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intel_fun's Timeline

Commented on sriram_appu's review

Nov 07, 2004 05:20 PM

Hi, Is the ringing volume lower than basic models? I agree with all the features mentioned in your revu but thr ringing is a basic requirement - if thats not upto the mark, then you tend to miss calls Pls let me know Muks

Commented on mouthshutdotcom's review

Aug 14, 2004 01:10 AM

.... or follow her trademark tactics like she did in Dil ka Rishta - eeks! such a bore-to-death movie it was. The music of this flick are quite catchy and I have them on my PC right now. Will give this a miss :( Good revu there, buddy Muks

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Aug 11, 2004 06:18 AM

Your excellence in this revu reminds me of ... khair chod do! I can't and won't comment on the list of writers you've honored but where your revu hits is the presentation style. Honestly, you should go in the proffession where presentation is the criteria (except the ones Nigar Khan follows;) ... You score ... pls dont stop... MuksRead More

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Aug 11, 2004 06:14 AM

Tum antaryami ho (not the Indian hostage in Iraq;), tum dani ho .... balke main to kahta hoon tum hi nahi ....err! mera matlab hai mahapurush ho! Pls dont mind ... I am talking to you thinking you're a fellow Mumbaite and fellow Sindhi the way I am - but you're way too ahead of me But seriousl...y, I don't find him too funny the way you and Prem and Crime Master Gogo find him - kya main pagal to nahi hoon? Par tum continue karte raho .... tumhe Alok Nath ke pretty beti milegi aur Alok Nath tumhara sasur banega - this is your reward;) MuksRead More

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Aug 11, 2004 06:10 AM

aila! kya revu hai re! Very humorous and up to the mark - you live to your ID ... hahaha! But bura mat manna ... Kareena Kapoor should have topped this list ... isn't it ... just kidding please chappal mat marna ... kahin customs se cross ho gaya to seedhe Bombay se aa mere sir pe girega yo top the merit list ... humme itni khushi deto ho tum Really well done with this revu ... dil khush ho gaya MuksRead More

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Aug 11, 2004 06:07 AM

... saw and njoyed all the ones portrayed in this revu and also agree more or less on the paticulars of 'em. U are way too inspired by Bollywood but so am I .... after all Bombay mein rahne se aisa hi hota hai ... aur hum aise hi hain ... right? U keep inking ... rukna mana hai Muks

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Aug 11, 2004 06:03 AM

is your revu this time. I wore contacts for 7 years right from 9th standard to my Engg in Mumbai ... and now have shifted to glasses .... gives me the serious-cum-classy look that my GF likes. uske kiye mein Tushky style glasses bhi pahan loon but these are the thin metal frames with slight dark sha...des on top ... look cute and serious at the same time I completely agree with all the tips and suggestions flashes in this revu pertaining to cleanliness, sleeping with lens on and RENU solution Tumne to na .... purane din yaad dila diye MuksRead More

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Aug 11, 2004 06:00 AM

... I don't read your revus for the main topic but for the hatke stuff ... as in this case the KBC live show that we saw your courtesy But KJ's 'GAY' behavior might surprise you but yaha par to bahut aam (not mango) baat hai! US and CA are too liberal (yes, too much is also very bad) - sach tum dekho after 9 pm on buses shuru ho jaate hain aur mujhe sharam aati hai I won't commend you on your actual revu as the former was really funny ... ROFL stuff as they say in MS language Lingo se yaad aaya ... Mumbai ka lingo - the one and unique thing in this world after Maa ka Khana aur dad ki thapad ;) MuksRead More

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Aug 11, 2004 05:54 AM

Canada mein to sirf 2 types of salesman and sales-women: (1) The hip-hop stores and malls like Sears, The Bay etc. have very hot (straight from oven) blondes wearing very less clothes and coming too close .... aah! and (2) The sweet 32 flashing ones which are way past our ages and don't se...em to go beyond anything but business But 'haath nahi lagane ka' type people are never found - I guess thats more to do with the category of customers that come in such malls. India mein to ... pet ke bhookhe, tan se bhooke aur har cheez ke bhooke MuksRead More

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Aug 11, 2004 05:48 AM

Tum to na ... sirf Shrukie chaiye tumhe? Kajol was too good in some scenes like the London ones with her neighbour Miss Sprightley and some cookies .... isse acche to hum Chandi Chowk mein hi the Really, Ottawa se accha to main Bandra mein hi tha KK set a trend which she herself is not able to... undo (Ctrl+Z doesn't work in real life or career fortunately) As I have said, your revus are too interesting and captivating and on reaching the end of a revu I seldom recollect what was the original topic ... rootcause analysis but still keep the readers bound to the script Kepe it up! MuksRead More

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Aug 11, 2004 05:44 AM

some jokes that you get to me via M2M ... didn't get to see this flick and don't intend either. The combo of Big Mac seems more magnetic to me than this flick's DVD. But I need some sade jokes to liven my meetings and conferences ... aadha time to sirf sunna padta hai ... Also I hope iski ...DVD bhi Sasti ho MuksRead More

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Aug 11, 2004 05:41 AM

and garish was this version of Devdas. Equally melodramatic and incredible was the climax scene ... couldn't digest this flick aur phir bad hazmi si ho gayi Madhuri too looks her age in this film but she looks stale in Hum Tumhare Hai sanam - gosh! Tumhara Shrukie (I hope KJ is not masque...rading my IP) to bahut zyada acting karta hai ... puhlezz tel'im to act in limits I am happy you don't reco for this nightmarish flick. MuksRead More

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Aug 11, 2004 05:37 AM

I kinda like his attitude and envy his luck too (not after getting trAsh but after surviving so many accidents on filmi sets) As for VC, this was available in Canada since eternity and I never saw any sensible man (or woman for that matter) having this in their cart. Infact Walmart has different ...rows for each brand and Coke's row had 99% CC and just 1 % VC bottles Good thrashing on a thrashable product Aur kya hai! tumhe Kareena pasand kyon hai? I mean you deserve much better - I swear ;) All the best MuksRead More

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Aug 11, 2004 05:32 AM

First time with your revu. Not too sure but I am unable to fathom what is Manisha baby trying to prove with such kinda performances ... correct me if I am wrong but isn't this the 2nd in the list after that ek chotti si (yaa moti si) love story controversy? Manisha ko kuch advice to de do ... Ver...sova Yari road pe rahti hai... she was very white and flawless when she was young and I had seen her in some function in Mumbai - dil kiya ... nahi nahi yeh public site hai ...phir kabhi aur phir TUM bigad na jao? Puhleez don't stop MuksRead More

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Aug 11, 2004 05:28 AM

... bilkul jhoot! Bacche ... man ke sacche ... akal ke kacche .. all your revus have your rendezvous with a beautiful cho-chweet, nadan, phool si nazuk Simi ;) Aise do hi log baat kiya karte hain - either those who hank for that extra attention or those who are talking straight from the hea...rt. I hope you come in the latter category... Mukhe apne college ke din yaad aagaye but it wasn't as fun filled as yours...lage raho Baat kuch aage badi ya dusri friend ki teesri cousin se mulakaat ho gayi? MuksRead More

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Aug 11, 2004 05:17 AM

There are a lot of things you could have written on this topic ... I may write a revu if time permits. But tum apne age se kaafi aage ho and I guess thats in your genes ... arre compliment hi to hai;) Mumbai se yaad aaya ... there is certain Tharu at Khar station and Jhama in Chembur aur mujhe... wahan ke Gulab jamun aur Singher ki mithai bahut pasand hai .... Now practise these etiquettes and mere naam se mithai kha lo! Kepe inking ... TP accha ho raha hai MuksRead More

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Aug 11, 2004 05:12 AM

is what MS is to me ... I don't intend to take anything on this URL seriously aur jab man thak jaata hai ... tab yahan par aana hota hai! U write very well and I am on a reading spree for some of your revu's whose titles don't seem to match what they're really meant for ... so bahut comments mile...nge BTW, ab aap kya kar rahe hain? I mean kaune college/standard/univ? MuksRead More

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Aug 11, 2004 05:08 AM

both your revu and comments but this thing is pretty rampant in Islamic countries as well ... paedophilia is not a crime as per them and Dubai mein to ... lemme stop here itself Guess your country's Prez says ' Only parents and primary school teacher can stop ...' but I wonder these tendencies much ahead in life for the criminals, isn't it? Neways, keep inking... MuksRead More

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Aug 11, 2004 05:05 AM

... from Aamir's DCH first scene (if I am not mistaken) is your last dialogue with Miss KJ But temme seriously, are the rumours making hot rounds on MS about SRK and KJ really true? I have personally met SRK whilst in M'bai and also seen quite a lot of his flicks and didn't seem that way - haan KJ ke baare mein bahut suna hai and uske baad milne se darr lagta hai Tum likhte raho ... don't stop! MuksRead More

Commented on nikamma1112's review

Aug 11, 2004 05:01 AM

KK talks too gibberish but lets not forget that she was just 16 - not a bad start but not a glamorous start either ;) Suna hai tum Kareena par 'fida' ho rahe ho .... shahid ko batao ya tumhari current GF ya phir mom-dad ko? You tend to digress but having said that you're too much for your age - that if I believe your pic on your profile MuksRead More