helps in softening the hair.

Suitable for– Wavy to curly hair and it is good for every hair length.

Hair Spray

Many stylists and grooming experts feel that hair sprays are one of the best ways to finish any style, as long as it’s used intemperance. Applying a quick mist of hairspray after styling is done, can lock in your look nicely for the day. Remember, you want to turn your hair locks into a helmet-shaped fire hazard, so go moderate on the application.

Suitable for– for every hair type, especially for fine or thin hair that is likely to be weighed down by heavier products.

Now that you are clear about the types of products, here what to look for in a product before you buy them.


Every product is marked with a lable and it often depicts what hair type it is meant for. If you have curly, wavy or thick hair, there is bound to be a product for it. Sometimes there is a bit of hierarchy involved in choosing right hair product, which we are going to try and decode in next couple of pointers.

Hair Type

If you know your hair type i.e. curly, thick, wavy, dry, etc. then it is easy to choose products suitable for them. But if you are not sure what category your hair falls into consult the salesman. They usually have decent knowledge about the products they stock.

Dyed Hair

For dyed or coloured hair, it is recommended to use hair products for colour treated hair. Chemical treatments such as highlighting, dyeing or colouring can make your hair fragile, so it is better to buy products that are designed to provide little more care and smoothening.


The texture of your hair is a vital factor while choosing specific hair products. For example, if you have straight or curly hair, then go for respectively designed products, as those made for curly hair can vary from the ones for straight hair.


The thickness of the hair should always be taken into consideration. Products that are made for thin hair help then give volume and shape, whereas those for the thick hair you might want a product that can tame it.


Take the condition of your hair into account, like if it’s dull and dry, over oily, or just plain normal. For dry hair, products often have moisturising properties while for oily hair it will have minimised oil production ingredients. Choosing the suitable product according to your hair condition will help keep it looking healthy and best.

These are just a few things to consider before choosing hair products for your hair type and the kind of hairstyle you want.