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Followed MouthShut_Official

Apr 09, 2018 10:17 AM


Commented on Faerie's review

Jan 08, 2009 04:31 AM

LOL, life is busy. Plus this screwed up economy drives me nuts sometimes. Life is very very difficult right now. :-) But not all that difficult. Just waiting for things to get a tad better. Hey we are a day closer to recovery than yesterday. I will try my best to stay in touch via Mail / Chat. T...hanks, MunirRead More

Commented on Faerie's review

Jan 06, 2009 01:19 AM

hmm... I have to talk about something off topic here. Although the review was very useful, it was not that useful for me right at this moment :-) How did I stumble upon your review? I have started reading Atlas Shurgged. I wanted to check out a few reviews on MS. Then I said to myself, let me see... if Sujata has written something. You never disappoint. So, how is life? MunirRead More

Commented on Faerie's review

Jan 06, 2009 01:15 AM

You know - after trying a few - Gauri has settled on Estee Lauder Beautiful. If you get your hands on it, you gotta try it out. :-) Munir

Commented on Vivaldi's review

Aug 27, 2008 10:19 PM (Updated Aug 27, 2008 10:21 PM)

lol... that was a great review.. ;-) My experience has been that most people who leave these what I call 'generic' comments are those who haven't bothered to read the review. They are leaving the comment out of 'obligation'. I do comment out of obligation too. But then I make it a point to the review before I comment. Anyways, was fun to read your review, to be honest. MunirRead More

Commented on vikeshikavikeshika's review

Aug 09, 2008 03:26 AM

I loved the book too. One of my friends strongly recommended it to me. I didn't complain one bit. I agree with you that author seems to lose the fervor in the later parts of the book. About the chemistry between Hassan and Amir. But as you said it may be intentional. Either way, I felt author wa...s inspired a tad too much by Bollywood. You should also read his second book, A Thousand Splendid Suns. It is more intense.. It may not be that engrossing as this one.. but it is too good. MunirRead More

Posted a Blog

Politically Incorrect

Aug 07, 2008 05:55 AM Politics 681 Views

(Updated Aug 07, 2008 05:57 AM)

So today the Supreme Court saved face of the inept home ministry led by Honorable Shivraj Patil. If Shivraj Patil had been such a failure in any corporate, he would have been shown the door by now. But he is still in that chair for reasons best known to the Prime Minister and Smt. Sonia Gandhi. D...Read more

Commented on paulose's review

Aug 07, 2008 04:57 AM

I have flown AD twice both times between Ahmedabad and Bombay. Both times, flights were smooth without any problems. I did not mind not having food and all that. You get what you pay for, right? About the turbulence - I fly here in US every week to the same destination in the same airline. there is thick cloud and disturbance in the area, the flight shakes, but that is normal to be honest. Sometimes turbulences are pretty strong with some steep and sudden drops. It happens all the time and it is normal. The planes are equipped to handle such situations. MunirRead More

Commented on Raj_onlyone's blog

The Ant and the Grasshopper in democratic world..?

Aug 05, 2008 07:31 PM (Updated Aug 05, 2008 07:32 PM)

Sad!! When I argue with my friends you believe in Marxist Socialism, I use this as an example. Socialism has never worked and it will never work because it discourages people from working hard. If you work hard and make more money, the socialists will come and take all that money away. What incentiv...e, then, do you have to work hard and make more money? As Lincoln once quoted -’You cannot make the poor rich by making the rich poor’. Amen! PS: Moral of the story - 'Work hard, make money, but don't showcase it'.Read More

Commented on own review

Aug 05, 2008 06:40 PM

Sonika- I talked with Prasad over the weekend. He did read 3 Mistakes of My Life and he did not like it. He said it is too bollywood type... I think Chetan does well when he writes fiction based on real incidents. When he has to use his imagination, he falters. Either he has watched too many m...ovies or his main aim, while writing books, is to have his book made into a movie eventually. Read More

Commented on own review

Aug 05, 2008 06:36 PM

Hi Kirti, I am not a celebrity or anything. I am just one of those lesser mortals whose junk people liked. :-) Well, I did not struggle to finish the book to be honest. I like Mistry's style - he keeps interest alive. But I agree, sometimes his story tends to be overly negative. Thanks for... dropping in, MunirRead More

Commented on own review

Aug 05, 2008 06:34 PM

Sujata- I will try it out. Sounds interesting. So I can write on my favorite topic now - politics - hehe. Munir

Commented on derebail2008's blog


Aug 05, 2008 06:33 PM

Hmmm This is an age old debate. Ethics/Morality vs freedom to chose. Personally, I am against abortion, unless the infant or the mother has some serious health issues. At the same time, I think that everybody should have a right to chose. Who are we to tell someone if they should have a kid or not. ...It is their life and let them decide if they want to have a kid or not. If they want to kill a child that already has heart beats, well its up to them. If you are religious you can claim that they are disrespecting God's blessings but let the parents decide if they want to 'sin' or not. I am totally against banning abortion. Everybody has right to chose... MunirRead More

Commented on Aarambhh's review

Aug 05, 2008 06:21 PM

Alright! Two things impressed the hell out of me here. First the review. Amazing! I have been a huge fan of Javed Akhtar, the poet and Javed Akhtar, the script writer. His poetry is markedly different in the sense that it conveys the feelings in a simple language yet it is well poetic best. I am... not a big fan of Javed Akhtar's political thoughts though. I don't agree with them. I am not sure how much of it has been dealt with in the book. Secondly, your ability to handle this many comments - well beyond me. But seems like you are having fun :-) I will try to catch up with this book. Lately I have started liking books of this genre. MunirRead More

Commented on own review

Aug 04, 2008 12:26 AM

Sonika, That I see that diary seems to be the new thing here right now... more than reviews. It kind of sounds like blogs... The reason I left the weekend job? It was getting old.. was not getting any time for personal life and family. Now I am happy with what I make in my normal job... don't ...want to stretch myself anymore... Thanks Sonika... MunirRead More

Commented on own review

Aug 04, 2008 12:25 AM

Kya haal chaal hai Prasad? How is life? How is Mom? I will call you sometime next week.. BTW you could call me too know how I am about calling back.. Munir

Commented on own review

Aug 04, 2008 12:24 AM

Hi Vishal, So good to see you after a long long time. This place seems to be thriving as it is and plus I guess the 'veterans' as you call them, might be considered old fashioned here nowadays. ;-) Trust me that is what I did with this book as well. I would read it for about an hour before to bed. Wifey read it first and then she recommended it to me... Thanks for the warm comments! Munir.Read More

Commented on own review

Aug 04, 2008 12:22 AM

Nitesh- Hi Nitesh. I haven't ready any book by Mitch Albom. In what genre does he write..? Munir

Commented on own review

Aug 04, 2008 12:21 AM

Sujata!!! As always, your diary post drew me here. One fine day I was getting bored and decided to check out mouthshut after months. Logged in here and saw your diary post. Then I had some free time so jotted down a review.... :-) I also enjoy simple language. Hell, complex verbose stuff just ...drives me nuts. That is why I am not into so much of Arundhati Roy reader. Well I hated Bhagat's second book - it was awful. I haven't bothered to check out 3 Mistakes of My Life. If there is an inspiration, I shall write for sure. Thanks Sujata, Munir PS: BTW, is there any restriction on writing what they call diary posts? Can you write basically anything you want?Read More

Commented on own review

Aug 03, 2008 08:54 PM

Hi Sonika, Rarely do you leave a 2 paragraph comment - so I feel privileged today. I am telling you, I am willing to bet, the book will have more impact on you than me. I think the main reason for this impact is that you and I want to see a hardworking person become successful in the end. But... when you see it otherwise, you feel agony and sadness. I raised the question because I have seen a pattern and what puts me off is none of them has attempted to write something bright about their home country. Thanks for dropping in. MunirRead More