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great_guns's Timeline

Commented on vishpan's review

May 02, 2009 08:59 PM

One paragraph repeated twice is NOT a review. A NU rating from me. Please read through other reviews by the popular reviewers to know how a review should be constructed. Please take this as constructive criticism and I really hope to see you improve and write many more great reviews.

Commented on arvind_k's review

Jul 17, 2008 02:51 AM

'I have quit* visiting MS'...sorry about the spelling mistake

Commented on arvind_k's review

Jul 17, 2008 02:50 AM

Arvind. First and foremost, congratulations on an excellent review. I've quite visiting MS because of the falling standards of reviews here. Tons of people now write four line 'I love rocks...its the best' type reviews and it is a pain to sift through them and find a real useful review. I wa...s really pleased ro read your well researched and well presented review. A VU rating all the way. I have a question which I would be grateful if you could answer here as well as in a private message. I am planning to buy the Indica Dicor with all accessories possible (like a ski rail, fog lamps, rear spoiler etc.) to make it look different from a 'cab' which it is unfortunately called these days. I am yet to find convincing reports that it is a safe car though. In Europe and USA, you have very good and clear ratings defining how safe a car is but we have none in India. How would you rate the safety aspect in the Dicor compared to other small cars? Secondly, Tata is notorious for having second grade upholstery and finishings in the interiors. Does that still apply for the new Dicor? Third, do you think it is worth waiting for the V3 to come into the market? I mean, is the technology and performance increase worth paying the extra money for? Fourth, I intend to take it driving out of the city where we all know how bad the roads are. In your opinion, is the Indica suspension good enough to not tonk out after a few thousand miles of bad road driving?Read More

Commented on adirx100's review

Jun 17, 2008 04:48 PM

Sorry mate, even though you sound enthusiastic (good for you), this review is nothing but an entire recount of rumours/speculations. 'it supposdly reaches the top speed lik in under 12.3 secs' 'the delear assures me that it being a tubless zapper is more than capable of handelling sharp bends' ... 'milage the deler says eazily 45' Maybe you can drum up some real facts and reports of your own usage/test ride and then write another review. Best of luck. Read More

Commented on RockingOnDiscover's review

Jun 17, 2008 04:36 PM

What kind of a review is this? Please read other reviews from more experienced people on MS to understand how to write a review.

Commented on cool_dube's review

Nov 16, 2007 12:43 PM

That was a brilliant review. I have pretty much stopped visiting MS due to the poor quality of the reviews here in the past two three years. It is great to hence find a brilliant review once again. Well done. A VU for you. I am mulling over buying an SUV. Do you think there are any alternatives... that I can choose amongst? I like the Bolero Invader though the Bolero GLX and others have garnered very very bad reviews for the difficulty in handling, turning, comfort etc. I want to know how different these two vehicles are. Could you please throw some light on this? I don't want to spend too much because I really cant afford a lot right now. A scorpio thus would be way out of my league. Another question is whether you can get a hard-top invader. I see little point in having an open-roof car in India where vandals steal everything visible and saleable. Its a sad situation but a true one.Read More

Commented on avinash.murkute's review

Jun 07, 2007 12:08 AM

Congrats. I love the review for how you've written it. I believe reviews SHOULD be written like this. You might notice that I have already given you a VU rating and I hope you write many such informative reviews in the future. Best of luck. -PeAcE --WiTh ---GuNs

Commented on mariner2's review

May 24, 2007 04:18 AM

Hi Nandu, Its been a few long years since I've joined MS and have read/commented/interacted with you on your reviews. Its really great to see you still writing here. Its been a while since my last review but i do blog now ( ). Will try to get on a long bike... ride Mariner style when I come back to Pune. Till then do keep in touch. -PeAcE --WiTh ---GuNsRead More

Commented on coop69's review

Dec 19, 2006 08:52 PM

Please make sure you have enough information to fill us in on before you decide to write a review. To understand the difference between a review and an advertizing copy, read reviews from more experienced reviewers. Hope to see you writing many better reviews henceforth. Good luck. -PeAcE --W...iTh ---GuNsRead More

Commented on gattu4u's review

Jul 19, 2006 02:54 PM

Namashkaar Gattu Mahoday ! Bahut bahut dhanyawaad apne vichaar bataane ke liye. Magar aap agar is website ke uddesh ki taraf dhyaan karen, toh aap ko pataa chalega kii yahaan par 'reviews' likhi jaati hain, apne niji vichaarmandali nahi. Aasha karta hoon aap kai achhe aur upyogi 'reviews' likh...enge aanewaale samay mein aur ke ek priya saathi banenge. Reviews kaisi likhi jaani chaahiye, isse jaanne ke liye aur aunbhavi lekhakon ke reviews padhen. Dhanyawaad...aur aapka Mouthshut ki duniya mein swaagat hai ! -GuNsRead More

Commented on miki's review

Jun 03, 2006 11:55 PM

Hey, absolute rocker of a review. ANSOLUTELY how a travel info piece whould be written. Thanks a ton. WIll be visiting Janjira from Pune tomorrow. Its a one day trip so things will be run-run, I guess. Still hope to make the most of it. Drop in on my reviews and check them out. I am almost dorman...t on MS now and I hadnt written for 2 years until I though of posting 2 music reviews a few months ago. -PeAcE --WiTh ---GuNsRead More

Commented on abhirath_sci5's review

May 16, 2006 11:25 AM

Hey, good ino there. You might wanna add a link to the phone's (detailed)description and features page on the official or some other site at the end of the review. It helps people interested in buying it to check out the official numbers involved. -PeAcE --WiTh ---GuNs

Commented on psyxx's review

May 04, 2006 10:34 AM

Hey !! Good to see you in action. Thats a good write up and you pretty much hit the nail on the head. You definitely have to be careful about who you give out your information too. One thing that people should avoid is thinking that everyone on the internet is a criminal. There are a large ...number of such people on the internet but so they are in the real world as well. Just as we are careful to choose our company in real life, so should we be on the internet. Simple. Claring your temporary internet files by deleting everything in the TEMPORARY INTERNET FILES is not enough. There are other places where the downloaded files are stored. The best way to do it is using the EMPTY TEMPORARY FILES option in the Internet Explorer properties pane. I use NetCaptor which has a very cool option to empty everything including cookies, temp internet files etc. and even use a 1 to 32 pass overwrite over them. [:-D] All this in 3 just clicks. I have a review on NetCaptor at -PeAcE --WiTh ---GuNsRead More

Commented on mariner2's review

May 04, 2006 10:18 AM

I am an avid amateur photographer too. In fact, I bought a PANASONIC LUMIX FZ-20 from JJ Mehta last month. ( ) Its the camera I've been dreaming about for many months now. Over a number of sites and discussion boards, I've c...ome to know quite a bit about photography and the theory of it. While researching for cameras, I went overboard and I know almost all super-zoom camera models from all manufacturers - with details. I'd be glad to share my knowledge with you on this regard. Check out my gallery on Do comment on the pics there if you like any. -PeAcE --WiTh ---GuNsRead More

Commented on mariner2's review

May 04, 2006 10:11 AM

Super write-up. Cant call it a review though, hence no rating. LOL, extremely funny and teaches me NOT TO ASK my pop if I ever go out to 'pardes', what I should bring for him. I'll probably get him a good music player and a REALLY EXPENSIVE watch though. Hes still using a 20 year old watch coz he... likes it so much !! -PeAcE --WiTh ---GuNsRead More

Commented on blueguitar's review

May 04, 2006 09:49 AM

Hey Shashank ! Its good to be in touch with you, man. As I came to Mouthushut after a long time to M2M you, I see your list of reviews alongside and I am reading your review on Goran Ivanisevic again. I never watch much tennis but I liked Goran too. I've loved that review of yours like all others.... I sincerely think you should be writing more reviews coz this really is a great site and lots of people have come in since our semi-retirement from here. I think we both oughtta try and get back in line with the old folk here. Its nostalgia when I remember coming from college and stopping at a cybercafe on the way to write reviews and check on comments on my reviews. Those were good momements in my hectic life then. Maybe we can all get back to writing here. Whatsay? -PeAcE --WiTh ---GuNsRead More

Commented on ashwinu's review

Mar 02, 2006 08:33 PM

Hey man ! Great review, in-dept coverage. loved it. I was thinking of buying a second hand Maruti gypsy to go out on impromptu off road trips sometimes. You think the Bolero is a better option? The Invader looks nice too. But Bolero is a lot more expensive than the Gypsy. I'd be grateful if... you could M2M the answer please. thanks !! -PeAce --WiTh ---GuNsRead More

Commented on own review

Feb 28, 2006 11:09 AM

Hey man !! Thanks for all the comments. Its really nice to have like minded people reading my reviews. The first comment here is by 'blueguitar' who is another one of our tribe. I respect people who like modern day authors as free people with right to choice. The problem is that these peop...le have no idea of all the old books and hence they never read those. That is something very sad and maybe we could do something about it !! -PeAce --WiTh ---GuNSRead More

Commented on own review

Feb 27, 2006 10:50 AM

Hey Debanish !! Thanks a ton for the comment man. I actually admire the fact that you read so many PDFs. I myself collected so many of the classics when I found online books and I was so excited that they were free. But to be frank, I've never managed to get down to reading ANY ONE of them. All o...f them are lying in one folder, untouched. I dont know, maybe its the weird smell (aroma) of old moth eaten, brown pages of these books that I am addicted to (I've bought most of the classics from the raddiwaala at throwaway rates ranging from 3 rupees to 30 rupees. These books are often very old, sometimes 40-50 years old). RDB is awesome and I just LOVE it. I can write a whole column on it but I dont really feel like doing that. RDB's inspired me to do many things. Read my blog and maybe you will get some ideas too !! -PeAcE --WiTh ---GuNsRead More

Commented on svrlax's review

Feb 07, 2006 10:19 AM

Thats an extremely well written review man. Perfect in size, content and presentation. All the info was very helpful too. I have been mulling over re-starting use of my mobile phone which I discontinued a few months ago. Now I definitely wont get this 999 connection. I was not too excited about i...t anyway coz its like signing a contract that you will be a customer of that same service for a very long time regardless of how bad their service gets. Its like signing a bond. Thanks for the enlightenment !! Do check out my reviews as well. -PeAcE --WiTh ---GuNsRead More