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"Bad fridge"
Review on: Videocon 290L Multi Fridge
Rating: By: 002020a | 5 days ago

Videocon 290L multi fridge is very lowProcessing is very low and costlyVideocon 290l multi fridge design and look so badNot realiable , not accuracy and not clearnessRating is one star and vibrateVideocon 290l multi fridge in soundNot ecofresh and no
"Worst customer service"
Review on: Videocon VAE173 Single Door Refrigerator
Rating: By: lokendraAA | 10 days ago

I brought videocon refrigerator in 2011 because I used to live alone and in summer I had no choice but to buy a refrigerator. Videocon was in my mind because my mother used its washing machine for a long time so I was pretty sure and satisfied that t
A refrigerator is a necessity in very household. Over time, the standard refrigerators have gone through drastic innovations making it difficult to choose one that best suits your requirements. To help you select the perfect one from the large array, we have bought you some guidelines that will help you understand the different types of refrigerators available in the market and pick one that is perfect for your kitchen.
"Worst services"
Review on: Videocon V61WFTI5 Double Door Refrigerator
Rating: By: debnathtanusree99 | 13 days ago

Hi guys,This refrigerator is not good to use at anywhere its performence of cooling are very disappointed l am not like this refrigerator.Videocon double door refrigerator is not value for money electronic prodact l used this refrigerator at my home
"Videocon Refrigerator VAE204 is bad choice"
Review on: Videocon Single Door Refrigerator VAE204
Rating: By: concurwild | 15 days ago

Hello!#1. User friendly: No. Its body is made up with very bad plastic and you see few things start cracking after the most delicate use. On the back of fridge there's a thin tube that's gas tube and I don't know why it's coming out. I day I thought
"Not upto the mark very low refrigeration"
Review on: Videocon 290L Multi Fridge
Rating: By: Rkvishal | Dec 18, 2017

Hi I am going to share my experience regairding videocon 290L multi fridge, I brought this fridge on 12 march privious year with one year warrenty and I have to say that the fridge comes with a very low level cooling and decent quality condencer, aft
"Power crisper cooling"
Review on: Videocon Double Door Refrigerator VPL255B
Rating: By: navinnaik727 | Dec 12, 2017

Hello friends, I am Navin I am writing a review on Videocon VPL255B refrigerator. I had purchased a new refrigerator last 8 months ago. This is a cool & powerful refrigerator with crisper eco cooling mode. It have different types of features like
"Not good at all"
Review on: Videocon 90SH Direct Cool Single Door Refrigerator
Rating: By: Nikhilphafat92 | Dec 08, 2017

At my home I have buy Videocon 90SH direct cool single door refrigerator I have buy it before 6 months so I want to share my view about that refrigerator with all of you so in the initial days of the refrigerator the condition of the refrigerator was
"Durability is nice"
Review on: Videocon Single Door Refrigerator REF VAL205TRY
Rating: By: kuchikapravallika | Dec 02, 2017

I have bought this product since 3 years at the low cost 13, 000 rs .Still it works in perfect condition but hardware parts are got easily damaged but refrigerator style is good to see and it's working condition is good to use.and when festival is on
"Refrigerator door open slighlty when close Door"
Review on: Videocon VAE173 Single Door Refrigerator
Rating: By: Sateshbangar | Nov 30, 2017

We purchase Videocon refrigeration in june 2017.After installation of refrigeration we found that DOOR IS NOT COMPLETELY CLOSED .Due to this problem outside air getting inside & inside air getting outside .So cooling of refrigerator is not workin
"It make u frustrated"
Review on: Videocon Refrigerator S 091 DX
Rating: By: thakuralok9 | Nov 07, 2017

A refrigerator is a necessity in very household. There are many type of refrigerator present in the market like single door, top freezer, bottom freezer and side by side door refrigerator. For the manufacturing these refrigerator so many company are
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