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Top 10 Best Beaches in India

Updated on : Jan 29, 2020 4:36 PM
Top 10 Best Beaches in India

Best beaches in India is a common thought that strikes anyone who likes to visit beaches. That is what the majority of the travelers in India think of, especially beaches, it is quite refreshing. Anyone who likes to travel or travels often would think of tasting the city's dishes and delicacies, buy some souvenirs, spices, bangles, etc. Although a huge chunk of the travelers do know the fact that the beach culture in India is very lively and quite one of a kind. All credits to the energetic temperature, torrid beaches, and bygone Hindu house of worship (ancient temple), spicy and mind-boggling dishes. 

Beaches indeed are one of the greatest gifts of nature to mankind. It is where the sand, sun, and sea come all together to commemorate the love. It is the only place in the world to sense complete freedom, enjoy and relax and relive every moment of life. There are some beaches in Kerala and Goa that are taken into consideration as one of the best beaches across India. These gorgeous and exotic beaches are also known as one of the best honeymoon destinations in India. Also quite popular for several water sports and other adventures and thrills a person keeps looking for.

Here are some of the best beaches in India that can lead to a change in the perception of how one sees India in case of beaches and tourism

1.Radhanagar Beach
2.Palolem Beach


Malpe Beach
4.Puri Beach
5.Varkala Beach
6.Juhu Beach
7.Agonda Beach
8.Marari Beach
9.Om Beach
10.Yarada Beach
Radhanagar Beach - Port Blair Photo1
Radhanagar Beach - Port Blair Photo2
Radhanagar Beach - Port Blair Photo3
Radhanagar Beach - Port Blair Photo4
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This is one of the most splendid isle of Andaman. The prime attraction of Andaman isle is the Havelock isle. According to the stats it stands as one of the lengthiest beaches across Asia and is believed to be one of the best beaches in India, even by Times Magazines. Radhanagar beach is particularly known for the coral views and clear waters, making it ideal for the photography enthusiasts. Also one of the favorite spots for the honeymoon couples. Besides it is popular for the water sport activities, one can say a perfect spot for the adventure lovers.

Palolem Beach Photo1
Palolem Beach Photo2
Palolem Beach Photo3
Palolem Beach Photo4
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Despite Palolem being busy this is one of the best beaches in India and a could not be missed spot for those who adore the beauty of beaches. White sand, blue crystal clear water and of course some fresh breeze is worth a visit. On the other hand Goa is known for the lively beaches and the always party mode on vibe it has. It is not just popular among the Indians but has an equal popularity among the international tourists too. The beach has some of the best experiences, such as relaxing massages, silent noise parties, yoga seminars etc. 

Malpe Beach - Udupi Photo1
Malpe Beach - Udupi Photo2
Malpe Beach - Udupi Photo3
Malpe Beach - Udupi Photo4
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This unspoilt stunning look of the Malpe beach in Karnataka is a calm retreat for its visitors. Well one would be surprised to know that this splendid beach has a lot to offer such as Wifi and emergency services, just in case. This spectacular beach is slowly gaining popularity because of its candid location and crystal clear waters. However it is roughly about 15 kms away from a little island also known as St Mary's Island. Although the island is known for the massive basalt rocks. Another name for this island is Coconut Isle as it is enclosed by Coconut trees all around.

Puri Beach Photo1
Puri Beach Photo2
Puri Beach Photo3
Puri Beach Photo4
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Pinpointed on Bay of Bengal, this beach is one of India's best beaches. The Puri Beach hosts the festival that usually comes around in November. A time where the locals and tourists come to witness the eye conic sand art. Among the 29 states of India, Odisha is quite popular for the plentifulness of ancient relics and historical temples. Camel rides & Horse rides are 2 main attractions of this beach. There are a variety of cuisine options to go with but it is recommended to go for the traditional Indian dishes. While not forgetting the refreshment one can get at the Puri Beach in Odisha. Known as one of the best beaches in India and people all across the globe come to visit this beach. 

Varkala Beach (Papanasam Beach) - Varkala Photo1
Varkala Beach (Papanasam Beach) - Varkala Photo2
Varkala Beach (Papanasam Beach) - Varkala Photo3
Varkala Beach (Papanasam Beach) - Varkala Photo4
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One of the best beaches in India Varkala, pinpointed in Kerala which is an abode to Varkala Beach (Papanasam Beach). This beach stands as one of the high spirited destinations across India. As there is a myth in which it is stated the individual just needs to take one dip to wash the sins away. What makes it even better? It is located right beyond the Arabian Sea cliffs. As it offers almost anything an individual may expect on an Indian beach. Don't miss taking a glimpse of major attractions such as scenic boat rides, dolphin sightings, and water sports.

Juhu Beach - Mumbai Photo1
Juhu Beach - Mumbai Photo2
Juhu Beach - Mumbai Photo3
Juhu Beach - Mumbai Photo4
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This beach is one of the most popular beaches in India. Additionally, it is a should visit spot for the ones who are touring Mumbai. And it is even better during the Ganesh Chaturthi fest, this is a Hindu fest commemorated in the glory of Lord Ganesha. This carnival usually comes during August & September. But during the last 10 days of this fest, a lot of people come to the beaches, this is where they pay tribute to the crafted idols by submerging in the sea. Chowpatty has always been a place, top on every wanderer's list when visiting Mumbai.

Agonda Beach - Goa Photo1
Agonda Beach - Goa Photo2
Agonda Beach - Goa Photo3
Agonda Beach - Goa Photo4
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The localites who live around usually are found claiming that this is one of Goa's untampered beaches. This is because it has in a way made it avert from having a huge chunk of masses among other beaches. There are other famous beaches such as Candolim and Baga that have been overcrowded over the years due to its familiarity with the tourists. The Agonda beach is one of the prime spots for turtle nesting making it one of the best beaches in India, as per what the tourists say. This normally occurs in the peak season. The peak season to visit Agonda beach is between October and May.

Marari Beach - Alappuzha Photo1
Marari Beach - Alappuzha Photo2
Marari Beach - Alappuzha Photo3
Marari Beach - Alappuzha Photo4
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Kerala is known to have some of the best beaches in India. Also, Alleppey is famous for its houseboat stays and not to forget backwaters. As this splendid beach is roughly about 11 kms away from Alleppey. It's quite an untamed beach, known as Marari beach/. Just in case a traveller wishes to feel the serenity and calmness of any beach, then this can be a paradise for him. The Marari beach is not commercialised and is still in its natural state which makes it one of the attractive beaches in India. Although the beautiful backwaters are just an addon to the eyes. It is amidst a little village where the majority of people have fishing as their primary occupation. Mararikulam. This beach is a real stress buster hence worth a visit.

Om Beach - Gokarna Photo1
Om Beach - Gokarna Photo2
Om Beach - Gokarna Photo3
Om Beach - Gokarna Photo4
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The small town of Gokarna boasts several beautiful exotic beaches worth a visit. However, among all the beaches Om Beach is the most popular one due to its innate semblance of Om symbol. All the credit goes to the remote location and abundance of tourists. The beach fun can be amplified with the available huts for lodging purpose and if you like food, this may be the paradise you have been looking for. As there are tons of eateries in and around the beach. Some other great attractions are water sports, scenic boat rides & dolphin sightings.

Yarada Beach - Visakhapatnam Photo1
Yarada Beach - Visakhapatnam Photo2
Yarada Beach - Visakhapatnam Photo3
Yarada Beach - Visakhapatnam Photo4
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The Yarada beach is one of the untouched and pure beaches in India that is not yet explored or known to many, but is visited mostly by the localities. On the other hand standing as one of the best beaches in India. Well Yarada beach is the only beach in the entire state. The most recommended thing to be done as what most travelers suggest is taking a dip in the water while gazing at the scenic views of the Yarada beach. Yarada beach is also known as the Golden beach because of its golden appearance. Apart from that the beach is very neat and tidy and gives a mind boggling view when it's time for sunset.