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Mahesh Sowani


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maheshsowani's Timeline

Reviewed Solapur

Jan 20, 2018 06:37 AM 2072 Views

When I entered Solapur I noticed two things – first its hot, scalding sun and the broad four lane roads. The latter made my drive comfortable one and it made me fall in love with Solapur in spite of the sweltering heat. Indeed Solapur is a smart city in the making. Solapur is an industrial city ...Read more

Commented on own review

Jan 18, 2018 06:51 PM

@MouthShut_Official @Dil5n @aayushp10302 @noelbiswas949 @umangpatel7711 Thanks for all the love and appreciation

Reviewed Haridwar

Jan 18, 2018 06:34 PM 3371 Views

Haridwar is synonymous with the famous Ganga Arti at Har ki Paudi, rope ways at Chanda-Mansadevi. Every where you go there are hordes of pilgrims, which have given birth to hundreds of Vikram Rickshaws and Cycle Richkshaws blocking the road with hotels, dhabas, shops selling religious parapherna...Read more

Reviewed Dewas

Jan 16, 2018 05:04 PM 5758 Views

Dewas literally means the abode of the Gods. I had been hankering to visit this quaint town for quite some time. There was no particular reason for the hankering. I knew it housed some temples. Those temples are neither well known like Ujjain or Omkareshwar nor are they known to be any architect...Read more

Reviewed Listening For Well Being: Conversations With People Not Like Us - Arun Maira

Sep 08, 2017 11:34 AM 1766 Views

How would you feel if you entered the cinema hall seeing the poster of a Salman Khan film and instead of a blockbuster masala film, an insipid government documentary was dished out on your face. You may say this contingency is not likely to occur. Well something on the similar lines happened whe...Read more

Reviewed The Greatest Urdu Stories Ever Told - Muhammad Umar Memon

Sep 07, 2017 04:44 PM 8132 Views

The Greatest Urdu Stories Ever Told is undoubtedly a gathering of the finest stories I have ever read. There are twenty five stories in this collection. The introduction to the book by the translator is also worth being treasured. It offers hereto unknown insights about Urdu stories. I knew Muns...Read more

Reviewed On India - Khushwant Singh

Sep 04, 2017 11:09 AM 5011 Views

On India is a collection of writings by Khuswant Singh. It is edited by his daughter Mala Dayal. According to the editor though Khuswant Singh had said that he was not proud to be an Indian, his heart was clearly in India, specially in Delhi, which he gave seven reasons for loving. These seven r...Read more

Commented on rajat_agarwal's review

Aug 29, 2017 08:53 AM

Go to consumer court. Write to the authorities. It is only because you don't raise your voice before the right forum that such tendencies are not curbed.

Reviewed The Empty House - Ruskin Bond

Jul 17, 2017 04:16 PM 2465 Views

Ruskin's Bond's stories are enchanting. They possess a unique combination of thrill, innocence, poignancy set in the picturesque Himalayan mountain towns and villages. His character sketches make you fall in love with them. Surprisingly supernatural occurrences too predominantly feature in his s...Read more

Reviewed A Song Of Many Rivers - Ruskin Bond

Jul 17, 2017 04:12 PM 1659 Views

Writings of Ruskin Bond, the writer of the hills, are filled with love for the hills. Rivers flowing through the Himalayan glaciers are both intriguing and intimidating. No wonder Bond is not only in love with the hills but even the rivers that play on its laps. A Song of Many Rivers, is a compi...Read more

Reviewed The Greatest Salesman in the World - Og Mandino

Jul 10, 2017 04:09 PM 633 Views

There are some books which stand test of time. Even after decades of their publication they are still fresh. They lovingly enter your hearts and stay there forever. You want every line in the book to be engraved on your heart. For you know that it will change your life forever. The Greatest Sale...Read more

Reviewed 23 & ½ Ways To Make A Girl Fall For You - Cyrus Broacha

Jul 07, 2017 04:19 PM 2244 Views

The blurb of 23 ½ Ways to Make a Girl Fall For You self confesses that it is the most incorrect piece of work ever written. It gives a disclaimer that very little of the information in the book will be useful for the male, obviously whose hormones are surging and whose brain is undoubtedly dysfu...Read more

Reviewed Just You, Me And A Secret - Ganga Bharani

Jul 06, 2017 04:52 PM 946 Views

A woman who has lost her memory, a diary which helps her to get acquainted with her past and a doctor trying to help her out. Well we have read all this in S J Watson’s bestseller Before I go to sleep. Ganga Bharani the author of Just You, Me and Secret had accused Nikita Singh of plagiarism. Wh...Read more

Reviewed Half Girlfriend - Chetan Bhagat

Jun 29, 2017 07:01 PM 1826 Views

Chetan Bhagat’s novel Half Girlfriend tries to capture the lack of self esteem which most of the Indians have for lack of knowledge of English language. You cannot get the rich and beautiful girl unless you are fluent in the language of the queen, this message is very subtly conveyed by the medi...Read more

Reviewed The Power Of Handwriting Analysis - Pradnyaa Sourabh Parikh

Mar 29, 2017 06:19 PM 1866 Views

The Power of Handwriting Analysis by Pradnyaa Parikh claims that by changing the way you write D, T, Y, S and I you can escalate your self-esteem, communication skills and confidence. The book discusses as to what slants and baselines indicate. I found parenting with handwriting analysis interes...Read more

Reviewed Double Or Quits - Shilpa Gupta

Mar 23, 2017 05:19 PM 976 Views

Double or Quits is the story of Jyotsna Singh. She is an anaylst with an investment banking company. Aryan Sahani the promoter of Sahani Hospitals meets her in relation to floating of an IPO. Jyotsna is attracted to him. Contrary to the rules they enter into a romantic relationship. Aryan system...Read more

Reviewed Intimidating Obscurity: A Pursue To Eternity - Dimple Singh

Mar 23, 2017 04:11 PM 1019 Views

Intimidating Obscurity a Pursue to Eternity is story of Stella. Her mother is murdered. This murder is followed by few others and Stella loses her near and dear ones. Then Rey enters her life. He proposes her, she wants to say him yes, but her friend Kimaya too loves him. Plus Stella receives a ...Read more

Reviewed The 365 Days - Nikhil Ramteke

Mar 17, 2017 06:36 PM 5735 Views

Maiden authors bring a fresh voice and a fresh narrative with them. Nikhil Ramteke’s the 365 days is one such novel. This is the story of Shijukutty a fisherman from Kerala. As every other Malyali has gone to the Gulf and made a fortune, Shijukutty too goes to Dubai, leaving behind his wife a...Read more

Reviewed 31 Miles - Vinita Bakshi

Mar 03, 2017 11:37 AM 1104 Views

31 Miles is the first novel by Vinita Bakshi. This book takes us on a journey of void which most married women experience even after decades of happy marriage with two kids. The core story follows the life of Mansa who is happily married to Abhijeet for two decades. Mansa is depressed. This i...Read more

Reviewed Little Black Book For Stunning Success + Tools For Action Mastery - Robin Sharma

Feb 27, 2017 11:34 AM 21106 Views

Robin Sharma's The Little Black Book of Stunning Success is published for the first time in the world by Jaico Books. This book contains short write ups which will help you achieve your goals. As the blurb says, if you're truly ready to live your dreams, this book is your fuel. The author's w...Read more