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duttaapu_in's Timeline

Reviewed Shalimar Coriander Powder

Apr 11, 2016 02:23 PM 1780 Views

Coriander powder is an essential ingredient for cooking curry.For making fish curry mix potato with coriander powder, cumin powder, haldi powder along with onion, ginger, garlic, green chilly and pour it on a hot pan with little bit of mustard oil and then add water and boil for 5 minut...Read more

Reviewed Dhara Cooking Oil

Feb 27, 2016 09:18 PM 23693 Views

You can use it while you fry fish or making curry be it chicken,mutton or vegetable curry. You can mix vegetables with various powder like haldi,coriander and cumin powder.Put dhara mustard oil in a pan and fry that vegetable and pour water.Boil it for 20 minutes and your vegetable curry is r...Read more

Reviewed Britannia Top Biscuits

Feb 18, 2016 03:57 PM 4202 Views

Britannia top biscuit is a salty biscuit available in the market.It is crunchy.It tastes good with tea.If you take a bite it gives a nice feeling in your tongue.Two biscuit is sufficient for a cup of tea. Since you take it in moderate amount it lasts long.Its 200gm cost 19rs. Cost wise it is ...Read more

Reviewed Good Knight Mosquito Repellent

Feb 15, 2016 09:44 PM 16955 Views

It is one of the most effective mosquito repellent system available in the market. In order to move away mosquito from the room you do not need to use it for long. Half an hour or one hour use is sufficient for moderate number of mosquito.It has a modern machine and a liquid repellent.T...Read more

Reviewed Colgate ActiveSalt Tooth Paste

Feb 15, 2016 12:43 PM 2301 Views

Colgate active salt toothpaste is a toothpaste which is very effective in reducing pain in the teeth.If you gurgle with salt water it removes pain in your teeth. Since salt is present in the toothpaste it also serves the same purpose.I use it everyday. It produces healthy gum.I do not find an...Read more

Reviewed Cookme Masala

Feb 13, 2016 01:05 PM 3612 Views

If you want to prepare food in home, Cookme Turmeric(HALDI) powder is  very essential. You need to add it in fish curry, meat curry etc.You have to mix a little quantity of it along with raw vegetable and other powder.Then fry it on the oven and add water.Boil it for ten minutes. Your tasty v...Read more

Reviewed Dabur Amla Hair Oil

Feb 12, 2016 01:31 PM 13821 Views

Dabur Amla Hair oil is one of the best hair oil in India.  Its black color gives you a good feeling. If you use it, it blackens your hair. It also makes your hair healthy and shiny. If you compare it with other coconut oil like tata Nihar it requires in lesser quantity. It is better than othe...Read more

Reviewed Head & Shoulders Anti-Dandruff Shampoo

Feb 11, 2016 01:30 PM 1822 Views

Head and shoulders is a smooth and silky anti-dandruff   shampoo. First wash your hair with water then apply shampoo on scalp and rinse for sometime.  It will make lather and again wash your hair.  Your cleaning of hair is complete. It does not generate enough lather like other shampoo like s...Read more

Reviewed Nestle Everyday

Feb 09, 2016 01:22 PM 16363 Views

Nestle EveryDay is a milk substitute for everyday use . You can use it for the preparation of tea and coffee. According to doctor you can also drink it instead of Mother Dairy or cows milk. It is also healthy. With one tablespoon of EveryDay milk powder you can make one cup of milk. Compared ...Read more

Reviewed Nescafe Classic

Feb 07, 2016 12:46 PM 7591 Views

(Updated Feb 07, 2016 04:16 PM)

Nescafe Classic is very commonly available coffee for everyday use. Make a cup of milk by adding one tablespoon of amulya milk with water and sugar. Then add 0.5gram of coffee and stir. Your coffee is ready to drink. Nescafe pouch is available in 10rs and 5rs pack. 4.5 gram is available with ...Read more

Reviewed Mother's Recipe Pickles

Feb 06, 2016 01:28 PM 7304 Views

(Updated Feb 06, 2016 09:32 PM)

This is one of the best pickle in the market.It is a sweet mango pickle.It has a flavour of ancient Gujarat.In this product mango is mixed with sugar, spices and condiments which makes it a most delicious product.You can take it after or along with lunch or dinner.You can distinguish ma...Read more

Reviewed Amulya Dairy Whitener

Feb 05, 2016 01:19 PM 17489 Views

Amulya dairy whitener is a milk substitute for everyday use.According to Doctor you can consume it with water instead of other available milk like Mother Diary milk.It is also healthy .Those who are financially constrained can use it.With one tablespoon of amulya dairy whitener you can ...Read more

Reviewed Margo Soap

Feb 04, 2016 01:15 PM 20200 Views

In the market many types of bathing soaps are available.Margo is one of them.It is a pure neem extracts claimed by the company.Neem is very effective in preventing diseases like chicken pox.It is antiseptic.So margo soap is very useful from health point of view. When it is mixed with wa...Read more

Reviewed Fortune Kachi Ghani Mustard Oil

Jan 31, 2016 01:30 PM 16956 Views

(Updated Jan 31, 2016 02:00 PM)

It can be used in any type of cooking be it fry or curry.While cooking curry you put fortune mustard oil in a pan and fry vegetables mixed with various powder.If you do it for some time a beautiful smell will come out to prove that it is going to be a good preparation.Same is true for fryi...Read more

Reviewed Boroline Antiseptic Face Cream

Jan 29, 2016 02:32 PM 8920 Views

(Updated Jan 29, 2016 03:05 PM)

Boroline antiseptic cream is a multipurpose cream.You can use it on face at night specially in winter.You can  also use it for any cut on skin since it is an antiseptic cream.It costs rs 30 for 20gram tube.It is very useful for dry skin. It keeps your skin smooth and soft.It is a little...Read more

Reviewed Rin Detergent Bar

Jan 28, 2016 11:13 PM 4182 Views

It can be used as a supplementary bar in removing dirt along with detergent powder. It is a product of hindustan lever which is a very reputed brand in India. Firstly put your clothes in a pot of water with detergent powder like tide plus. Then after few hours while washing, rubbing wit...Read more

Reviewed Sunfeast Yippee Noodles

Jan 25, 2016 09:33 PM 4028 Views

In the market many types of noodles are available.Yippee noodles is among the best. If you compare it with maggi noodles it is a little bit more spicy.It is a product of famous ITC brand.Although maggi was banned temporarily for high led content yippee has been out of that controversy. So ...Read more

Reviewed Everest Masala

Jan 25, 2016 02:49 PM 10438 Views

In the market different type of meat masala are available and everest meat masala is one of them.Its 10 gram pouch cost RS 5.If you use it in one curry in one day you can use it for seven days.It will give curry a good red color . Its taste becomes delecious.Sunrise masala is also availabl...Read more

Reviewed Kissan Squeezo Fresh Tomato

Jan 22, 2016 08:04 PM 4164 Views

Tomato sauce is an important ingredient for making a food tasty.Kissan tomato sauce is one such product.It is claimed that it is hundred percent real.You can use it with noodles like maggi noddles.It makes noodles taste better.But it is little bit thinner than maggi tomato sauce.So it r...Read more

Reviewed Dettol Liquid Handwash

Jan 16, 2016 09:16 AM 2059 Views

Dettol handwash cost rs30 for 110ml.If you use it twice daily it can be used for one month.It is very handy.It can kill jerms at a speedy rate.After using it my liver condition has improved.It will keep disease away.It is very light so you will not feel of using it. Although it is costl...Read more