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bewafa's Timeline

Commented on jerry_mouse's review

Apr 27, 2007 06:13 PM

great to see you reviewing on smart things like books! okkk...i do want to read this, because it seems to offer an insight into the life of a spy and in general, the commoners during wartime. and then that whole question of 'what if hitler had found out...?' relatin to fanaa? good, i wont need... to ask you for the ending then! lol...but if its such an engrossing book, im not sure if i could handle the and man, i thought fanaa was a hit? :P sheesh, if you werent talkin of box office success...then you should've used another word :P yes yes, i liked that movie. the detailed way he explains can make it interestin or tedious...and i know u luvd it, but would most people like the over-descriptive chapters? but yeh i guess it depends on the author... anyways, great rvw! soz i cudnt comment on it wen i first read it yester or day before?Read More

Commented on psyxx's review

Apr 27, 2007 06:07 PM (Updated Apr 27, 2007 06:07 PM)

=D =D you've just earned yourself some karma points by making everyone so deliciously happy. u know, after i read ur first definition of Lifts...i was like 'oh ok, is he gonna talk about those lifts?' :P i liked this rvw coz it was a mixture of both humour and...advice? yeh, thats it. ...everyone has been taught not to give lifts to strangers...but, have u ever given a lift to someone? and dude, im still waiting, april is almost gone!Read More

Commented on diver's review

Apr 19, 2007 03:15 PM

btw ur rvw wont let me rate...its just my comp dw :P FAB rvw! and lol, India did soooo well at this cup huh?? lol even though u didnt think India would do that great, did u still think we would at least make it to top8?? maybe the hero honda ads ARE to blame? lol useless teams also include ...ireland right....? LOL yeh, i rkn any country that wants to be in it should. i luvd it when bdesh beat india and then south africa and then almost defeated england! was havin the tym of my life! LoL i go for Aus...duh! LoLRead More

Commented on jerry_mouse's review

Apr 19, 2007 03:01 PM

sorry...this window was open after i commented on it ages ago...and so i thought i shud chek munirs profile to see...and then i saw that his comment was posted a year ago!!!!!! ROFL gosh i touched upon a very old rvw huh?? :P

Commented on matwalaboy's review

Apr 19, 2007 02:52 PM (Updated Apr 19, 2007 02:55 PM)

rockin rvw!! felt great to read such an intelligent review...!! this is what i've missed being away.....i read it very carefully... :P but u know...the ending? i agree with the ending...whilst it was depressin and i cried buckets (coz so shockin) it is the ending that everyone membas so well...i ...dunno, i didnt like the ending, but havin a happy ending wud have defeated the whole purpose....? Well, the revolutionaries they were followin also met their i dunno, im just confused. lol ur questions: Do such movies serve the noble purpose that they are intended for, or are they forgotten as just another movie? Well, this one def. did! i heard about a silent protest (that candle scene) happenin in India not too late after the movie released...and that it has raised the whole idea of being, it connected the youth to their homeland Why do movies like Swades, Hazaron Khwahishen Aisi and Yuva get limited to the metros and the multiplex audiences? Because....reel life is prefrd than real life...and these movies tend to portray reality...and audiences are largely in favour of escaping their problems....escapism and what not Why don’t they go on to become commercial successes inspiring other directors to make such bold movies? Well, RDB was a commercial success...but the others...well Swades was too long, Hazaron...had no known faces and Yuva wasn't a smooth there were other problems with the movie... Which is the best patriotic movie you have seen and what about it appealed to you? a lot of the manoj kumar even Namastey London you know :P....Gadar (cuttin out the paki hate words)...phir bhi dil hai hindustani (the endin...while corny made me teary...hehe)..bhagat singh..cant ryt more word limit stops me :P Do you think any movie that Aamir is part of becomes an Aamir Khan movie and not a director’s or any other actor’s movie? Nups! every1 gets noticed!Read More

Commented on main_chup's review

Apr 19, 2007 02:31 PM

lol dun mind the title...was thinkin of arnav..and then was like 'oh, nik can be arnie'...and then...hehehe' was laughin all throughout the rvw!! LOL omg!!! and also, luvd all ur reasons for why ppl have the certain! but wat bout urs bhai?? i rkn main_chup is interestin too! ahhh......but then theres ur modesty...hehehe and well i guess i dont mind being in an experimental multiplex art cinema movie, i was rather pleasantly surprised my name was included. lol hmmm...i DO miss u acting like a news reporter though....:P:P lol Read More

Commented on zuludancing's review

Apr 19, 2007 02:22 PM

well i was fearin...yes i had a fear that ur rvw will consist of a couple of bullet points and thats it...u know...a 'quickie' rvw...hehehe...whilst the rvw wasnt as long as i wud have prefrd...but i enjoyed it thoroughly and bhai!!!! it wasnt 'some kapoor guy' it was KUNAL Kapoor! sheesh! lol ....... true, paresh rawal acted great.,..but was wasted...but i really liked the moral behind that story...that we have to take out the racism in us before we attack someone else and i luvd danny and nana!! awww sad that they dont come in many movies at all! rimi sen lookd....hmmm....i think she tries to ape rani mukherjee a LOT! lol and a *shock* at Amit can he think that the cast wasnt 'Excitin'?? Kunal Kapoor man! LoLRead More

Commented on Cticize's review

Apr 19, 2007 02:15 PM

lol i think i liked your rvw....did i?? LoL corse i did!!!! btw title rocks...never thought of it that way...but it suits the movie just fine! btw bro, i thought u wud have ritten a rvw on NL already!

Commented on rohitthebest's review

Apr 19, 2007 02:12 PM

hehehe, now this movie also gets added on ur list of 'movies that i wasted my money on'...and that list seems to be growin! :P i gave this movie a skip...woohoo! and didnt even watch it properly on dvd...just seemed toooooo boring! and how did u spend 1000 Rs to watch the movie? shoot man, the p...rice to pay for such tamasha! hehehe will await ur rvw on tara rum pum...only coz ur dead set on watchin it...whilst fearin that it may not be so great :P anyways just poppin to say hi coz wont be on the grup this wk :PRead More

Commented on jerry_mouse's review

Apr 19, 2007 02:05 PM

omg munirs alive!!!!! (and MS wont let me just end it with that...requires min10 words...did they have that rule b4?)

Commented on jerry_mouse's review

Apr 19, 2007 02:02 PM (Updated Apr 19, 2007 02:03 PM)

well mr smarty...u made one said that Sallu was dumb in all his films after AAA.....hmmm...i Object!! lol! aaahh...ur rvw was fab! been yonks since i read a great rvw....! :D u memba that scene with Amir and Deven?? the one where Amir Khan talks about look ahead, there rests my f...uture...and his dad takes it literalli and says sarcastically....'aage police station hai, aur usske peechhe shamshan ghat...kaunsi manzil hai tumhari?' ROFL anyways, dropping by and sayin hi...coz not gonna be active in the grup this wk... :PRead More

Commented on ms_express's review

Mar 17, 2006 09:01 AM

thanx for introducin me to this movie Boss! Wat a fantastic analysis!!!! :D:D and i wholeheartedly agree....Gulzar sahib is a master in film makin! there IS no1 like him.... and OMG...Pran a gud guy?? Keshto not drunk? Asrani not comic? jeetu srz?? LOL...only gulzar sahab cuda dun that! :D ...and yeh, i agree with wat u said bout Jaya...was she badhuri or bachchan then? she has that vibrant persona, that is quite attractive! i luvd her in Guddi! Musafir hoon yaaron...was that the song u requestd for Amit bhai? hmmm...i wanna hear it too! btw Do rite often...ur rvws r so sweet and just from ur heart...although u must think in a very 'intelligent' fashion, coz these words from ur heart make so much sense!! :P:D lol Koshish....Black....i memba u said that IF black had focussd more on simplicity it wuda been better...well, i wudnt noe....i havent seen Black (yes, shock horror :P)....and hey, just a question hadnt bhansali also made a Koshish b4? or was it calld sumfin else? anyways, likhte raho, aur hum padte rahein...:D:D Fantastic rvw beedu! :P Ciao! EnaRead More

Commented on rawraj's review

Feb 26, 2006 02:04 PM

Good on ya for raisin such an issue! i agree 100% with u!! :D:D:D:D this is disgustin to say the least.... well done!!! i was directed to this rvw by a u can see already the effects of ur rvw! :D:D Ciao! Ena

Commented on zuludancing's review

Feb 22, 2006 09:16 AM

Long Long tym after i read a rvw from ur side! and thats my fault!! lol i was surprised...this rvw wasnt very long... :(:(:( MS ki Sena...yeps, trst u to think of sumfin like that... and lolz, u ish also with them??? arre nahi bhai! thats like insanity!!! uve got a wicked sense of ur not fittin in well with the Sena!! like no way!!! :P:D:P:D Kamini...i dun get it. how is she pretty? well, actualli, i'll never get that. lolz. lekin, bhai, aap svj ko to bhool gaye! or is she in anuda category of her own? :D:D:D:D main tars gayi thi for ur rvw style...glad to read it now! Ciao! EnaRead More

Commented on jerry_mouse's review

Feb 22, 2006 09:03 AM

ting ling ling ding ding!!!!!!!!!!! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D say ur rvw was great. wud be an understatement! :P to say ur rvw rocked wud be an understatement.... so i'll just say 'ting ling ling ding ding'...which u NOE means that i'm luvin it! :D:P that movie....*sigh* the best movie e...ver!!! and it actualli also projected a msg....a generation awakens...surely does! i mean, weneva i listn to ne of its songs...i can completely visualise it....and this movie is playin sumwhere in the bak of my mind...always.... Sid as Karan....u noe how i feel bout him!!! lol....I LUV HIM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :P:D:P:D this movie totalli rocked! and did u noe on why the director realli believed in this kinda revolt? coz bhagat singh had said that 'democracy dusnt mean that u replace angrez exploiters with indian exploiters. if that were to happn, i wud do the same'---sumfin like that....which ment that bhagat singh and his frends wuda dun the same thing in this era....and they did...just in diff. form...:D:D the movie was gorjus!!! as was ur rvw!! ting ling ling ding ding! and btw HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!!! Ciao! EnaRead More

Commented on ms_express's review

Feb 22, 2006 08:52 AM

i have heard stuff from ppl leavin Canada coz of the reasons... and thats sumfin we cant realli believe...i mean, it's just hard to believe that things cud be so bad.... but also the problem with ABCDs like SBahri said...stuk in the timewarp....esp. those livin in US and Canada and UK.... i... hope things remain as they r where i live...touchwood....:D:PRead More

Commented on ms_express's review

Feb 22, 2006 08:38 AM

heya!!! :D:D:D Well, the rvw was xtrmly touchin. it was soo much deep from ur heart that i felt we had just gotten a peak into ur real thoughts... very impactful but...a moron?! a kid callin his parent a moron?! well, that's quite shockin... but yeh, as ppl above me have said, it all dep...ends on the way u were brought up...and it depends on the kid too... coz like, i liv i do ma frends :P yet we're not disrespectful to our elders and my trip to india....wen me and jivi greeted the aunties and uncles...or some ppl we didnt noe...they were just like 'wat?? kids actualli greeted us, with their hands together?'--u noe..? and they were like 'wow...NRI kids do that, whilst kids here dun' so really, it all depends on the kid's nature and the way he/she was brought up. and western's just a lot publicised with the kids being real idiots with their parents...but there r gud kids and bad everywhere... lolz, or maybe, Aus Indians r much better than ur US-Indians...:P:P:P:P:P well munir, wen u movin bak to india???? but it was nice to read a rvw from ur side....after such a long tym!!!!! refreshin to read some mature words... :D:D btw, wen u DO go to india, where wud u live? ahmedabad or anuda place?? am curious!...and it'd be cool, coz next tym wen i go to india...i may like drop in ... and wud see u too!! :D:P Ciao! EnaRead More

Commented on mbfarookh's review

Feb 22, 2006 08:17 AM

Awesome rvw there!!! but then again, u knew that anyways! and yeh! i also use hindi, its an easy name to memba if i cant, like chandy, be bothad to type into GOOGLE...'lyrics of' but i do agree with one thing. their spellin realli gets to u...they sooo need a standardisation! an...d then wen they just get the words rong... like, Rang De Basanti title lyrix....'ding ding ding ding ding'...wen its actualli 'ting ling ling ding ding' ---lolz, that may not seem like much, but it is! :P gr8 rvw! Ciao! EnaRead More

Commented on diver's review

Feb 22, 2006 08:10 AM

i gotta say man, that was one of the best rvws ritten by you. and that's all im goin to say. coz i believe that says it all. lolz, and im repeatin 'say' so mani tyms and also, teny, the girl wasnt THE one for u, as ive told u b4....u and her were never ment to be....and if u were, then u'll again one day...but let it go...if she comes bak, she's urs...if she dusnt...she never was.... :D:D Besides, there r plenty more fish in the sea...and uve got mani yrs to go b4 u get old! :P:P:D:D Ciao! EnaRead More

Followed chand_tare

Feb 18, 2006 06:46 PM