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How To Choose Pest Control Products Or Agencies?

Updated on : Oct 25, 2023 12:04 PM
How To Choose Pest Control Products Or Agencies?


From time to time we need to pest control our house to keep it free from termites and insects. We entrust our home to the pest control services and expect them to do the job well.

To ensure you have selected the right pest control product and/or service we bring you bring guidelines.

At-home practices

  1. Bug Spray – They have been in the market for a long time because they are one of the most effective ways to drive away bugs like flies, mosquitoes, ants, cockroaches and other little tiny insects. These are aerosols with chemicals that are repellent by these bugs.
  2. Liquidator – These are the little machines that are used after attaching a liquid bottle to a device, which is then plugged in the switchboard. The electricity heats up the wick in the bottle that is screwed-up into the device and the liquid starts to vaporize. The fumes produced help in killing or rather removing mosquitoes and other pests from the surrounding.
  3. Chalk and Gel – These two products are used for restraining the movement of pests like ants and cockroaches. The chalk is used to make a line around the area where you don’t want any infestation. Whereas, the gel is used as drops that one can apply on a particular spot. They both are pest specific products.
  4. Coils – These are circular loop coils that are used to drive mosquitoes or flies away. The fumes or smoke released by them helps to clear the air of flying bug.

Professional Help

When the pest problem gets really out of hand or a particular pest may be difficult to tackle with, then you require professional.

Look for quality and value. Cost and competency are important while choosing a pest control service. If wrong pesticides are used, both health and property can be damaged. Therefore, before hiring a pest control agency, consider these factors.

  1. Do your homework – It is wise to get estimates from several companies as most of them oblige their customers with free estimates.
  2. Company license – Most of the state or local agencies issue the license. Check with your state authority if a license is required in your state. Also, make sure the company’s employees are genuine, in the case of loss or damage the company should have to reimburse you.
  3. Discussion for proposed treatment – Selecting a pest control service is as good as selecting other professional services. Any company, even the ones that advertise themselves as “green”, should inspect your premises and accordingly suggest recommended control program including
  • Pests to be controlled.
  • The seriousness of the problem.
  • A form of the pesticide (active ingredient) and application techniques.
  • The adverse effect of active ingredient, if any.
  • Special instructions to minimize the effect of pesticide, like vacating the apartment, emptying the cupboards, etc.
  • Steps to practice to reduce your pest problems in future.
  1. Good track record – Do not rely on the salesperson to answer this question for you. Inquire with your family, friends or colleagues who must have used the service.
  2. Company insurance – Many companies do have liability insurance which gives you a certain degree of protection if there is any accident while pesticides are being sprayed at your home. They also carry insurance for accidental or sudden pollution. Contractors are also required to have workmen’s compensation which makes it easy to protect yourself if any of their employees is injured while working in or around your apartment or house.
  3. Guaranteed work – You should be skeptical about the company if they do not provide a guarantee for its work. Also, be sure to know what you must do to be part of the bargain. Like, in the case of termite infestation control, the company’s guarantee stands void if you make any structural changes to your home without any prior notifications to the pest control company. Then the company may ask you to pay for annual treatment subsequent to early treatment to keep the guarantee valid.

You and the company should understand if you have some special needs as to which pesticides should be used. These concerns may be highlighted due to allergies, the age of occupants, sensitivities, etc. wise consumers are those who take outbid two or more companies and look at a value more than the price.