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Nail Polishes are a great way to jazz-up your look. You need not worry about the size or fit. Choose colour or colours you fancy, wear them plain, or create patterns or designs; it’s totally up to you.

There is not much detailing involved when it comes to applying nail polishes but sure there are ways to make it last longer and look neater. Here a few steps to dazzling nails.

Types of Nail Polish

Nail polish manufacturers’ have up their game and have developed formulas that offer bright colour and shine without becoming brittle. Manicurists make use of base and top coat to make the colour stay longer and for the colours to pop.

  • Base Coat

A base coat is like a foundation for your nail polish, they are typically less viscous and quick-drying. This semi-viscous liquid fills the smaller grooves and smoothens the ridges in the nails. Mostly bases dry to give a matte or tacky finish rather than high glossy surface, this texture makes later coats last longer. Base coats are of utmost importance before wearing richly coloured and intense polishes as these highly pigmented polishes can stain your nails and only base coat can prevent staining. The stain-preventing base coat is essential for those who change their polish frequently.

  • Top Coat

Like a protective sheen, top coat goes over the colour polish to preserve its colour. This clear coat keeps polish from scuffing, prevents chipping and hence increases the life of a manicure. If worn alone, it gives a simple and natural look. Some top shells give a matte or suede-like finish, which you can combine with high shine polish to accomplish tone-on-tone manicures. Specialised top coats also help to hasten dry time and importantly, prevents discoloration from sunlight.

  • Speciality Nail Polish

Speciality nail polishes add colour or texture to your nails. There are strengthening polishes that help easily torn nails or fragile ones become tougher due to hardening ingredients present in them. Thin fibre-like form some kind of the supporting cast over the nails. All-in-polishes are highly pigmented, good for quick apply and require only one coat. Gel polishes are long-wearing lacquer that needs UV to cure. They are a good option for those who want longer lasting manicures but are tough to remove.

Essential Nail Polishes

There are many colours available in the market from palest pink to neon glitters, when it comes to nail polishes. Only making it more confusing to decide and settle for which colour or shade. But few nail polish shades and colours are must-haves.

  1. Red –Red is a class shade that goes well with everything. It is also one of the first shades of nail polishes. Go for a cool tones red if you are fair and warm orangish-red if you have wheatish skin tone.
  2. Pink – Shades of pink are versatile. Pale pinks looks neutral on fair skin while it gives an elegant touch or darker complexion. For something more spring and summer types, bright pink and fuchsias are most appropriate.
  3. Neutral – They are perfect for those who shy away from brighter hues. There are several shades in the neutral zone as well. Ranging from taupe, brown, beige, cream and greys.
  4. Metallics – These nail polishes have fine shimmer dust to give a metallic finish. Your options include hues of golden, silver, bronze and pewter. Choose either matte or glossy finish, they are a fun way to amp up your nail’s look.
  5. Dark and Dramatic – Dark shades give a gothic yet classy look. They are best suited for fall and winter fashion.
  6. Bright and Fun – If you are the experimental kind try fun shades like canary yellow, fuchsia pink or neon green.

Nail Polish Textures and Finishes

Off late the nail polish industry has expanded their horizons and brought variety of textures and finishes. For party goers there are foiled nails. They are coats of foiled metal-like nail paints that look like melted metal. You can give your nails frosted look to your nails, by applying frosted top coat. Top Coats with metallic finishes and matte finishes are also available. They can make any nail polish metallic or matte respectively. You even get kits to put various designs and patterns on your nails. Nail tattoos and stamps are easy to use and remove as well.

Nail Polishes have moved on the traditional formulas and included some latest techniques to suit every personality. Just drop at your local beauty store and you’ll be surprised by the options available.

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