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I hate cockroaches - Recipe to eliminate them.

By: vnboss | Posted Sep 13, 2012 | General | 13317 Views | (Updated Sep 23, 2012 09:34 AM)

Hello. Good Day all.

Skip to the Recipe section if you want to get started and take revenge!

Do you know the amount of damage these bug'gers (cockroaches) do?

well I dont have the numbers, but I am sure the damage runs into billions!

Take me alone, they cost me 5000/- bucks. I had to replace the circuit boards of my washing machine and microwave oven. Mr Cockroach and family layed their eggs on the circuit board and created a short circuit!

how much do you spend on Hit, Laxman Rekha, Godrej Hi care, pest control and other stuff just to keep the cockroaches away? spendings easily run into thousands!

well its time to save money and your health too, get rid of chemicals.

make your own cockroach control the cheap and effective way


Boric Acid powder - yes this is the same good old powder that we use to play Carroms! buy it from a medical shop or a department store

wheat flour or Maida will do

sugar and water

Thats it.


  1. mix the Boric powder and flour in a 50 - 50 ratio

  2. add sugar to this, add about 1/2 the amount of flour. if you used 5 tablespoons of boric powder use 2 tablespoon of sugar.

  3. mix them well, now add water in small amount and make a dough or thick paste.

  4. thats it, you now have the "cockroach eliminator" formula!

make small balls out of the thick paste and place them where you see cockroach movement. you can place them in the corners, in the shelf, under the kitchen sink, bathroom sink, cabinets, wardrobes,

apply it on the under side of your home appliances like mixer, grinder, microwave, fridge washing machine.

Caution: although boric acid is less toxic to humans, it is better to keep away from children and away from surfaces meant to prepare food.

also please be informed that if you have geckos and lizards (chipkali) or any other creature that eats cockroaches they might die too!

i have seen geckos/lizards fall off the ceiling after a few weeks of applying the mixture, seems like they ate the cockroaches ingested with boric powder. after about a month or so all the cockroaches are gone!

How it works

Boric powder is the one that does the job; it is deadly to roaches. the flour and sugar are used as bait to attract the roaches to eat the mixture. Boric acid disturbs the digestive system of the cockroaches, since the boric powder has no smell or repelling nature, the cockroaches keep coming back to eat the mixture.

they eventually die over time.

Give it about 2 weeks to see the effect, cockroaches will slowly begin to vanish. it will take a few months before they return. you need to replace the old mixture with fresh ones every 3 months or when you notice they are back.

if you dont have time to make the mixture you can also sprinkle the boric powder in the places where you see cockroach movement. sprinkle tiny amount so that its barely visible. some stores sell this ready mixture.

Boric powder is cheap, Rs 20-30/- for a 50g pack may be. Thats all you spend to keep them away for months!

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