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AamAadmi &His Friends-Tales frm MS[Malgudi Shehar]
Feb 08, 2006 09:18 PM 3224 Views
(Updated Feb 08, 2006 09:20 PM)

Note: No gyan, pun intended, disclaimer at end

Welcome 2 Malgudi Shehar (MS): This Global Village turned Town is situated in the virtual world & few clicks away. There are very few permanent residents here as much of the population is floating. The permanent residents own this town, but the town wudnt be but for its visitors from the real world, of which the writer is one. This flock calls itself MSians, just as IIT-ians call themselves IITians or Alsatia-ns are called Alsatians. ;-)

Village Turns Town: just for history this village was founded by a mukhia called Faisla, his name so bcos he does all the faisla. He founded this as he saw Paisa in it. Seeing fertile ground along the information highway, he found this village which is now a shelter for many an internet nomad. early MSians include a certain Cousin3. As time passed, Very much like any town with unplanned growth is suddenly termed city in India, due to a lot of visitors, and hoardings (google ads) the village now is a town.

Occupations & Pre-Occupations: Like Indian villages MS is mainly a farming community. But the practice is a bit different here. There are no money yielding crops. Here MSians sow the Seeds of thought, which germinate to be a Crop called Revu. The public quality checks thru a process called RRC, & the planter reaps a Harvest of Comments or brickbats depending on the crop quality. The farmers are different kinds depending on the crop they specialize in, but the town is home to many farmers who reap rich harvest, whatever the seed. I hope u have heard of a farmer referred to as Take-Writer - give a seed(topic) to her, and take a crop(revu) instantly. Another Famous for his straight crops of bollywood goes by the name Pra-seeda too many farmers go for the glossy crops bcos there is a mass euphoria over them. One such recent event was when the town was painted with a certain color, as many planted a seed called ‘Taang de basanti’;-)

Pre-Occupations are what MSians do besides farming on MS. Like the parsi surnames many MSians’ name gives a clue to this. examples make u understand this better. Do u know a certain addit009 who may be working as a adder, or electrician who is called Cross-Wire, or the white dental set seller who goes by Gora_Pearls, or the Driver who drives well on racing games, or firecracker seller Explosive069 or the Zoo keeper who dances, Zoolu-dancer or the two kinds of critics, one is a nonviolent type called Criticise, other is merciless and is called Killcritic007. MS has sea coasts where the fishing right have gone to M/S a-piscean & Dazzling-piscean pvt ltd. Tourists use a cybercafe owned by Cyber-ajit. MS is open to Criminals amongs its residents.

Hobbies N Desires: MSians are an active lot with innovative ways to keep busy. Amongs the towns legends is a certain girl who is ever trying to improve math by counting Chaand-taare or the guy who took part in Olympic walking to be known as Walking-dad or the Warrier who is battling himself or the freedom fighter Svarajmishra or the swimmer whom everyone called Swaan or the solar powered girl whom everyone calls Sunshinegirl2003 or the poor girl whose TV has only one channel Starpluswatcher05 or the man so fond of Jeans that he believes he was Born-Jeans or the girl who has been changing houses bcos the next door always gooks easy to open, Girlnext-door or the lady who collects gems saying they are for us, but never gives, her board reads Gems.4U

MS has its touch of IT, thanks to geek shop set up by Modern-Nakul or the IT temple where a devi called TechDevine is worshipped. Another bunked CAT, MAT but did another MAT(master in Ad Technology) and went on to be famous as MATvalaboy & the man who won the mad-ads event in his college to be MadAdsman when it comes to desire MSians have mixed results as some are not achievable. Its ok if someone has Sweets-desire as she can always buy sweets, but how can u allow someone to burn himself just bcos he has a Burning-desire. ghandi dreamt of ramraaj, but here is someone who wants rajnikant to rule, so they call her Rajni-raaj. a certain Bhavra wants to fly like a bee even though there are so many airlines these days. Or a certain Sonata-jeeti who want to win sonata in a contest, or the girl who is so crazy abt gold, Krazy4Sona or the girl whom Bengalis call Orundhati91, its not clear whether the number 91 is her desired marks percentage or the weight she thinks is ideal. Or the girl who wants to be IAS afsar, Afsar419 or the boy Anujj-bhatngar22 who likes to be in catch22 situations.

MSians have many dreamers among them, do u know abt who has unlimiteddreams or a girl who wakes up screaming as she gets Snake-the-dream or Sharth40 who dreams one day to win one of his bets or the Speederrr who dreams of going full speed in present traffic conditions or the Traveler who wants to visit homepage once or the guy infatuated with street artists and wants to put kerosene in mouth and Spitfire3984 times. Fond of food, the MSians have good table Menners and follow food with My-desserts

Misc. irrespective of the seasons it will be raining hot reviews on MS, as its always Logicalsummer there. MS has its own philosopher Sokrates, its own politician who says Followme79, its own Sachin, its own Tendulkarketan as the real tendla is busy proving himself. MS has its own psychiatrist who sits in the clinic Psychxxx on the outskirts of MS is a small jungle whose king is Rohitthe-beast among his mantris are Leonhartz, Donkeey, movie-bonzy, ntertaining-sher. MSians are quite good at self introduction though some have an identity crisis, I am sure u are familiar with the ones who say Imsujayji, Imnothing, iamthewallrush or itsKunjimon they all know who they are, there are those who have doubts, so at times repeat their name - praveenathepraveena. don’t take these as the last word, there is still a The-semifinal-verdict

Disclaimer: intended as spoof on MSians. For ur own good, u arent PERMITTED to take offence just as u wouldn’t if a friend/brother cracked a joke on you. Bold text are intentional references to MSids. These are few MSids I recalled, may be bcos they have RRCd me or I have read them or I just found their ids for being catchy. I have deliberately left many senior/women MSids ( ex sndaya, Kvijayji aarvee, amit etc ) keeping in mind the great Indian tradition of respecting ppl elder to you. ;-) still I am ready for comments/brickbats etc from any angry young man/woman ..if any ;-)

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