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9 days ago Read

These guys are SCAM artists, I think they are paying for all these positive reviews, cause that's why I bought the high end subscription, for an Iphone, 1st of all, they promote their product as able to monitor all social media, on Iphones, once you buy the subscription, then they let you know it has to be jail broke, that's just the beginning, I had to buy cloud space, and back all my stuff up to it, or It wouldn't even install, once I got it installed, it didn't work, so I contacted their support, they sent me a link to a video, how to use a program called Imazing, so I download that, now I gotta back everything up to my laptop, I didn't have that much HD space, so I spent 5 hours clearing HD space, got that all backed up, went to the MSpy dashboard, still nothing, turns out I have to sync it and be on the same WiFi signal, of Imazing, not MSpy, so OK did that, that worked, but how the hell is this going to work when I have to send the iPhone to it's owner, in a different state, so after Tech sat and jerked me around for 45 minutes, and I asked, so what did I buy MSpy for, it does nothing you have advertised, I don't even use the Mspy dashboard, im using a completely different program now, so another associate got on, I said look pal, I want to know how im going to monitor this phone from another state, then he finally told me, well it doesn't work like that, you have to be on the same WiFi channel, but we should have a program that works that way in a few weeks, but our M-Lite program does all the stuff you want, and you just need to download it and install it, right there I snapped, I said I'm not installing anymore of your phony software, I paid for Mspy a lot of money mind you, because you advertised it as doing a particular set of functions, and It doesn't even work at all, thank you goodbye, now im going to attempt to get my money back, if it doesn't work, I'm going to pursue them, cause this is a blatant scam and its bullspit more like, do not buy this garbage app, do not trust any of these reviews, they are all fake, if you have an iPhone this software doesn't even work, not even the basic function, do not buy it, it's a scam.

They won't call you back to help
19 days ago Read

I purchased the premium account and paid to talk to them. Android phone. Worked for maybe a total of 12 hours off and on. They reinstalled the software the first time and it worked for maybe 3 or 4 hours. Then just quit working. I called again and they told me to reboot and call back if it still wasn't working. I put in multiple requests for a callback because that's the only way to get ahold of them. They just quit calling me. I think this is a scam.

MSpy is a scam, took my money and left me with not
27 days ago Read

Sorry for the long post, but this is what happened.

So I'm having major problems with my spouse, I strongly suspect them cheating on me for a lot of reasons that I'm not going to talk about here.

Three days ago I was so done, I needed something that proofs he's cheating, so I looked up spying programs and one of them seemed to be legit, mSpy.

So I went to their website and they have a chat option for help, so I contacted them to get all the details of how it is done, they seemed helpful at the begging but as soon as I paid the money for the service, they were like ghosts!

They just won't help at all, so when I complained about the lack of assistance, one of them suggested that I get mAssistance, and because I'm desperate and stupid, I bought it! I'm bought the 3rd level(max level) of assistance so one of them could help, and it was a lot of money.

First, I kept asking "what do I need exactly?" and after numerous tries, they referred me to someone else who seemed helpful(seemed), Alex, he told me that I need a USB cable, The target's phone, a PC and that's it! I asked "if I bring all of that tomorrow can you assist me right away?" he said "yes", but when tomorrow came! this happened.

this conversation took more than 30 minutes.

he's acting like he doesn't know what the hell I'm talking about, it's THEIR service!

I provided him with a link from THEIR website so he could understand what I'm talking about and he kept saying, "can you be more specific about your issue?"

so I left the chat and tried to contact someone else, believing(stupid me) that the problem is with this person himself, and that if I get a hold of someone else they would be helpful.

So I tried and I got a hold of the person I talked to yesterday, Alex, first I was happy to see him since he is way responsive than Dan Armstrong, I told him that I need the assistance that I bought and he told me that I need an appointment! we talked a lot yesterday and he never mentioned that I needed an appointment! but no problem I need this issue to be done.

So he gave me a link with the schedule and there is only one appointment available, 1:00 pm today, or I have to wait until next week! ( when we're talking yesterday I told him that if the invoice arrives past 1:00 pm, then I can't do it today, I need it to be earlier, they sent it at 2:00 pm!), so it very much seems like he picked this time on purpose!

Anyways I was pissed, why nobody told me about needing to make an appointment? and why is this is the only time available? why did I spend half an hour trying to get Dan Armstrong to respond to me even though this issue is time-critical?

I sent him the conversation between me and Dan and told him that the whole thing was not acceptable, he told me that he needs to refer me to another person and another department for that issue, I told him "ok, but please don't refer me to Dan Armstrong" Alex left the chat, and immediately Dan Armstrong enters the chat! I tried to type "is this a joke to you?" but they blocked me from typing.

I left the chat and waited for some time and opened it again, another person was in the chat and she asked to see my ID number which appears when I log in, I tried to log in but for some reason, it tells me that the password is wrong! I clicked on "forgot the password" and entered my email so they would send me another password, no email was received, ever, I tried to tell them in the chat, but they blocked me again, couldn't type anything.

Obviously, they think it's a joke, I'm an Arab woman who has a lot of problems with my spouse and I thought this service will provide me with the help and evidence that I need to get out of the relationship, I can't ask for a divorce easily in my country.

I'm crying right now, they were toying with me, not sure if they do that to everyone or they were pissed at me because I needed details and clarity and my English isn't very well, but they took my money and toyed with me and never gave me the service or assistance that I need, it is the worst experience that I had online ever.

Please don't use it or pay for them, I paid a lot of money to them and they blocked me everywhere, I can't even log into my own account, it is a joke to them and obviously they didn't put their real names and there is no one to report them to, they are not professional and they don't care about ethics because it's a spying service! They just don't care.

Oct 13, 2020 12:59 AM Read (via Mobile)

They do not refund claiming for 7 days free trial i cancelled my purchase but do not refund me back i m reading there reviews in different places too they do not refund money

Sep 28, 2020 08:24 AM Read

What a piece of bullshit software. Paid$160+ for it and it never worked. Asked for refund and they take weeks to reply, and even then just keep offering things other than a refund! After weeks, they've tried giving me additional accounts, extended service, a'lite' version, and ALL I WANT IS A FULL REFUND. What a bullshit service. Do NOT go with this service.

"" is a scam company !
Sep 13, 2020 05:04 AM Read

"" and their many urls is a fake and scam company. Fake company with fake personalities will never ever refund you and will lie to you.

The app is so bad it doesn't have useful features other than aesthetic colors.

They will persuade you to make a purchase claiming that you can ask for refund, but in reality will never allow you to get a refund. Their "billing department" is nothing but waste time and will answer 3 days and even a week after each response. They do not intend to give any refund!

They claims are lies too! saying that there is 3 days trial. Be sure it is nothing but a money scam they want your credit card to charge it and forget you!

What is the alternative you ask?

"" is an advanced tool with root access grants, so with a rooted device you can leverage all features, that includes shell access! you can see and record to sdcard everything from screen to local storage, to audio and camera(back and front) live or recording. This is definitely the best app for monitoring in complete stealth mode! you can install and change settings from the browser giving full control on the mobile device.

Jul 14, 2020 06:06 AM Read (via Mobile)

Hire a legitimate private investor /hacker that's capable of handling any hack and tracking related issues, contact him and he won't disappoint you. He can help you hack into any device, social networks including - Facebook, hangout, imessages, Twitter accounts, snapchat, Instagram, whatsapp, wechat, current and deleted text messages, GPS tracker and more, he only asked me for some few informations about my partner device and I gave it to him and in few hours, I was getting to see all messages, call log as well as whatsapp messages from my phone as they came into her phone, I was able to get good and solid proof I needed so desperately, reach Them our on Their Web page if you need help... W w w . e t h I c s p y . Com perfectly

Sep 08, 2019 09:50 AM Read

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  1. Pegasus malware penetration into all mobile devices including satellite mobile phones.

  2. Iphone spy(remote secret penetration process with and without jailbreak)

  3. Retrival of deleted messages and media files from active or inactive mobile devices

  4. Website penetration, alteration and removal of illicit content

  5. Financial fraud victims money recovery, cyber surveillance and anti-spy security service and all kinds of hacking service

Jul 10, 2019 08:13 PM Read (via Mobile)

Cryptocurrency scams is also something people should pay attention to. They are using the bitcoin to scam numerous people. I got scammed by some crook but with the help of a recovery agency, they hacked the account and I was helped to recover my lost coins. I am totally against unethical means of any sort, but the company assured me this was my only option, and to my surprise, I was reimbursed. Any one with loss issues and need help should contact Cyberhacker55@outlook com. They will be able to help and assist people who need real help to recover their funds to binary options brokers.

From last few weeks I was noticing suspicious...
Jun 18, 2019 07:55 PM Read

From last few weeks I was noticing suspicious activities with my

Hotmail account, I had no idea why that was happening to me so I

contacted and they told me

that my account is compromised. And not only this, they even assisted

me to recover my account and the password of my cheating husband Facebook chats and Instagram account with no notification on his phone. He gives proof before payment with 100% refundable for anyone that's not OK with is hack. My regards to you

Monitoring kids............!
Nov 11, 2013 02:40 PM Read

Having the ability to spy on my kid’s Facebook habits was priceless. Discovering that one of my kids was sharing inappropriate photos was shocking, had it not been for this feature Mspy offers, I never would have been able to address the issue with my kid.

I’m glad I heard about this app. I am really thankful to Mspy.

My phone was saved........
Nov 08, 2013 10:32 PM Read

Blackberry spy is a priceless tool. You can monitor either your children’s activity or your employees. If your kids are talking to people they shouldn't, or if employees are sharing high sensitive work secrets Blackberry spy can help you discover and address the issues.

Don’t be stuck unaware of how your family and company devices are being used.

It's the Most Effective Way of Monitoring.........
Sep 27, 2013 10:03 PM Read

When there is a slowdown in productivity, it makes me wonder what my employees are doing. With mSpy, I can monitor what my employees are doing. I’ve found out that a couple of my employees were tending to personal business during work hours.

I am really glad to have it. It's useful. You may have a try!

Helpful Customer Service.............
Sep 26, 2013 08:50 PM Read

Many people claim they have people available to help 24/7 and that’s just not true. Most of the time, I just hope for the best when it comes to customer service. With Mspy, when I had to contact them for help with the bugging feature, they were easy to contact via phone.

I would like to recommend it. It's really helpful.

It helped a lot in my professional career
Sep 07, 2013 09:48 PM Read

People may not agree, but monitoring my employees’ activities on company cell phones is essential. I can ensure that they aren't wasting valuable company time on websites they shouldn't be on at work. I can also make sure they are not making excessive personal calls.

My work place is monitored safely by Mspy.

MSpy Removed My Suspicion
Aug 08, 2013 05:01 PM Read

My wife used to come home late. According to her, the cause was as usual; workload! But, after some days, it was excessive. She sometimes didn't return home at all at night. I became helpless; couldn't understand what to do! As she is a job holder, it is impossible and inhuman to ask her several times about the late coming.

On the other hand, I became a bit suspicious and couldn't keep my mind quiet. Then, I installed mSpy software. This software recorded the surroundings of her and I found, she was really in pressure of workload.

Thanks to mSpy! It removed the suspicion and brought the peace of my conjugal life back.

I Just Loved The Technology
Jul 19, 2013 11:34 PM Read

I just love mSpy’s control panel. From the dashboard, I’m able to track and view activities on multiple devices, lock certain features on each of the phones and best of all, find their location with a click of a button.

Me and my husband use the features on our kids’ phones to learn what they are up to most of the time.

I find this service very convenient and would recommend it to other parents out there.

Stay away from these cheats
Jun 19, 2013 11:36 PM Read

Mspy is a very buggy software. Once you install this software then it is not possible to remove the software without resetting the phone. Their online control pannel is buggy and does not work as intended. The customer is service is not friendly and will try to prove that it is always your issue and they are always right.

They advertise 10 days money back on their site but dont trust them. Just look at the refund condition and you will know the con job they are into. I bought and software and when found that it is buggy, I asked for refund and they started behaving funny and then refused the refund.

They wanted me to again install the software on my phone and then wanted their IT department to do some testing. They wanted me to be Guinea pig for their buggy software. Stay away from this software and dont waste your money on these thieves.

Also beware of the positive reviews which look like paid reviews to salvage their image and dupe more customers.

Beware of MSpy
May 03, 2013 12:37 PM Read

Guys you need to beware of Mspy since they claim to offer a lot of features but they hardly work. Their new features are simply worthless! WhatsApp chats worked at first but it’s been a while since it gave me the latest conversation.

Nothing in this app is consistent, just a waste of money!

New features don’t work!
May 02, 2013 03:56 PM Read

The only reason I bought Mspy was because of the fact that they had just offered new features such as monitoring Skype, WhatsApp, and Installed Apps.

However, those features don’t work and it seems as if my $120 have gone to waste.


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