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Commented on hakoonamatata's review

Oct 12, 2009 08:09 PM

The main thing it provides two (2) good points from your review; Item 1 and 3. For tourist, fresh welcome and good interior space to take rest. The rests can be obtained externally. It colors a real 'Ginger' (I think) because if we follow its etymology of ginger - the Hotel Ginger gives a real m...eaning of ginger, internally hot and fresh.Read More

Commented on hakoonamatata's blog

Save Okhla Bird Sanctuary.....

Jul 30, 2009 09:27 AM

India Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972. India Wild Life (Protection) Act, 1972. I don't understand after reading your shared web page at the last paragraph already stated ''The Supreme Court-constituted Central Empowered Committee had after a site ins...pection in the sanctuary ordered the departments concerned to remove all illegal constructions.'' The only thing now is to use media electronic in promoting effective protest to Mayawati's plan. To provoke Mr Manmohan taking drastic action. Other ways seemed not very well worked.Read More

Commented on hakoonamatata's blog

RestaurantReview-MouthShut - Its sucks!

Jul 20, 2009 09:45 PM

Business Strategy - The lesson and learn When we read one comment or review on whatever type of document material, we must delve into their motives and objectives. Whoever can write any writing article, but, you can observe(not just see and look) from the spinning words that they have had writt...en. That is why, learning writing or reading, actually, learning a personality of an author or commonly known as a writer. When a writer started spinning their words in their writing, their writing pattern and formation already lost their power of words due to ambiguous focuses on motive and less in producing beneficial objectives. You can learn, the power of words from my faves Indian writer; the late Harish Johari, he died in 1999 on August 20. Spare your time to search on internet for book which teach reader how to know author's or writer's personality through their written words. From there, we can make a final decision making for; either True or False; including any kind of advertisement.Read More

Commented on hakoonamatata's blog

Another day’s drive to office….. - II

Jul 20, 2009 09:24 PM

You have had met an angel .............Page 2 of 2 _________________________________________ THE ANSWERS AS AN ATTRIBUTION FOR YOU _________________________________________ Him 1? Ok, so what have you learnt in those 12 years? Come on tell me I learned about 14 points of self-appraisal sy...stem in my life; which are SMARTER System & and VMOC-MTS System for seven points, respectively. SMARTER System - Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Reachable, Time management, Exciting, and Rewarding. VMOC-MTS System - Vision, Mission, Objective, Competency, Managerial ability, Technical proficiency, and Sources of fund. Him 2? No tell me about your profession. What do you do? Seeking for high ROI value and level down BEP value. Him 3? What are your responsibilities? Getting high ROI and reduce risks. Him 4? Do you get promoted after every 2-3 years? Sure, my self-improvement in teamwork building; team, resources, and planning. Him 5? How do you measure performance? Efficiency equals to high output over low input. Him 6? How does your organization set goals? PODC system; Planning. organizing, Departmenting, & Control. MY CONCLUSION That is why, if we don't have knowledge about gold, although we have look at it and make more worst we have stepped on it, we still value it as a common useless stone. Thing that we always kick off. That noble angel used Gastardt Theory of Motivation, where one has to push the current limit to turn to a new leaf. Refreshing in obtaining new scoring limit in your life for self-development to be somebody in future. You are fortunate, because you uploaded this discussion.Read More

Commented on hakoonamatata's blog

Another day’s drive to office….. - II

Jul 20, 2009 09:15 PM (Updated Jul 20, 2009 09:25 PM)

You have had met an angel .............Page 1 of 2 Actually, you have had met an angel in your conscious day dreaming. He has had given you the superstitious gold, six (6) pieces of bar gold. Read, see, look, observe, and listen carefully the ’’golden details’’ if you want to be somebody in fut...ure; Him 1? Ok, so what have you learned in those 12 years? Come on tell me Him 2? No tell me about your profession. What do you do? Him 3? What are your responsibilities? Him 4? Do you get promoted after every 2-3 years? Him 5? How do you measure performance? Him 6? How does your organization set goals? Him 7? So you don’t know…..and you say you have 12 years of experience! Well, you have not impressed me. You know nothing. Him 8? Young man, think again. You don’t seem to know anything. You don’t follow any news. I don’t know if every company has managers like you. And by the way, please drive straight to the next traffic light. I need to get down there. _________________________________________ THE ANSWERS AS AN ATTRIBUTION FOR YOU _________________________________________ to be continued to next page...................... 2/2Read More

Commented on hakoonamatata's blog

Sometimes ADs are more interesting than other crap on TV.....

Jul 20, 2009 08:24 PM

An observer(not looker) is benefits taken. 1. A review methodology about the best advertisements; When we provide any review about any kind of advertisement, these factors must be included; in making a quality preview and for sure looks professional and meets the marketing requirements to one ad...vertisement; a. Marketing Plan, & b. Marketing Strategy (Marketing Plan and Marketing Strategy; hereinafter as; MP and MS, respectively) MS must explain its properties; Philosophy, Segmentation, and Customer Behavior. While for MS must focus on how to generate ROI and BEP Analysis for Sales Strategy related to opportunity. How opportunity works, kindly refer to my explanation by graph for easy understanding its twist and turn at Where, for BEP Analysis & ROI; ? Return On Investment, ROI; = Profit Margin X Turnover = (Profit/selling Price) X (Selling Price/Capital) = Profit/Capital ? Break Even Point, BEP; = Fc / [1 - (Vc/Sp)] (Fc is Fixed cost; Vc is Variable cost ; Sp is Selling price [its future force sale value in this case]) 2. A very limited choice; Depend on business minded type of person. If we are not business minded, for sure any kind of ad will be meaningless just like a rainbow, we look but never observe its meaningful. If we possessed business minded, absolutely we will define it for what is marketing and sales, in a very beautiful perspective way; What is marketing? - the sizzle What is sales? - the steak We must watch any ad displayed as a business prospectus to be applied in our own life for level up our personality in enhancing thoughts towards getting its beneficial values. What is it? The perfect answer is; for what we think, that will be the things that we will be getting. 3. What we get from an ad displayed on TV? a. A manager is management skills driven, b. A businessman is a profit driven, & c. An entrepreneur is innovative driven. Meaning that, an observer is benefits taken. A looker only on excitement tRead More

Followed knowntobeunkown

Jul 16, 2009 10:03 AM


Commented on ArindamSain's blog


Jul 16, 2009 09:59 AM

India PNB(People National Bond) To reduce the fiscal deficit of our country in long term is actually trough establishing PNB(People National Bond) instead of implementing Mr. Sain's explanation method which able to create instability in community social. Because India population already close to 2bi...llion. PNB is a kind of government bond which offer all groups of people to participate in long term investment, where the collected money used as investment in profitable audited account GLC(Government Link Companies). The dividend, then, given to the investor base on annual basis. Some extra incentives also be given for people who participated PNB e.g. tax rebate, medical discount, children education aid and et cetera. The incentives given to promote low income group to buy PNB.Read More

Commented on sumansharma's blog

Trusted Property

Jul 14, 2009 12:31 PM

S.M.A.R.T.E.R. System and the methodology Hello Suman, Your very good telling and sharing this article about house property and things related to it. Thank you very much for providing. You have drawn out the followings; Your profound methodology of searching are; (a.) Searched almost all pr...emier real estate sites, (b.) Continuous research landed me to, (c.) Provide you help to identify which one is safe to invest, (d.) Showing all approved maps, property ownership documents and other documents, (e.) Make sure that customer could identify the authentic builder, (f.) Help you to provide financing from different banks, (g.) Provide consultation at any moment of purchase, & (h.) Provide any legal and technical help. MY COMMENT SPECIFICALLY TO YOUR METHODOLOGY AND THE APPLICATIONS You have used S.M.A.R.T.E.R. System in your way of finding in getting right solution. System which I used in my daily business operation as a support system for my final decision making. S.M.A.R.T.E.R. System is; 1. Specific - focus on thing that we want to have like what you did at Item (a.). 2. Measurable - that site gives out measurable steps to ''Specific'' be true and through. 3. Achievable - refer to Item (c.) 4. Reachable - refer to Item (d.) 5. Time management - refer to Item (d.) where the authentic builder will let us know its housing project date of commencement and completion complete with the defect liability period of time. 6. Exciting - refer to Item (f.), (g.), & (h.) 7. Rewarding - from the above we can obtain the future house property value for its FFSV(Future Force Sale Value). Thing which is very important for us, if house property be part of our property/real estate investment. Your very well done, Suman. Your used smart technique by using SMARTER System.Read More

Commented on sumansharma's blog

jaypee green

Jun 11, 2009 09:18 PM (Updated Jun 11, 2009 09:20 PM)

Page 2 of 2 Example from the audio/tele-conversation; Your monthly gross salary is 45,000 and loan needed for 45Lakhs(will be applied) 45,000/3 = 15,000 The 15,000 is the maximum amount for the loan monthly repayment subjected to 45Laks of loan amount. If they calculate through the house loan computing system and found the monthly loan repayment for 45Laks total amount of loan gives out not more than 15,000 means your pre-application will be approved after formal loan application submitted. That is what they meant for pre-approval. Your status of loan amount eligibility and not the definite loan approval.Read More

Commented on sumansharma's blog

jaypee green

Jun 11, 2009 09:12 PM (Updated Jun 11, 2009 09:22 PM)

The definition of the suffix "pre" in pr A. DIFFERENTIATION BETWEEN DEFINITION AND APPLICATION 1. Definition is the act of defining or making definite, distinct, clear; OR the formal statement of the meaning or significance of a word, phrase, etc. 2. Application is the act of puttin...g to a special use or purpose. In this case; pre-approval must seriously taken to what is the definition of ’’pre’’ and ’’approval’’ in its application for pre-approval. B. DEFINITION OF PRE AND APPROVAL 1. PRE a prefix occurring originally in loanwords from Latin, where it meant “before” (preclude; prevent); applied freely as a prefix, with the meanings “prior to,” “in advance of,” “early,” “beforehand,” “before,” “in front of,” and with other figurative meanings preschool; prewar; prepay: preoral; prefrontal, and including preapproval. 2. APPROVAL the act of approving; approbation OR formal permission or sanction. C. MY CONCLUSION THROUGH THE RELATED EXAMPLES If you are using pre-paid system for your mobile phone line subscription for its connection and activation, after you have reload the talk time value it does not mean that you are approved for its line connection. Your reload value must be verified by the telecomunication provider.then its line connetion can be activated. Similarly in this case for pre-approval of loan, it is only to evaluate your loan amount applied online based on your motnhly income for future approval. Listen carefully from the converation. What were the details she asked for? 1. Name, 2. Mobile number, 3. Which computer, 4. Gross monthly income/salary, 5. Any current active loan, 6. Amount of loan needed, 7. Age. It is a normal calculation for pre-approval loan provider will counts on one-third out of your gross monthly/salary to be the monthly loan repayment for fast approval. be continued to page 2 1 of 2Read More

Commented on sumansharma's blog

Good News For Middle Class Who Waho Wants To Buy a Sweet Home

Jun 04, 2009 01:12 AM (Updated Jun 04, 2009 01:40 AM)

ROI & BEP Analysis for decision making - 2/2 ....continued from Page 1 of 2 ILLUSTRATIONS: You can draw one graph for ’’BEP Analysis Graph’’. Y-axis is the value for ROI in currency unit(INR), and X-axis is period of time with unit in days or month or years, which ever applicable tha...t suit your time of investment. a. Draw the Fc straight line horizontally referred to its value at Y-axis. b. Draw the Vc inclining graph versus time, where its starting point referred to Y-axis. c. Draw the Sp inclining graph versus time, where its starting point referred to Y-axis. MY CONCLUSION: Observe with you mind; don’t look and see with your eyes; for your decision making. Eyes always limited with short sighted and long sighted. But, mind observe in frame of edifying. This is the point for your decision making. About the law and restrictions in property management, handling, and control kindly refer to my previous shared notes/comments. The Little Me, Michael. Page 2 of 2Read More

Commented on sumansharma's blog

Good News For Middle Class Who Waho Wants To Buy a Sweet Home

Jun 04, 2009 01:10 AM (Updated Jun 04, 2009 01:39 AM)

ROI & BEP Analysis for decision making - 1/2 Hi Suman, 1. National Buildings Construction Corporation Limited 2. ’’Affordable Housing Schemes’’ This is a kind of sagaciou...s investment in house property investment for middle class government staffs. It shouldn’t be offset by one government staff and must look it as an opportunity in profit making. Calculate properly its ROI and BEP analysis. Because ROI will determine its value base on profit margin multiply by turnover. Whereby profit margin is profit over selling price; whereas, turnover is selling price over capital.To aegis ROI value, BEP analysis must be done. BEP analysis is fixed cost over the sum of 1 minus the value for variable cost over selling price. Very obvious the ’’selling price’’ involved in both formulas. In fact, BEP includes time factor for how long we want to hold the property ownership in getting the best and highest ROI for re-sale purpose. In term of formula; 1. Return On Investment, ROI; = Profit Margin X Turnover = (Profit/selling Price) X (Selling Price/Capital) = Profit/Capital 2. Break Even Point, BEP; = Fc / [1 - (Vc/Sp)] (Fc is Fixed cost; Vc is Variable cost ; Sp is Selling price [its future force sale value in this case]) Page 1 of 2 be continued on next pageRead More

Commented on hakoonamatata's review

May 20, 2009 08:34 PM

Cheers hakoonamatata, Don't worry, dear friend hakoonamatata. Someday I'll visit Max Hospital Gurgaon.That small writing is a bridge for me to introduce Chelation therapy and EECP therapy at Max Hospital Gurgaon. I will continue my email to them. Now am writing tourism article about Kanyakumar...i., South Tamil Nadu, where Helen Davidson(DMK) has just won the recent IPE2009. I am an expatriate living in Malaysia. Hopes our e-friendship makes things much better for our future business network. Thanks for your prompt follow up reply to my comment, hakoonamatata.Read More

Commented on hakoonamatata's review

May 20, 2009 11:29 AM

I sincerely used my time for the sake of good health to the people of India. TO ALL - YOU CAN READ ABOUT MY ARTICLE; TITLE: What would you do if you are the Prime Minister of India? Thank you to all of you. We Must Love The India.Read More

Commented on hakoonamatata's review

May 20, 2009 11:23 AM

(COPIED AND PASTED FOR YOUR CHECKING) Wednesday_May 20, 2009. Dear Sir, Hopes my web link really a nice article for the Max Hospital Gurgaon's management team to read and some improvement needed at Max Hospital Gurgaon.... My Provenance link; Thank you. I wish Max Hospital Gurgaon the best of luck, look, and the continued success. The Little Me, Michael Dadona. (call me Michael)Read More

Commented on hakoonamatata's review

May 20, 2009 11:20 AM (Updated May 20, 2009 09:00 PM)

PARAGRAPH 9/12 Don't worry, hakoonamatata; in future there will be more mind-soothing-value will be provided by Max Hospital Gurgaon management, in fact in future visitors and patients will love paying more money just for mind soothing value. PARAGRAPH 10/12 For this type of troubles as you me...ntioned about the event 'Picnic at the food counter', actually, we respect their conservative or should I call it as passive attendance?. Whatever, we will build up one new section far behind so that they can enjoy eating their own cooked foods as I also understand their financial standing and at the same time we need them to enjoy mouth-to-mouth campaign about good things to general public about the beauty of getting medical treatment at Max Hospital Gurgaon. Is it OK for you, hakoonamatata?. Hopes so ... by virtue. PARAGRAPH 11/12 The 'lonely patient' can call our well promissory good help at the front-desk staffs. Need no worry about that as patients are our partner in rendering our service of health. PARAGRAPH 12/12 I will ensure security department will also oblige on TMC(Traffic Management Control) for the internal transport management at Max Hospital Gurgaon. THANK YOU, hakoonamatat. -p/s- hopes my comment will reach as soon as possible to The Management, Max Hospital Gurgaon. Because, I sent this review through this facility provided; You can read my submitted comment on this page link; Read More

Commented on hakoonamatata's review

May 20, 2009 11:19 AM (Updated May 20, 2009 08:54 PM)

PARAGRAPH 5/12 Enhanced the front-desk or front-counter staffs with social science social value to uplift their knowledge and practical about the important of having patient or things related to it, to one hospital. Without patient, one hospital no longer known as hospital. The front desk staffs is... just like one main entrance gate to one house. People will take account the beauty of it, before put their eye value on big beautiful house. I mean, the first level of impression. By comparison, the physical beauty on human face does account the beauty of incisors teeth. PARAGRAPH 6/12 The Max Chemist – the chemist in-house should be added more visitors-friendly-business value to generate some extra income to Max Hospital Gurgaon. A must. PARAGRAPH 7/12 Medical officers must be in-house job orientation, so that any follow up easily reach by the patient's appointment date. For this kind of service area, I have to maintain and keep it that way. That is why, the above paragraphs are things that I have to improve, so that patient's or visitor's mind will turn to that priority. So, I have to defend my Max Hospital Gurgaon's policy. Sorry to say this way, honestly. PARAGRAPH 8/12 No! No! No! you're not biased in your statement, I salute!!!....your truly right about the disgusted “Sunday Doctor” and your another statement about ' none of the doctors / technicians / executives realize or understand that people do not have all the time in the world to spend at the hospital.' Calm down dear hakoonamatta, things can be settled down and kindly be patience a little bit. In this case just needs some adjustment on time-table and job routine issues. Will be much better once everything put back on track, kind of job rescheduled needed. I am sorry for that kind of event really a drop in your bucket of attention and thank you for letting me know what it's all about. next comment sortie for; PARAGRAPH 9/12 Read More

Commented on hakoonamatata's review

May 20, 2009 11:17 AM (Updated May 20, 2009 11:18 AM)

Hi hakoonamatata, Thanks for providing nice anecdotes, well published in twelve (12) paragraphs. I put up my comment to one after another, respectively. If I am or let say, a PRO(Public Relatuion Officer) to Max Hospital Gurgaon, I am very proud to read, summarize, and take positive action to imp...rove the related services needed. OK in my comment I am acting as Max Hospital Gurgaon's PRO, here I go ~ the following. PARAGRAPH 1/1 Thanks for sharing the good comments, as your writing really shown that you really love to see Max Hospital Gurgaon is the best medical as a OSP(one-stop-point) in health service provider category. PARAGRAPH 2/12 I have to make one proposal to Max Hospital Gurgaon's managment board that the cafetaria must has internet facility located just next door by opearting in good business manner justly like a good cybercafe, so that visitors able to enjoy their netizen activity while promoting Max Hospital Gurgaon as their first choice in getting health services. This 'byproducts' really helps much in advertising the Max Hospital Gurgaon as patient's first choice. PARAGRAPH 3/12 Enhanced all staffs with high QCS(Quality Communication Skills) in creating friendliness, politeness, sensitiveness, and promptness caring to all patients and visitors as an added value to the medical services at Max Hospital Gurgaon. PARAGRAPH 4/12 To reduce patients visiting time for medical treatment, e-manangemnt must be enhanced through e-filing system where the authorized personnel must record all the related details to their medical needs and the follow up in future started from point of registration. So that the on duty medical officer can refer before the medical asisstance call patient's name for further medical consultation needed by one patient. next comment sortie for; PARAGRAPH 5/12 Read More

Commented on ArindamSain's review

Apr 28, 2009 10:51 AM

Hi ArindamSain, Excellent candor sharing the article, thanks for providing. Make sure every year Kolkata Knight Rider every year never missed the IPL event. That's all from me and it also my every comment on India forum about it. The Little Me, Michael