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Alazne's Timeline

Commented on anantvernekar69's review

Nov 29, 2015 01:34 PM

Totally agree with your review. The screenplay was shoddy and turned out to be extremely boring. Few people walked out half way. The characters could have been better developed. In the end, supposedly the hero 'finds' himself. But does that mean that it is ok to be free, jobless and doing nothing?

Commented on chatpati's review

Jan 12, 2015 12:05 AM

That's an entertaining review from you. Far more entertaining than the movie I am sure! Well written :) Indeed nepotism has created a whole new generation of pseudo-actors barring a few in Indian commercial cinema. Hats off to you for having the patience to sit through this movie.

Reviewed PK

Dec 26, 2014 03:39 PM 365095 Views

A film maker's passion is what drives the creation of good films, displayed in bountiful by Hirani. He has the masterful technique of weaving a heartfelt storyline with endearing characters. We the audience at some point have been able to relate many aspects of his characters displayed on scr...Read more

Commented on fenil_seta's review

Nov 24, 2014 12:26 PM (Updated Nov 24, 2014 12:27 PM)

Hi Fenil This film was a super-bore-fest for me. I happened to see the trailer of this film when I went to watch 'Happy New Year' and thought that 'Happy Ending' would be a fun film to watch. Big least for me..I couldn't wait for the film to be over. The screenplay was SO FLAT!! ...The writing sucks...They made the kind of film that they were making fun of....aka...boy meets girl, good locations, boy separates from girl then 'happy ending'... The only moments worth watching for me were the Govinda scenes...(and I am not even his fan). Those scenes at least brought me out of boredom. Didn't you think that his scenes with Preity had more spunk than with Ilena? I just feel that Ilena and him didn't have any all and they were just going through the motions... Oh well....Other than a few funny lines, his scenes with Ranveer and Govinda the movie really had nothing to keep the audience interested...The writing was really....awful..Read More

Commented on navindutt's review

Oct 05, 2014 02:35 AM

Hi Navin, I totally agree with your views on this film. I was majorly disappointed with the screenplay. The performances by KK, Tabu and Irfaan were fabulous as expected. Shahid tried, but I am not sure if he was indeed the right choice for this role, given the complexity of this character. Overa...ll I thought some scenes didn't make sense at all - and the monologue scene of Shahid was also not well written. Some scenes exuded brilliance overall great cinematography. All in all, I felt the film somehow gave me a half-baked feel. Best IRead More

Commented on sydbarett's review

Oct 12, 2013 01:54 AM (Updated Oct 12, 2013 01:58 AM)

@sydbarett That sounds pretty cool. Running classic director's films and contemperory ones at the same time.We do that here sometimes as well, like at the Tribeca Fest they had an old Scorsese movie show cased, which apprently didn't have much of a commercial release back when it was actually made. ...A lot of the festivals here feature many short films or films made by some upcoming directors and some foreign films too. I wasn't on MS around 2004 so I missed some of the good ones, but I was more active in 2007 upto part of 2008 and I did get to chat with some of the wonderful writers from 2004-2005. It was indeed pretty good back then. And about MS -Yeah not only Hollywood but other foreign film disucssions are even more, its kind of like a very minuscule view of movies for the most part. I guess, MS probably goes with what the general public wants to read. Like a film like 'Son of Sardar' has many reviews here - meaning many people saw it. But to me that film was plain torture. I just couldn't sit through it and literally took two head ache pills to recouperate. Also,once the SMS reviews, blogs, gifts etc started -- MS kinda became more of a surrogate social networking FB kind of a forum to some extent and many writers kinda just quit writing here. Back in the day it used to be mainly a review site. Oh well. But, the fact that writers like you are still around here, indicate that MS still has some good things going for them. Best IRead More

Commented on sydbarett's review

Oct 11, 2013 08:21 AM

@jmathur - Thanks for reading the comments. These are just opinions of mine, nothing that special. Its very kind of you to say such words. Actually, after watching 'The Good Road' I wanted to read some of the 'good' reviews on MS about the movie and thats what brought me here as I was skimming thr...ough MS since I really liked that movie. I do sporadically leave comments these days here and there but am not really as active because things have been progressively getting busy at work plus most of my MS friends bid adieu to MS around the same time as I did. Additionally, I found that there is really no interest or enthusiasm about Hollywood movies on MS or any serious movie discussions and I kinda started losing interest. Its after a long time, that I actually had a good movie discussion on MS. Sorry@sydbarett for taking over this space. Best IRead More

Commented on sydbarett's review

Oct 11, 2013 08:05 AM (Updated Oct 11, 2013 08:06 AM)

@sydbarett - YEP Criterion has a great collection indeed. Do watch Kurasawa's films, one can't help but admire those. Yes Rashomon of course is very well known and a great film, but even his lesser known films like A Silent Duel and Drunken Angel are awesome and of course Seven Samurai, Yojimbo etc ...are cult classics and inspired a ton of Hollywood westerns. Like I said, Toshiro Mifune and Kurasawa were a great team. Much like Scorsese-Deniro and Ray-Soumitra etc. Have a great time at the festival. I didn't know about it, but then I haven't really attended any in India as yet. Is there a particular theme for the festival? Any specific films being show-cased? Best IRead More

Commented on sydbarett's review

Oct 09, 2013 03:34 AM (Updated Oct 09, 2013 03:44 AM)

Hi LOL@ Parkinson's law. And indeed Bergman's genius is unparalleled. Wild Strawberries, Persona and Through a glass darkly are some of my favorites. I mean his shots are so well-conceived and characters are so well-written. I am a huge fan of Kurasawa too, though his plots are fairly archetype i...n many ways I think him and his protege Mifune, truly breathed life into cinema. I could watch any movie of Kurasawa anytime. I also love most of Scorsese movies...I can go on and I will stop. As for my profession - I am trained and work as a scientist, but I also passionately love cinema (always have) which led me to also study and acquire a degree in film making particularly screenwriting and editing. I have volunteered at many film festivals and volunteer some of my time when I can, with a small group of film makers to sharpen my skills. I believe financing and actually pitching scripts is a lot about connections and thats probably going to take a while.....Read More

Commented on sydbarett's review

Oct 07, 2013 02:49 AM (Updated Oct 07, 2013 02:52 AM)

Hi, First of all I feel that there is no such thing as 'typical Indian' or 'typical American' mind-set, I think we all have our own opinions, and that's all there is to it. As for the mom's performance - I feel like her character was plain dumb! Like she casually asks her hubby about him and does...n't look at the back of the car until he asks her to do so. Like thats plain dumb. And I honestly did not have any idea that there are still some work places like the office shown in the movie Lunch Box where people don't use computers. I mean just in terms of keeping records too, going through those files manually would be so freaking tedious. So thanks for enlightening me about that. Comparing 'Lunch Box' and 'TGR' - to me, TGR was definitely more engaging, even though I did not recognize the faces or didn't understand the language and neither have I ever been to a place like that. The characters were more endearing, the little boy, the girl the old guy in the truck who develops a soft corner for the kid and who has a predicament of his own. Even the puppy was a nice touch. The cinematography, the transitions, all of it sort of held my attention. I am not saying its the best film I have ever seen in a foreign film category and it is most likely not worth an Oscar, but it is a nice movie nevertheless. LB on the other hand was a snooze fest for me for the first 45 mins. It didn't really have a plot and is more a highly character oriented film. I like pure character oriented minimalist films a lot too and I have enjoyed some of Bergman's films which are pure minimalist ones, but there has got to be so much more to a character to keep the audience interest alive. I feel from Screenwriting point of view -- one of the first things we are taught is 'don't repeat the scenes unless absolutely necessary' and 'keep characters interesting'. I just didn't see much of that in LB. The scenes, camera angles were too repetitive for me.Read More

Commented on sydbarett's review

Oct 06, 2013 09:48 AM

Hi, Excellent review. I did like this movie a whole lot better than 'Lunch Box'. 'TGR' actually had a plot, subplots interwoven nicely, a climax and then resolution with interesting turning points after each act -all well told and like you wrote very well performed. There was one scene where I fel...t the mom's performance was lackluster - when she first finds out that her son is not in the car and asks her husband if he knew where the kid was. She seemed so casual. There is a certain cultural aspect to the film, with folk music, rustic backdrop etc something I am sure the Oscar committee digs about places like India. The movie however does slow down a bit in the second half, but picks up. As for 'Lunch Box'- I feel that the premise was very interesting and needless to say the actors did a fantastic job. But I was really disappointed with the screenplay. I mean the first 20 minutes or so, the camera pretty much is focused on various lunch boxes moving from point X to point Y. I mean - we get it. Lunch box is used as a symbol in the film...but don't keep jamming it in our faces for 30 mins from various angles and close ups. The entire movie had repetitive scenes over and over again. The movie picks up in the last 25-30 mins. But otherwise, it was the same scene over and over again, which shows major gaps in writing. Like Nawaz's character says the same thing each day...Irfaan is supposed to be training him - those scenes could have been written more interestingly. All the woman does is cooks and cleans or talks aloud to her neighbor...there could have been other interesting moments - even within her mundane life ya know. May be throw in something different, like even more time with the daughter or she is doing 'something' else -- a person can be bored doing many things. The movie is supposed to be present day - so why is Irfaan not working on a computer? I get it they are all stuck in old times, but at work -- don't people use computers? Best IRead More

Commented on Aarini's review

Aug 23, 2013 01:56 AM (Updated Aug 23, 2013 01:59 AM)

I am not a stickler for logic in hindi films as such. If the film is entertaining, mad-cap etc logic goes out the window and the audience just sits there enjoying the ride along with the characters. - But this film claimed to be a serious film, and one was expecting a lot more from the characters in...stead of just walking around smoking or lying on train tracks and every once in a while bursting into a song. Also the so-called villain (Manjarekar's character) is more of a caricature in the film. Sorry for such a long comment dear! I was really flabbergasted at the quality of this film from Milan Luthria. I think this time they just took the audience for granted, unlike the prequel where they actually had to sit down and spend time in writing a good screenplay. Take care IRead More

Commented on Aarini's review

Aug 23, 2013 01:45 AM (Updated Aug 23, 2013 01:53 AM)

Hi Swati Thanks for recommending the book. Will check if it is available online on amazon. I am not too much of novel reader, but more of a movie person - like I could watch 5 movies back to back with equal zeal if the films are good, but I lose patience reading through a book and just get to the... last few pages. I bad. I guess to me films have more appeal because there are so many technicalities and visual aspects involved and its such a team work. The few novels that I have read though I have enjoyed. Anyways, I finally watched this film. I have to say your review is far better than the movie. I was EXTREMELY disappointed with the film. I think at the script level, it was very poor. Screenplay simply dragged, and the characters were not well etched out at all. What exactly was Akshay's character upto? Like he is mouthing big dialogues etc, but really there was no action to follow up his words except a few shots here and there. He is just walking around and smoking away. In the screenplay take for example - Sonakshi is shown to get an award 'for the best face' or whatever - even before she has actually worked in any film. Like how illogical is that. Imran was GROSSLY miscast. His jokes fell totally flat. Like he was certainly one of the most disappointing aspects of the film. Why was Sonakshi's character made to be so dumb? I feel that the makers were themselves confused about what genre the film is - is it a melodrama or a film noir or a love story? As for cinematography and Akshay's character, the makers tried to project it as film noir. For any movie to have a strong love story angle, there has to an intensity. I didn't find a single scene that could project this as an intense love story. Like each character is falling in love, through an imaginary song sequence thats it. Neither Akshay or Imran's character shows an intensity in love. Except for the last 20 mins, I was just waiting for the film to finish. It was boring for me.Read More

Commented on Aarini's review

Aug 17, 2013 03:02 AM

Hi Swati Nicely written review in the form of a character study of the protagonists and antagonists. Thematically the movie seems like the same as the prequel. Thoroughly enjoyed reading your take on the film. I am not that familiar with the underworld happenings of that period in India, perhaps I ...should read up about it. But I am a sucker for thrillers and underworld / gangster based movies with good performances. 'The Departed'; 'GoodFellas' and of course 'The Godfather' are some of my all time favorites. I was disappointed with the recent 'Gangster Squad' though. I did like the prequel to this film, so I would certainly like to watch this one at some point. I do agree with you that it would be a bit hard to digest that Hashmi is now transformed to Akshay. Lets see, I guess I can give a better feedback after I watch this. Take care IRead More

Commented on fenil_seta's review

Jun 02, 2013 12:45 PM

Hi Fenil Your review is much better than the film. I was extremely disappointed with this film and would give it 2 stars. Had expected a much better product from Ayan. Wake up Sid was a 1000 times better than this. I agree with you that the climax was good, and the music, Ranbir's performance and... locations/cinematography are a plus. But the movie fails miserably as far as story and screenplay go. It could have been a MUCH better film, given the message that the director wanted to convey. Many parts seemed to be a wanna be DDLJ film, but lacked the humor, punch lines. A few dialogues here and there were ok, but largely the characters were not developed properly. The gloss quotient is appealing, like any Dharma Production, but I wish they had paid some attention to the writing dept as well. This movie didn't work for me due to poor execution and flimsy screenplay. It was really boring and so predictable and it didn't really hold my interest. Best IRead More

Commented on own review

May 18, 2013 11:36 PM (Updated May 21, 2013 12:56 AM)

@Paulsb02 Indeed its been years since I wrote a movie review here. Thanks for stopping by and taking some time off your busy book writing schedule. How is everything? I had forgotten the restriction of 7500 words lol for review writing here. Had to delete 1/2 of what I wrote. LOL I had liked th...e older version of the film very much, in which Redford had played the title role and now I absolutely LOVED this one too. Couldn't stop thinking about some of the scenes and I guess it is this movie that forced me to express what I felt after watching it. Looking forward to your updated comments :) Take care IRead More

Commented on own review

May 18, 2013 11:31 PM (Updated May 21, 2013 12:57 AM)

@ravidutt Hi Ravi, How are you? Its been a long long time. Thanks for stopping by here. I haven't written in a long long time, but I guess this movie compelled me to write. So glad to see you after ages too. Like you I haven't been on MS either. Really nice to see some old friends like you still ar...ound :) Best IRead More

Commented on own review

May 18, 2013 11:28 PM (Updated May 21, 2013 12:56 AM)

@sandeep400 OMG! Sandeep how are you buddy? Its been ages since I heard from you. Of course I haven't been on MS for a long time either. Good to see you here. Glad you enjoyed the review. Yeah, I like period films, particularly when the director presents it with a unique style and the actors do a job. Thanks for your kind words. Hope all is well at your end. Best IRead More

Reviewed The Great Gatsby

May 17, 2013 07:08 AM 1180 Views

As humans we may have evolved, with technology now at our fingertips. However, there are certain age-old core emotions that remain the same. It is after all love or money (as some may say) and above all "hope" that still makes the world go around. Are we not part of the circle of life today just...Read more

Commented on Paulsb02's review

Apr 29, 2013 09:39 AM

Hi Paul How are you? Happened to browse through MS and saw this review of yours. You are still not writing movie reviews?? Anyway, coming to 'The Horse Whisperer' as usual I haven't read the book but have seen the movie. It was directed and produced by Robert Redford, and he starred in Tom's role ...while Kristin Scott Thomas played Annie's role. I liked the movie, though it was a bit slow. Overall, Redford captured the emotional scenes extremely well and cinematography was brilliant. Your review on the book nicely captures the gist of the story without giving away too much. And I agree, somethings were left kind of ambiguous in the film, and I guess for the most part, the film pretty much stuck to the book. I saw the film many years ago, when it was released here, so I guess I am a bit rusty on some of the scenes now. Read More