3D Mapping and Interactive Touchscreen Solutions in India

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At Touch wizard technologies, we offer 3D mapping and interactive touchscreen solutions in India. Our main objective is to create innovative & interesting methods to connect the brands with the world. Contact us today! Visit here: http://touchwizardtechnologies.com/

Little fingers

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Actually I was in mood of writing research paper on my invention. But suddenly mood changes after having called by mom_ to buy vegetables. yes, I was in fresh mood,looking good everything .kids are playing, elders doing thier work. I reached shop now, shitt.! no one is their waited upto 15 minute...

Ganges ! The soul of India & Hinduism

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From North to South and East to West, each and every Indian must have been or wished to have seen/visit the Holy Ganges. With so much of overwhelming regard & reverence, it often pains me whenever I visit the river. With so much of public money spent already and huge plans by successive state & cent...

We & the Planet Earth

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Consider the following:- *We have 100 billion galaxies each containing 200 billion stars and their solar systems in the observable sky. But there is only one small, tiny & lonely known habitable planet that we call "The Earth". * The modern life style which demands excessive use of hydrocarbon...

Vodafone To Take On Incumbents Jio, Airtel: Will Now Offer 4GB Data At Rs 250

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The customer acquisition war in the telecom industry started with the Reliance Jio three-month welcome offer announcement There were gunshots fired from both sides, TRAI intervened as the mediator to sort out the differences between the incumbents and JIO Once the POI issue was deflated to a c...

Renting Commercial Property - Tips for Beginners

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Industrial development, growth of communication technology and advanced transportation facilities in the 21st century has led to the beginning of an era where startups flourish day by day in every nook and corner of the world. With the upsurge in various business options, the demand for ideal commer...


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Hum bht sy rishty bna skty hain par hr aik relation main sb sy ahmm trust hota h agr trust na ho to wo rishta kuch pal main tot jata hhr aik sy asy milo etna mukhlis rahoo k wo ap pa trust krain

Y - We regrate “A human nature”

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Oh, god “ Kaashh”. Can’t stop laughing! A major sentence that comes in everyones mind from heart not only in student age in every stages of life. Life is all about learning, you make mistakes and you learn from them. But for being knowing everything we commit same mistake again and again don’t know ...

Nervousness on the first bench of classroom

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All intellectual, sincere students mostly found on the first bench of classroom. Amazing, they are really awesome, they score full marks. That’s why most of them have specs . What the brain they have. They feels comfortable on the first bench, in whole class I mean in whole period they are ful...

“Where is my wallet ” - An old technique

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Need apology, from those who really lost their wallet in market place or somewhere else. But it is the best dialogue to come out from terrible circumstances. In this blog, I’ll make you experience various circumstances which is only solved by the simple dialogue “ WHERE IS MY WALLET”. Actually...

"Be happy with what you have. Be excited about what you want.!

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Usually feeling low or negative is consider as human tendency but what we should do for getting over with that period? Most of the people(including me) feel depressed, lonely and useless at certain point of our life. But you know what, nobody. Mark my words no body is useless. Not you and not me. W...

Understand your importance int his world

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We as a human having a great potential to win the world but what stops us in only one demon, that is fear . Fear,insecurity,greed, jealousy,socially strained,anxiety are certain loopholes in the life that drains out energy from human being and leave completely hopeless .A ray of hope does not come ...

What You’ve Got To Know about Buying a Home in 2017?

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Buying a home is completely different from that of buying a costly gift or a car. Actually, buying a home is like a dream come true. After all, you need a place to resign at the end of a day’s hard work and also a cosy nook for the days of your retired life. Therefore, the early you take a resolutio...

It is good to place the fish aquarium in the southeast corner in your living room

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• An aquarium generates lot of positive energy and eliminates negative and evil energies from a home. • Good, healthy and active fishes attract good fortune, wealth and happiness. • Observing fishes in an aquarium relaxes and calms a human mind. • Proving food to hungry fishes adds to our g...


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Hello friends, here I want to tell about this dynamic web development language which is PHP. it is invented by rasmus lerdorf .We daily use facebook which is made in this language. dynamic content generation is main advantage of it . mysql rdbms is use for maintaining data. it is open so...

KEM Hospital Staff Very Careless

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Hello, KEM Hospital is big Hospital in Mumbai. But every time suffering petient for not treated docutor services.I Lost my father because of KEM Hospital doctors not given treatement on time be

Bhogali Bihu

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The assamese folklore is as famous as the bihu itself! Ofcourse its the most ethenic part of indian culture and tradition. The bihu mainly the bhogali(mid january) also called magh bihu. The word bhogali is termed from the word bhog(eating and festing) at the end of the day remarkably known as uruka...

Battery blast problem on mobile phone

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Hello friends We hear battery blast of mobile phone on daily or weekly. Today I m talking about on this topic due to its seriousness. I am also suffered with this problem when I was charged my mobile. After that my phone was became warmed about more than 50? then I put it on table and after some ...


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“With the sound of jingling bells of Santa Claus during Christmas festival, the Winter season has COME; and this is the ideal time to go for honeymoon or family trip to the hilly areas of North India, where you are always WELCOME. In 2017, Mother Nature has created a magic and almost all...

Home Based work from socialtrade

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The social trade website is one of the best home based work through online. it is investment is recover within a month if you approch only 2 member. after you will get booster. promotional income, reawards is extra benift. TDS deduction is ligality proof. we can check it legality and its originality...