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potato chips


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potatochips87's Timeline

Commented on nenners's review

May 31, 2005 11:03 PM

loved the movie. loved srk. loved the review. gtg byeeeeee -ur twin

Commented on nikamma1112's review

May 10, 2005 02:25 PM

Great review!! Loved it.... though i dont love nanintal that much, been there 4-5 times and am now completely bored of time you're here in North India, visit Dalhousie, it hasnt become that crowded and polluted yet, like nainital and manali are...but still yeah, nainital is a nice place, t...he lake is really cool...i must have bought a thousand candles from that candle shop when i went there...EVERYTIME i went there, lol And hey, nice poem, but its really kinda sad...(not sad as in the way jokes are, sad as in sad, unhappy :P my language skills are really in a pathetic state, i know :P ) Got to go now, catchya later, keep writing ! -ananya Read More

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Dec 27, 2004 01:15 AM

Very sexy review..err..amazing review! Loved it! really! Waaay more howl-generating than that other review! You really have your own 'different' sense of humor..its very very cool! What more do i write...yea that whole intro..the sms thingy..was very creative!! hafta remember that one..just aise... hee.. Aaj ke liye bas itna of the comment, tommorow morning :) -Ana Read More

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Dec 03, 2004 04:08 PM

Dont worry, your sarcasm is 'incoherent' :P :D Did u read what Bharat wrote in the comment he left you? That u resemble saif ali khan in the picture!!! :) I agree wid you, ur opinion in the review..that this is a website for reviews on consumer products n not consumers ...that just sums it all up... ... ok i guess i dun hv much to say right now...(yea, once in a while, even I, an an ya, happen to run out of whats so unbelievable about that? :P ;) ) Again I'll say , great review, keep writing :) -Aaaa-h-aana :D Read More

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Dec 03, 2004 03:36 PM

dunno how connected or disconnected the two halves of the movie is, but i guess i liked the movie, maybe coz i WASNT expecting a great movie, so.. was kinda dissappointed to see that 'yeh hum aa gaye hain kahaan' is not in the movie ..wonder why... Your review was really good , sorry for being so ...late, leaving a comment sooooo many days after u wrote the review.. now i better hurry and check out ur other two revus, so cya :) Keep writing AnanyaRead More

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Nov 08, 2004 09:52 PM

:) p.s. : I watched Vastu Shastra and Garfield this weekend! Yaar Vastu Shastra to scary thi!! It was the first hindi movie thats ever scared me !! And more so coz I wasnt exactly expecting it to be that scary.. Garfield wasnt bad either...Jon looked cute!!...............yea, garfield too..L...OL Why am i telling u all this? I'll let you know as soon as i find out myself! Laterz -An An YaRead More

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Nov 08, 2004 09:45 PM

Sorry for being only 9 days late :) First of all, kya topic socha hai! Kinda makes it neccessary for everybody to comment on it, good idea ;) naah, but seriously , I dun think there's anyone on MS who'll read ur revu and then forget to comment on it...except me perhaps..but then...thats me.....forgetful as always err..sorry..thoda off-track chali gayi thi, but coming back to ur review, ab main kya kahoon...khud hee samajh lo ;) It was great...:) Raj, here's a lil teeny weeny suggestion, next time, write a really bekaar sa review for a change..coz i bet everyone's tired of saying that ur reviews r brilliant- awesome-great- SUPER! ;) As they say, change is the spice of life.. (err.. if no1 says that-maine keh diya na,ek hee baat hai 0:-) ) I guess im breaking ALL the rules of writing a comment now, so i better stop! Because I think there's a word limit to writing comments, i decided against copy-pasting all the comments u recvd , into this one..u know , all those compliments n stuff..but meri taraf se woh sab bhi hain, (lol) now that i've been successful at making an epic out of a comment, bye for now cya ~ Ana-in a goofy mood-nya Read More

Commented on mariner2's review

Nov 04, 2004 09:49 PM

Hey ! you know there's someone who has made an id very similar to urs and writing all weird stuff in it, he even has your pic up on his profile, i think you shud email MS about this and complain abt this person. The id is mariner2_ -Ananya p.s. got ur m2m too, actually my exams were on so i didnt... rrc much and being in 12th, i dun get much time to read n write other words, im too lazy to think of an interesting topic :D :) hehehe bye p.p.s : err...i guess u know abt this person already...i just thot i shud tell ya if u didnt..Read More

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Oct 22, 2004 05:35 PM

I'm loving it! hey hey wait! no, i aint taking about McD! Im talking 'bout the review! now lets see if i can say the same thing about the movie, coz frankly, vastu shastra being a hindi horror movie- im not expecting much.. but then, its mah movie, gotta be gud! ;) btw, love ur reviews, and mos...tly im on MS only to see if u've written any new one, and nahin yaar, im not maaro-ing maska! :D KEEP WRITING ! ~ananz Read More

Followed life1oxygen , nenners , balagi , thegreatone

Oct 04, 2004 04:41 PM





Commented on nikamma1112's review

Oct 04, 2004 04:10 PM

Suuper review yaar! And hey! We do get these songs in delhi too!;) Next time i have to sing a song, won't hv any trouble remembering the best songs, will just read your review! Aapke choices to bade awesome hain,hehe, I love almost all of those songs, and like ALL of them. Congratulations on ...the 3rd prize again :) ~Ananz (p.s.: paper mein eddybhai nahin aaye :D )Read More

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Oct 02, 2004 11:46 PM

(where the hell is)Raaaaaaj(?), ;) That was a very cute review :) Keep writing! Ananya (wish your mum on my behalf, there's still half an hour left . Tell her some gal u dun even know very well , who lives a thousand kms away, is wishing u happy budday , heehee ) -(Simran nahin) Ananya :)

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Sep 26, 2004 02:03 PM

1. The review was great, as usual ;) I just came to mouthshut to see if any of the 'old msians' had written any thing new by any chance! Aur mera luck achha nikla, that i got to read a review by YOU, that too on VZ! I'm definitely gonna buy the album TODAY! 2. Yeah, ur right, in the promos, thos...e scenes with preity dancing in the field, did remind me of DDLJ too... 3. You didnt like the music of swades? :-O 4. How come you NEVER reply to any of MY smses? Very very very not-nice ~AnanzRead More

Commented on nelsaan's review

Aug 20, 2004 09:12 PM

Yeh to dekhni padegi movie!! Review was great as usual :D And i really like the quotes you used...very interesting! Now its my turn to quote jugs (??!!!) Sometimes you've got to do what you've got to do. Like giving a VU, and leave a comment too :D Potato 'not chhoti bachhi' chips87 (An...AnYa!) Read More

Commented on nelsaan's review

Aug 17, 2004 09:07 PM

Nice review :) I had no plans of watching this movie in the near future, but looks like now i have to, coz it sounds interesting, review padh ke lag raha hai.. :) Keep writing Ananya

Commented on nelsaan's review

Aug 04, 2004 08:35 PM

Chalo RR ho gaya, now its time to C. Cool Review. Will hv to watch out for this movie now....kabhi TV pe aa jaaye... Meri to G.K kharaab hai, didnt even know this movie existed. Anyways, keep writing. Belated HFD again :P Ananya

Commented on criticalanalysis's review

Jul 28, 2004 10:54 PM

You rock yaar! And so do ur reviews. Do i need to repeat everytime tht ur reviews are great/brilliant/amazing/...etc etc etc :D Ek standard comment likh ke , i'll copy-paste everytime, ok? :P Keep writing, k? ~Ananya

Followed gurusmaran

Jul 27, 2004 10:06 PM


Commented on grean_sleeves's review

Jul 27, 2004 10:03 PM

mujhe bhi maglev pe jaana hai!! yahan, m getting all hyper and excited on riding the delhi metro and you are getting to ride maglevs! Ok, so shanghai seems to be a great place....will check it out..kabhi! you really write beautifully, why dont you write more often!!! you should you know. You'll... become a star writer! Keep writing :) ~Ananya Read More

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Jul 22, 2004 10:01 PM

Im finally RRC-ing ur review! *clap clap* I haven't watched Gaayab, and most probably its gaayab from the theatres already, and if it isnt, it wont take much time! Tushky is not exactly a person who's movies I enjoy watchin and Antara Mali ...i have no intention of watching weird people in trans...parent dresses was i actually saying here? i forgot :P ) So anyways, watever, keep writing such reviews at 2:30 in the morning.. ..playing your guitar, and chatting thru the nite. And writing MORE reviews obviously :P Oh! and yes, great review ;) Kabhi koi (k)review kool ho na ho, (k)raj ke (k)hamesha kool rahenge ~AnanyaRead More