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₹84.8 L - ₹1.08 Cr
Possession on: Nov 2024
Status: Under Construction
61% 3.93 187 Reviews Claim this business
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Project Details of Lodha Crown, Kolshet Road, Thane

Location and Highlights

Lodha Crown , Akbar Camp Road, Road, Kolshet, Mumbai 400607, MH

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Last Updated on Mar 11, 2024

Reviews on Lodha Crown, Kolshet Road, Thane

Apr 04, 2024 06:08 PM Read

We purchased under construction flat at Lodha crown Majiwada and started to pay EMI from 2021 but till date we have not received possession but buyers already got the possession. Lodha not answering calls, Emails, customer portal is not working.

Overall very bad experience and our whole family suffering now.
Jan 22, 2024 05:48 PM Read (via Mobile)

  1. They do calculation mistakes, and will never say the figures correctly. And because of there calculation mistake if you are delay for payment. They can charge penalties for delayed payment. You have to drop many mails and give proof to wave those penalties.

2.Just the agreement is real other oral offers they will give are not real. if we ask anything in written they will not give and after that if they deliver something different then they will say we never given in written. Just like other small builders Lodha also do many fake commitments. They told us that we will give 3 AC and given 2. This was the oral communication with many of the customers there, but 3 AC was not in written so they are not giving.

  1. Every time a new person will connect with you and if you have a connected problem, you have to tell a whole story again and again to different different person. even Their relationship managers are changing frequently.

  2. Who is your your spoc(sales person) at the time of purchasing the flat, he will never entertain you once you have given booking amount, His job is only to trap you witn non refundable amount. After that if you have any query you have to write mails or connect with customer care and you will not get setisfied response.

  3. They ask to raise a complaint for anything, but they close it without resolving.

  4. They are so sure about the date of possesion before taking money, but once you given They are not sure about the date of possesion. they will say different dates all time, and say rera says that we can delay by some months. Okay about rera but if there is any chance of known delay they should not be so sure before payment, In my case I am pregnent and can not sit in gruhpravesh pooja in third trimester. They are not clearly saying the date of possesion. November 2023 was commited,

After that December, then January Now someone is saying feb 2024 someone is saying April 2024. So can not plan anything.
Nov 11, 2023 08:44 AM Read (via Mobile)

I booked a unit in lodha codename premier(504, casa fiora B), my CRN number is CRN2233126, at the time of booking I had informed the financial person that my Cibil score is 684 and showed him my current obligations and informed him that I'm planning to sell my existing property but not sure when will I get the buyer. He said not to worry he'll get the loan done. I asked for 60 days of extension so that I complete my 2 wheeler loan and sell the bike and arrange for BA2 amount and they agreed and gave me 60 days yo arrnage BA2 amount. After making payment for BA2 amount the loan person from lodha tried to get the loan from multiple banks and financial institutions but due to low Cibil he we unable to get an approval or sanction, I informed him that let me try it from my personal banker and check on which he said do not try as it will be rejected but I still took a chance and got an approval but they wanted me to sell my old property to get the loan approved. I was still unable to get the buyer for my property so it was never disbursed. Now I gave up and told them that loan is not possible so I'll need the refund but they are denying it and said we can arrange for a credit voucher which can be used for my booking after I sell my property and loan would be possible. I agreed but when I went to take the credit voucher they said credit voucher can not be used for downpayment and for next booking I still need to pay BA1 and BA2 amount again on which I denied to take the credit voucher.

I'm a lower middle class person and ai had to sell my mother's gold and my bike to arrange for BA1 and BA2 and ₹262267 is a very huge amount for me, I know how difficult it was to sell my mother's gold and what I saw in her eyes. I'm without a motorcycle now and have no means of personal transport.

Please help me in getting my refund, it's a humble request to Lodha Group and to anyone who can help me on this.

If somebody wants to contact me or help me on this please feel free to call me or watsapp me at 9821916131


Lodha Palava Florea - Kalyan - Thane
Oct 13, 2023 11:03 PM Read

Nah, don't ever invest in or rent Lodha Amara, the construction quality is very poor, there are internal leakage issues in almost every older building; my rental flat has black molds growing on the bathroom ceiling and the hall wall, which slowly spread to entire house by the time I moved out, I also know a few instances where the entire bathroom ceilings have been collapsed, and multiple instances of what I faced even with those who regularly maintained their properties

and why no one is talking about it but roaches, roaches everywhere, You will need specialized pest control treatment to keep em in check, I have lived there for over a year; I did the treatment twice a year but nothing, You will see them crawling if you close the house even for like two days.

ALso, there's no privacy you will have to keep your curtains draw at all times, and if you are in lower floors, say goodbye to sunlight, if you keep your windows open for long enough all shorts of flies will enter your home that's another issue, you can have net installed but urgh, you are unlucky if you are a renter like me

there's also water pressure issue, means you will need more maintenance with geyser and all that,

for a 28 story building with 6 flats in each floor, they only have 2 elevator shafts, so unless you wanna take the stairs, keep 10 minutes extra to get down or up plus additional 10 minutes to get to the parking since it is there in a separate building at the very entrance, such an inconvenience,

the construction is going on so the property always dusty,

The place is always crowded, the club, pools, since the amenities are limited and not enough in proportion to the people actually staying there,

all in all, I moved out for good and wont advice other to ever move in there
Oct 12, 2023 07:58 AM Read (via Mobile)

I just book flat at lodha upper Thane with the amount of 2 lakhs, project very nice but my current family situation not suitable to purchase flat now because of my mom and dad both hospitals at same time due to some critical situation, I request lodha sales person to refund amount, more than 2 week, no one communicate for refund, I mail more than 7 to 8 time but no one response, I stuck with my family issue and lodha group also. Please ?? take some action if lodha group understand.
Aug 03, 2023 03:57 PM Read

Whenever anyone buy an under construction flat, it is understood that payment will be raised very conveniently not frequently and a customer have enough time to pay the money. Here lodha is asking 95% payment in just three months after booking while possession is DEC 2025(2 & HALF YEAR LATER). If anyone can pay 95% two and half year before, why he will go for under construction, why not he buy ready possession flat so that he can give it on rent and take profit of his investment. Plus it will minimize the burden of housing loan too. Now you can say LODHA AMARA is world top building and no other building is available in world after it. Nothing like that, there are many good builders who are giving ready possession flat in same price with same amenities in thane and other areas. So don't you think it is cheating with innocent customers. I was victim of soft/clear heart as I thought omkar and his team will give me a fail deal but they treat me like a bakra and slapped totally absurd plan. Yes, I admit my mistake, whenever he gave me plan, I have to call my lawyer and CA(because an innocent customer can not understand hidden agendas and become a big fool because he think the entire world in honest and innocent like him). Yes I admit my mistake, I have to check this plan through CA first. Now second flaw, when I saw payment plan of my friend who bought flat before me and paid only 60 lakh only till date(i have paid 72 lakh in just three months) and 30 lakh he will pay in DEC 23 and rest 30 lakh he will pay in DEC 24(his possession in JULY 25 and rest he will pay at the time of possession) while we have paid 72 lakh in three months and demand of 40 lakh already raised in JUNE and lodha staff is slapping interest on me. Please tell, is it justified? But as I said, it was my mistake as I did not go with CA and show full faith in LODHA, so its punishment will be bear by me only. But seriously, this deal taught me many things and my faith in anyone, anyone has destroyed. Now I am looking everyone with suspicious mind. Thanks LODHA TEAM
Jul 22, 2023 01:32 PM Read (via Mobile)

Do not book flats with Lodha Amara, payment plans are very bad ....I booked an flat at W42 1806 at Amara, against d possession date of June 25, they took my 97% payment in first one year only. And now I am forced to pay Full EMI for next two years. It's an fraud. Be careful and vegilant while doing booking with Lodha.

Wh I am asking for the solution, they are asking me to go for upgradation with ready to move property. Rather than solving the issue, they are asking me to put another 50L.

I hv already logged an complaint at RERA and fighting for it

It's very crowded and construction quality is very bad

Jun 06, 2023 05:13 PM Read

May 13, 2023 10:30 PM Read (via Mobile)

I purchased flat with possession date as March 21, which they extended by 18 months saying we have right to extend as per agreement. And again they extended by 1 year stating we got extension by RERA. Just using legal loopholes to fraud customers.
Apr 11, 2023 11:11 PM Read (via Mobile)

Lakeshore club members coming to downtown club house for gym and also people staying outside palava are also coming to gym without valid if card.

Watchmen is involved in this and on one of card he allows rest 4-5 members who don’t have any of card nor they are members of palava. They are outside villagers who stay in the clubhouse the entire day and creates ruckus in the gym.

As per Section 354 (C) of the Indian Penal Code no once can click anybody’s photos and videos and people in the gym are always making videos without concent.

There should be a strict action taken against outsiders who don’t belong to palava and still using clubhouse and it’s amenities…
Mar 04, 2023 02:45 AM Read (via Mobile)

I had booked unit in lodha splendora Riverview on 28th Jan 23. At the time of booking the unit south facing and vastu details were not discussed in detail, when i enquired it was said that it's a east or north east facing flat etc.

I did booking by paying 1, 08, 000 instantly and i asked them to share cost sheet etc. Again i paid Rs. 3, 92, 000 in another two weeks time. Total 5lakhs is what I paid. I was told that this is a refundable amount ofcourse they can disagree now but it was made to understand that the initial booking amount is refundable.

CRN 2228167

Post booking and paying 5lakhs i realised that the unit is south facing and as i am Hindu, we don't consider the south facing flat as auspicious for us.

Also there is death in my close relative in a mean time.

So I decided not to pursue with booking and i started asking Aashima to swap or give me alternative unit with same configuration if available. She took time, so i visited lodha crown office and met her, she said that there is no alternative unit available. So i requested her to process refund. She told me to talk to service team. Today she said that refund is not possible and i need to talk to customer care team only.

I am not at all happy the way customer is being treated, at the time of booking customer is made to realise that our service is best but in case of issue or support they simply disown the customer.

Since I did booking recently, the ROC, registration, etc is still pending and is not done, it's still at very initial stage. I would request lodha team to consider this as booking cancellation request and refund my hard earned money which i gave to them.

I have requested but there is no reply from them. I am going to put a complaint in consumer forum if i don't get reply within a week's time.


Dec 25, 2022 01:56 PM Read (via Mobile)

Don’t buy.. construction quality is not good .. it’s compromised.. very far from basic things.

Worst choice
Dec 14, 2022 02:49 PM Read

One of the worst part of Lodha is, they don't allow customer to visit the site. It's been 4 years since I booked the flat and till date I have not received the possession. There were significant delays due to COVID but payment was taken on timely. Absolutely no proactive communication on possession and we only hear after continuous follow-ups. Customer Care support is worst as they only have template response to share and no other escalation channel.

If you want to invest your hard earner money, then this would not be the right place.
Nov 07, 2022 12:28 PM Read

I have purchased a new flat and while Im getting the possesion now and im having extremely disappointing experience. The customer experience manager is not able to answer any of my queries and is not equipped with complete details when needed. The worst is they dis connect the call on their own.

I was surprised to see the extra charges put during possession. The actual society charges requested during possesion are 3x of what was communicated when I purchased the flat. I was promised GST refund and there is no clear accounting of how GST is calculated. When I rasied these questions to customer service team they put my call on hold for long time and do not respond.

We were never allowed to visit the site hence I do not have any visibility to quality of construction or what I have paid for.

I will not go through same experience with this builder and would not recommend buying property on subject.
Jun 21, 2022 03:30 PM Read

Please do not go on this fancy reviews of this builer, soon this post would be deleted.

Its better they learn to respect their customer, who fill their salaries and their companies profit, neither this properties are worth neither their team.
Apr 14, 2022 08:17 PM Read (via Mobile)

Payment guys torcher as hell. While taking money they said interest will be waived off after getting 88lacs from bank they said only 50% can be waived rest you have to pay otherwise will not give possession. And interest will keep on increasing, the call center people ask to sell our household things and pay the interest. They delayed the possesion under name of covid and rera but when we requested to waive of interest as in lockdown we could not manage to sell our flat as we were planning to sell and pay. But after getting money the lodha team turned there back and now are blackmailing us if you dont pay we wont give posession
Apr 06, 2022 06:10 PM Read (via Mobile)


I am writing this review after staying for 8 months here. Everything is there, but not all these ammenities are usable and maintained. All the show and shine is there for buildings near to gate no. 2. whereas, For buildings near Gate no. 1 its an opposite situation (for platino A, B, C)

  1. No proper lighting in common areas post sunset. Hence, the speed breakers, pot holes etc are not visible, which is a big danger for sr. Citizens, kids and 2 wheelers.

  2. These buildings are not convenient if you have Sr. Citizens, kids, patients or you have lack of time.

  3. The 2 wheeler parking is not available. At the time of showing flat, they say it can be parked in front row, but later they will come and lock your vehicle and will disappear, which is completely unethical. By default you will be late for work or to pick up child or for doctor, bcz they will take good time of 15 to 20 minutes to come and unlock it. PITY OF THOSE WHO BAUGHT A FLAT HERE.

  4. The roads around these buildings are not maintained. However, the roads around gate no. 2 are well maintained. (Reason: lodha sales office entry is near gate no. 2)

  5. Rules are different for owners and for tenants, example owners can even carry their pets in residents lift and if you raise something, guards will say they are flat owners we can't say anything.

  6. Everything around is very costly and of low quality, bcz there are no shops or options nearby. Monopoly by the grocery store, medical and restaurant.

  7. The water quality is very bad, it is muddy and bad smelling water in toilets, how much you keep clean the water itself make it dirty.

  8. Teenagers and young couples are often found in behind the bushes taking benefit of low lighting in these areas.

  9. The construction quality by lodha is known by everyone, it's world famous that the construction is very poor.

  10. They say there is transport and vehicle or bus for roaming within premises or till the station, but there is nothing. The vehicle for wandering inside premises is only for people who came to buy the flat here. Otherwise it is not seen.

  11. No visitor parking !!!!!

  12. No sunlight and ventilation at all in garden facing flats in platino A, B and C.

Feb 01, 2022 04:33 PM Read (via Mobile)

This project is highly recommended, it has plethora of world class amenities, 4 tier security. Forest for nature lover and Temple for spiritual ones .
Dec 11, 2021 12:17 PM Read (via Mobile)

I was so excited for my first house but within few months my tenants complained about the cracks and the bad quality of materials used in the construction. I didn't take it seriously but when I saw it with my own eyes, I see cracks on the way. The prices of house also now look lesser than what I bought it at, in 2017. This project has been total loss and betrayal by such reputed brand for me.
Dec 02, 2021 07:11 PM Read (via Mobile)

Very very very bad sales team. I believe the good reviews are by the sales team or their relatives n the nearby brokers/agents.

I came all the way from UAE for few days n they didn't allow me to visit my flat or the area inside the gate citing safety reasons. However, they allow clients who have already taken possession, to go inside the project. What about their safety concern?? Sales team will call you a million times n sweet talk till you pay the total consideration value n they will only talk about possession of flat only. They will shamelessly apologise a million times, but will not allow you to visit your own flat till you pay the whole amount n take possession, even if the balance amount is meagre 1lac of the total 80lac. Check for the total consideration value hidden in the signed agreement which will be higher that the value the sales team lured you. Very bad n insulting customer service.

Really regret my decision buying a flat with Lodha group.

I had book the flat during prelaunch based on a plan provided by them. Later, they changed the orientation of the building. The view anticipated from the balcony changed.

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Lodha Crown - Kolshet Road - Thane

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