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Story of a qnet employee
Aug 01, 2020 05:32 PM Read (via Mobile)

Idr ek employees hai Manisha alda naam ki chir hai ek dum paise lekr bhg rhe hai.. sabse toh please be careful all of you ... she is too pathetic she will blackmail you emotionally so please stay away.

Qnet buisness
Jun 04, 2020 09:13 AM Read (via Mobile)

People is insisting to join other person in qnet .They are telling it is buisnees and part of project . Actually more persons are making money from qnet but some persons can't make money because genuine persons never .join in qnet .It is a online network maso lot of persons are earning mobeginning stages and now a days .In the end of couldn't make teams.problems is canvasing .My upline is Nidhin Balachandran from kannoor.He is very trapping man.He is insisting to invest money.He was very disturbing and making call lot of times.I was trapped.I never support these like of teams.Be ware!!!

Business of asking money from your friends and fam
Mar 26, 2020 01:16 PM Read (via Mobile)

Its the biggest scam., They lure you for months, by first becoming your friend, gain your trust then start washing your mind by their fake social media check ins. and fake lifestyle.

then comes step 2 : they call you finally for a meeting (once they gain your intrest) , in a coffee shop or mall. with their senior partner.

and show you a mind boggling business plan of earning 7 lakhs per week (completly "pretentious") and ask you min. 2 lakhs investment., but they dont tell you the exact work you have to do., nor the company name.

step 4: if you are fool enough., like i was few yrs back., and you join in. and seek. what you have to do now to start earning

then the reality dawn upon you, that actually..,

the whole business. was .., "to ask money for business" then you will kick yorself in ur mind. that the actual business was being done over "you" this whole time.., and now you have to do the same. .

and you have no other way to get your money back

Qnet is not just Company they are Life changers
Aug 23, 2019 11:27 AM Read (via Mobile)

I am Proud IR with Qnet my Name is Abhijit Dhote

This company is built with love and so much integrity , Harmony

Products are amazing

I used QVI club last 2 years back in goa

And it was amazing Experience ??????

Even Me and family used many Edge and other health care ... and its not only value for money but they are too good after using

So I love Qnet , I love products , Qnet is family and its life changing opportunity ??????????

A perfect brainwash training center
Jan 29, 2019 05:06 PM Read

Actual Facts > Because you put a lot of money you can't leave the business in the middle > If you see any scams in Google or YouTube you must believe that the scams are done by the people in the company, not by the company itself(as they say) > You will get to know about networking business > You will start finding all your old friends > You will learn how people ask questions about business and you will get answers from seniors later you must follow the same > You will learn how to brainwash your friends by holding their weakness as a major problem > While joining they will tell that “ we are all with you” later you yourself need to find your downlines you can’t find them free > For every question you have they also have answers and they train you also > If you are ready to lose your closest friends you can start the business > Other than your loan amount ready to spend around 700rs a week(training session fee, food, travel, snacks at coffee day, if the friends you call to show a business plan their snacks or food) and around 1 lakhs for each foreign visit > Expenses are more than you earn if you delay in joining others > You must trust your seniors, but you need to lie to your parents > Your very close friend(who joined you in the business) will act like keeping secrets with his seniors which frees you uncomfortable > You will suffer managing time for your job and business > Initially they say that you can come on weekends later they start you to force come every day if possible > if you don’t have any works also you must go there and spend time with seniors( browse Facebook, make fun, talk bullshit with each other all allowed) > At some point of time you reach a stage where seniors will decide how your life should be other than your parents. > The main agenda here is if you join the guys then only they will make money that the reason you don't have any private time n decision > They will make you feel fullest that anything can be achieved in this world with this business but in the way of achieving you have lost so many things that you cannot get until your death > They will make money from you but they will never help you in any aspects that too if you are not creating the money for them then nobody will care you instead you will get nicely from everyone( nicely from everyone means indirectly by giving taunts and saying in words feel mentally disturbed) and you feel you fell in a trap and you will suffer mentally each n every minute and by physically travelling across without sleep, proper food, travel from one to another location. But while joining/showing plan they will say they have with you all the way. > Whenever you go with your problems to your referrer(the one who introduced you to this business) he will directly take you to senior with your problems as he don't have any authority to discuss among. > Somewhere in the bottom of the heart it feels like how to explain all the personal problems to that guy who is known to you from the past few days and your referrer though he is your friend he will not disclose about his life and his problems to you because its a strict orders from a higher authority(so called seniors). > Those seniors never disclose anything to you about them all the time they will lie you said they were zero before and after joining this business they feel blessed and they have everything now.

Why government is not taking serious actions
Jan 21, 2019 12:22 AM Read (via Mobile)

Government should have to ban such type of things happening in qnet.. dnt know y our courts are not up to the mark ... Untill it becomes a big issue they are not Going to take actions....upon qnet... But agents getting arrested one by one won't make sense...need to find the correct way and person... government should have to take care of the people ...when they are going wrong...

Best business platform to become millionaire
Jan 05, 2019 01:09 PM Read

Best business platform to become millionaire within 5-6years. with hardwork and determination and you will be financially free .trust yourfriend.

best bestbest best best .

Best business platform to become millionaire within 5-6years. with hardwork and determination and you will be financially free .trust yourfriend.

best bestbest best best .

Best business platform to become millionaire within 5-6years. with hardwork and determination and you will be financially free .trust yourfriend.

best bestbest best best

Qnet scammed 1.5 crores from me
Aug 26, 2018 08:58 AM Read

Hi all,

I was in direct touch with the ceos of qnet, they promised me huge amounts of money by showing me their expensive cars and watches, I gave them money to help me setup an MLM and earn money but, instead of setting up my MLM they ran ran away, they had given me a cheque which bounced due to insufficient funds in their account. All their expensive cars vanished from their houses and I realized it was a setup to lure people like me to giving up their money. I want my money back, and will have every Qnet representative arrested inorder to do so.

Jul 18, 2018 04:29 PM Read

Hello People, I’m Pradip Giri, by profession a media person. Free suggestion for you all – PLEASE DO NOT DO ANY BUSINESS UNDER “QNET”. They(Qnet Leaders) will make you fool/wash your brain by giving stories. I have learned through bitter experience, lost my huge money. I have been cheated by ISHITA BASAK, who is working for Cognizant(Kolkata). She looks decent but she is a cheater. I have trusted her like anything as she is known to me. I have every proof(What’s app chat, email, voice recording) that she did with me. I’m strictly requesting you all DON’T WASTE YOUR HARD EARNED MONEY. For any help you can reach out to me by dialing+91 9007507743. Thank you

Jul 06, 2018 01:19 AM Read

I ha boss, had referred me to this scheme. I took time, rather making it hurry and falling into his trap. He tried perusing me again and again, mind wash and deceiving.

It works effective on those people, who have mindset to earn money quickly also who has lust.

People who opt are:

1) Should be ready to fool relatives, friends, making them to spend money for useless and overpriced products.

2) Should be having good talk, able to manipulate others mind and convincing skills.

3) Ready to give up peace life and always have to think innovate ideas in fooling, adding more members.

4) Should be ready to scam and fraud actions on any one, without carrying emotions.

Qnet is Bad Virus
Jun 25, 2018 09:42 PM Read

Qnet Product are genuine . But MLM policy is Pyramid scheme which is banned by Indian Government . most of fooled working in Qnet don't know what is IDSA and what rule set for direct selling company visit and differentiate Pyramid scheme and Commerce business.

There is no rule to take Frenchise for product purchase is first rule which Qnet bypassed and sold only high value frenchise instead quality product.

Qnet is not part of IDSA and more than 16 countries banned Qnet for business because money will outflow from country.

Any country wants their money goes outside with cheating policy?

decide guys money is not important ethics of business and country saftey more important than blind income which is temporary.

Qnet fraud
Jan 30, 2018 02:44 PM Read (via Mobile)


Qnet - the biggest and longest running SCAM in India

Guys fact check. Don't believe in anyone. Below are the facts you should consider .

  1. This company is already banned twice in India. it's previous avatar Goldquest and Questnet was Banned in India which is they formed an Indian company called Vihaan and owned franchise of Qnet to conduct indirect Cheat hunt in India.

  2. SEBI a Indian Govt body already declared it a Ponzi scheme and illegal in India.

  3. RBI warned people not to indulge in MLM/Network Marketing company that works under Pyramid or Ponzi scheme.

  4. SFIO - Serious Fraud Investigating Organization called Qnet an illegal Pyramid Structured Ponzi company and declared it as national threat to our economy.

  5. Indian Rajya Sabha on several occasions have declared Goldquest, Questnet or Qnet as Ponzi company and declared them as operating illegally under chit fund act 1978.

  6. IDSA and FDSA both Indian direct selling entity have rejected Qnet's application of inclusion under Indian Direct Selling Association due to Qnet's poor quality of product and extremely high prices.

  7. The so called Swiss watches Qnet sells are nothing but Chennai made watches. Both the company are in Chennai.

  8. Qnet lawyers are constantly dragging the court sessions on Supreme Court by taking extensions upon extension.

  9. Now all Qnet agents are trained to fool their friends and family so that the victims generally don't Complaint on their close friend and family. if your products are really good then you don't have to lie and duped people by telling it's a business opportunity not a product selling.

There are many more. Do your investigation urself. Go to Crime Branch, EOW or Police station and get the report card of Qnet. They will give you the answer.

QNET Scam Alert..!!!
Jan 14, 2018 12:15 PM Read (via Mobile)

QNET Scam Alert.!

We all have friends who -

  1. Have suddenly started up their dream business

  2. But it's a secret

  3. Don't even tell you the name of their business but they keep telling you I am into a business

  4. Have their Facebook full of motivational quotes

  5. Claim that they have suddenly become rich

  6. They visit Malaysia and Dubai and post pictures having fun there and call it a business trip! These are the only guys who have fun during a business trip it seems.(Reality: They bought the tickets by themselves only to post pictures so that their innocent friends would think that they are doing something really cool)

  7. No matter how much you ignore them, they will keep on calling you till their last breath. We already know that this is not the characteristics of a person who has even 10% self respect in him/her.

  8. And then one day they tell you that they have an open position of a Business Partner. He also tells you that he trusts you a lot and hence has arranged a meeting with his seniors to introduce you, probably in a CCD ??

  9. They tell you that you can earn more than 4 crores in just a few years but do not tell you exactly what is your role in the business, But overall this guy looks so convincing that you almost feel that if you do not join him, you will miss out!

  10. He makes you feel that you are running in a Rat Race by working in your current job and that their Business is the only way to change your life.

If you have experienced this and escaped, Congrats! You are one of the Lucky Ones! Sadly, Not everyone escapes, some join it only to lose their money because they chose not to dupe more people.

This post is issued in public interest so that all of us can understand there is no short cut to success.

This is the only way to save your closed ones from getting cheated.

Fraud company
Nov 11, 2017 10:36 PM Read (via Mobile)

They told you it's a business but it's a chain system where you have to add people for getting your commission. What they telling you before joining and what is after joining is not matching even 10%. Their agents fool you by showing branded watches, cloths etc. You can not be happy. Do not invest your money.

Fraud chain business
Nov 08, 2017 02:46 AM Read (via Mobile)

This is fraud company who is playing with people emotion. They use ppl as donkey and suck thr money. They dont bothered if u lose your money, your frd or relative money.

Its a chain business which you will come to know later. They dont tell in starting that its a chain business and you need to fool your close frd and family member. You will get money only if you can fool your close one and take there money

Dont get trapped in this fraud company. You will lose your normal lyf and will me in mental trauma

Qnet, QI group are fraud, dont invest your money
Nov 05, 2017 08:59 PM Read (via Mobile)

Hello guys,

I am a victim of this scam. I am from Jaipur. I will disclose some name here. please beware with them

Preet verma, Parth, Birdi chand, kanika.

I has been trapped with these guys and I lost 2 lakhs rupees . Please dont invest in qnet. its a humble request to all of you.

Fraud with cheap tricks to invest money and earn..
May 05, 2017 06:48 PM Read was the worrst site that was a network marketing and changes the mind to invest money and makes to join other people and tells after sometime it would laps and this is the cheap way of a website to earn money and service and support was very bad and information depth was also very bad and content was very bad and worst actually and the only thing was website was userfriendly and it takes no time to load . Thankyou.

Hate Qnet lifestyle
Mar 26, 2017 11:08 AM Read (via Mobile)

Lifestyle of these people is vry shameless. Girls are wearing anything.Going trip to other countries to use those girls.dont marry these girls or boys.their character is vry girl is not fixed with one boy.they r variable in each can see their photos from Facebook.Dont waste ur hard work money by doing this stupid business.

Dont trust narender in qnet ,choor hai sala
Feb 25, 2017 12:54 PM Read

Choro k liye likhna bekar hai . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .ds

Brain wash is being done. they will justify and motivate you to do the crimes(same). we inspire you with successful people and with their story that you are also on the same path.


Never ever get victim of this. go through all the records and real figure of the company( they will try not to give you time to do any research on the company)

Advice to Management

please please please don't do such things. because of you I have no option left either I give up my life or always be in depression

Great Business devlopers for us
Jan 22, 2017 10:02 AM Read (via Mobile)

I was going via a section where my task changed into no longer paying me sufficient to help my circle of relatives. Qnet become advocated by way of a pal of mine and it gave a lift to my financial condition. QNET is one among the biggest and fastest-developing on line buying and business portal. They have been working considering that 1998. Being domestic to a brand new breed of healthful, glad and successful human beings of all the viable sorts it's far assisting households from all strata of society. My low income gave many issues. But once Qnet occurred to me, it sincerely took away all my issues. An unbiased representative has the right to do product income with a component adding to their income and so it become useful. Qnet has been a robust aid to people like me. I can definitely have interaction more humans in this kind of wonderful project this is assisting generate actual activity opportunities.


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