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How to Buy an Air Conditioner?

Updated on : Oct 20, 2023 2:56 PM
How to Buy an Air Conditioner?


The economic growth of India and elevated buying capacity has empowered the average middle-class to the luxuries of air-conditioners. Gone are the days when air-conditioners were considered as the mark of luxury and were found only in well-to-do households. Today, it can be seen in every average home, not just in metros but even in the smaller cities. With newer technologies, energy efficiency and healthcare benefits, consumers have become more aware about their daily necessities. There are so many brands in the market launching based on energy efficiency, variably designed and with value-for-money features exceptionally manufactured for Indian markets.

With so many brands, designs, specifications and variations; it only becomes difficult to choose from them. Which brand to invest in? Which air-conditioner is more compatible with your needs? And so on. With increasing heat every day and price-hike everywhere, the need for an air-conditioner also increases, but with value efficiency. Choosing an air-conditioner according to your requirements is cakewalk but only if you have all the right information. Here’s a listing that gives you all the basics you need to know before you invest and install the luxury during summers’ time.

Types of Air-conditioners

Well there is more than one type of air-conditioners in the market which are designed according to need of the consumer and evolved through time.

Firstly, there are Window ACs, one of the most popular types in India across all segments. The cooler and compressor in this type are within single cabinet. They are installed in a window sill or an external wall and exhausts warm air outside. Usually, they also require some support installation for the weight and installation cost doesn’t go much up from here. They are good enough to cool single room and if smaller units, they can be plugged into existing power points with no requirement for professional installation. If there is budgetary restraint, this is the best deal as it gives value for money.


Single unit, so easy installation

Cost effective

Convenient for people who move frequently


Cools only single room

Blocks a window after installation or if no window needs to renovate your room.

Disturbance due to noise of compressor

Secondly, there’s Split AC, as the name suggests, it has two units; one is outer (compressor) unit and inner (blower) unit. The compressor is installed outside and one or more blower can be installed inside. It is more aesthetically pleasing than Window AC and can easily cool larger areas such as offices and commercial spaces.


Good air circulation compared to ACs of same size.

Compressor can be installed anywhere outside a wall

Quiet operation

Aesthetic and attractive design


Expensive than Window AC

Installation costs more and is complicated as two units need to be connected

Troubleshooting Split ACs is complex than Window AC


Capacity is not related to weight of the air-conditioner but it’s a number that suggests how much amount of warm air can be removed by an AC in an hour. So the capacity of the product should be decided depending upon the floor size of the room for which it is supposed to be installed. An approximate measurement mentions that an area of 120 to 140 sq. ft. requires 1 ton AC; 150 to 180 sq. ft. area needs 1.5 ton and 180 to 250 sq. ft. will need 2 ton capacity AC to cool the larger area.

Energy Efficiency

With rising electricity tariffs and mercury levels, it is necessary to buy an energy efficient air-conditioner, because no one wants to buy luxury and then just use it once a while. For this very purpose, air-conditioners, nowadays, come with star rating for energy efficiency; also called as EER. This has been standardized by Bureau of Energy Efficiency (BEE). Technically, any AC with more star ratings is more energy efficient than the ones with lower star ratings. Also, in case you are wondering which type uses less energy, Window or Split AC, both of them require same amount of energy. Star rating suggests which product uses this energy well.

Product Price

One important factor to bear in mind is that, as the number of features and star rating increases, the amount of the product increases as well. For every increase in star rating, there is approximately increase of Rs. 2500.

Air Quality

The sole reason of installing an AC is for cool air in turn of warm air, without compromising the quality of air. So look out for an AC with good filters that is required for improving indoor air quality. A good filter also increases the cooling performance and energy efficiency of the AC by preventing the choking of evaporator coil due to dust.


In today’s world, ACs are not just used for cooling but also as multi-seasonal product which can be used during winters as well as monsoon. These Hot & Cold Air-Conditioners are power savers, they use upto 35% less energy than heaters. They are useful during monsoons as it helps in controlling the humidity in the air. That’s why is better to be on a look out for ACs that fulfill every seasonal need.

Other Important Features

Add-on features like warranty and after-sales services is something that one should look into, as they are certainly a plus point for your purchase. It is also necessary to check for noise levels of the model, which should range between 19-60 decibels. More than this can be disturbing for you as well as your neighbours. The sleep mode function in an AC is useful as it automatically adjusts the temperature at nights. After a power break, the unit should also have an auto restart facility so that it helps to restore last setting.

This summer indulge in smart investment and opt for an air-conditioner that fulfill all you above requirements and beat the heat this season.

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