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Face Makeup Buying Guide

Updated on : Oct 23, 2023 11:32 AM
Face Makeup Buying Guide


A little bit of make-up can jazz up your look and even lift your spirit. It can boost your confidence and make you look picture-perfect!

For girls who are overwhelmed with the variety of products available in the market, we bring you a quick list that will serve as a guide for your make-up queries.


Primer is a tacky lotion or serum that fills out the pores on your face and acts as the perfect base for your makeup. The sticky consistency helps the foundations to stick to your face and increases the longevity of the makeup. If you sweat a lot or have huge pores, a primer is a must. It will lock your makeup, keep your face oil-free, and give a polished porcelain look.

How to buy – Figure out the type of skin you have and then look for a primer suitable for your kind of skin. Most primers are colorless but some primers can come in different shades, pick a shade that is closest to your skin color, or ask for assistance if you are confused. 


Foundations act as a base for your makeup. They come in liquid, cream, and powder consistency. They even out the complexion and brighten the skin. They cover small imperfections and marks on the face and make your skin look flawless and perfect.

How to buy – First, find out your skin shade and the tone of the skin whether it is warm-toned or cool-toned. Pick a color closest to your skin shade or ask for assistance if you are confused. While buying foundation also keep your skin type in mind and pick a foundation suitable for your skin.

Correctors and Concealers

Correctors are tinted creams that help you cancel out dark circles and redness. They are also used to cover extremely dark spots on the face. A concealer serves the same purpose only it fails to hide extremely dark patches and discoloration; this is where correctors come in handy. A concealer has more coverage than foundation and can brighten the skin further. It can hide blemishes and spots on the face and be applied under the eyes to hide dark circles. 

How to buy – Pick a shade that is closest to your skin or similar to your foundation shade. You could also opt for one shade lighter than your skin tone and use the concealer to brighten up your T-Zone. 

BB Creams

BB Creams are novice products of the beauty arena and are made especially for make-up novices. BB means beauty + benefit. If you are new to make-up, buying a foundation can be slightly expensive, and also a hassle to apply. It takes practice to blend the foundation and if not done properly it can look cakey. A BB cream is a convenient replacement for a foundation. It is a tinted moisturizer, that can be applied normally and it gives you medium coverage.

How to Buy – BB creams do not come in many color selections since they are medium coverage they do not look cakey. Pick a shade closest to your skin tone and you are good to go!

CC Creams

CC stands for color correction. They are very similar to BB Creams. CC Creams are tinted lotions that illuminate and brighten the skin. They cancel out redness and pigmentations and give an even surface.

How to Buy – Like BB creams they do not come in many shades. Pick a shade closest to your skin tone and apply it like a moisturizer on your face.

Blush and Bronzer

A blusher is a tint that you apply on your cheekbones. It gives a healthy flush to your skin and makes you look like you are blushing – hence the name blusher. Blushers come in powder and cream forms. Cream blushers take practice to blend but a powder blusher is easy to apply. They come in a variety of hues and you can pick a color according to your preference.

A bronzer is a brown powder or cream that helps to contour the face and even gives the skin a ‘fake tan’.

How to Buy – You can pick a blusher according to your taste and preference.

For bronzer, buy a shade or two darker than your skin tone and apply it under your cheekbone and along your jawline.


 As the name suggests, it is used to highlight the high points of your face. They come in liquid and powder form and in various tints but they are usually silver or gold. You can pick a highlighter according to your preference and dust it on your cheekbones and the bridge of the nose. This will add luminosity to your skin.

How to buy  Highlighters come in various intensities, some are subtle, and some extremely pigmented. For a muted look opt for a subtle highlighter and for a bold look opt for a pigmented highlighter. The color depends on your preference.