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Commented on arunroy's review

Jul 25, 2009 02:00 PM

I want to know about gear cycles and their prices and somebody's address and phone number who are already having gear cycle

Reviewed American History X Movie

Sep 22, 2001 04:40 AM 2294 Views

This has got to be the best film I have seen this year. It is in fact one of the best films I have ever seen. It shows how neo-nazism is alive and well in the world and the shocking tactics and methods these mindless fools are willing to go to in slaughtering innocent people just because t...Read more

Reviewed London (Heathrow), UK (LHR) Airport

Sep 21, 2001 02:03 PM 3122 Views

With recent event affecting the global market for air travel, many flight related industries are laying off many staff. Boeing, who make the planes, are laying of 12,000. Airbus have no new orders. United Airlines are laying off staff as are British Airways and Virgin. With the reduction i...Read more

Reviewed Austin Powers : The Spy Who Shagged Me Movie

Sep 21, 2001 03:47 AM 1966 Views

~If you are sceptical about the comedy value of this film, Dont be. I too disliked the idea of Mike Myers carrying off a funny version of James Bond. That was until I saw this film the other day. It really is quite good. The Story follows the adventures of Austin Powers (aptly named fil...Read more

Reviewed The Matrix Movie

Sep 21, 2001 03:41 AM 2580 Views

This would be my worst nightmare if I found out we were living in a world of make beleive. A world where our dreams are our reality and our reality does not bare even thinking about. That is the world of the matrix. Now, I was a sceptic about this film on its release. Another Keanu R...Read more

Reviewed San Francisco, CA, USA (SFO) - Intl.

Sep 21, 2001 02:50 AM 2235 Views

After stage one of my honeymoon, the short trip from Las Vegas to San Francisco proved to be uneventful. That was until landing. San Francisco Airport (SFO) is built right at the edge of the bay. In fact, It could be safe to say, in the bay. As we decended, I looked out of the window and s...Read more

Reviewed American Pie Movie

Sep 21, 2001 02:46 AM 4166 Views

Very nice thought that! If you have seen the film, you will know how the sentence ends! This has got to be one of the best teen ''feel good'' flicks around and possibly one of the best ever made. It follows a senior year class through High School as they prepare for adulthood,College an...Read more

Reviewed Kid A - Radiohead

Sep 20, 2001 06:40 PM 2397 Views

Kid A was an album that received so many mixed reviews that I thought its about time I wrote my opinion and added my views. I must admit, they have produced some cracking tunes in the past if somewhat depressing. Creep must live forever as a masterpiece by Radiohead as wil the haunting str...Read more

Reviewed Macromedia Flash 5

Sep 03, 2001 08:39 PM 3053 Views

Have you used Flash yet? No? Where have you been! We are up to Flash 5 now and it is simply the answer to all of your animation and graphical needs. The best thing about FLash nowadays is that its being incorporated into more and more systems so that you dont need to go off and download...Read more

Reviewed American Beauty Movie

Aug 22, 2001 03:38 PM 2543 Views

American beauty was a film that looked moderately unattractive to me. I thought it was going to be a typical American teen flick. How wrong I was. It just goes to show you that you dont know what a film is really like until you sit down and watch it. It looks at mundane suburban live...Read more


Aug 13, 2001 04:28 AM 6217 Views

Im in a new band called Vinyl Elektra. We are trying hard to get heard all over the world at the moment with as much coverage as possible. Having your song on Napster is very good as is sending untold amounts of demos off to record companies. But how about having it on a dedicated site ...Read more

Reviewed Microsoft Netmeeting 3.0

Aug 13, 2001 04:25 AM 3165 Views

That is what Microsoft Netmeeting 3 should be renamed. Honestly. if you have not ever used it, that is exactly what it is being used for. Its a live, real-time conferencing facility that allows people anywhere in the world to chat and see each other via web cams. The trouble is, it i...Read more

Reviewed Nokia 3330

Aug 10, 2001 04:24 PM 3328 Views

I have just moved into the 21st century. Away with my GA628 Brick Ericsson mobile and in with my flash wap enabled internet hone. When the 3310 came out, I was unsure about it. I used to have a 3210 many months ago before losing it and loved it. The 3310 just looked like a more rounded ...Read more

Reviewed Microsoft Windows 98

Aug 08, 2001 07:28 PM 2469 Views

That is my description of Windows 98. Reason being is... It is simply Windows 95 in some new clothes. If you dress a dog up in a dinner jacket and take it to a restaurant, feed it fine steak, give it champagne, its still a dog isnt it? Same as Win 98. A couple of housekeeping impr...Read more

Reviewed Athletics

Aug 07, 2001 08:41 PM 5906 Views

So we are a few days into the World Championships in Edmonton and already its clouded in controversy. Why is it that whenever there is an major athletics meet, there is a huge scandal? Reason being is everyone is there for one thing. To prove they are the best. That means they are pr...Read more

Reviewed Ally McBeal

Aug 02, 2001 02:00 PM 2798 Views

As my wife rolls around the floor with Laughter during Ally McBeal, I sit there, asking her to point out what was funny. Directions, a map-reading, Global positioning? Anything... Just please point out where the humour is? It has got to be one of the worst programmes on TV. An American att...Read more

Reviewed Sony Playstation 1

Aug 02, 2001 01:45 PM 6197 Views

For a name like ''Dual Shock'' you would expect these controllers to take a fair hammering wouldn't you? Well they dont, believe me. When I first got my Playstation, Dual Shock was making its appearance onto the market. But what was this new technology? Well, it was built as the 1st gen...Read more