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How to Choose Movers and Packers?

Updated on : Oct 30, 2023 11:34 AM
How to Choose Movers and Packers?

Ten useful tips for choosing the right packers and movers

If you are relocating your family, you need to hire someone for assisting you to pack your things and move them safely to your new destination.

With the advent of the Internet, it is not that difficult to choose the perfect movers and packers for your relocation. If you search for packers and movers online, you will find thousands of them. Packers and movers are trained professionals who have the skill to pack everything efficiently and move the stuff safely to the desired location.

The list of packers and movers available online is quite long, but how will you know who is reliable and affordable. How can you check their reliability and affordability? To help you we have jotted down some guidelines.

Look for the best packers and movers, but not low-priced.

While comparing offers from packers and movers, it is always better to think about choosing the high-quality ones with the high weight quote, compared to the minimum price approximation. Movers with upper weight quotes are expected to be more concerned with providing you with a correct estimate than being the lowest renderer, and one deceptive mover habitually use is deliberately underestimating the weight of your things. In addition, they are more anxious regarding your relocation.

Read reviews about packer and movers on renowned websites

Another vital thing to look for movers and packers before choosing them is by going through the reviews of the moving companies. Researching the moving businesses is necessary for a hassle free relocation. Read the reviews of different packers and movers around diverse websites.

Choose the legitimate reviews

Now, when you run through the reviews of packers and movers on some websites, see to it that those reviews are legitimate. For a single mover and packer, you will come across about 200 to 300 reviews. However, the vital question here is that whether those reviews are genuine. This is vital because most of the reviews that are posted by those who log in may post non-genuine reviews on some websites for getting payments based on the quantity of reviews they post. So, choose websites that post only unbiased reviews, and which are not at all concerned with increasing the number of reviews count. These genuine reviews may assist you to have a detailed discussion with the concerned individual who posted the reviews on the website.

Get the reviews about packers and movers from your area

Getting reviews from your neighborhood can offer you the insight you require in choosing a reliable packer and mover. Ask the people in your area for good and reliable packers and movers. As every state is different, if you are meticulous in your inquiries while choosing your mover, you would be safe.

Check for the offices in the new destination

Make certain your proposed moving company has their office in your new destination, as well. This is more vital when you are moved, and if you have their office in your new destination, you can deal with matters easily after your relocation.

Meet your proposed mover before you decide

Meeting your proposed packer and mover in advance will assist you to get a general idea about their services. Money is not the concern at all times when it is your dream home or a dream vehicle that needs to be taken care of during relocation. So, meet, speak, if possible and then take a decision to hire the services of the moving company and to get a suitable estimate of the price.

Ensure that there are no hidden charges

Be clear about the number of item to be relocated. Also inquire about hidden charges so that you are not surprised at the last moment.

Check whether your proposed moving company would offer insurance

This is the vital factor to be considered while moving your things to the new destination. Hiring the services of a moving company that offers appropriate insurance to your things is always safe, as there are chances that some of your valuable items could be damaged during transit. Hence, hire a moving business that offers the necessary coverage to the damaged items during transit.

Claim For the breakage of your things

After moving to the new destination, if you would like to make a claim for your damaged items, you should report the facts comprehensively on the original record sheet offered to you. If you observe any damage subsequent to unpacking, a claim should be filed within nine months after the delivery. It should be borne in mind that it is safe to inform the damage to your mover as quickly as possible. The mover should acknowledge the receipt of your claim in less than 30 days and should refute or accept the claim within 120 days of the receipt of your claim.

Ask for any free service is available

Check whether your mover is providing any add-on services, such as free storage of your things for a couple of days.

Follow the above-mentioned tips to make your relocation a safe and hassle-free one.