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Followed MouthShut_Official

Apr 09, 2018 10:17 AM


Commented on cool_tanmay's review

Jan 17, 2005 03:35 AM

I liked your review. It was analytical and I love that. But you have to agree that everyone feels his or her city is the best. me a Mumbaite. But what I liked was the fact that you are willing to acknowledge the negative aspects of the city. Personally, I have never been to Delhi. My feeling is tha...t Politics is a little bit in the air and I feel that Delhiites are a bit stiff. Maybe my opinion is a bit outdated. But all people coming from Delhi are so reserved. Mumbaikars on the other hand are earthy and hassle free, but God knows we have a million other problems. But one fact I can vouch for is that in India, Mumbai is the safest place for women. Also if I could request you to write a review on the tourist spots in Delhi.Read More

Commented on jai_coer's review

Jan 17, 2005 03:23 AM

I agree with you completely on your review of Remix. I never get to watch it because of the hours I keep. But once I did watch an episode because of the hyped way in which it was being promoted. There was a student serial called Neenv translated which means the Foundation on DD when I was growing up.... That was the best student serial on TV ever. With a hopeful outlook I watched remix hoping that it would be something like that a bit realistic. I was thoroughly dissapointed. Don't worry about some of the comments against your review. Different people have different threshholds.Read More

Commented on ink_'s review

Oct 19, 2003 01:17 AM

i so wanted to see this movie but didn't have the time, Hoping that Keeping in trend, this movie shows up on TV soon. Take Care, Vinay.

Commented on kalyaniraat's review

Aug 24, 2003 10:25 AM

Nice Review Kalyani. I am not the sort of person who passes comments ..... at least not all the time Keep writing, Vinay.

Commented on utakin2me's review

Aug 20, 2003 11:42 PM

The publicists of the book should have approached you. And perhaps the Devil's Alternative would have outsold the Bible. That would be ironic, wouldn't it? Saved your review on my desktop. That's a rarity and hence like an OSCAR to you. Nice review, keep on writing, will keep on reading.

Reviewed Summons, The - John Grisham

Aug 20, 2003 11:14 PM 6479 Views

(Updated Aug 20, 2003 11:14 PM)

PLOT REVEALED This is another John Grisham bestseller to the core. It has all the traits. A slow beginning, a nice build up where all characters are established, and a few flashbacks to explain why every character behaves the way they do, an event which is shattering and then the fallout. The...Read more

Commented on Happyz's review

Aug 20, 2003 05:21 PM

I don't have the toungue of a wine taster so wasn't quiet sure of the distinctive taste this drink had. But the ad campaign is horrible. People shouting and all. 24 plus guys behaving like 16 year olds. I like the spoof one by Sprite. basically both taste the same to me. Regards, Vinay

Reviewed Brethren, The - John Grisham

Aug 20, 2003 05:17 PM 4194 Views

(Updated Aug 20, 2003 05:29 PM)

The Brethren seems like a book which should have been out in 2003. It seems like a prophecy come true when one reads it in the context of today when world leaders like Blair and Bush have blatantly lied to their people in order to push for war. John Grisham is at his best again. PLOT REVEALED...Read more

Commented on Horus's review

Aug 14, 2003 12:40 AM

I think the best tennis matches are the women's non Williams sisters matches. I love doubles with Leander and Mahesh and Max Mirnyi and Woodbridge and Bjorkman. Doubles is great, no rallies but great vollying

Followed rubbermouth

Aug 14, 2003 12:38 AM


Commented on Cousin2's review

Aug 14, 2003 12:33 AM

I'm gonna make sure that I do not come within 15m of that review.. sorry 15 feet, you don't follow the metric system right

Commented on Horus's review

Aug 14, 2003 12:30 AM

Remember you told me not to tell my GF that I loved Nothing's gonna change my love for you. Well please please please don't tell anyone you liked the GURU.

Commented on tabyorky's review

Sep 06, 2002 12:25 AM

And those were good days. It worked in the background. Did not absorb too much processor power and all. But even after an adequate update it first failed to detect Sircam Virus on my PC and then to delete it. Norton is obstrusive but it does it's primary job ok keeping out viruses well. Take C...are Vinay.Read More

Reviewed Five Best English Love Songs

Sep 04, 2002 02:07 AM 53794 Views

(Updated Sep 14, 2002 07:40 PM)

When I start writing this review, I wonder if there’s a point in the exercise as we are talking about choosing a few from thousands of songs in about 30 to 40 years of good music. As for love songs, there has to be a basic minimum requirement of good lyrics, music, tempo and mood to be successfu...Read more

Commented on activator's review

Aug 30, 2002 11:47 PM

Never apologise for the length of your review. It only goes to show the effort you put in. Thanks for the review because I was not going to see it BUT NOW I AM.

Commented on soniya's review

Aug 21, 2002 01:42 AM

I largely agree with you but you know it can get a little bit heare and there

Commented on chinu's review

Aug 21, 2002 01:36 AM

is Chopsy talking about? When was Azhar caught red handed on tape. Anyways as spookay says all of which we say he has done is all alleged and not proved as I said in my review.

Followed soniya

Aug 21, 2002 01:34 AM


Reviewed Gnucleus

Aug 18, 2002 10:57 PM 5058 Views

(Updated Aug 18, 2002 10:57 PM)

Have you had Kazaa, Imesh and all such softwares. Then you must know what spy ware is. Basically it is a piece of program on your computer that tells the site what you are surfing and this helps them in targeting you for unsolicited email or spam. Some go as far as targeting the address book of ...Read more