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chand_tare's Timeline

Commented on smartgirl's blog

My kids' photos. My photos. They're on MouthShut.c

Jun 09, 2008 03:19 PM

MS is the safest site to upload ur pictures?! really? Is that why anyone can just copy/paste pictures from profiles? YES not all pictures are available to everyone, but the main profile pic still is? It takes two minutes to register on MS - going by experience, most of the members ARE very... trustworthy, but there are still some weirdos out there, who can make an account and therefore have access to everything! The purpose was to compliment, even if the manner was 'eerie'?! So if someone sends me completely obscure messages but the purpose was to compliment me, then you'd condone that? :S And even you said that the exact content of the message wasn't revealed by the said member - how can you make such odd assertions? ''if you're polite to others online...others will be polite to you'' - though true in most cases, I think it's a bit naive to assume that's true for everyone! I'm honestly not trying to be rude; this site has given me a lot and vice versa! But there are holes in your attempt to justify how secure it is to upload pictures.Read More

Commented on apsara419's blog

2 Minutes of my life

Jun 03, 2008 12:50 AM

pspsps for old times sake keep riting fab revus! (=diary posts!) Chandra xXx ;)

Commented on apsara419's blog

2 Minutes of my life

Jun 03, 2008 12:49 AM

ashi YES MS has changed...but NO it's not the MS we know and loved ;) tous les gens que nous connaissons, et qui nous connaissent sont malheureusement parti! do i even need to say you write fabulously? well ok you do - even in this little snippet of 2 minutes :D

Commented on jasmine's blog

The All-New

Jun 01, 2008 08:48 PM

nice layout But I think Mouthshut is becoming way too similar to Facebook! :S

Commented on flyingelephant's blog

Great News !!!!

Apr 02, 2008 05:42 PM

lol! i see :D

Commented on Faerie's review

Apr 02, 2008 03:32 PM

excellent review! I definitely agree with your views...if only the guys who have *attempted* (-note the attempted) to woo me in the past had read this review! lol! I wholeheartedly concur with the 'don't call her gal or baby or babes'...stuff like 'chick' annoys me too! People have to learn to treat... women with respect :) lol...ever the feminist! keep writing! xxxRead More

Commented on envyram's review

Nov 14, 2007 03:10 AM (Updated Nov 14, 2007 03:11 AM)

vinayak! remember mee?! fantabulous review, luvd ur intro especially! congrats on ur 100--i once had a dream of reaching a century too...haha like thts ever gna happen! personally, i’m a huge fan of using abbreviations in both txts and online, but it is a big disadvantage when im riting ...formal letters/reports lol. oh and we dnt use ’v’ as an abbreviation for we over here, cos obviously we put emphasis on our Vs as opposed 2 our Ws, and in india, emphasis is placed on the W. It’s all very confusing... Anyway how have you been?? keep riting!Read More

Commented on flyingelephant's review

Oct 11, 2007 11:54 PM

heyhey sanjoy! this was a pretty awesome review (and it HAD to be-ive never used the word awesome before!) and yepp, all the members you mentioned (or those tht i know of) are pretty amazing too! congratulations on your one year on MS :D i celebrated mine by leaving it :P hope you don't do the... same! mmm, can't think of anything else 2 rite! i was tryna spam ur comments page ;) keep riting!Read More

Commented on evil_ot_to_live's review

May 26, 2007 04:05 PM (Updated May 26, 2007 04:06 PM)

pinky n himess? :O hmm...after contemplatin the matter once agen nt a bad idea...u noe if he loses the hat, loses sum weight, loses a few years, changes his dress sense from grim reaper style 2 cooool, shaves his beard n tash off, gains a few inches, gets plastic surgery, gets a brain transplant...t...hen yeh pinky will seriously consider considering him ;) wot i ment is...krypty has become so sensitive lately and wud never use words such as 'dumass' in front of lovely, sweet, beautiful girls :) whereas arjun...*sigh*...wot happened??? kindof a role reversal there... wait...u noe wot happened?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!? kaise?!?!?!?!Read More

Commented on evil_ot_to_live's review

May 25, 2007 08:20 PM

ahhh gujju ppl rock! and as much as i cringe at his dulcet tunes...he IS still gujju so must be given sum credit! i always thot himessssbhai and kaantaben wud make a gorjuss couple...and wud hav such an original love-song...u noe 'aap ki kashish....ehhhhhhh kaantabenn....sarfarosh hai....g-ganthiya!... u-undhiyu! j-jamwa! j-arrey jaamnagar! uuuuuuuuuuuuuu' lmaoooo revu ther krypty (or shud tht b arjun? i can neva tell the difference between u 2 now :p) i luvvddddd ur intro...LOL himess vs harry potter! great plot 4 the eighth buk! (7th on 21st sooooo xcited!!!! :D) bt i hav 2 admit i dooo like sum of his songs (not the ones he sung tho!)...apart from just chill omg tht was the worst song ever and shud hav just died on the spot...but it went on to become number 1 4 god noes how long...*sigh* newayyyy i luvd ur revu! bt never insult gujjus agen...varna...:p moi :)Read More

Commented on DismantleBrigade's review

May 25, 2007 01:35 AM

:O:O:O:O as in juggy amol? as in the guy who speaks better english than the queen and her cronies mixed together? hey! y r u ritin under this name btw? :S long tym no see!

Commented on evil_ot_to_live's review

May 25, 2007 01:29 AM

sori...cudnt help myself! jus red munirs comment above and had an image of him moshing and nodding his head to toxicity! lolllll...:D btw offence :) ur still my sweet classical-music-listening brother!! newayyy wotta revuuuu arjun!! i must admit rock music ISNT primarily my ...even i cant deny tht sum of it truly rox! (no pun intended!) i luvv (sum) nirvana and omg dont follow is a reli beautiful song! bt u noe...i prefer rnb, hip-hop, rap...the typical british asian thing 2 b into :p and also loads of desi music...the typical freshie thing 2 b into! so jus confused :) and wher hav u been arjun/krypty? very rude 2 jus disappear like tht! brilliant revu tho! sori 4 nt comin 2 RRC sooner...was watchin a kjo movie :) :PRead More

Commented on ms_express's review

May 16, 2007 02:40 AM

ur bak bak bak! would be predicted, i have never herd of this book let alone read it...somehow the only reason i even noe some indian fiction titles are thru u and nehy! apart from born confused coz my life completely relates to that and 'the inheritance of loss' wich was in my opinion, ...a very confused mixture of both life in a rural desi area and living as an NRI...definitely nt man booker prize material, but hey, they had 2 give it 2 a desi someday! lol newayy...nonetheless, this book sounds preti amazing; i luv it when an author successfully handles having numerous protagonists in a book, and then successfully integrates their lives without making it seem too surreal..n this book sounds jus tht! will chek in the library 4 it...if nt will hav 2 get it wen i go bak 2 desiland! ooo and guess wot?!?!?! abhi is comin 2 COCONUTLAND without...i repeat WITHOUT aishwarya rai!!!!!!!!!!!! ahhhhhh!!!!! isnt it xciting? ur revu was brilliantly ritten as usual! :D our comments may b rusty bt ur riting style is as shiny as ever! (hehehe laammme i noeee....sorta bita kinda init ;) ahh im such a coconut! bareee wicked thing 2 b init! ok il shut up nw!) keeeep riting!!! (dnt go away agen!!) me me me...aka chandy aka shandy aka eye candy ;) hehehe p.s. say heylo 2 my newest bhabhi! ahh!Read More

Commented on evil_ot_to_live's review

May 13, 2007 08:57 PM

u sound like sum love-sick....teenager...*shudder* :p lol well i do hava habit of rambling :D hmmm u cud hav talked abt those various she-devils lurking on the streets of mumbai who pretend to be all 'high class' and westernised and wear the most scandalous clothes...noo sharam! ergh it annoys me... wen certain western customs take over...i mean yh, its gd 2 be a developing country bt that dusnt mean completely losing ur culture and becoming an angrez rite? :D i do come there! we jus happen 2 miss each other thts all! and of the names u gave me was correct ;) its jus a matter of wich1? scared of sendin u offliners coz u may get charged 4 it! me :)Read More

Commented on evil_ot_to_live's review

May 13, 2007 02:24 PM

heya! first of all a bit of chiding :p an xample u gave at the beginnin...japan...totali different to india in terms of its population....the fact that it was a FREE country...india has had a lot more to recover from, bt the rest....totali agree!! i hate tht the ppl jus burn effigies abt every si...ngle issue tht comes up..ergh....dnt they realise it gives them a bad reputation and makes them luk stupid? :S having neva livd in india...i dnt noe abt the education etc its definitely a fair point! i luvvv india...and it has the potential to bcome 1 of the leading powers of the world...if the ppl critically analyse themselves n do sumin abt it! indias a bit like a trifle....the white creamy bit is all those rich businessmen/politicians who convince the world india is progressing greatly and will have got rid of poverty by 2025....the yellow custard bit is the corruption...the dirty bit behind all these businessmen and politicians...and the red jelly bit with fruit in it is the rest of the population...pretetious yet slippery with huge social barriers between them. ahh wot a strange analogy! newayyyy....bak 2 the less serious points....this was such an un-krypt like revuuuuu....more arjun ;) bt it was stilll soooo amazingly ritten, which jus shows u can write something without the mention of she-devils! pinkyyyyyy? hw did u noe pink was my faveee colour? i like tht 4 the real tell u in a not-so-public place k? tennn yers older???? in 1 yer :o ahhh n i guessed krypt had various affairs from a comment he left agees ago...sumin abt beaches and bikinis? lol keep riting! me :)Read More

Commented on jerry_mouse's review

May 10, 2007 11:57 PM

nice choices nujjy! havent herd a couple of i still give u 10/10! hehe :) i luvvv aashayen and roobaroo...and chup chup ke 2! xcept in tht song, abhi kisses rani mukherjee like 3 times :o and talkin of abhi...i luv ur title! :D hmmm cnt think of many other songs 4 easy listening atm...a...ltho some english songs: inner side, truly madly deeply, ur beautiful by james blunt...and also kangana by dr zeus jus coz it rocks :D ooo and its a beautiful day from aryan coz it makes me hapi :D hehehe btwww...huz tht special sum1 u mentioned in sum1z comment page?! powercut girllllllllll? or un-powercut girl???????? we want a bhabhi soon nujjy! hehehe keeep ritin such brilllllliant revus! chandy :DRead More

Commented on pranay22's review

May 10, 2007 11:52 PM

nice choices...i do luv all of the songs u mentioned, xcept 4 mayb woh lamhe! i hav herd tht song more times than i wanted 2...n im jus sick of it now :) my favvve songs include DUS (jus coz of abhishek bachan who broke my heart and got married 2 ash) my dil goes hmmmmm (jus coz of saif ali khan who... is now single ;)), aao naa, pehla nasha, ishaaron ishaaron, n mani mani more! brilliant write up...njoyed reading ur views on each of these songs! keep riting!Read More

Commented on evil_ot_to_live's review

May 10, 2007 11:44 PM (Updated May 10, 2007 11:46 PM)

ahahahahah!! those ads sound soooo stupid...thank god we dnt get them here!! (the only 1 we got here was of sharukh khan in his rose petal bathtub...ergh) altho to be fair, the ads we get on tv here suck 2...wid random mimics of hindi songs! english ads are wayyyy cooler! lmaoo...ur revu was hil...arious!! still hav the krypt magic! even afta the torture of engineering :) i luvd the paragon lagu bit...and woteva nozzie says, I LAFFED at the joke...therefore it must be funi ;) i hav a great sense of humour :D and im so modest :p and truthful too! sooo who is this mysterious she devil aka mrs krypt tht keeps coming up!? krypt soo hasnt introduced me 2 her! tell him 2 arjun! keep scampering....or woteva it is u do now! im talking to a MAN now! LoL me :) p.s. i reli dint understand that WOMAN reference....wot was i b4...karan johar? :SRead More

Commented on angel25's review

May 08, 2007 02:57 AM (Updated May 08, 2007 02:58 AM)

aangel that was sooo hilarious! i was literally lmaoing all the way thru...'chameli ka tel' LoL! i luvd the way u managed 2 interwine ur analysis of the film in between the dialogue! very original! i dnt noe if uv ever herd of him...but banana-man was pretty famous in the land of brits at 1 point... 2 :D there was a kid called eric who ate lots of banana and became a reli thick superhero! (thick as in unintelligent..nt fat)...ahhh gr8 times! as 4 spiderman...luvd the 1st, hated the 2nd, waitin 4 exams 2 finish 2 see the third! erghhh the bane of my lyf! and btw...i LUV three men and a baby...its actuali the cutest movie ever! :D keep ritin such fabbity revus! me :)Read More

Commented on nandeetaoberoisharma's review

May 07, 2007 03:00 PM

oh woe befalls u! (woteva that means!) ur dukh bhari kahaani on MS almost brought tears 2 my eyes nandeeta! and yet, at the end, u say that MS is still ur favourite site? now that confuses me... the truth is nandeeta, if MS has really made u unhappy then u can go...therz nothing stopping u! bt if... as u say, it is ur favourite site then why the heck are u leaving? as millions of others b4 me have said, there are bound 2 b critics wherever u go...and u honestly cannot run away from ur problems! NUs...iv had millions and i still kept coming back! the point of this site is supposed 2 b 2 enhance ur riting skills...no1 is gona b perfect and ur always gna get difficult ppl who want 2 create problems! as 4 ur 'bad' english, iv had tht sed 2 me and im british born fgs! grow up nandeeta...ignore them! congo on ur 50th revu!Read More