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kavitha ashok


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breeze123's Timeline

Commented on hardysenergy's review

Mar 11, 2005 01:52 PM

yup!..i do agree with u on the fact that the truly deserving ppl never got rewarded ...i dont give a damn bout these award functions but do feel annoyed when the deservin ppl dont win...this time round i was very glad that abhishek won the filmfare for his role in yuva...i was rooting for him...but ...i just have to share my frustrations bout the way the filmfare function was organised this time...ive never seen any event that was so mismanaged as this one...saif without sharukh as compere-BOOOOOO!..the way the show was scripted-BOOOOO!..the innumerable goofups-BOOOO!..devanand making a surprise entry-wat was that all bout?-farida jalal chewing a buble gum--BOOOO!-SONALI SAYING 'ANYWAYS' when farida was done with paying a tribute to all the dead film industry ppl ..gosh she's got to stop using that!...may be it was becoz of moments like..sonu nigams performance,priyanka's dance number,abhishek and sharukh's acceptance speeches..that i sat through the entire show despite the sloppy presentation.... ok m done.. keep penning cheers:) kavita ashokRead More

Commented on tigress22's review

Mar 11, 2005 01:28 PM

hey come on ppl...lets not turn into cynics...indian idol was a refreshing change in the television scene today.....i ,like all the 4 crore ppl who voted for the show..was completely hooked to it...i really enjoyed the show..sure there were some times when i felt some of the singers like ravinder,the painter..didnt deserve to be there..but all in all it was very entertaining...lookin at the popularity of sony television and its ratings on thursdays and cud u call it a flop show?no seriously! like to kno...i do agree with the fact that although u got to see a lot of talented singers not many had the 'x factor' to go along..they wer ordinary u and me...but u kno wat!..this is wat indian idol is all bout..ordinary ppl with extraordinary dreams and aspirations to make it big!take amit sana for example..look at the transformation he underwent..the show truly polished him,honed him in so many ways into a fine singer with gr8 stage is for this fact besides the gr8 voice ,the stage presence etc..that ppl will relate to the singer and buy the cassettes...ive heard that the next season of indian idol starts from this august..m sure ul c a lot of welcomed changes..with more of our enthusiastic indians groomin themselves b4 comin on the show..may be i will too...mujhe bhi banna hein indian idol..trying does'nt hurt ,rite? INDIAN IDOL sure is india's answer to AMERICAN IDOL! cheers kavita ashokRead More

Commented on Amadaca's review

Mar 07, 2005 10:16 AM

hi,i watched aviator at pvr...and i must say that i thoroughly enjoyed the seems that leonardo(history buff) came up with the idea of making a movie on hughes....the performances were gr8..i really enjoyed the scene in which howard is brought to court and asked to justify his actions......there was so much attention to datail(starting from the clothes,the sets,the dialogues,the except there was this one seen in which..howard files his plane so fast that he becomes the worlds fastest man..but only to crash into a beet field..but after the crash ,he is seen cool as a cucumber restin his back on the plane(u must consider the fact that the planes exterior must be really hot after such a flight)...also i got to watch a documentary on the ife of howard hughes on the history channel yesterday...i think the movie does justice to the real life of howard hughes,the aviator,a womaniser,an obsessive compulsive cleanliness freak! cheers kavita ashokRead More

Commented on zuludancing's review

Dec 04, 2004 12:33 PM

CONGRATULATIONS MR.STAR WRITER!!! Take a bow pal,coz u deserve it!! i live in bangalore..and we didnt have an outlet of Mcdonalds untill this year...uske baare mein itna kuch suna aur pada i just had to check it out.....i really liked the feel of the place but gosh the food is overpric...ed!!!,and a calorie conscious person like myself should strictly avoid going there...but since it was my first time to MD..i didnt mind spending so much on fast food. m sure my little cousins will love the place!! hey pal,read a couple of ur reviews n i just had to include u in my trust list..kya karu?tum itna acha jo likhte ho ; ) keep it comin Aditya!! cheers Kavita :) Read More

Followed zuludancing

Dec 04, 2004 11:44 AM


Commented on rashoy's review

Jul 01, 2004 01:05 PM

what a gr8 coincidence!!..jus yesterday i was talkin to this guy from tata indicom who had called me ,as he wanted to conduct a survey bout its services...n all i could say is that i was many complaints!!...i use tataindicom landline phone ,through which u can send sms too..but app...arently not!..the damn thing just doesnt work!!..n i tried callin customer care...not helpfull at all!!..apart from this the whole billing problem : (...y did i get my bsnl connection disconnected? why?..why? : ( guess we r on the same boat my frnd.. keep writing! Kavitha.Read More

Commented on manishrvce's review

Jul 01, 2004 12:54 PM

hey pal!!...i got to watch this movie some time ago, on tv...n i must say that ajay's performance was very captivating!..the way he plays the role of Tarang n other guy(ive forgotten his name,,but m sure it began with R)..I didnt like the songs though..i felt that some of them were of having akshay in it..i think ajay stole the show!so id say that i liked it ! one thing ive noticed in all ur reviews,is that ..u make them very informative..n thats wat makes it so interesting. keep going!! smiles, KavithaRead More

Followed criticalanalysis

Jun 18, 2004 04:27 PM


Commented on dwingramki's review

Jun 04, 2004 03:49 PM

i watched the movie with my friends last friday(wanted to watch the tamil version -to get a good look at the new n improved maddy but my friends dragged me to watch yuva n i aint complainin nomore) i found it to b very entertainin! i loved the cinematography,the performances,the casting etc..but ...wheres the story?i was gifted a music cd of yuva (but i found it to b noisy,seriously) n bout the performances,well..i must say that abhishek n rani stole the show!!..i mean i could never imagine AB(jr) playin a goon..but he has performed so convincingly!!he deserves an award for it!i think he should seriously consider doin roles with negative shades against the risk of bein typecasted as a villain. .n Rani looks so gorgeous (but she looks so tiny ..i mean ab(jr)...lifts her as though she was a baby doll) ajay looks too old to play a student leader but i enjoyed his powerpact performance too.. as for esha ,i thought she looks very cute n has a decent role in the movie. vivek was ok..but his sudden change of plans join politics instead of going to us of a is smthing that even i dont understand. kareena! eh..well..m not a big fan of hers..but thank gawd she doesnt put up a ham show in this movie like she did in mein prem ki diwani!! all in all twas a very entertainin movie n i especially loved the romance between sasi n lallan(so beautifully portrayed by rani n abi) Mani ratnam is a genius!! cheers!! Kavitha ( ;_; ) (ps: that was a fabulous review rama...kumbudrenungo!!) keep writin!!)Read More

Commented on virtual's review

Jun 03, 2004 05:12 PM

kassam se!! hutch sucks!!..i was a big fan of hutch wen it offered 100% free sms..but now m charged for balance reaches an all time low within few days of recharge..n wen i call customer care..they say they do it all the time i.e 'collective deduction' m scared to msg.m thinkin of to airtel. KavithaRead More

Commented on kamaljit's review

Jun 02, 2004 12:26 PM

u soooo hate the movie,dont ya? well i jus read a movie review recommending HUM TUM n now ive read urs.... me confused watch or not to watch that is the question!!....but i must say that i enjoyed readin this unique revu thats talks bout everything othere than the movie....THE DAY AFTER ...TOMORROW? hmmm..not a bad idea! keep writing!! adios!( ;_; ) KavithaRead More

Commented on Koshish's review

Jun 02, 2004 12:17 PM

gr8 come back!! nope ,havent watched the movie yet..watched yuva instead...abhishek was awesome!!..bout HUM TUM ,well ive also been followin the comic strip on that how the movie is goin to be?..filled with wise cracks(overused)?? hope not!!..will watch it this weekend. keep writing ( ...;_; ) KavithaRead More

Commented on bangaloregirl's review

Jun 02, 2004 12:01 PM

heres a big welcome to Bangalore girl from a bangalore girl...good to know that theres yet another bangalorite joinin MS : )))))) well i love my NOKIA 3315,outdated i kno but kya kare i jus love my phone.....a nice first review there!! m sure u have a lot more to keep em ' comin dudette!...! cheers ( ;_; ) KavithaRead More

Commented on jeevsingh's review

May 29, 2004 01:57 PM

kno wat! actually i was lookin forward to watchin this movie in tamil(coz it has madhavan in it) but i watched yuva (hindi)yesterday neways..n i liked it a lot!!..not loved it but liked it!!..i think mani ratnam is a genius at movie makin..theres always somethin very special bout his movies from t...he castin to the songs.picturization,extractin that perfect performance from his actors..i mean usin abhishek as a goon in this!! he was sooo convincin!! (i think he shud seriously consider playin roles with negative shades against the risk of bein typecasted),n the romance between rani n abishek ..twas fun watchin it..n esha has done a very good job too..yup ajay looks too old to be a student but i was floored by his powerpact performance ! i would say its a very good movie(with some of its flaws) ,entertainin!(n id watch it only once) neat revu pal!! keep em' comin!! cheers ( ;_; ) Kavitha.Read More

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Apr 24, 2004 09:31 AM

hello Raj!! wah kya revu chipka dala!! KEWL!! waise meine b is film ke kuch gane sune hein ..jaise ' mein aisa kyu hoon?'- aur soch mein pad gayi ki wats with hrithiks body ?..woh aisa kyu hein?..then i realized that prabhu deva is behind it!! i find his dance steps to b very wierd n whacky!!.....ha maanna padega ki is gaane mein kuch tho hein!! aise hi ache ache revus chipka the raho..mein hoona to read them n comment!! adios!! : )))))))))) KavithaRead More

Followed Dr.Shafique

Apr 07, 2004 04:55 PM


Commented on bonjour's review

Apr 01, 2004 01:39 PM

sab logo ne tho meri mooh ki baath cheenli!...ab mein kya kahu?...mmm ya wat ever thay all said n id top it with.. i remeber readin this amazin revu of urs n adding u to my trust list! there!.. .keep writing dudette! cheers kavitha : ) ps:which branch of engineering?

Commented on j_jayashri's review

Mar 27, 2004 02:01 PM

well my revu is 75% all i have to do is just type it n post... i loved this book!! i got a copy of it as a gift n i finished reading it in a jiffy..The book is written in such a lucid manner that I felt that I felt that I was on a journey myself. The Alchemist remains my favourite... as I can relate to the series of fundamental truths in life that Santiago learnt while going through his own share of experiences. Perhaps the best part of the wisdom gained is how one needs to live those experiences, happy or sad. Intellectualising bout life is a wasteful pursuit. Living out ones life is not difficult. Similarly, we all talk bout dreams, but how many of us actually believe in them? Dreams do happen. You need to believe in them and follow a certain coarse of action. my favourite take away:You will never be able to escape from your heart. So it is better to always listen to what it has to say. I believe that when u carry out your hearts desire—whether its conventionally right or wrong—it will become right for u because u will make it right for u. The Alchemist prompts you to thrive on every moment of your life.n i think every one shud read it! Jaya, ur revu does complete justice to the book..i really loved reading ur revu! out for my revu on the ALCHEMIST as well! adieu mon ami! keep writing! cheers kavithaRead More

Commented on mouthshutdotcom's review

Mar 15, 2004 06:21 PM

neat revu! ya the bindaas song did remind of the ding dong song,but i liked the latter more. i think the music is good but wouldnt bye a cassette though..would jus listen to it on my radio. yup ,i too am looking forward to reading more of ur 'movie' revus! lage raho! Kavitha : )

Commented on harshalkatre's review

Mar 15, 2004 06:11 PM

nice revu dude! i can never watch a movie such a s this one(hate movies with too much violence!) mein tho WWE bhi nahi wouldnt have watched the movie anyways.... do keep writing! Kavitha : ))