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How to Choose Electric Shavers & Razors?

Updated on : Oct 25, 2023 11:39 AM
How to Choose Electric Shavers & Razors?


Men spend nearly 6 months of their lives on grooming themselves, and a good shaver and razor will considerably reduce the time required to do the job and get the job done effectively too.

What is the difference between an electric shaver and razor?

The most significant difference is convenience and cost.

Electric Shaver – They are designed for convenience and a clean shaving experience. A good electric shaver doesn’t leave any nicks or gives a burning sensation, unlike razors. They are quite expensive. Their shaving heads need to be replaced after 6 months to or around a year.

Razor – They are cheap and easy to buy. They need paraphernalia to operate, can be messy and give you nasty cuts.

Razor: Look for These

Razors have replaceable blades and reusable handles; most of them have three, four or five blades. A few even come with a trimmer blade at the back of the cartridge.

  1. Disposable Razor – They are sold in multi-packs and are quite readily available. They come in variety of price range; the basic ones are the cheapest and the expensive ones have some added features.
  1. Multi-blade – These blades give much better result as they consist of three or more blades and are likely to give a much closer shave. More blades mean closer shave and cutting as many hairs as possible.
  1. Manual vs Powered razor – No doubt, battery powered razor with oscillating blades looks quite lucrative but the performance is not very different from that of a normal razor.
  1. Lubricating Strips – Lubrication strips soothes the skin after the blade has shaved the stubble. Some disposable razors have lubrication strips that help to soothe the irritated skin.
  1. Trimmer back-up – There are trimmers at back of the cartridge razors that are used to trim the sideburns or a beard. Under the razor, there is a guard that smoothes the skin before shaving the stubble.

Electric Shaver: Look for These

Electric shavers have been evolving at a faster pace and their manufacturers are always looking to add new features like cooling head to soothe the skin, multiple swivel heads, sonic vibration for a closer shave and variable shaving intensity, these are few.

  1. Foil vs Rotary – Foil shavers have an oscillating blade under a perforated foil to trim the hair. Whereas rotary shavers consist of two or three blades that lift the skin and cut the hair. Each shaving type is said to make hair grow in a certain direction, so whenever you switch from rotary to foil or vice versa, give it a month’s time to adjust. Similarly, while switching from razor to electric shaving system, give it time.
  1. Power Options – There are electric shavers with cords and then there are battery powered shavers, that are very convenient. Most models use Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) rechargeable batteries but with time Lithium-ion (Li-ion) batteries are becoming more common as they last longer. There are models that come with the quick-charge option, in which 5 minutes of charging can give you ample juice for one shave. There are indicators that tells you how much battery is left or drained.
  1. Wet and Dry Options – This feature makes the electric shaver waterproof. They can be used in the shower and as well as before shower.
  1. Cleaning – If you don’t need a waterproof shaver, at least make sure you can wash your instrument under running water. There are shavers that have a charging station with cleaning system, but this binds you into buying that particular brand’s cleaning solution. Though all that your shaver needs is a good cleaning under the running water.
  1. The Good oil – Shaving aids, nowadays have an arrangement for dispensing an oil or balm from a cartridge in the shaver to lubricate your skin while shaving. This can lessen the irritation and it does not lock you into buying products for that brand. Shavers can be used wet, with a balm, oil or a powder stick of your preference. Dry shave-only models should efficiently be used with powder sticks, still, check for manufacturer’s instructions.