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chowchow's Timeline

Commented on KunaLsehrawat's review

Oct 03, 2007 06:21 PM

o please..comon guys.. don't you feel one is stressing the limit by using certain words here.. this is really uncalled for.. calm down guys

Commented on KunaLsehrawat's review

Oct 03, 2007 09:37 AM

guys, just to remind a point about being civil.. if someone have bought a new car, (any brand) and have done a review here, do congratulate him/her instead of pitching, exchanging negative tone on the car (the old Indian mentality that .. my car is better than yours, my car will toast yours for brea...kfast etc). Stop all this egostic mannerism and try to be constructive. If one point has been said, there is NO need to brag that again and again! NO one is getting paid for bashing each other. As an educated individual, I am sure all of us can learn to be polite and repect other's choice. Something to ponder about.Read More

Commented on KunaLsehrawat's review

Oct 02, 2007 11:09 AM (Updated Oct 02, 2007 11:15 AM)

well well, what do we have here!...blackspawner again on forerunner on anti-SX4 camp along with his VERNA commentary - bro, it does seems like you had been hammered AGAIN and AGAIN! Nice jokes he had put up though!! What he didn't realize is that he had been comparing two cars that serves different ...purpose, use and ownership! ------------------------ Verna CRDi ------------------------ * diesel economy with a powerful engine (though, highly risky drive as power can't be tamed, scary drive at high speed.. heard of frequent accidents involving vernas?. One need to be very SKILLED to drive this car.. kudos Ragneesh!) * Low torque below 2K rpm and hence, very uncomfortable to drive in City.hence, suitable for Highway travel. * good for those who spend more time on driving then doing else (you got it mate, taxis, tourist carriers, hotels) (Verna petrol hardly sells - it makes merely about 20-25% of total verna sales) SX4 Zxi * a 102 bhp DOHC engine, but not as responsive in low gears as Verna, Fiesta - but will toast Honda City. *good low-end torque below 2K rpm, which is why it is very easy to drive in City condition. One doesn't need to rev hard. Highway drive is good, but one need to literally rev beyong 4-5K rpm to achive 140-160 kmph..but a totally different story on Verna CRDi * Good for those who spend more time in attending their work rather than driving (below 1500-2000kms a month) Also, I just heard from a friend who have an accent Viva - that Tucson and Elantra are discontinued in India? And the funnest reason being that, Elantra just sold 2 UNITS in August and Tucson around 5-6 inspite of Hyunda claiming these cars as masterpiece and well ahead of competition.. Seeing your (not to forget, your deep knowledge and RnD about enthusiasm in hyundai's quality and brand, I was left wondering why there are few takers for Hyundai cars (exc. santro) in India! It will be interesting to hear your views and feelings on this toRead More

Commented on own review

Sep 27, 2007 11:07 PM (Updated Sep 27, 2007 11:09 PM)

@Abinanth - you are right, the diesel powerplant in Verna is diesel car within 10 lacs.. I would have considered Verna CRDi, but I hardly drive more than 500-600 kms a month.. so a petrol car makes more sense for my need.. finally it was between Fiesta 1.6 duretec and SX4 Zxi.. so goin...g by factors such as freshness, gizmos, resale etc. - settled on SX4Read More

Commented on own review

Sep 27, 2007 10:59 PM

@metoo - glad you found the review helpful :) Have a nice day

Commented on sharma_sanjeevin's review

Sep 26, 2007 11:47 AM (Updated Sep 26, 2007 11:53 AM)

Again for educating other misinformed people, the SX4 sedan version debuted at the 2007 New York Auto Show. More at It (SX4 sedan) was first launched in China and then in India. It will be released in North Ameri...can markets in the fall of 2007. It replaces the Suzuki Aerio sedan in the U.S market. Take word from certain people (read those who don't own a SX4) with a pinch of salt.Read More

Commented on sharma_sanjeevin's review

Sep 26, 2007 11:26 AM (Updated Sep 26, 2007 11:27 AM)

what kind of review is it? It is well known fact that the SX4 is designed by the alliance of Suzuki and FIAT. Suzuki brands it as SX4, whereas, FIAT titles it as Sedici. You need to educate yourself more by reading wiki, no kidding! Comeon, dude, firs...t understand what you need to write in a review (i.e., your experience about the car, not some craps you picked up from the internet). NOT USEFUL.Read More

Commented on blackspawner's review

Sep 20, 2007 08:25 PM (Updated Sep 20, 2007 08:26 PM)

@black - who is stopping you from posting to Orkut? perhaps, you are trembling out of fear that you will get toasted again! Probably a right saying 'Once bitten, twice shy!'...

Commented on blackspawner's review

Sep 20, 2007 08:08 PM (Updated Sep 20, 2007 08:10 PM)

@black.. boy, you won't budge.. still seeing all your comparision craps... I would love to counter each and every point you have enthusiastically pointed out, but the fact being, it won't make a difference.. for you, whatever the other cars are, VERNA is your soul... so even if axle come out of your... verna, you will still highlight it as a feature... So what's the point.. I can only praise you with the right words and vocabulary that suits your arrogance and blind assumptions.. you still need to grow and come out of your Hyundai DIE-HARD attitude (its not worth a korean crap, btw).. until then your @ss will be toasted around from Orkut to mouthshut to other unforeseen places... you still get more thrashings... lol.. To make you understand nuts and bolts.. by single door, I meant a coupe.. Lancer coupe (1.6 L, 4 - auto) ..ever heard of it.. NEVER DARE TO EVEN THINK OF PULLING THE STRING ON THIS COUPE TOO AS YOU DID ON OTHER CARS... :)Read More

Commented on blackspawner's review

Sep 20, 2007 06:20 PM (Updated Sep 20, 2007 06:25 PM)

** People like chowchow are so much obssessed with SX4 bcoz people had driven maruti 800 or wagon R and suddenly a DOHC engine. WOw!! it is a perfect one. Wow! it is a lion. Wow!! it is an animal. Wow! Wow! as if they havnt ever driven a good car. Oh yes, Maruti users since 20 years havnt driven a D...OHC engine ever in their life. Sorry Bro. its not your fault, its my fault who forgot that It is Maruti’s First DOHC engine. ** >STOP GROWLING dude.. FYI, I used to own and drive a red 2002 Lancer Sport (single door) back in Sydney.. never own a Maruti before.. so what the craps are you talking about? I can see how small you viewpoint and thinking are... go and see the world and freshen up.. besides taking medicines.. And SHUT YOUR BIG LOUSY BLACK MOUTHRead More

Commented on blackspawner's review

Sep 20, 2007 05:24 PM (Updated Sep 20, 2007 05:31 PM)

'Show some sense and talk about SX4 in here. don’t have any ans. so calling me a psycho? haha really shame on you guys. ' YOU KIDDING! Don't you realize all this time, you had been talking about your crap Hyunda Accent DOHC ( and Verna in this SX4 review... I won't say shame on you.. as yo...u are not capable of feeling that... you had been thrown out before.. guess, u will be experience the same again here.. (so, go n run before you are on the receiving end of furies) 'Still waiting for both of you please to prove my pros and cons wrong ' >> You still don't get it... no point debating with a Psycho.. You had been proved/shown the way many times before.. if you can't understant that, i don;t blame you.. because, you are abnormal.. sick.. you need treatment.. 'Will just wait but no comments... Please SX4 owners show some sense accept the cons for SX4 i know you accepted pros very happilly Accept it dude just like i accepted a cons for Verna or Accent.' >> Keep pleading.. you deserve that 'Forget it... Both of you had proved that your mouth had been really shut and got no ans. so started calling a psycho. ;-) ' >> That's because you are one.. a psycho 'For your kind info... each and every person in this world is a psycho. Kunal is a psycho Chowchow is a psycho. One should know some facts about what you are talking... It is just the intensity matters. ' >> Dude, you have proved your worth.. you are as good as Hyundai design team..copying designs - Sonata, CRDi etc.... 'Well..!!! Its been proven that both of you really failed miserably to prove me wrong and started being harsh just for a car. m i being really personal with you both? ' >> Again, you are sick.. once you get better, we can talk sense.. for now, you need to grow up.. have lots of milks and Glucon D... you deserved that very much... Read More

Commented on blackspawner's review

Sep 20, 2007 04:56 PM

@kunal - great sense of humour.. Mr. Rajneesh desperately needs them.. perhaps some wealthy members could also contribute some money towards consulting fees for the psychiatric treatment... LOL.. BlackSpawner, I had some respect for you before, but now knowing you are the SICK Rajneesh, YUK, YUK..., ... I shouldn't have wasted much time replying to your comments at the first place...Read More

Commented on blackspawner's review

Sep 20, 2007 04:48 PM

Some R & D Mr. Scientist, BlackSpawner (Rajneesh in SX4 orkut community) did: “At high speeds slight missjudgment in the steering can lead to good accidents. I did a lot of RnD on EPS and HPS and found HPS better in high speeds. I think you don't know the +ve aspects of HPS and the working of HPS.... Nothing new to me :-) Please tell me how EPS is better than HPS on High Speeds” “ABS and EBD good choice along with airbags. But airbags... just to show off ? Heard of something called 'Side Impact?' One rod used in the door... Do you have any freaking idea about this thing? Just one rod in the doors? That's really poor.... no good safety in side impacts.' “Dude i have 1.6L engine up my @ss and it rocks you know why? Bcoz its hyundai. (In lame lingo and in a bit cars lingo Gearbox and gear ratio Rules). Please don't tell me the M-series engine used in this car is good enough man. If yes then please explain... » “Lol..!! We will give you a ride with of 200 kmph speed in Verna for sure and feel the difference. Dont tell me this thing... I can still prove why SX4 can loose grip after 150 kmph. Want me to go in Calculations? I can go dude...” “Handling - It's my daily routin to travel by car at atleast 170+ kmph on express not even once by something 4 times a day. So, I have better experience in handling at high speeds. I did it with fiesta aveo sx4 accent verna verna diesel vtech. Almost all the cars in 1.5-1.6L segments.' bro, Ragneesh, what a lame! I could count 28 odd DOHC points in that particular thread alone... really, what a Psycho!.. and seeing all those, man, you are not worth explaining/debating about car techs.. because your posts all said it.. you are a self-made SICK person.. all your posts are logic, no sense.. I can foresee you running away from this website doubt, I couldn't find a single posting you made on Verna's community/forum even.. What a LOSER! full of crap knowledgeRead More

Commented on blackspawner's review

Sep 20, 2007 12:38 PM (Updated Sep 20, 2007 12:48 PM)

THE TRUTH ABOUT BLACKSPAWNER A.K.A RAJNEESH Hello everyone, by now, everyone must be familiar with this scammer and weirdo Verna fan - blackspawner (also known as Rajneesh in Orkut SX4 community) ...he claims he is a doctor.. (I am just curious what kind of doctor he is - perhaps veterinary).. h...e had been so obsessed with SX4 that he literally hijacked the SX4 community in Orkut with his Hyundai craps ..the most humorous part was the mention of R&D on car technologies he had done.. as if he is conducting a Phd research.. hats off.. (there is still laughing in my head :) every iota of his point were countered (actually it’s kinda funny with the all points he put forward just like a 15 yrs old boy)... before finally he was forced to flee from that community for he was left with no words.. for those of you who would like to have some good laughs and see how one hyundai fanatic get screwed, have a look at blackspawner’s (oops Rajneesh) posts in 5703843&tid=2551402528825675843 The point is, how come Verna fans like Rajneesh can spent so much time in SX4 communities/forums/reviews rather than in Verna ones. well, the reason is that verna’s community are not as enthusiastic as SX4 (just follow the Verna communities in Orkut and TeamBHP to know the fact) just because Hyundai planted a powerful engine does not make it DRIVER car (highly uninspiring to drive, hard to tame the power and in high speed, VERY POOR HANDLING)..and look wise, its the worst design from Hyundai (a company known for copycats - remember the infamous Sonata episode for which it got sued by Jagaur and no match to SX4 features.. in fact, spirited driving wise, SX4 is a gem.. ok.. it’s not a VTEC..but its very close behind.. To end, I would say all those (rajneesh, arnabpdas and others) are just here because, THEY ARE SIMPLY IN ENVY WITH THE CAR (read SX4) and the more they bash, the car is gonna get more extra hype.Read More

Commented on blackspawner's review

Sep 19, 2007 09:41 PM (Updated Sep 19, 2007 09:44 PM)

so finally you made it here too! well, I agree to certain parts of your review, but most are again YOUR OWN OBSERVATION (self-made and honestly craps).. at the first place, you don’t own one.. so your observation is just your mere speculation..without much authentic blends.. well, I won’t write comm...ent much as I don’’t have the luxury of time as you do.. but I will certainly add this, that YOU ARE FULLY HOOKED TO SX4 from your heart, but painfully, you have a different GAADi... so what more can do you.. I guess this must be going through your mind ’’What If I can’t have a SX4, at least I can spend 24 hours in SX4 review/forums and bash up others with my hyundai car!’’ I can understand your feeling, and hope you get rid of your hyundai syndrome soon and join SX4 club.. sometime, speaking honestly can lighten up your burdened and frustrated heart.. at least it will limit you from spending too much time here and save you precious time for having a LIFE! As I said before, your comments and posts are merely less of SX4 and more of Verna. time to GROW UP dude!Read More

Commented on Sonia_Batra's review

Sep 19, 2007 09:16 PM

@blackspawner - bro congrats on your new verna.. but if you don't mind, could I ask one plain question. 'Are you nuts?' bro.. see at these comments, 70% of the comments are from you.. and most of them are PURE craps.. copy-paste information.. and bashing other members... bro, don't you have a lif...e? if you don't have one, get one... you seems to be having problem with your personal life so much that you litter everywhere just to kill time.. but the sad part, being that what all you have written do not make sense at all... as advised in earlier review, could you PLEASE try not to POST/LITTER redundant information? Seeing your consecutive comments one after another is just crap.. sorry bro.. but you need to calm down.. All other people can get technical specs especially engine specs from the respective car company's websites.. you don't have to put hard labour in dumping all of these nonsense here.. remember this is a SX4 review.. and I don;t understand why SX4 envy people are monitoring this SX4 thread.. I own a SX4, and I love it, but that's it.. I don't go to Verna's forum or review and rudicule Verna's owners about the cars they have got.. forget about that, didn't have the time to even go through the comments on my own review... so THE POINT IS, leave this as SX4 review and take away all mini- Verna reviews to a more appropraite place.. Utlimately, however hard you try to pull the Verna string, YOU ARE NOT GETTING PAID FROM HYUNDAI...Read More

Commented on shako3008's review

Sep 19, 2007 08:53 PM

@arnabpdas - at least sense must have prevailed upon you.. and FYI what make u laugh without knowing what limelight means...??? so much for your education Limelight - 'the center of public attention, interest, observation, or notoriety' according to oxford dictionary... when you can't u...nderstand plain english, just wondering how you survive your odd days abroad..Read More

Commented on shako3008's review

Sep 19, 2007 08:41 PM

@blackspwaner - bro, you need to calm down a bit.. if you have some sense, could you please NOT try to rudicule other members/readers here..and please, don't post redundant information that either does not relate to the car in review (SX4) or litter with material copied from other websites.. bro, I ...respect for your verna, but this is SX4 review, so please, don't try to emphasis more on Verna and its engine.. I know Verna has a great engine and with huge powertrain, but this is not the right place to post all that... perhaps, you could try Verna community in Orkut or in Team-BHP... so go mate.. previal some sense..Read More

Commented on shako3008's review

Sep 19, 2007 08:35 PM (Updated Sep 19, 2007 08:36 PM)

@arnabpdas - mate, what is wrong with the attitude and your perception? I just came back from abroad (finishing my MS CS) and doing so, see things in a different limelight.. what do you expect here..all the bells and whistles just as in a western country? Being abroad, does not make you one of the s...o called 'Phirangi'? What is that make you so proud? that little knowledge and a piece of paper that says you had a degree... dude.. having stayed abroad, learn to be more tolerant, civil and mindful of other sentiments.. you have not touched the sky..Read More

Commented on own review

Sep 12, 2007 08:06 PM

@ blackspawner - NHC 10th edition is already launched.. VTEC plus comes with airbags/ABS/leather for a whopping 8.65 lacs (ex-showroom delhi) .. OTR ~ 9.5 lacs.. thats a lot.. no safety featurs in other variants..