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Kiran Anchan


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Apr 09, 2018 10:17 AM


Commented on own review

May 16, 2010 12:39 AM

Sorry Guys...I am not with ML..since a long time now..But you can always check their websites for more information.You can also call on their contact nos. Sorry for that......

Commented on own review

Sep 21, 2007 02:34 AM

guess he is from thane branch.he was earlier in mahalaxmi branch.all the best

Commented on own review

Sep 20, 2007 01:29 AM (Updated Sep 20, 2007 01:32 AM)

HI Tejas..Very sorry as I am not in touch with Met life since a long time...I am no longer a FA with Metlife..I will be travelling to NY in a couple of days for my office busy with the project work myself .. I would rather like to refer you to Rajesh Poojari..he is my friend..and also a manager in Met life..He would be able to guide you very well...U can take his cell number 9322292977. tell him I have given the reference....and he wud help you in whatever information you want... Sorry for not being able to help you in this.. Do lemme know if you dont get information from him.,. Regards KiranRead More

Commented on varunsaboo's review

Dec 03, 2006 07:37 PM

Gud One Varun...even i feel hez gonna rock this time...But I feel at this point of time India needs a captain in him rather than a batsman....We Require gud aggressive captain...and Dravid is no where near it.... India Requires Ganguly back as captain...Only he can motivate the guys...and he can sh...ow them what winning is..Feel his services as captain is of urgent necessity..Hope Dravid listens to him on field...which i doubt... Neways..Nice to read ur revu.. Keep writing and ha U do resemble Kumble a bit..:-) God Bless kiranRead More

Commented on richardanderson's review

Oct 31, 2006 11:48 PM

I can show u a place where shud Ganguly be placed...Rite On top with Tendulkar or Sehwag..Replace Dravid as Captain... We have an excellent team..therez no problem with the talent ..we need aggression and ONLY ONE PLAYER can bring it back and that Saurav Ganguly....We require him as a Captain if no...t anything else...We Won even if he wasnt contributing...Whats Rahul doing after captaincy, why is he any better than Saurav,,,,if u check his last 10-12 performances he stands even poorer than Saurav...So I guess we require a good Captain rather than anychanges in the side....We had reached World Cup Finals with not even the same talent and i cant see this team full of youngsters and talents reaching the semifinal of the coming worldcup...Read More

Commented on rajneesh.kukreja's review

Oct 23, 2006 01:52 AM

I agree to the first part but not to the second part...U can say he is an average player NOW..but not some years back ..So the title shud have been Average player under current scenario..But i feel IF Rahul Dravid is also scoring what Ganguly was scoring when he was a captain..infact better than him......I guess Definetely Ganguly is a much much better Captain than doubts abt it..Lets see the state of India in the Champions Trophy..though we do have an advantage of playing in home soil...Read More

Commented on ekta_unity's review

May 14, 2006 01:11 AM

YEah I guess i m pretty late to respond to this Revu.. Now since the Winner has been already declared... U have taken lot of pains to write this revu i guess...So many information provided.... Even I love Sare ga ma pa....dint find much time though to watch it.. But I guess Vinit lost just c...oz of Himmesh.. He was just trynhg to create a hype of Vinit..and I guess the lady love and al was just a hype for people to vote him more...dint work though. he was just praising him every moment which he got...and I guess most people dint like it..and Inspite of VInit having better voice he lost it... Debojit and Ismail were very natural..though Debojit tried to get audience attention by stating that some telephne connecton was disconnected from his hometown but after learning the truth that there was nothing..of that sort..Ismail Blasted at him..I felt Ismail Darbar was the best judge coz he was impartial..and Supported good singers even from others Gharana..I remember him giving Rs. 51 I guess to Vini for beautifuly singing a song..I dont remmeber which it was..Guess from Border movie.. neways ..ur review just refreshed some of those moments.. keep writing God Bless KiranRead More

Commented on own review

May 14, 2006 12:21 AM

Thanks for your comment.. Really true this people are pathetic.. My SIM has still not been activated and I had forwarded the letter to nodal officer of Airtel.. Dontthink much is gonna happen..lets see.. Recent update which i got from the call centre was that I would have to resubmit my applic...ation...How Ridiculous.... I will be putting my next mail to CEO if i get some info abt it... I have checked the site and there I think there is an email id Direct to CEO...hope it reaches .. neways thanks for the comment.. KiranRead More

Commented on own review

May 12, 2006 06:13 PM

Thanks for ur commments ... I have not even got the pospaid connection yet...Its just my opinion on AIRTEL...I m not advising anyone here..I m just sharing my experience..So Buying whatevr u like is ur Preference..and ur wish.. I have just forwarded the letter which i wrote to the Airtel Customer AND No points for guessing...they have not yet come back on it....I hope the customer care over there atleast reads mails...if noty anything else... neways Thanks KiranRead More

Commented on own review

May 12, 2006 01:29 AM

I dont know to how many people this mail will reach in AIRTEL..BUT IF it reached any Senior person could you have the Decency & courtesy to call up and update me with the status..I WISH IT REACHES THE CEO OF THE COMPANY atleats he shud know whats happening. IF they cant build relationship at such ...basic level how will they compete with other providers.. The core competency is lost....I have also heard recently from my friend that she also had to blast at the AIRTEL TEAM before getting her post paid connection.. SO U GUYS HAVE BEEN PRETTY CONSISTENT In YOUR SERVICE or shud i say DISSERVICE...I just thought I was the only one..GREAT SHOW.. WHY DONT YOU'LL CLOSE SHOP IF YOU CANT PROVIDE SUCH BASIC SERVICE...DECIDE NOW ITS STILL TIME TO TAKE THAT DECISION.... THANKS FOR ALL UR HELP Kiran Anchan Read More

Commented on own review

May 12, 2006 01:25 AM

Since I wanted my connection urgently I also gave the Customer support team my VICE PRESIDENT's contact and My Managers Cell number, 'WHAT MORE DO ULL REQUIRE' AM I APPLYING FOR PERSONAL LOAN OR A HOME LOAN ...even i would have got both by this time...ITS 11th MAY TODAY..9 days since i have app...lied for..DO ull TAKE AN ENTIRE YEAR TO GIVE A POSTPAID CONNECTION...????? Infact I was surprised by the knowledge you people share. Ramesh told me that my card will be activated in 3 days, customer support guys ...some of them told me it takes 5 days ...some said 7 days may be since now My SIM is still not activated they will have two more days to add to it...Good show guys....IS THIS WHAT YOU'lL CALL FLEXIBILITY... I m not sorry for whatever i have written here and i m not at all sorry for using CAPITAL LETTERS coz I want to show How frustrated i am...I m literally yelling these words when i m writing it.. I wont be sorry to escalate this matter to the people who make people aware of the PROBLEMS faced by customers from such service providers.. IF I ever get a chance to rate you guys i wont be able to rate.. coz Even negative rating would be Much more for AIRTEL.. THANKS FOR ALL THE HELP AND SUPPORT PROVIDED AND MAKING ME FEEL THAT I AM IN THE AIRTEL WORLD..yes definetely it has to be a world which no one has seen....and should never see... I have wasted my time, my energy, my money calling you guys at your pathetic call Centre number. FINALLY CAN SOMEONE TELL ME WHEN WILL I GET MY SIM ACTIVATED,,,,as Your call centre team says that To cancel it it needs to be activated...WHAT MORE CAN I EXPECT... Read More

Commented on own review

May 12, 2006 01:21 AM

I had again called up Mr Ramesh chandra on 9th but he was with the same song ' That it will be activated that day or mostly the next day..HE seemed to me like a person who has no Idea where he is working and what he is doing..absolutely unprofessional to the core..I wonder how you people in AIRTEL e...mploy guys..Is there any training imparted to these guys.. He doesn't even know how to speak to customers.. he had put me on hold and was chatting with someone there...DO U TREAT YOUR CUSTOMERS THIS WAY???????????' I called back again on 10th MAY and requested to speak directly to Bhakti..after 5-7 min i was connected to her and she gave me a shock by saying that she was not able to contact anyone.. An EMPLOYEE FROM AIRTEL IS NOT ABLE TO CONTACT ANYOF THEIR GUYS for ONE FULL DAY' DO u want me to buy that...and that too i dint expect this from a senior employee .. I asked her if there is someone senior to her in the organisation. and she replied with a negative...SOMEONE IS AT SUCH A SENIOR POST THAT SHE HAS NO ONE TO REPORT IN THE SAME OFFICE, YET CANT CONTACT THEIR GUYS FOR THE WHOLE DAY' ARE YOU'LL AWARE THAT YOU ARE DEALING WITH A PRODUCT WHICH BOAST ABOUT CONNECTIVITY.. ' AIRTEL CAN'T CONNECT THEIR OWN TEAM leave the REST. Read More

Reviewed Airtel Mobile Operator

May 12, 2006 01:13 AM 3457 Views

(Updated May 12, 2006 01:35 AM)

I am entering the site after a long time...and this review is after more than a year... Infact Its not a review..Its a letter which I have written to the customer care of Airtel for the excellent service provided. Please read it and Please overlook any Grammatical errors in the I...Read more

Commented on Alamgir's review

Apr 05, 2006 01:49 AM

I dont know some brainless match viewers dont know that India were Winning in Asian countries even earlier...and again in pak they had won Test matches too. under Ganguly.. And winning in conditions similar to not a thing to boast on...still too early before some brainless viewers jump ...their guns.. Oh and for some Virus comparers of Dada...India has practically won every game Mostly in India and Conditions similar to Indian Condition..and Yeah WE have WON it so comprehensively... Let me know which Top order batsman had performed and Deserve to be in the team if Dada cannot.. If U are comparing compare Sensibly or else stop analysing and Do think over it before u compare someone with virus.. and I guess u wud soon come to know who is the real virus.. Till then keep ur brain free from any such virus attacks. Nice Review Alam.. Keep writing Kiran...Read More

Commented on cric_craz11's review

Feb 06, 2006 02:03 AM

Hi Ridhhi,, Its surely takes guts to speak abt dropping Tendulkar... The comments for the review shows...that there are not only jokers in the Indian selection committee but also in this Comment section... Classic case being Dr shafiq... I hope he knows whats an average supposed to mean..and is it applied in cricket... I have always written to him earlier too ..that Please strengthen ur cricketing knowledge before writing foolish and senseless comments...but seems he has taken a vow of writing things ..which perhaps only he understands... I also read a stupid comment in the comment section wherin a gentleman has written that the kolkatta crowd was the result of Ganguly's elimination...Well if he feels that..then I have nothing else to say ...As it becomes perfectly clear that Ganguly was made to sit out for reason other than His cricketing form.. Regarding greed which MR shafique has written..I dont think any sensible person who knows to which family ganguly belongs would write that way..YES Mr Shafiq can write that...I pity his knowledge... Someone also wrote that ...Ganguly has done some 100 runs in 3 tests..Hope that person has watched Ganguly bat in all the three test innings..If YEs I wud request that person to send me Video tapes of the other two tests in Pakistan where Ganguly batted apart from Karachi...Sorry I mite have missed it..I will reimburse the entire cost which he may incur ..on sending me those tapes..Pls do me that favour.. Excellent review..and excellent research work..I liked the way u presented ur views.. Do keep writing..and dont bother abt some stupid comments..they are bound to come with stupid people outside the selection committee also... Keep writing God Bless KiranRead More

Commented on Caayotee's review

Dec 20, 2005 03:10 AM

Hi ... I liked the way u presented ur review.. I agree with u completely that .There shud not be any regional bias .. But pls answer my questions.. 1)Is this whts happening all around kolkatta & reviews given by Expert cricketers..Bribed by Ganguly..Did he tell them to do so? 2)I agree tht Sour...av was not in form.& shud have been kept out earlier but when he has come back to form and played a gud innings in the last match..was it a logical decision to keep him out.. 3)I know tht u dont agree with what the selctors did to Ganguly...But then is it just keep quiet & dont express urself.? 4)If the people of kolkatta has shown their anger..towards the selectors whats Ganguly's fault in that?? 5)Last but not the least.If u agree with all these..WHy have u still given Does not recommend Ganguly in ur preference when u say u have nothing against Ganguly? Its a team Game & people treat it like religion..U cant stop them from doing that..perhaps they sometimes help in making the selctors know wht blunder they commit..or people like u & me just sit comfortably in our cosy room & write how Stupid people r 2 support their heroes. I accept its a team game thn why do we always blame a captain if the team is loosing..u say all 11 players play it..thn why just coz Ganguly doesnt score India loose..All others must be performing na..even thn why do we loose. Oh so u are much awed by the 6-1 Indian victory agst SL..No doubt its an achievement..But whr..?? didnt we win most of the tournaments in India.. Infact we were also winning abroad only thing was we were loosing most of the finals...But in India India is, was & God forbid will always be tuff, SO cant Guage The new India under Mr Chappels Experimental hand based on these results. neways..I agree to the point that always a Team shud be held higher than its captain.. But at the same time I also wud like to say that..when It looses Team India shud be addressed & not just the captain. God Bless KiranRead More

Commented on poweritem's review

Dec 20, 2005 02:25 AM

Well Dear.. Its not the case of not liking truth..Pls Let me know whats the truth which u got for urself. Its the case of Not being rational after giving u so many examples.. SO U agree he did not bring any bengalis and now u r saying he is gunning for himself...And good to know that u also a...gree that he is not out of the team for poor form...Liked that .. I dont know what u meant by that... And U want a captain to sit down and Ask others ...Ok u have a gud form and I will rest..Let me know if Sachin Rahul or any captain wud do that...A captain is not on the field to just Score..he has many other task to do... U tell me what was Sachins, Kaifs, Yuvrajs & gautam Gambirs the current match..and still u feel they deserve a chance but Ganguly doesnt... Well none of the newspapers commented on what u have commented...abt penalising for disciplianry issue.. SO I guess u have a very bright future in Journalism..they require people with such abstract thinking... Regarding eden gardens its quite evident on TV who reacted what way..May be thats where ur title came from...gud, and regarding booing this is again a new thing which I didnt pick up in my review...From where do u get all this...Terrific.. u r the next genration for the Press... I hope u know what boooing means... Booing means what ur doing to Saourav...Ur own countrymen...and Supporting Greg Chappell...and ur telling me that I m booing India,, I guess Sourav is An Indian hope u know that....An dI m just speaking for him.. where the hell did booing INDIA come from there.. Please read my comments well before u react... Thanks neways for the Mail alert.. All the best Keep writing but Sensible stuffs.. God bless Kiran Read More

Commented on poweritem's review

Dec 18, 2005 01:49 AM

Now this is a new controvery ur creating...which no one heard abt... Ganguly pnished for discipline.... Are u sure of what ur writing...come back to Dec 2005...I guess ur still in those earlier years when he was fined for disciplinary grounds...COme back this is something different dear...Seems ...u got confused with what to write... what u wrote for Souravs pros ...I guess U shud also practice that,,,,need to be more mentally tough...Or else u can easily write such stupid revus,,, Regional Bias and Ganguly..The most hilarious piece of information... when did YUvraj and Harbhajan and Zaheer and also Kaif become Bengali.. Are u crazy,,,,Tell me one Bengal player whom he has brough to the Team...I will tell u how many non bengalis he has got... I know Since u r a Sachin fan ..u can easily think in that way...But buddy,,,Sachin and Sourav are two different persons altogether,,,get that strait,,' Just a piece of advise..Please research properly before u write,,dont write by emotions... And dont write such stupid stuffs,, better dont write if u have just this to contribute,, Hope to see gud revus from u .. u have forced me to rate this...NU..I very rarely do that... Neways,, ALL the best for ur next revu.. Hope u come back to sense by then,, God Bless Kiran.. Read More

Commented on pankajb's review

Dec 18, 2005 01:27 AM

I agree tha Sourav was not performing... Bu t Please be sure of what ur saying...DID SACHIN alone win 20 tests and 100 one dayers..Then why r others for..lets just send sachin to the field are just extras.. Pls remind me the last game when just coz of sachin we won.. I do agree that sachin... is a Great talent...But DOnt say that just coz of him India has won....Infact India had the same opinion 5-6 yrs back which u still are carrying that..just coz of Sachin India wins...But one man changed it...It was none other than Sourav...who made team India and not TEAM SACHIN,,, Still cowards in the team dont have the guts to speak for him..And just one person Bhajji had the guts to do that,,,and some stupids call that blabbering.. & Mr ksb123.. Crickte is not as simple as ur id ...123.. Dalmiya dint come on the field and scored those 15000 runs for gangully..that he requires some special backdoor entry.. Write if u have something sensible to write abt... and mr sndaya.. Rahul was under the mercy of sourav..No one can deny that..I m not speaking abt now...Now I know he is a well established player..a rock solid player..I like his game..DOnt ask me which game.. but when he was strugglingin onedayers,,he was given to keep.BY saourav,,just to keep him in the team.. No one can deny that truth ...whatever arguments u give,,, not even u... I know being a staunch supporter u will feel the pinch..but thats true,,,accept it,, Cheers God Bless Kiran Read More