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How to buy Gas Stoves and Hobs?

Updated on : Oct 17, 2023 12:55 PM
How to buy Gas Stoves and Hobs?


With the contemporary kitchen needs that are growing at a quick pace, homemakers are now advancing to a completely automatic modular kitchen that keeps everything available. Be it gas stoves or kitchen hobs, or any other kitchen equipment, currently, everything is designed remembering the improved versions of kitchens. Whether you plan to choose traditional gas stoves or choose to procure innovative constructed kitchen hobs, everything is possible but there are some vital factors to consider that can assist you choose the best ones for your kitchen needs.

Things to consider while buying gas stove

Investing your hard-earned money in a premium gas stove can make a huge difference in your kitchen. Gas stoves function on propane or natural gas, and have some benefits over their electric complements, in terms of cost of operation and cooking performance. Before purchasing your proposed gas stove, you should watch over the availability of natural gas in your area. If natural gas is not available, you can buy a propane tank for your gas stove and, potentially, other domestic purposes. Some of the other vital factors while buying a gas stove include:

  • Type of the gas stove.
  • Size of the stove.
  • Burner size of the stove.
  • Ways to aerate the stove top.

Types of Gas Stoves

Gas stoves are available in two different patterns, such as gas range stoves and cook-top-wall oven types. Range gas stoves are single, separate units that consist of an oven and a stovetop. On the other hand, cook-top-wall oven types fit onto a countertop through sliding in between filing cabinets. At times, they feature a matching wall oven fitted separately. These cook tops are more supple in terms of position, as the oven and the cook-top alike can be mounted at suitable heights and between cabinets to put the space aside. However, this combination may be more costly than a gas range of similar quality.

Size of the stove

Long ago, standard gas cooktops were available with a standard width of 30 inches, but now you can get these gas stoves in different sizes, such as 36, 42, 48, and 60 inches. However, the size of a gas stove is decided by the size of the required oven size in order to accommodate the number of family members.

  • If you are two people in your family, a stove with the size of two to three cubic feet is enough.
  • If you have a maximum of five members in your family, a stove with the size of three to four cubic feet is essential.
  • If you have a more than five members in your family, a stove with the size of more than four cubic feet is necessary.

If you often entertain numerous guests, a stove with the size of more than four cubic feet is recommended.

Burner size of the stove

Usually, gas burners are calculated in BTUs, the British thermal units, which measure the quantity of gas used and heat generated. Usually, gas ranges come equipped with four burners that include one or two average-sized burners with 9,000 BTUs, one petite burner with 5,000 BTUs, and one or two big burners with 15,000 BTUs.

Ways to aerate the stove top

Ventilation is essential for both types of gas stoves. There are two fundamental options, such as updraft and downdraft. The Updraft is the most commonly used option and it comes with either a microwave with a ventilator or with an overhead hood ventilator function mounted higher than the unit. On the other hand, the downdraft ventilators are an admired option with cooktops mounted on kitchen islands or peninsulas, where it may not be desirable or possible to mount an overhead unit.

Things to look for while buying hobs

Hobs work very similar to traditional cook tops, excluding that they are incorporated and fetch more points in safety, looks and hygiene factors. Although, there are several brands and types of hobs available in the market, you have to check whether they support your cooking style with various shaped vessels. To be compatible with vessels with different sizes, hobs come in a variety of size and amount of burners, so you can choose the one that best suits your cooking style and needs.


The size of the hob is the most vital constraint as the hob is fitted into the counter. The chunk of countertop has to be incised according to the cutting size of the Hob. The surface dimension of the hob should be more than the cutting measurement of the slab. You have to evaluate the workspace on the counter earlier than deciding the size of the hob. Hobs come in different sizes, but the standard width of the hob is 60 centimeters.

Surface of the hob

The hob surface comes in stainless steel and tempered glass with diverse types of finishing, so you can decide the one according to your taste and budget. Most hobs are designed with temperature resistance, scratch resistance and corrosion resistance features.


Hobs come equipped with different ranges of burner from 2 to 5 burners. In a hob, every burner is specially designed to suit dissimilar type of cooking pots or pans, and temperatures. The burners are available in different types to support diverse shape and size of the cooking vessel, so you choose your hob with your preferred burners.


Nowadays, nearly all hobs are designed with the electric auto ignition feature wherein the knob has to press to light and turn for the preferred flame. It features a chord, which is linked to the main power for auto ignition. There are hobs that can be ignited through a battery set.

Gas stoves and hobs are the option of the professionals, as they offer better control over the cooking temperatures. It is an adaptable domestic device that can manage most of your cooking requirements, from high to low burning cooking flames. That’s why it is necessary to choose perfect product for your kitchen.