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Armageddon… Then what else!

By: suraaz | Posted May 22, 2010 | me and my world | 1393 Views | (Updated May 24, 2010 09:15 PM)

Armageddon… Then what else!

These days my parents are not in home, one of the only advantage of their absence is that I have lots of option to choose for getting entertainment by my television. So On Monday night, as usual, I was watching star movies. At 11 pm, it telecast “Armageddon” featuring Bruce wills. Its story was something related to the end of earth. A huge planetoids was supposed to hit earth after 18 days and result: the damage of every living being on earth. NASA sends Team of experienced driller leaded by Harry (Bruce wills) into space to save earth but then they are suffered with lots of hurdles too. At the end, sacrifice his life, Harry saves the planet…

My purpose is not here to write a review of this movie, but few questions were unanswered in my mind, may be it may not be answered till the end too; still my mind sometime keeps on thinking, Armageddon… then what else?

Once when I was studying in pre-primary level, there was one incident where the rumor was that earth will finish! I don’t know the exact year, but it was between 1993 to 1995. Since I was child on that time, I didn’t tried asking any question about that incident!

While we were studying in secondary level, our science teacher used to explain us about age of universe. As I was very weak in science, I don’t remember the formula, but he had concluded his answer in some trillion seconds. This time I nervously asked, “sir, how much more years?” then he replied me, “don’t worry suraj, there is lot more time, and even your hundredth generation will not face this disaster! A huge relief, because I always fear on death!

In Sunday school, at times, stories from the book of genesis were narrated among us... Genesis explained how the world began. It stated disaster god had brought at the time of Noah’s and again the fear on me! Sometime when it used to rain heavily in our side, I used to be worried, what else if this huge rainfall is part of god’s plan to destroy this world? As I grew up more, I realized that I should start reading the book of life. God promise to Noah says that he will never again destroy the world through rainfall.

It took time, but somehow I managed completing bible study at home. In the book of revelation, john explains forth coming time which has been revealed by spirit of God. It’s even harder to imagine that moment occurring in the world. If it’s so horrible in just reading, then how would really be the end of world?

For those who may be terming “bible” as superstitious, I want to lead u towards some scientific fact. 2010 is the hottest year of last 100 years. This means theory of global warming is not a fake. Day by day, temperature is being hotter and specialist says that Himalayans are melting comparatively faster.

The rapid increase in population has been the other serious concern in Asian countries. The chances of famine in very soon future are highly likeable as “central African countries are already suffering through these calamities. Fuels are getting finished and trees are being cut out. Running everything by electricity? Oh come on! Water source have started drying and drinking water is one of the other problem people are facing today. So how can we trust electricity will be the solution? Development of science has brought us to such a fearful stage that who knows, if the entire world will be “Hiroshima and Nagasaki” one day! One bottom clicked and everything over because terrorism has been another major reason of daily dose of “pain killer and Para cetamol”, this thing can’t be ignored


If not the supreme power, if not the planetoid, we ourselves are taking earth towards the end. So what else after the Armageddon! Will there be any living survived? Jesus Christ scarified his life on the cross; he washed our sin through his blood, so that everyone could live a new life despite their sin. But what will be the scarification which will save the world from man-made destruction?

If not the end as of bible, if not the outer alien, the global warming or any reason of earth itself can kill entire living being. Yes, as an individual, we can do nothing here, because most of us from here are always blessing others, still.... is our blessing enough to save the world? The day may not be as near as 21 December 2012, but it is not too far too!

Question still unanswered.

Armageddon! Then what else?



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