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How to Choose the Best School?

Updated on : Oct 26, 2023 4:34 PM
How to Choose the Best School?


What is a school?

A school is an establishment, intended to offer learning settings and spaces for educating the students under the guidance of teachers. Nearly all countries feature systems of prescribed education, which is usually obligatory. In these organizations, students step forward through a succession of schools. However, different countries have different school names, but primary schools are usually intended for young kids, whereas secondary schools are intended for adolescents who have completed their primary education.

School Discipline

Different schools have different discipline standards. Practitioners of important pedagogy uphold that such disciplinary assessments have no optimistic effect on student education. In fact, some dispute that punitive practices detract from studying, stating that they weaken the personal dignity of students and the sense of self-esteem, which occupies a major role in the hierarchy of requirements of students.

Different School Boards

Each country has its own school board. Some countries have school boards with different education systems according to the learning needs of students. These different school boards include:

  • ICSE board.
  • CBSE board.
  • State boards.
  • International Baccalaureate.
  • Level schools.
  • IGCSE.
  • International GCSE by Pearson.

ICSE Board

ICSE stands for Indian Certificate Secondary Education. Actually, CISCE, which is the Council of Indian School Certificate Examination, is referred to as ICSE in some countries. This education board is the equivalent of the CBSE, which is the Central board of secondary education. CISCE is a private organization, which was established in 1956 to follow the examination system of the University of Cambridge in some countries. Currently, this organization conducts three types of examinations that include:

Indian certificate secondary education examination, shortly called as ICSE, for 10th class students.

Indian school certificate examination, shortly called as ISC, for 12th class students.

Certificate for vocational education, shortly called as CVE, for 12th class students who have taken the vocational group as an optional subject.

The CISCE school board offers the individual importance of arts, science, and languages, and promotes students to select different subjects or topics for their 12th class examination.

Some of the major benefits of this education system include:

Extensive acknowledgment of board exam results across colleges in local and abroad.

More options and liberty to choose their final subjects.

Realistically common across worldwide countries.

However, the ICSE syllabus is more comprehensive and it needs the student to keep a lot in mind.

CBSE Board

CBSE is the acronym for the Central Board of Secondary Education, which is the most admired school board in countries all over the world. The board has its allied schools in 21 countries across the world. This board mainly focuses on Science and Mathematics associated subjects. The major benefits of this school board include:

Trouble-free to locate new schools in any neighborhood, even abroad, owing to the wide commonness of the board.

The wide credit of board exam results across all worldwide colleges when compared to those of other school boards.

Current overhaul of education approach and syllabus, which has made the content pertinent.

Simple to locate books, teachers, and activities for all subjects and classes.

Besides Science and mathematics subjects, the board focuses on application-derived subjects, as well.

Furthermore, the syllabus prepared by this school board is more appropriate for qualifying in different entrance examinations, as well as the engineering and medical professional examinations.

State Boards

As the name proposes, every state has its individual education board that conducts certificate exam for the 10th class and the 12th class. There are some state boards, which conduct examinations in 8th class, as well. Some of the benefits of the state education board include:

Reasonably common in the state.

The syllabus of this board is mainly based on the regional relevance.

All state board schools are less expensive when compared to other school boards.

However, state board schools feature a different syllabus and exam pattern when compared to those of other boards.

International Baccalaureate

International Baccalaureate school board is a nonprofit enlightening foundation, which was established in 1968. Currently, it works with more than 3000 schools in 141 worldwide countries. This school board is gaining popularity in higher-end new schools in the world. The board is now restricted to the metro and big Tier-I cities in the world. This board mainly focuses on an all-round progress of the student into an inquisitive, thoughtful and well-informed young individual. The major benefits of this school board include:

Innovative syllabus.

Incredibly different and tension-free education techniques.

Focus on an overall growth instead of 100% educational performance.

Wide reception all over the world.

Furthermore, the International Baccalaureate board offers new learning program and education approaches to attain its affirmed objective.

A-Level Schools

A-Level schools are the advanced level schools that offer students the subject-based qualification, which is awarded as an element of the General Certificate of Education, including a school, leaving prerequisite offered by the educational organizations in the United Kingdom and the enlightening authorities of the British Crown trustees to learners, completing the secondary or pre-university culture. Many worldwide countries, as well as Singapore, Mauritius, Kenya, and Zimbabwe have urbanized qualifications with the identical name as and an analogous format to the A-Level schools in Britain. Usually, acquiring A Level or equal qualifications needs to pass a university entrance exam.

A-Level schools worked towards more than two years and divide into two parts, with the completion of each part in each year. The first part is referred to as the A1 Level, Advanced Subsidiary Level, or AS Level. The second part is referred to as the A2 Level and it is more in detail and more painstaking than the A1 Level academically. The AS Level is a requirement in its individual right, and the AS Level pooled with the A2 Level outlines the whole.

Currently, many countries exploit A-Levels as a school-leaving requirement. The A Levels chosen by learners in some countries habitually differ considerably from the students who have taken A Levels in the United Kingdom. The five major exam boards that handle the British A-Levels in the United Kingdom include:

OCR or The Oxford, Cambridge and RSA Examinations.

AQA or The Assessment and Qualifications Alliance.

Edexcel or the Edexcel Pearson – London Examinations.

CCEA or The Council for the Curriculum, Examinations, and Assessment

WJEC or the Welsh Joint Education Committee.

The international adaptations of the British A-Levels in the UK and worldwide is also offered by the Edexcel and Cambridge International Examinations.


IGCSE is the short form of International General Certificate of Secondary Education. It is an English language syllabus offered to learners to get them ready for the A-Level, International Baccalaureate, and the BTEC Level 3 education. IGCSE is based on the GCE Ordinary-Level and it is acknowledged as being equal to the GCSE. The IGCSE was urbanized by the UCIE or the University of Cambridge International Examinations. The Edexcel exam board offers the Edexcel International GCSE, which is its individual version. Students start learning the curriculum at the beginning of their 10th year and take the examination by the end of their 11th year.

The IGCSE is mostly examination-based, which means that they are not real specialized courses, but they are reasonably exams that check knowledge in specific subjects in a similar way as the SAT Subject Tests and the Advanced Placement exams. Due to this reason, it is as well, a feasible option for several home-schooling teachers or those in Adult teaching, when one is looking for a qualification but has no time to be present at the full-time classes.

International GCSE by Pearson

The International GCSE by Pearson is a World Class Qualifications program that delivers international evaluation and education specialists together to build up qualifications to support young individuals in the United Kingdom to meet the today and tomorrow challenges. They have designed their Efficacy Framework to assist students in making quantifiable progress in their lives in the course of learning.

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