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crosswire's Timeline

Commented on iamindiamenon's review

Jul 11, 2010 01:11 PM

very good and informative review.. a good review to guide one on selecting the right inverter.. wish the day came when we did not need an inverter in India

Commented on G-raptor's review

Jun 09, 2010 07:08 PM

Great review! Inimitable style.. loved it.. and remembered why I used to read a t MS, your reviews were one of the few reasons! regs, Mohan

Commented on own review

Oct 11, 2008 09:56 PM

Dear Qwan, a pleasure to hear from you. Sorry for the very late reply.Mangaluroo hege ithe? Hope all is well with you. Always use tubular batteries with your inverter, they last for twice as long.APC as a company, sucks, in my experience!

Commented on Eureka_Forbes's response

Apologize for the inconvenience

Jul 29, 2008 05:36 PM

good I like the eureka forbes service... I've had an aquaguard for 5 years now, and have an AMC too, they do a good job... service is more important that product features.. read my review about APC and the service I got and my nightmare with electrolux to see why!

Reviewed Abad Plaza Shenoys - Ernakulam - Kochi

Jul 05, 2008 11:33 AM 3031 Views

(Updated Jul 05, 2008 11:38 AM)

The Abad group has several real estate and hotel ventures in Cochin. The flagship hotel is on MG road, opposite the Main transport bus stand road, close the Padma theatre.They also have a new Hotel building built behind it, another Abad(Atrium)in Panampilly Nagar, One near the Airport and the Ba...Read more

Commented on techmax's review

Jun 26, 2008 07:48 AM

Did you also know that iAlert you can be set to not only snap the picture of the chap stealing your macbook, but also email it to you the next time it goes on the internet?

Commented on own review

Jun 10, 2008 11:49 AM

Dear monoo,thank you, that WAS my experience.. it worked some time,but it kept failing at least once a month, though it looked good, it did not perform well.And I am winding up spending more on it than I spent on buying it

Reviewed APC Inverter

Jun 09, 2008 12:23 PM 4099 Views

(Updated Jul 11, 2010 01:06 PM)

I am also an APC victim.. going through the reviews here, I realise (too late) that I, too, bought this lemon. In India, we need a UPS, as the power is never reliable, friends abroad tell me that the power never fails.. I dream of such a utopian life here, but, I digress... I bought this for ...Read more

Commented on deeso's review

Jun 07, 2008 11:58 PM

This is supposed to be a review.. now, what have you reviewed here? Nothing!

Reviewed Abad Bay Pride Mall - Marine Drive - Kochi

May 28, 2008 10:38 PM 5947 Views

(Updated May 28, 2008 10:40 PM)

No review for the Baypride Mall yet? OK, guess this will have to do.Cochin is seeing a spate of new malls coming up, with the huge Lulu mall at Edappally junction coming up, a Pretige Group Forum mall on the opposite end of the bypass road and the Oberon mall nearing opening.. can't wait!, this ...Read more

Commented on HOLIDAYER's review

May 28, 2008 10:17 PM

you can sort the reviews by most useful, and other measures, just see the controls at the top

Commented on own review

May 20, 2008 12:24 PM

wasn't too bad.. I had a bad battery in a couple of months, but they took care of it

Commented on pradi77's review

May 20, 2008 12:10 PM

Dell service is supposed to be good.. my brother bought an Inspiron 1525 and is very happy with it, except for Vista, which he says is slow, inspite of the 3GB RAM the PC came with.. You buy a mac mainly for the OS, and it does make you view computers differently..

Commented on pradi77's review

May 20, 2008 12:07 PM

True.. my battery did die on me, but Apple replaced it free of charge in about a week.... Wonder what was wrong with the batteries.. otherwise my macbook is a joy to use, never crashes and has never slowed down, unlike the windows side of my mac..

Commented on chi_239's review

Jan 23, 2008 12:32 PM

You hit the nail on the head.. I used to love Jet airways, but I flew twice last month and found that their standards seemed to have dropped, no warm towel/cold towel, not much of a smile, except the hostess on the way back was nice and got me a fresh cup of tea without my asking. The food wasn't a...s good as it used to be, but the steel cutlery and the ceramic bowl were still there.. check in was pretty lousy too. Mr Goyal, I hope you are taking note~!Read More

Commented on akshai78's review

Jan 12, 2008 12:10 PM

Great review! I didn't really enjoy the movie all that much, it was too slapstick for my liking, but I guess you're right, if you go after a lobotomy, it might be a rollicking movie....I did like the return of Khiladi,, those were great moments!

Commented on own review

Oct 31, 2007 04:54 PM

gd forever: Actually the M1330 is quite close.. the apple OS is far superior, but is plagued by lack of similar software equivalents.. the hardware is much better than most PC, but Dell has come out with a winner here

Commented on own review

Oct 06, 2007 09:50 AM

Update: Sep 2007:Now 7 series Intel C2 D processors are available for Dell.. the M1330 is especially enticing. The 7200 has been discontinued and is replaced by the 7300 Santa Rosa C2 D that runs at 2.0 Ghz, but with 800 Mhz FSB, vs the 667 for the 7200, both have 4MB L2 cache, though, as the RAM is... not yet 800 Mhz,I really don't know if the 800 Mhz FBS will make any diiference. The Dell M1330 is available with the 7100 processor which has only 2 MB L2 cache or the 7250, which has the same cache, but better clock speed,7300 is also available at extra price.. Mac still wins for price, battery, OS and design, though Dell is a good option too nowRead More

Commented on vikramkarve's review

Oct 04, 2007 03:23 PM

Vikram ji.. You obviously,like me,love your food, that was a short piece, but written with passion! I will definitely remember 'Dabba Gosht' if I should ever chance upon in in a menu and remember you... now, do you know where you can get it?

Commented on Cousin2's review

Oct 02, 2007 10:18 PM

Nice review.. I wrote one two on my macbook too, do check it out if you find time, BTW, the macbook pro comes in 15 and 17 inch sizes, there is no 12 incher that I am aware of.. Mohan