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Mussarath Rafiulla


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mussarathrafiulla's Timeline

Reviewed Saffola Masala Oats

Sep 06, 2016 03:57 AM 12205 Views (posted via Android App)

Saffola masala oats is very good and healthy for ur body .As oats are rich in vitimin and protiens there give u complete strengh .it come in many flavour so u want get fed up of it .it very good even for those who are on deit as oats does not contain fats or any ingrediant the makes u fat .my au...Read more

Reviewed Haldiram Soan Papdi

Sep 06, 2016 03:44 AM 2930 Views (posted via Android App)

Haldiram soan papdi is one of my favorite one , it come in food grade plastic box and cover with lovely rapper which will attract people .i qm eating this since my childhood .haldiran soan papdi is very good in taste and its texture is very soft and light .once u put in ur mouth u will feel heav...Read more

Reviewed Britannia MarieGold Biscuits

Sep 05, 2016 02:54 AM 4732 Views (posted via Android App)

Britannia marie gold r the best biscuit it very light on yummy and taste very sweet and bland in taste and I love to have this biscuit with tea or break fast time , for it is very tastly very very nice , when there melt in ur mouth u will feel very very good ., just like heaven , it has lovely p...Read more

Reviewed Dabur Pudin Hara Lemon Fizz

Sep 05, 2016 02:26 AM 3584 Views (posted via Android App)

Dabur pudin hara lemon fizz is very good and tasty too , it os use for acidity and it give quick relife from tummy pain due to food poinsioning , over eating etc it starts ut action in seconds and very good in taste too , it has strong fizz , which help in digesting the food and make u feel free...Read more

Reviewed Saffola

Sep 05, 2016 01:58 AM 4912 Views (posted via Android App)

Saffola oil is very good for heart and it is very safe and contain many vitimin and minerial , its good for any age , usually people feel very heavey after meal thats mostly because oil but saffola oil help u feel free and do ur work without any kind of problem .my whole family use this this sin...Read more

Reviewed MTR Readymade Dishes

Sep 05, 2016 01:43 AM 7790 Views (posted via Android App)

Mtr readymade r good but not for daliy use it has many varity of item , I have tasted many flavour like palak panneer, gobi aloo, bissibalabhat , resam etc , I have tasted many flavour all r good but not so tasty .but this ready made make like easy , as I went forgein and I did get to eat any th...Read more

Reviewed Monginis - Pimple Saudagar

Sep 04, 2016 03:04 AM 3079 Views (posted via Android App)

I love monginis , it my drean bakery , I was very small may be around 9 year I went to goa with my family and it was my birthday and my parent brough me cake from monginis to my suprice it was so beautifullly decorated with suga r beeds, dove , angels, star etc it was my first time I saw such a ...Read more

Reviewed Fortune Rice Bran Health Oil

Sep 04, 2016 02:27 AM 5994 Views (posted via Android App)

Fortune rice bran healthy oil is one of the good oil.As rice bran oil is very good for health and apart from it if it is from fortune rice bran healthy oil then u can trust on this product .I have my own cooking channel name by by Nain's health kitchen on you tube and I mostly use this oil for c...Read more

Reviewed Amul Butter

Sep 04, 2016 02:16 AM 3254 Views (posted via Android App)

Amul butter is from one of the best butter as it has rich buttery aroma , it easy spread on breads, roti etc I make many things out of it like cakes, puffs, butter panner masala, biscut, I used it beside oil and it gives really very very tasty taste to my dishes. It also very healthy and rich , ...Read more

Reviewed Kissan Chilli Tomato Ketchup

Sep 04, 2016 01:38 AM 2524 Views (posted via Android App)

Kissan chilli tomati ketchup bery very very yummy yummy one and it have very nice delicious taste .i make many dishes in it like chilli chicken , chilli panner 65 , ing many more graveys , I have it with samosa , puff, chat , potato finger etc as it taste great with any junk foods it has rich ta...Read more

Reviewed Pond's Dreamflower Fragrant Talc

Sep 03, 2016 02:57 AM 2860 Views (posted via Android App)

Ponds dreamflower talc is one of the good company and it since many year. Ponds Dreamflower talc has lovely fragrance which make u feel in heavens. it comes in very beautiful long kind of box, very good and aromatic. it enhances the mood of people and refresh ur mind. it dont not allow the us to...Read more

Reviewed Ayurwin Nutrislim Plus

Sep 03, 2016 01:30 AM 24477 Views (posted via Android App)

Ayurwin nutrislim plus is good and effective product. I love it as I have seen my sister using it. it showed good effect on her. it has rich protiens that give strengh to body and contains ingrdiant that help to decrease ur weight very soon but u need to have control over ur food and eat less. i...Read more

Reviewed Amul Mozarella Cheese

Sep 03, 2016 01:18 AM 7447 Views (posted via Android App)

Amul mozarella cheese is one of the good product as have it has very yummy yummy taste and its thread of cheese that make me feel heavens, it give ur dish very yummy yummy taste. i make egg cheesy omelet, pizza, brinjal, cheese fry and many many more recipes, as I have my own channel on you tube...Read more

Reviewed Dabur Chyawanprash

Sep 02, 2016 03:08 AM 7542 Views (posted via Android App)

Dabur chyawanprash is very good product as it is very good and also nature. it does not contain any kind of chemical too. it have very rich ingredients and very good for ur health too. it give us strength and power, it also help u to fight from bad bateria and from cold to. it increases ur immun...Read more

Reviewed Kinder Joy

Sep 01, 2016 03:29 AM 3757 Views (posted via Android App)

I love kinder joy as it is my favorite chocolate and have rich taste of white chocolate alone with dark chocolate taste. it come in a egg shape, which children really enjoy to see and it futher divide into two half. what makes it more special is it contains toys in other part of egg, which make ...Read more

Reviewed Kurkure Salted Peanuts

Sep 01, 2016 03:19 AM 4433 Views (posted via Android App)

Kurkure salted peanuts r very good in taste. i love to eat them as peanut r very rich in vitamin and minerals, it make our strong and healthy, kurkure salted peanuts r very good in taste and quality, there have nice big size and colour. kurkure salted peanuts have very good taste as it have v...Read more

Reviewed Nestle KitKat

Sep 01, 2016 02:54 AM 2883 Views (posted via Android App)

Nestle kitkat chocolate is one of my oldest and favorite chocolate, it is very different from other chocolates it has four fingers and there simple taste awesome. it is alovely concerpt of chocolate, its crispy wafer covered with rich thick chocolate coat. it wafer's crunch taste which gives the...Read more

Reviewed Kurkure Puffcorn

Sep 01, 2016 02:40 AM 4725 Views (posted via Android App)

I love kurkure puffcorn as it taste very good its very nice time pass, u can dip it in  cream cheese or tomato sauce etc. I make many invotion out of it as I have my own youtube channel named by Nain's healh kitchen. I add this in my bal puri, chats etc. my whole family likes it very much. even ...Read more

Reviewed Mcvities Digestive Biscuits

Sep 01, 2016 01:58 AM 5204 Views (posted via Android App)

I love Mcvities digestive biscuit r very crunchy and yummy yummy, it goes great with eat u can feel the bits of grain, its just so great and taste. it have very rich vitamin, it has mutigrains in it so it is very healthy to eat, my whole family love to eat with tea and my young sister have it wi...Read more

Reviewed Parle Krack Jack Biscuits

Sep 01, 2016 01:38 AM 4669 Views (posted via Android App)

I like parle krack jack biscuit as it is very good biscuit and and very crispy and crunchy, it lovely when it melts in ur mouth. it has lovely sweet and salty taste. i love u eat biscuit with tea while waching tv , this biscuit makes my day with  tea .it is from parle so it has mantained good qu...Read more