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No surveys
Oct 02, 2020 09:39 AM Read (via Android App)

I downloaded this app two years ago and after downloading I got two to three surveys successively but after that the group was totally empty.

Let me tell after two years of work I just earned less then thousand points. The main drawback of this website is only that surveys are not offered at all and that's what we want. Another drawback is that you cannot withdraw your earnings into your bank directly , you can withdraw only and only in paytm your paytm account. There is only one way of earning money that is surveys and no other ways to earn points so it takes a long time to withdraw your first earning.

Yougov surveys
Apr 25, 2020 06:14 PM Read (via Android App)

Yougov has good surveys but the surveys are available once in 2 or 3 months. Their payments method is only Paytm and minimum points is 5000.I am using it for more than 2 years and I only have 950 points. But an advantage is that if a survey is available it has a lot of good questions.

Easiest Way to Earn Online
Jan 31, 2020 01:13 PM Read (via Mobile)

It is a very genuine site to earn online through survey.. We have to get 5000 points to redeem 3600 rupees.. It may take sometime to redeem

My redemption not come
Nov 08, 2019 11:01 AM Read

Very redemption not come.30 business days gone but my money not come.i send 2-3 email but no reply.not so good survey experience.

YouGov Review
Nov 04, 2019 02:51 AM Read (via Mobile)

My experience of YouGov India has been awesome. They reward you with the 3600 INR that is promised on the attainment of 5000 points. The surveys are interesting and vary in the content matter. As far as other reviews go, I can say that the reviewers were apparently not patient enough in their pursuit. It took me almost a year to reach 5000 points and nearly 10 days to receive my reward but boy the satisfaction was beyond imaginable.Patience does pay off here and you'll surely be rewarded for it. If you have any doubts or queries, please feel free to email me at I'll reply at the earliest. The second screenshot shows my current points.

Oct 18, 2019 08:18 PM Read (via Android App)

YouGov is a global survey site which rewards user for completing surveys.

I first heard about YouGov on Facebook sponsored advertisement. I clicked on that advertisement and visit YouGov web portal.

From their FAQs I gathered all the information about YouGov and I think that it is relly worth for the time which I spend by taking surveys.

I signed up using my email address and activated my account by a verification link which was sent by YouGov in my email.

In India, There are only two reward system and can be redeemed only if you will be able to collect 5000 points.

The first reward is to donate all your points and the second reward is you get Rs. 3600 PayTM cash for 5000 points.

After activating my YouGov account, I was invited to fill my personal and other details. And for filling these details I get 50 points in my account.

I filled my all information in required field and my account is created with 50 points instantly.

After that, I was accepting a single survey everyday but I don't get any survey invitation for a week. And during this time I logged in my account regularly to check whether a new survey for me has arrived or not.

One day I received an email from YouGov that you are selected in a survey and you will be rewarded with 150 points after successful completion of this survey. I clicked on that link and started my first survey on YouGov. This survey takes me about 20 minutes to complete. And after completion my account was created with 150 point which increases my total points to 200.

After that I received another survey invite from YouGov but I was disqualified as I am not required fit for the survey.

YouGov dose not reward any points after disqualified from surveys.

I my view YouGov is a good platform and it seems legit. However, there are much less opportunities to take part in surveys, That's what the goal of 5000 points can't be reached frequently. You have to be consistent and wait for long period of time.

For these reason, I rated YouGov as jus an average survey taking platform.

Wait, Wait, Keep Waiting !!
Oct 16, 2019 08:48 AM Read (via Android App)

I came Across YouGov Survey Site & saw Their video which Tempts You with Extra Cash by Filling Out Surveys. I still have it Installed on My Device & if You visit their Survey Site or use their App it seems very Genuine as you come across a Smooth, User Friendly UI. The Survey Site is UK based, so all the more reason that I thought it would pay decently. They promise to do so too. 5000 points for INR 3600 & The first Profile Survey pays 100 points itself. And for a Referral, if ur Referral completes 6 Surveys, U get 200 points. You get a few Surveys frequently until u get to 2000 points but since then the Surveys hv Dried out completely. It would take anywhere between 10 to 14 Months to Reach Redemption Amount of 5000 Points, unless Your Referrals answer surveys Too. Redemption is through PayPal or You can Donate the Earned Money to a Charitable Fund ! I check in their App several times a day hoping for a Survey.Still Waiting.Still Waiting. I m not Sure, if they would even pay me eventually.!

Waste of time
Jul 12, 2019 07:19 PM Read (via Android App)

On seeing the video about Yougov, you might think that you can get some side earnings from it. You might even think of getting a good income from the site itself. But it's not so.

On joining, you are told that for every 5000 points, you will get Rs.3600. And on the initial survey itself you get 100 points. So one might imagine that they could finish 50 surveys in no time and get 3600 Rs. But alas, you are in for a shock.

After giving all our details, we are led to the dashboard, wherein it's shown that there is no survey available now. There goes all our hopes.

For a week, we will keep checking the site for any new surveys. But there won't be any. Once in a while they will send us some small surveys and give 50 points. Even if we wait for 1 year, we won't make that 5000 points.

It's just a scam to get personal information and sell it. I am really pissed off at them for making us look like fools.

Cheater - Fake - Scam
Mar 29, 2019 12:36 PM Read

I redeemed 5000 point in November 2018 but till the writing of this, no cash received. Several mail sent to them but nothing happen. Having a 5000 point threshold they got to survay done by us. In my point of view they are cheater. By the way myself Kuntal from India.

Wrong information
Oct 23, 2018 03:36 PM Read (via Mobile)

I have completed all my surveys that cane to me through my email and have reach my payout. But now the site refused to pay me giving an excuse that western union payout isn’t working. Can you believe that. I m here on requesting everyone who is looking forward to join these scamsters, please stay away and invest your precious time in something else.

Too much information
Jul 28, 2018 08:00 PM Read (via Mobile)

I started using this survey site and they get around to getting personal information so they can send your reward after it is earned. Where they went too far is when they wanted my full birthday, month, day and year. When I questioned this request they said they needed it to properly credit points. Excuse me! They have my name, email and address but the need my full date of birth to credit my points? Hogwash.

Not so Good
Mar 02, 2018 01:00 PM Read (via Mobile)

Well.I would like to share my experience with this app. I have been using this app from last 2months. I receive only 3surveys, the questionnaire prepare questions not so well. The surveys take too much time. Every survey you will earn just 50points. When you are earn 5000points you can reedem your points, it's take too much time. The aim of surveys is good but it is not a user friendly app. The service support is not well. The surveys questions are not easy to understand. Surveys aren't always interesting, but if you are doing nothing else, then why not earn some points.

People Power
Jun 07, 2001 09:51 AM Read

I came to Know about this website from my Net friend Living in U.K. So I started using this website. I’ve been using this site for a couple of months now so hopefully I can give you a detailed and balanced view. So what is the site about then? It’s actually quite a simple concept, in that by completing special “tracking polls” or questionnaires, you get paid for your views. This aspect of the site will obviously be the interesting “hook” to most of the people who join but the other features are useful too.

Aim of the site “to promote open government by making service-providers more accountable, developing the mechanism of best value and creating a new partnership between government and its stakeholders, the citizens.” It is simply a link between us the public and our elected officials. In this early phase the main contact is through the surveys. The payment to members can be generated as marketing consultants no longer need to send hundreds of people out onto the street with clipboards. They can just ask the members of instead. The site itself is laid out nicely enough, with a scrolling “ticker tape” style list at the top showing the most recent stories and polls. A short list on the left hand side of the screen provides your login, account details, background and contact information. It’s still in its infancy so this part is a little basic. One of the good things about this site is the distinct lack of banner advertising. The only one is at the top of the page and it is a link to join their own polling club. The privacy policy also states they will not contact you other than to supply information about up and coming votes, results and to reply when you contact them. They pledge not to supply any of your personnel details to any third parties. So far in the two months I have been a member I have only received two emails from them (monthly updates). Not one bit of spam to be seen!

Features Currently the site is in “Phase 1” of its development, offering the following:- Paid-for-polls: YouGov Polling club registered members receive fifty pence for each poll they vote on. There is a weekly poll covering general politics and other special ones that pop up from time to time. The format of the poll is a news style piece followed by a series of questions that you tick the relevant boxes on. The average poll takes under five minutes to complete.

Trans-Active News: A comprehensive section, with a selection of the worlds’ top news stories, updated daily. This is the best site I have found online for up-to-date and informative new stories covering current affairs and politics. They also provide a briefing of the main stories being covered by the newspapers and any interesting snippets from the editorials.

Political Colours: A quick test, purporting to tell you whereabouts you lie in terms of your political persuasions (i.e. the political party with the closest views to your own). Interesting to have a go with the first time you visit the site but redundant after that.

Mr Dale’s Diary: A regular(ish) “diary” piece by Iain Dale, co-owner of Politico's Bookstore. His entries revolve mainly around events in pariliament. It can be quite funny sometimes but is a bit hit and miss on the whole. John Humphrys: He has his own section, rather like a newspaper column. IT covers the latest “burning” subject and is updated on a weekly basis every Friday (normally around midday). As usual there is a section to vote on your opinion on the subject after his article. This is one of the sections I always read each week and I find it very informative. Recent subjects have included “Europe: Do we know? Do we care?” and “Lockerbie: Is there a cover-up?” This section is essential for anyone who enjoys the Speakers Corner here on dooyoo. Fay Weldon: Her articles often take the format of an ‘open letter’ to someone in authority or an organisation. Sometimes interesting but can be very dry. I’ll read this section if I’m particularly interested in the subject matter as I can’t seem to get on with her writing style.

Des Wilson: His articles are a good and to the point. Unfortunately he only seems to post new ones every ten days or so, depending on what is going on in the political scene. I’d expect a flourish of activity soon with the general election approaching.

The Left Right Debate: A nice idea this one. Two of the contributors write on the same subject with opposing viewpoints. You can get extreme viewpoints in here but then you do get a good cross-section of the arguments on the subject. I can almost imagine them throwing stuff at each other sometimes!

Peter Kellner: Weekly articles mainly on politics and economic issues (normally posted on the site on Wednesdays recently). He is a very astute commentator and gives a well balanced viewpoint on the subject. One section I always read without fail.

People’s Parliament: Quite similar in format to the Left Right Debate section but without having two writers. It is normally a list of the “fors” and “againsts” on a subject (with reasoning) that the members can vote upon.

YouGov Shop: A link to their bookshop, containing mostly political books. I’m not really that interested in politics but I’m sure some people will find this a useful reference point.

GovDoctor: This bit is really useful. It looks up who your local MP is by your postcode (from your registration) and supplies the name, telephone number and email address so you can get in contact with them. You can type in any postcode you like to get the relevant information. That’s pretty much what the site has to offer at present but they are planning to expand it in the near future.

Phase 2 promises the following extras: - GovPayments They are hoping to get local councils involved in the site. Then you may be able to pay your council tax, rates and parking fines (eek!) through the site. Not a big bonus but would be a welcome addition. - Polling Club They will start to pay out for your opinions in the commercial polls. They hope to create the UK’s largest ever “Citizen’s Panel” and then send out more regular polls on a wider variety of political and commercial subjects. Any polls voted on now still count as fifty pence each and will be paid out at this stage. They are also looking at doing some sort of monitoring on local council performance but I’m not too sure on how they intend to make this work. - GovDoctor expansion The addition of further contacts and information with local and national government, including some form of rating to create a league table of good/bad councils. Phase 3 is their final stage and is expected to widen the net to include the European aspect of government. They are also looking at some links to available jobs within government and school information. They claim to be trying to create an e-democracy, hence the use of the phrases like “Peoples Parliament” all over the place


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