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They will not cancel account, but they keep my $
Sep 07, 2018 12:24 AM Read

Would not recommend this company to anyone.

I have written several times to cancel my account

when I found out they are charging my~$40/yr.

I found for free.

The wrote back to me, 'no refunds'

though I've be trying before and after

the new yearly service plan to cancel

and get a refund. Not friendly, nor trustworthy.

Also, I got lots of spam.

There answer:'set your own spam filters.'

Great if you are a computer wiz.

100% price increase in 1 year
Oct 29, 2017 03:59 PM Read

I used their service for about 5 months when it was free and then they went to a paid only service.

So I purchased a year subscription for$19 dollars plus change.

One year later the lowest subscription rate is$39.99.

I contacted them via their email address to ask why the huge price increase with ZERO warning and ZERO additional service benefits and I received ZERO response from!

Their email service was ok at best but nothing special and certainly not even close to the speed and the optional free benefits of my Gmail account.

I say good luck to as the pricing model and customer service I have received screams " we don't want your business effective immediately".

I live in the USA and don't see an easy way to update my profile on this site to reflect this as I have never been to India.

Lost My data even after Purchasing Paid Version
Aug 02, 2017 08:50 PM Read

I signed up on Inbox as I was getting my email address at free of cost. As it was free, late delivery of mails and poor loading was expected.However, sometimes the mails were not at all delivered even after 2-3 days. The User interface is not as simple to get used to it. You will signed out even during you will typing the mail, so you have to re-login and type it again which is very frustrating.The most disappointing. decision Inbox made was to delete all free accounts.As I had shared the email id with many friends/Banks, I had to pay for it.But even after paying for premium service, on day I suddenly came to know that all my 15000+ mails were deleted.I tried to contact their customer service but there were also not able to recover my data.I had lost many of my important mails like bills of my online shopping, job offer letters, salary slips and more.I had stopped using this service after that, I would strongly recommend to use gmail only as it is most reliable and free mail service.

5 blocked my account for no reason?
May 20, 2017 10:36 AM Read blocked my email account overnight, whilst I was sleeping for no valid reason, and now refuses to unblock it, or respond to any of the numerous technical requests I have emailed them, asking them to unblock my account and or explain what rules I appear to have violated?(I am a 47 year old social worker and not a 19 year old hacker!) I have now effectively lost something like ten years of emails, and my only saving grace, is that I can still access the last two months worth of emails via my smart phone. This company is so unscrupulous that they have gone as far as to block my access to the IMAP server, so I cannot set up any other email account that goes through this particular server(I have got around this by setting up an email account that uses an older POP 3 server. However, their behaviour as a company remains completely amoral, considering that I have done nothing wrong and have been a loyal customer for almost ten years. Shame on you, you are a disgrace to good internet providers!

Watch out fo do not subscibe tothe Virus
Sep 04, 2012 06:52 AM Read

Total spammers virus. Have to get it uninstalled slows your computer down drags . Windows problems loading avoid delete it uninstall it. There should be 0 stars on this spam.

Best online storage.
Mar 19, 2011 11:50 PM Read now don't allow new registration. I'ts bad, I hope they don't want to close, but make system upgrade. not have a big capacity (5 Gb; 7 or 30 for small money), but if in Gmail etc. you can use it only for emails, with you fill it with your files, because it  have a very good feature as== Online storage==.

You download small program - this program signalize on PC about new emails, can attach to 50 Mb files and make synchronization with every folder, which you select. Dropbox, as example, make special folder, where you will copy your files; with I synchronizing folder "My documents", and this helped me after system crashes.

Also, you have a access into your online storage from standard Windows Explorer in special window.

bad's of inbox - in bottom of your letters will adding advertising "ebjoy to inbox", etc. (its old feature from most free email services of 90's, I thing)

(sorry for my bad english)

Avoid at all costs.
Aug 13, 2009 12:36 AM Read

A word to the wise,  don't trust your local dealer on this contract.  It contains a heavy cancellation fee that your local dealer might try to hide from you. And, don't think Stelera will go easy on you when you cancel, either.  Their business model most likely depends on heavy cancellation fees and poor service.

As for the service itself, it was moderately reliable, although speeds were nowhere near promised.  The box frequently failed to work, and I was unable to watch shows online because connections speeds were too slow.  I would look elsewhere for service first, if at all possible.

After 2 years I'm going back to yahoo
Apr 16, 2009 06:17 PM Read

I was very happy about this server,

but It seems that is a spam magnet. I thought it is just a bad luck that I'm receiving 50 spams a day and maybe I've registered on some bully site, but no, I was very carefull, it has to be them.

They also automaticly write an advert at the bottom of your message.

When you send a message to someone, you always advertising something.

And now I have problem with sending mp3 files.

I'm musician and I'm sending it to important people for me.

Some of them get it and some don't.

And I have to resend it from yahoo.

So my recommendation for INBOX.COM is simple


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And this server sucks as well, Your review should have at least 150 words.Your review should have at least 150 words.Your review should have at least 150 words.Your review should have at least 150 words.

I'm trying to be nice and write some usefull information for others and it's not enough?

I don't need to write a long bullshit nonsence but if you wish

You want more words?

Here you go you time wasting basta*ds

*o, letus for a moment skip the conventional practice of using chronologicalorder, and I will tell you about the latest development in mynow-post-16-year old life. I’ve got some new living arrangements whileMartha and Frank are in Papa New Guniea on vacation. I’m living withsome friends and colleagues of Martha. They have 3 sons, one 10, one18, and one 23(that could be wrong, but it’s somewhere around there).The two oldest aren’t always here though, so that leaves it a littleemptier. They are all good people, but they are lacking wireless LAN, leaving me unable to upload this from home. One the brightside, I’mleaving close to Martha’s work, and I can use their WLAN when I feellike walking a few hundred meters. Now that that has been told, I canmove on.Consideringmy astounding inability to not remember when things have occurred, I’llpick a slightly arbitrary point; sometime in the break(which, by theway, is two weeks. It gets the Brandon Stamp of Approval). I went to aGerman disco. Now, as lame as that sounds, believe me that it is farfrom it. A disco is basically what we would call a club in America(youknow, that thing that all of my under-21 friends have never been to). The following morning was also very cool(despite the long night).We got up and went to ‘Tropical Island’ with a bunch of the extendedfamily. Tropical Island is basically a giant waterpark, except indoors, and at a temperature far more comfortable that the 40 or so degrees itwas outside.

Then, sometime later that week some friends of Martha and Frank came fromLuxemborg, and we all went to a theatre in Berlin. However, not anytheatre, but Friedrichstaat Palace. I found that incredibly amazing, and it also once again reminded me that my hostfamily is awesome.Martha and Frank both love theatre, providing me with opportunities toalso attend. Which brings us to the following point. For my birthdaypresent, we went out to Berlin to a dinner theatre type event, presented by a very good chef. However it wasn’t theatre in the senseof a plot and storyline, but more acrobatics and various shows.

But, it does indeed go further. Since the show in Berlin wasn’t actually onmy birthday, we went to Berlin the day of my birthday, and visited avery good friend of Martha. We went on a short tour of Berlin that day, and then returned to our ‘hotel’. Which brings us the the firstinteresting story that I get to tell.

Let mebegin by saying that the room Martha and Frank had was in order. I wasnot so fortunate however. First, they gave us a key ring. Okay, someplaces still use standard keys, no problem. However the keyring had 3separate keys. There were 4 separate locks that I had to navigate workthrough to reach the final destination of my room. Do the math, andtake into account that I’m not bright enough to remember which keysI’ve already successfully used, and you can find that it took me over10 minutes just to get into my room. But it gets better and better. Ihad a refridgerater in my room. A fridge that wasn’t plugged in. Orcleaned out. I took a quick peak, to find something, I don’t reallyknow what, I was a little scared of it, was living inside. Not justliving, but that kind of green/purple/black-almost-moving- sort ofliving. I was unaware such a fungus existed, and many parts of me wishthat I was still ignorant. And now we move on to the GDR style décorthat adorned the room. Plain walls, strangely patterned carpet, alongwith those old 60’s style tiles in the bathroom. But we cannot forgetthe small, not-automatic water heater that lived there. Now, since wewere going back out after our first visit, I didn’t bother to mess withanything and see what all was there, which brings us, once again, tothe next issue.

Thenext morning, I awoke to the sound of people coming down the steps thatwent down my thinly insulated room. Frank, who had already left forwork, called me and told me that Martha wasn’t answering her phone, andthat I should try to call and wake her up. I tried, only to hear arobotic voice coming over my phone:

“Hello. You have run out of minutes on you phone. Please purchase a new card.”

Welldamn. So, I get out of my room, and walk across the hall to see if Icould get to Martha’s door with one off my keys(there are two separatedoors to get into your room; a main one that leads to the corridorhousing the rooms) That didn’t work. So I went back in my room. 5minutes later, Frank called again. He told me to go outside, and toldme which window was hers. So, I did that, knocked on the window, onlyto find that Martha was already awake sigh.So, I go back to my room, ready to take a shower, brush my teeth, allof the normal morning rituals. I go to the toilet, and then, I try toflush. Nothing. I try the shower. No water. The sink? You guessed it.Not a drop. I checked the water heater, making sure that I had set it.Yep, everything was in order. So, I go back outside, knock on thewindow, talk to Martha, collect all my things, and then go and showerin her room. And so, only then were we ready to leave.

INBOX.COM suck! I lost all my emails!!
Jan 16, 2008 07:58 PM Read

INBOX.COM s*cks!  All my emails and data simply disappeared a few days ago. Do a quick google search you'll see I'm not alone. Below is their "standard" reply after I contacted them:

Thank you for contacting,

SUPPORT ANSWER(1/16/2008 4:41:08 pm):

We are really sorry but unfortunately, one of server crashed (unfortunately, the server on which your Mailbox resides) due to a hardware failure and we were unable to recover your old data.

We are sorry for the loss but we are unable to assist in this regard. However our engineers have re - created new accounts for you.

This is written in our Term of use. services are provided on an AS IS and AS AVAILABLE basis. disclaims any and all responsibility and liability for the availability, timeliness, security or reliability of the Services.

I have used almost all major email services (hotmail, yahoo, lycos, aol, gmail). Some of them are pretty bad in terms of interface and functions (like hotmail and lycos), but I never lost my emails!! Rocks
Jan 02, 2007 09:09 PM Read

Just  days ago I saw the full page adverdisement of in PC World Magazine, I was really shocked that offers 5GB of storage for Free!(5GB for US/Canada & 2GB for Other). I read the full article and I liked.

so I went to the site and cliked the sign up button and filling the registration form and finally its asking credit card number! it says to verify that we are not doing any fraud things and to check where we really are.

OK I did belived the site and entered my card number and signed up. Well abt design and usability of the site is great, first I thought its like others loading pages so late, yea when u r going to check the emails will load a application(it takes very less time) and then its cool, the page loads and if u clicking any links in that page its  loading in a sec, I really shocked! its very very gud and it also have Spam Filters. the spam filter is gud compared to other email providers and No Adds in it! not a small one! .

Storage, Contacts, Notes, Calendar, Photos, all are in gud shape and design, the page settings also great, you can choose full text or with colours.

And inbox offers a lot, I just signed up so I have to check what else having.

i give 5 stars for .im telling you this is the best email provider ever. review
Aug 09, 2006 05:21 AM Read

I have been using for quite a while now, maybe a year or two and I couldn't be happier with it. I was out to get that "perfect" e-mail address, domain name and all, and, nailed it. They don't have ANY ads in your inbox or Anything of the sort at all. They don't put stamps on outgoing e-mails (which makes your mail look nicer to other people) and the best part is that you get 5GB of storage FOR FREE! That's right FREE! Whenever I have a technical question, they ALWAYS responded to me within 1 business day which really shocks me because most free e-mail providers don't take the time to get back to you. is perfect to me. My inbox look clean and nice and sharp. Compared to other e-mail providers, well, just doesn't compare- they blow any other e-mail provider out of the water. They make any other e-mail provider that is free look really bad quite frankly. I LOVE and I wouldn't dream of using any other e-mail.

Damn Good
Feb 07, 2006 03:14 PM Read

Hello dudes, My hobbies include grazing the net in my idletime.During that phase I came to know about a wonderful site at initial stage the look of the portal looked awesome to me but by geting with time, I got attracted to this site I suggest this mail provider to people who tends to use some storage in their inboxes. it provides 2 gb of inbox apart from that there are subcategories like fun ISP and news let me narrate my experiences with the latest mail provider I am using from past one year. An application that was developed in asp, also includes a toolbar that can be linked with ur IE and playing the mp3 songs from net. the only disadvantage in this site is you dont have ads seen in, so that would be not easy to digest for some of us... I request you to choose yourself and decide among you bcoz its the best way to get things rather than going by others opinions


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