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Types of Accommodation Available for your Travel

Updated on : Oct 19, 2023 4:58 PM
Types of Accommodation Available for your Travel


Ever wondered what is the difference between a hotel and hostel? A cottage or a chalet? Or don’t know what kind of accommodation would be perfect for the next vacation? Worry not! We bring you a break-down of different types of accommodation perfect for your next getaway.

Hotel – An establishment that provides overnight stay with paid accommodation and other guest services. Hotels are rated between 1-5 stars based on the location, size, amenities and service.

Hostel – Hostel is an ideal option if you are backpacking or on a budget. They are inexpensive rooms with common amenities and a mess.

Lodge –It mostly refers to the small rural houses that serve as a seasonal holiday home.

Resort – Resorts are full-service lodging facilities with guest’s services and recreational facilities like a pool, spa, garden etc.

Bed & Breakfast – A Bed & Breakfast or BnB, is an independent lodging establishment with an intimate setting, they usually serve free breakfast.

Dormitories – They are somewhat like hostels. A large room shared with several other guests along with common amenities. They are extremely inexpensive.

Timeshare – This is a form of shared property ownership, where several joint owners have the right to use the property for vacation or recreation for specified period each year.

Dharamshala – These are mostly found in provinces practising Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. They are very much like dormitories and hostels with minimal cost. They are especially made for pilgrims.

Motel – They are roadside hotels equipped with sufficient amenities and lot of parking space for motor vehicles. These were originally made for motorists and backpackers.

Cottage – Cottages are small, rural-styled vacation home. They are equipped with basic amenities.

Chalet – Wooden Alpine-style built homes, commonly found in and around mountain resorts.

Mansion – These are large, opulent houses, built for wealthy with luxurious facilities and amenities.

Villa – Homage to Roman times, Villas are often described as a luxurious countryside mansions. A villa has several rooms, sometimes these rooms are detached or they are semi-detached.

Treehouse – A treehouse is built on the branches of a tree. It is made for recreational purpose mainly for kids. Off late, resorts have come up with tree houses for adults as well.

Apartment – Also known as a Flat. It is a self-contained accommodation unit, in a building, that comprises of many other apartments.

Camp – A temporary settlement, comprising of huts, tents and other removable structures used a traveller’s lodge.

Inn – A small establishment that offers food, drinks and overnight accommodation at a reasonable rate. It can be very opulent or very normal with basic amenities.

Penthouse – An apartment built on the topmost floor of a building, mostly offering luxurious amenities.

Chateau – This term is synonymous with vineyard estates, but also used to refer to French castle or a country house.

Pension – Pensions are usually a family-run business that works as a BnB but guests are also offered lunch and dinner. They are cheaper than any other accommodation option.

Yurt – Dome-shaped or conical on the top, it is made of animal skin. Mostly used as accommodation facility in the wilderness.

Dome – A dome is a roof or hemispherical form, mostly on the terrace; that any sustainable hotel may offer. They may be made with wood, glass etc.

Pod – A pod is a basic prefabricated structure that stands alone and provides basic accommodation facilities.

Farmhouse – They may vary in style according to the region, but a farmhouse is a house that is attached to a farm, it reflects vernacular architecture.

Extended Stay Hotel – These hotels offer rooms with the comfort of a traditional home along with discounted rates for guests who are interested in staying for long-term.

Guesthouse – A guesthouse is a private house offering inexpensive accommodation for tourists’ who want to rent it for short duration.

Capsule Hotel – This is a unique type of accommodation that is cheap, provides a basic overnight stay in a number of itsy-bitsy functional rooms called Capsules or Cubes. There is usually a shared area with bathroom and TV.

Parador – Spanish-government operated hotels, luxurious, often located in monasteries, former castles and other beautiful historic settings.

The names of every accommodation may vary state to state and country to country.

On your next vacation instead of opting for a hotel room don’t forget to check out these options as well.