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Ervamatin Hair Lotion Reviews

Ervamatin hair lotion

Oct 15, 2017 12:47 AMRead (via Mobile)

Hi frds .Ervamatin hair lotion is good because I used 13 bottles first few month hair not easily stopped but I trust this lotion so I continously use this lotion nearly 10 months after that hair fall decrease new hair growth .i feel too good.before try please trust and believe its work then try ...Read More

Sticky on head !

Jan 17, 2017 01:55 PMRead (via Android App)

Hello friends ! Today I am going to share my personal experience to all my sweet and lovely friends . today we are going to discuss about this product ervamatin hair oil . ervamatin hair oil is not an effective hair oil .we used it to make our hair smooth and shiny.my mom used this hair oil ...Read More

Bad effect

Mar 14, 2016 09:40 PMRead (via Mobile)

I brought 5 pack to see the add in news paper.I have a hair problem.I will try to not loss my hair, so all time I want to use good quality oil and to see add in newspaper all time.Hair problem was in my family generation wise.so I love my hair all time.I have no think of money for my hair.So I b...Read More

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Such A Bad Oil. Waste Of Money.

Mar 14, 2016 01:44 PMRead (via Mobile)

Hello All,I got utilized all the four jugs for six months as advised to use by the merchant. Same applying twice daily.Taken head shower twice per week.I utilize natural hair development cleanser likewise twice every week as told by same merchant. When I utilized it, my hair is so great ...Read More

Instead I started using pure been oil.it worked

Oct 17, 2015 06:41 PMRead (via Android App)

I am facing heavy hair fall.i tried all the products from market atlast I read in some book neem oil but it smells alot so I triedbefore bed it act as muquito repelent and also I noticed hair fal stope in two or three day .but remember to wash yourhair in morning.my hair also feelong silky after...Read More

Complete cheaters

Sep 09, 2015 10:58 AMRead

One of my friend was suffering from hair loss for few months. After seeing the advertisement of Ervamarin on TV, he decided to buy it. We warned him not to buy anything like that shown on TV and advised him to consult a doctor. But he bought ervamatin and started using it. He don’t find any impr...Read More

Believe Ervamatin Hair Oil

Jun 05, 2015 04:01 PMRead

Its a good product, myself and my sister got back our lost hair back. we are soo happy and I really thank to this product. Now my hair is much thicker than before and healthier too. Its not cheating  and if your hair haven't applicable by ervamatin hair oil then it may due to some other reason y...Read More

Cheating the public. Dont buy

Apr 13, 2015 08:18 PMRead

This product is fake and doesn't work at all. Exploiting public and looting money. If you call them and say product doesn't work, they simply make you buy another bottle and add ervamatin oil with that. They are pure cheats.And the positive reviews given here are all just planted by that sel...Read More

Worst product

Apr 07, 2015 11:02 PMRead (via Mobile)

I have ordered six bottles from Nov 2014.but till now no use hair fall continuously. So I decided, Don't buy through telebuy. Try any other solution.i want any other results from any medicines.totally waste of money. If I asked to themselves means" they simply asked try another bottle".How c...Read More

First read then decide

Dec 01, 2014 06:48 PMRead (via Mobile)

Hey friends, I saw max 5 star for this lotion. But there are also 1 star ratings. At first I was happy to buy the lotion because of the positive reviews. But when I Googled the product with complaints, I was shattered to read only negative reviews.A lot of guys and some girls have many compl...Read More


Nov 30, 2014 10:36 PMRead (via Mobile)

I bought the product through telebuy I've been using it for 6 months. There is no improvement as usual the hair has fallen. Waste of money, time.Please dont buy this product through telebuy. Pakka cheaters. This is my own experience. If anybody buys the product via telebuy, I'll bet you, you...Read More


Jul 05, 2014 12:15 PMRead

I brought Ervamatin from www.einsteinproducts.com few months back. It really works, My hairfall is completed stopped in a month of usage. I have ordered additional 6 bottles from them last week.Those who in dilemma you can try with a single bottle. Because I did the same. I was reading revie...Read More

Good Products for Hair Growth

Jun 13, 2014 11:30 AMRead

First my hair was not nice, so my friends suggested to use Ervamatin Hair Lotion .I must say thanks to my friend he suggested me this product. I felt annoyed sometimes because of hair loss. My hair was so thin and I was rapidly losing my hair.After using Ervamatin my hair got thicker and str...Read More

Pricey But Worth It I Think

Apr 24, 2014 03:26 AMRead

I hated my hair loss with an aggressive passion, I used to look in the mirror and cry. This hurt made me try any and everything that made me lose so much money.Ervamatin is the last treatment I tried but I regret that it wasn't the first because then I would have saved so much money. My hair...Read More

Ervamatin Brings Back Lost Hair

Apr 04, 2014 07:36 PMRead

At this young age I lost most of my hair and my friends started to tease and taunt me for my baldness. I wanted to hide myself somewhere, far away from the eyes of this world and was desperately searching for ways and remedies to gain back my lost hair, on Internet and in local shops. I came acr...Read More


Jan 14, 2014 02:10 PMRead

Hesitate to try Ervamatin, it doesn't work.I will recommend this to nobody. Do not Try it for yourself. Review of 5 stars are all fake and paid to write the reviews. It is a product and with no after few days of usage and not effective to increase density to hair as well.

Is it really worth it?

Jan 14, 2014 03:34 AMRead

100% users who have given any positive review for this hair oil- are new users and have not given any review for other products in any other category- which proves its orchestrated by Ervamatin teamPeople should check history of reviewers to get insights into authenticity of reviews and prod...Read More

Fake Reviews

Jan 13, 2014 08:44 PMRead

I am 100% sure that all the positive reviews are fake. After using this bloody  bullshit product for more than 6 months I went bald. Those positive results should be from ervamatin team. Don't use this and lose your hair.All Positive reviews are posted by the Ervamatin Team.Do not waste ...Read More

Solution to all hair problems!!

Jan 10, 2014 09:25 PMRead

I must say Ervamatin Hair Lotion is a complete solution to all the hair problems!I was facing acute hair fall problem along with dandruff which made my hair so thin and rough. Tried lots of products of all kinds, but all in vain, until I switched to Ervamatin. I started getting results after...Read More

Super effective

Jan 10, 2014 08:16 PMRead

This product is awesome, very useful product.I was giving up in my hair problem, because my hair so dry, then finally I knew bout Ervamatin Hair Lotion.I use many product of hair but they didn't work, after using Ervamatin, It makes my hair so smooth and shiny.I'd love it.Try this.I will rec...Read More

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