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kgkaran's Timeline

Commented on sivarcc's review

Mar 19, 2008 01:25 PM

I suggest do some good googling and find out email ids of some top guys in Reliance ADAG and send them a strong mail. You will get a call from them on the very next day I can assure you... this worked for me with Vodafone when I was pissed off with their constant reminders to pay my bill even before... the due date and my friend with airtel when they were acting like weird-heads. I am sure this will work wonders. Just depends on how good you can google... use linkedinRead More

Commented on own review

Aug 27, 2007 11:14 AM (Updated Aug 27, 2007 11:15 AM)

Hi Harish... City mileage is about 10... primarily since I have to drive mostly in 2nd and 3rd gear because of Metro construction going on all over my route to office... When I take it to Delhi 3-4 times a month only on weekends (I live in Noida), it easily gives me 10+.... so in Delhi traffic, w...hich is better now due to no metro construction (in most areas), it will give 12+ easily... one of my friends in Delhi is getting that only... Highways I dont know.. haven't got a chance to take a holiday yet and drive it anywhere far... :-( Planning something for September, will let you know once I do go....Read More

Commented on own review

Aug 07, 2007 01:10 AM

Hi Mitul, In my experience, the AC is pretty powerful... at times it does get a little insufficient at the back as you said, but however that has been only when it has been peak heat in Delhi - as this year it was around end June... apart from that no real issues faced...

Commented on own review

Aug 03, 2007 07:25 PM

This is my last message to this moronic discussion initiated by Lidstof... 'No offence meant' means... .this is not a personal attack, but just my feelings... but you do not know how not to take things personally... hence I am declining to respond to your silly quarrelling statements anymore... go ahead and bitch about me as much as you want... People have had fun with one of my earlier arguments... I believe they can all take some more comedy at your expense........ PS: I am a little confused... you said in your earlier comment that for a noun (not sure if you meant all nouns or just proper nouns), spelling does not matter... but you actually MEANT that sound doesnt matter... Anyone else who understood that Lidstof was actally talking about 'sound' though he wrote 'spelling'?? Even in his last comment )directly above) he is still saying spelling doesnt matter, but not the sound... whatever that means.... And then he says kgkaran is a fool..... I rest my case.... Over and out..............Read More

Commented on own review

Aug 03, 2007 05:54 PM

Lidstof: An addendum for you: Your friend had a useless Santro given to him... so maybe he wasnt able to sell it... (or maybe he actually had to shell out some money to convince people to buy it).... All Accent cars that I have seen are sold at decent prices... just because 4-5 years later an SX4 w...ill give me 10000 rupees extra doesnt mean I will screw up my driving fun for 4-5 years by buying it instead of the Verna...Read More

Commented on own review

Aug 03, 2007 05:53 PM

People... please read his comment above.. and his threat to blast someone's face to pieces because he was called a fool.. and he calls me childish.. I am sure evern Preepraj is laughing like crazy on reading your comment... Mahabharata is a noun yes.. and I am sorry my school didnt teach me that ...we can play around with spellings of proper nouns... I thought it was only about pronounciation, never knew I can make Dilsoft into Lidstof, and say they mean the same thing, because he is a proper noun ;-) Second point, I didnt feel a thing when you wrote your review.. I think my comment above was written to show that I found it really funny and not the least bit offensive... Your tit for tat thing blew up bigtime.. till you wrote this review, I didnt even know who the hell you were and why you were doing this drama (I dont remember names of people who I write on.. specially nicknames), and now that I know.. I still dont care :-) And yes I understand it as Korea as I am sure everyone else reading this also does.. you are the first phenominally learned person who calls it Koria.. and expects me to agree!! I guess that is also a proper noun, hence the spelling doesnt matter? Everyone in the world decides cars on the basis of test drives.. do you expect me to buy the car first and then decide if I want to keep it? Please enlighten me to your great process of choosing cars Yes, I commented on your English.. just like everyone has a way of writing a review.. everyone has a way of writing a comment too.. I comment based on what I feel.. and if you take it personally, then I feel you need to grow up and be a MAN from the little girlie you are behaving like at the moment.. 'Ooh mommy, he called me a baby' :-) So you can keep crying about the fact that I pointed out you have no clue what the Mahabharata is spelled like.. and everyone else will keep laughing at you.. I had also said clearly no offence meant.. though I knew you will take it.. I wasn't wrong was Read More

Commented on own review

Aug 02, 2007 01:52 PM (Updated Aug 02, 2007 06:45 PM)

Dilsoft's comment above is not hilarious... it is stupid!!.. he is pissed just because I might have not started a sentence with a capital letter. I am not sure what his issue is: 1) Maybe he thinks he can teach people how to write reviews... not sure if I know of anyone who is interested in from him 2) Maybe he thinks that everyone in the world is the same as him... which is probably why he thinks that everyone's criteria for choosing a car are the same as his... Dilsoft, different people have different requirements, I wrote for people with requirements similar to mine... and I know of LOTS who benefited from this review and went and bought the Verna... I have even defined that category in one of my comments above... you were certainly not in that 3) He didnt care to check the date of this review... it was even before the SX4 was on the road, and he is now talking to me about it... Dude.. before blurting out anything and thinking you are the know-all, do some homework, not everyone is as big a dud as you are, and I am just going by the polite little message you had dropped for me in my M2M mailbox (PS, I HATE the SX4!!! USELESS drive) 4) You talk about me not knowing how to write English?? Lookat your own comment.. Hyundai is a 'korian' company.. never heard of a country called Koria.. or a breed called korian.. you will teach me how to write English? If you know that the Mahabharata is an epic... you should know its correct spelling (it is not mahabharatha - you made it into a vegetable... maha-bhartha) AND its name also starts with a capital letter... but I shouldn't trust your English to know that right? Your M2M message to me talked about capital letters and small letters - learn it yourself first dude!! 5) Not my fault that Hyundai chose your friend to give away their rejected Santro piece to... I know of Honda cars that have broken down... there goes your 'perfect Japanese' dream... No offence meant.. though I am sure you will take it!!Read More

Commented on own review

Jul 27, 2007 05:16 PM

Well, dont really know about the teflon coating... .never had scratches etc under my car, so not sure... autocop (the company autocop) is good.. so is blackcat..... the reverse sensor of blackcat is also good.. go ahead with it...

Commented on own review

Jul 26, 2007 12:41 PM

Hey people.... I think (and I am sure DCool agrees) that that was more of a difference in opiion than a fight :-) Nice to know we ended up entertainings lots of people.. ;-), but please dont get us wrong... He loves his BMW, will reach Manali from Chandigarh in 2 hours instead of 5 (just ;-) )... and is a great guy... and I love my Verna... and am a great guy too... ;-) Thanks, KGRead More

Commented on aparaajita's review

Jul 25, 2007 02:50 PM

what if a car isnt sold in the US??? do you live in US or in India?? US market is about what works there.. for the Indian market, the Verna is anyday better.... why pay so much extra for a Honda City just to get fill a few litres less of petrol? u will have to keep the car for 20 years to make up f...or the price difference... Honda is good... but not worth the price!! Verna is value for money... worth more than its price... Verna interios are super-sexy compared to the bland and ugly interiors of the SX4... drive quality is amazing.. SX4 pickup is screwed up... Go for the Verna, though I am afraid you would have already bought your car :-)Read More

Commented on jayeshrijhwani's review

Jul 25, 2007 02:46 PM

exactly my opinion... excellent car... just needs to have a better mileage... but inspite of that it is better than the City... whatever little i save on fuel with a City.. I will pay the same in the extra EMI... so no real difference... essentially for a lakh less, i have got more than what City ...offers... amazing car...Read More

Commented on LiveLifeKingsize's review

Jul 25, 2007 02:42 PM

I agree... I have all the features you listed except a few in my Xi... but from a driving and thrill point of view, the City is no comparison to the Verna.... such a sexy looking car compared to a drab looking City which is too common a sight these days... Still not too happy on the fuel efficienc...y... gives me around 10-11 so far... mainly because my drive is filled with gear changes and a lot of low gear drive due to metro construction in the area that i drive in mostly... but hope to have a better mileage once the second service is done...Read More

Commented on dilsoft's review

Jul 24, 2007 04:54 PM

hilarious english.. this guy needs to improve his writing skills... i noticed that more than anything about the car.. and dont have the patience to read again

Commented on Dinesh_Kanna's review

Jul 24, 2007 04:47 PM

no info.. just cribbing about what went wrong all over the place

Commented on own review

Jul 24, 2007 11:55 AM

Of course.. GenInfo.... thanks for your comment and nice to know you had fun :-) I am sure even DCool would agree that that was all in good fun... it was a difference in opinion which two people with highly sarcastic styles of talking sorted out sarcastically... ;-) Enjoy!!

Commented on own review

Jul 24, 2007 11:53 AM

Hi Vansika, Sunit Sorry for the late reply... had not been online for a while... Vansika.... you might have already bought your car by now... I have not driven the SX4, just looked at it in a showroom by sitting inside etc... but my opinion is it is too big from outside... and not so big the Verna as per me has more space... Verna interiors are far better with the wooden finish and the beige color etc... SX4 is a bit dull inside... however there are features like the music controls on the steering wheel which are great...... not sure about driving... i have only read that it is sluggish in pickup... Sunit, Headlights... yes slightly bad, but they are adjustable... you have the option to change the angle of your headlights... they are in 4 positions... 0,1,2,3... in 0 position they are the highest and give a good view forward... not sure if many people know about or have used this feature.... as per me you should be good to purchase...Read More

Commented on k.sharma11's review

Jun 15, 2007 11:40 AM

Even if you took a test drive and wrote a review based on that, it is still acceptable, but you just write something because of what you see on paper.. that is crazy as per me... What I have read about the SX4 from people who have actually driven it and not only looked at it, it has a horrible pi...ckup - features are not the only driving dactor for buying a car.. the car needs to do what it is originally supposed to do well - drive well. Not sure about that for the SX4. I would suggest, take a test drive, then update the review... no offense meant, hope none is taken..Read More

Commented on own review

May 17, 2007 04:18 PM

D-Cool you are right.. we have a different viewpoint how we are judging cars. Your judgement is based purely on Speed and the WOW factor when you see trees disappearing in a second. As I mentioned in my earlier comment, my viewpoint is the practicality aspect, which is because I do not own BMWs, not drive at 100 kilometres per hour unless on a highway.... I write the review for practical people who have a budget of 7-8 lakhs for buying a mid-size car, upgrading from a small car, and not for speed freaks looking for the fastest car on the planet... So your comments on my review are not even valid..... wonder what we have been arguing about... also just to let you know I don't enjoy driving in the second gear myself, but I would certainly like to see you drive at 100 or even 60 at a place where there is an ongoing Metro construction, and just one lane for all the traffic to go through the busiest road of the city... that should be one hell of a sight :-) Also if you read what I wrote carefully instead of being reactive, I said that the fact that Honda builds Formula cars, does not mean that Honda is comparable to a Ferrari or a Merc... am talking of the company and its overall products, not at all just about Formula one cars (which you are right I do not know much about, hence I never commented on it). And if you say that Honda is as good as Ferrari or Merc or BMW, then we both know who will be the joker of the century... unless you really mean that the Accord is as good as the S-class, or the City as good as the E-Class. Anyways, good luck with your BMW, hope you enjoy it!! PS: Taking turns on moutain roads at 70+km/h in MY eyes does not prove your driving capabilities, but your idiotic capabilities ........... (I hope not, but) someday there could be the bottom of a mountain to tell you that... dont do that to your BMW.. :-) I prefer driving like a 'grandma' than to boost my ego and bungee jump sitting inside a car without a rope...Read More

Commented on own review

May 15, 2007 04:15 PM

Guys, thanks for your comments... let me reply one by one.. Vikashv - yes I made up my mind in 10 minutes, however for all points about the Verna (except the mileage) also I took a 10 minute test drive only, and I stand by what I wrote. My Verna gives 11+ as mileage and I also added that this is... when i only drive at 2nd and 3rd gear for 90-95% of the time at low speeds and with AC on.. a normal city drive in the Verna will give 13+, which is good for a car of its category. If I compare this with the City (15+), taking an average of 500 kilometres driven in a month, I save Rs 250 a month assuming Rs 45 per litre of petrol. A Honda City Gxi is Rs 70000 more expensive than a Verna Xi - comparable models.. so to make up for the extra cost paid initially I will have to drive a Honda City for 23 years to actually make a profit compared to buying the Verna. I dont think thats practical enough, hence I still stand by what I said. Performance, lets not debate that, I think I am very happy driving the Verna, good for you with the City. You found the Verna sluggish and i found the City sluggish with AC on. DCool, I wonder why you are comparing the Verna to a Skoda or a BMW??? I should be comparing the Honda City to the Jaguar then to make a point of how useless it is (which I dont think so, I just think the Verna is better)... also Honda might be making formula one cars, but that doesnt get it even 1000 miles as close to Ferrari or BMW or Mercedez, and you know that!! So your comment on Honda making them and Hyundai not making them is amusing to say the least. Also I did not read up that review you gave me, if I am to read that, why are we writing out own reviews here.. this place is meant for my review and I wrote it, and if I look for it, I can come up with 5 sites that will say that the Verna is better... it is all a matter of individual opinion. Thanks again guys for your opinionsRead More

Commented on own review

May 11, 2007 04:18 PM

Thanks Heeru for your opinion.. I am definitely biased towards the Verna coz I like it better. However I stand by my comment on the space in the front, I didnt say it is similar to the Alto, I said its just a little more, not big enough for my legs, and I am just 5'10'. With the Verna, if the seat i...s completely pushed to the back, I JUST manage to reach the accelarator, that much space. However thanks for reading and commenting. As for DCool, I appreciate your thought, but if you think handling of the Verna is like Shit, I have no comparisons left for your driving sense and handling abilities :-). Just curious, what car do you drive?Read More