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Top 10 Air Purifier Brands in India

Updated on : Jan 16, 2024 10:00 AM
Top 10 Air Purifier Brands in India

Air Pollution in India is increasing day by day in the last 5 Years. In fact Last year, there was a survey on the Most polluted cities in the world, 22 cities were from India out of 30. This shows India is breathing the worst air in the whole world.

There are several steps taken by the government to reduce the impact of Air Pollution because According to the Air Quality Index, In Delhi and Varanasi the Air quality was very worst like Hazardous Air. 

So the Steps Taken such as

  • Odd-Even Rule in Delhi

  • Local Governments of several states has taken a strict action on Vehicle emission rules, the penalty has been increased on a very high level

  • Swachh Bharat Abhiyaan

  • Green India 

Sources of Air Pollution in the India,

(According to Wikipedia)

Source of Air Pollution

Percentage of Air Pollution

Dust and Construction


Waste Burning




Diesel Generator




Domestic Cooking


Most Polluted Cities in India

(According to CNBC)

Cities of India

Air Quality Index(mcg per cubic meter)



















Death Fact: One of the scary facts about India is More than 1.2million people lost their lives because of Air Pollution as per the Times of India.

So the Usage of Air Purifier is increasing rapidly, but before buying any Air Purifier these are the point we must know 

What is an Air Purifier?

Air Purifier is a device that collects the polluted air from the room and converts that air into the fresh air. This can help with you breathing problem and makes sure that you don't get any disease related to polluted air.

Different Types of Air Purifier

  • HEPA Technology

  • Activated Carbon Technology

  • UV Technology

  • Negative Ion

  • Ozone

Here are the List of Best Air Purifiers in Indian Markets

1. Blue Star Portable Air Purifier
2. Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Air Purifier
3. Coway Air Purifier
4. Samsung Air Purifier
5. Resideo Portable Air Purifier
6. Blueair Classic 680i Portable Air Purifier
7. Mi Air Purifier 2S
8. Honeywell Portable Room Air Purifier
9. Philips 3000 Series Air Cleaner
10. Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350

Here is the brief explanation of the Following Products

Blue Star Portable Air Purifier Photo1
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Blue Star is India's leading air conditioning and commercial refrigeration company.

Blue Star has also forayed into the residential water purifier and now they have also stepped in air purifiers and air coolers businesses.

Bluestar AP490LAN Air Purifier has the SensAir technology which uses an auto Sensor to intelligently sense, detect, continuously monitor which indicates the existence of harmful pollutants inside the room and adjust purification according to that.


  • Microbe Sterilize Technology

  • Advanced 7-stage multi-purification system

  • Auto Filter Change LED Indicator

  • Higher Cadr Ratings

  • SensAir Technology

Power Consumption: 88 W

Dimension:370 x 195 x 650 mm

Area Coverage:800 sq ft

Price:11500 Rs

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Air Purifier Photo1
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Dyson is a British company which has stepped to Indian air purifying business back in March last year. Dyson is one of those companies who has gained a huge reputation in the Air Purifier market.

Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Air Purifier claims that it not only address air pollution with the help of air quality indicator but it also helps to maintain the temperature of your room to some level. Dyson Pure Hot+Cool Air Purifier has one unique feature it has a heating element to parallelly heat the air while the machine purifies the room.


  • Live air quality indicator on LCD Display

  • Night-time mode

  • 360° Glass HEPA Filter

  • Certified Asthma and Allergy Friendly

Power Consumption: 40 W

Dimension:205 x 764 x 248 mm

Area Coverage:600 sq ft

Price:59900 Rs

Coway Air Purifier Photo1
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Coway is a new company in the Indian markets it has managed to reach in the top best list of Air purifiers in India.

Coway AP-1009CH is one best product in the air purifier. It has nice slim architecture. The Slim architecture is a result of Design Excellence. Additionally, it quickly clears the air and improves its quality because of its 3 Filter Technology. The Main Highlight of this Air Purifier is that it uses color-coded indicator for example if Air is clean it shows in Lavender color and if the air quality is Polluted it shows in Red Color.


  • 3-Stage Filtration system

  • A smart air control system

  • light sensor for energy savings

  • One-touch Airspeed adjustment

  • Filter change indicator

Power Consumption:44 W

Dimension:353 x 655 x 203 mm

Area Coverage:355 sq. ft

Price:17490 Rs

Samsung Air Purifier Photo1
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Samsung is one Leading Pioneer in each and every aspect of electronic products. Samsung as always keen on developing durable and energy-efficient products.

Samsung AX5500 Air Purifier is one most durable air purifier in the list. Its 4 step filtration system immediately purifies a wide range of areas reaching the corner to corner part of the room. It also uses Ultrafine dust and gas sensors to eliminate all the impurities in the environment.


  • 4-step purification system

  • Ultrafine Dust Sensor and Gas Sensor

  • Easy to move

  • Auto Mode senses

  • Easy to maintain

Power Consumption: 60 W

Dimension:360 x 293 x 783 mm

Area Coverage:645 sq ft

Price:26990 Rs

Resideo Portable Air Purifier Photo1
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Resideo is one of the oldest companies in Household and comfort products. They have installed more than 15 Million systems in a year.

Resideo Resi-1618 Portable Air Purifier uses the classic 3 stage air purifier which cleans the air up to the best optimum level and makes the place like a heaven. Resideo Resi-1618 Portable Air Purifier cleans the area of 60 sq mtr in just 20 has two modes to control the fan speed in real-time air pollution level that's Smarts auto mode and the other one is sleep Mode which uses the quietest setting and dimmed display during the night time.


  • Real-Time Air Quality Updates

  • Advanced 3-Stage Filtration

  • Smooth Touch Control

  • Higher Cadr Ratings

Power Consumption: 55 W

Dimension:380 x 380 x 800 mm

Area Coverage:645 sq ft

Price:18000 Rs

Blueair Classic 680i Portable Air Purifier Photo1
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Blueair is a company that believes in providing clean air for everyone. And their hard work makes that possible by creating such products which combine with technology and make unparalleled performance.

Blueair Classic 680i Air Purifier uses the unique Blueair HEPA silent technology to almost remove all the aerial pollutants. Blueair Classic 680i  is like a quality watchman because it uses an updated digital control panel with LCD touch buttons to keep track of your air purifier's operations.


  • HEPASilent Technology

  • Aware air quality sensors

  • Digital control panel

  • Wi-Fi enabled

  • Real-Time Monitoring

Power Consumption: 100 W

Dimension:500 x 390 x 700  mm

Area Coverage:775 sq ft

Price:74980 Rs

Mi Air Purifier 2S Photo1
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Xiaomi or Mi is one of the biggest flagship breaker companies in the Mobile sector and now they are stepping in Air Purifiers, within a year of launch they are in top purifier list.

Mi Air Purifier 2S is known for its unique and cool design and it uses the latest High Precision laser sensor techniques. The biggest highlight of Mi Air Purifier 2S is it one of the fastest air purifiers in the market.It uses one of the oldest techniques of air purification method by using the classic tower which makes the usage of power very less.


  • Automatic brightness adjustment

  • OLED display for Air Quality

  • High-precision laser sensor

  • Innovative air pressurization design

  • Efficient tower-structure design

Power Consumption: 29 W

Dimension:240 x 240 x 520 mm

Area Coverage:398 sq. ft

Price:8999 Rs

Honeywell Portable Room Air Purifier Photo1
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Honeywell is one of the Fortune 100 Companies when it comes to diverse technology and manufacturing the products. Honeywell is a leader in many of the products and Technology such as aerospace products, homes and industry Products, etc. Honeywell Is keen on building the smarter, safer and a more sustainable world.

Honeywell Portable Room Air Purifier(HAC25M1201G) uses a new and advanced filtration technology i.e 3D Airflow technology which helps to clean both the visible as well as invisible impurities present in the air.


  • 3D Air Flow

  • Powerful Cleaning

  • Child Lock Feature

  • Low on Power Consumption High on Economy

Power Consumption: 53 W

Dimension:382 x 486  x 207 mm

Area Coverage:323 sq ft

Price:11500 Rs

Philips 3000 Series Air Cleaner Photo1
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Philips is one of the most known companies in the Indian Electronics markets. They have stepped in each and every aspect of electronics like bulbs, CFL, Fan, etc.

Philips 3000 Series Air Cleaner (AC3256) uses an innovative VitaSheild IPS technology that can remove ultra-fine particles as small as a single dust. It also uses an Aerasense which is a cutting edge air purifier Technology.


  • Advanced NanoProtect Filter

  • Special AL auto mode

  • Superior purification 

  • Healthy air protect alert

  • Long lifetime performance

Power Consumption: 60 W

Dimension:340 x 474  x 798 mm

Area Coverage:1024 sq ft

Price:24999 Rs

Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 Photo1
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Atlanta Healthcare, founded in 2010, are pioneers in air quality solutions. We stand for improving the quality of air across the world and allow people to breathe pure air.

Atlanta Healthcare Beta 350 HEPA uses the Advanced Filtration Techniques that is divided into seven different stages to clean minute impurities present in the air. It actually combats air pollution in the outside climatic conditions. Atlanta Beta 350 HEPA PURE not only makes that air pure and fresh but it almost generates 3.8 million negative ions per cubic meter that are found only near Waterfall, mountains and dense forest areas which is why these places are calm and refreshing.


  • iCluster Technology 

  • Seven-stage Air Purification Technology

  • Plug-and-Play Air Purifier

  • Filter Change Indicator

Power Consumption: 43 W

Dimension:226 x 378  x 566 mm

Area Coverage:350 sq ft

Price:12999 Rs