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Commented on own review

Feb 16, 2010 05:06 PM

Yes ...please choose , whatever i mean whatever.....just buy whatever they(company's) give you.., i mean...even if they give you a repainted/recustomized version of the broken motorcycle ....which falls into your budget. Good ..i really feel proud to have such citizens in our country. 5)'.............Hope to see something of that sort soon from you. I am by the way moving on in search of some analysis based on facts and datasheets............' Ans:- I am extremely sorry..., I am not the type of person you are OR even could be, So please don't except any such reviews from me. I think ......In the first place shouldn't be here in Mouthshut,,,,,You should be in some mining, analyzing websites....where you will get 'analysis based on facts and datasheets' keep moving Also i would recommend you to keep your ' propserous intelligentia' mouth in control....because people here value others values. And Also Mister ' Give Respect and take Respect'. MADAN Read More

Commented on own review

Feb 16, 2010 05:06 PM

Hello yrsvirus, Let me give you a brief reply of your 'Impresisia Scientifica' Comments:- 1)'..........Apart from venting your frustration on how companies make money, there is hardly anything useful in this review. .........' Ans:- Well, You call this as frustration.....You fool,....Have y...ou lost any one , in your family or friends in accidents, ......Then you talk. Then you will know ...that money doesn't matter ...but A LIFE will. There is saying 'how will donkey know the smell of sandalwood ?' 2)'...........this looks like another of those countless science journals that the so called ?€™?€™acamedic intelligentia?€™?€™ brag about - things which are written spending considerable amount of time and presented in a conference and buried in a science magazine with little or no use to humanity.............' Ans:- This is very very very disgusting way of humiliating and de-recognizing, dishonouring, and disrespecting others feelings and reviews....., Mr. Yrs Virus..., I and the world will be very pleased to see/ and read your scientific journals and patents .....which are being very useful to Humanity. 3)'.......With 12 years of riding experience and a close analysis of all the brands, is this all that you have got to offer to readers who are confused about selecting a bike?........' Ans:- Every person in his or her life ..has their own experience, there are never the same . and More over.........When the hell did i speak about selecting the bike (make, manufacture,market). i just gave my own tips while choosing the bike. ( You have a reading disorder) 4)'..........An unbiased analysis of the Safety factors of all the ?€™?€™available?€™?€™ bikes in the market could have been better. (Of course I can choose only from what is available in the market and within my budget,,, right?)...........' Ans:- AGAIN READING DISORDER..... I am not writing any analysis report here and representing a company/orgainization. Yes ...please choose Read More

Commented on own review

Oct 20, 2009 09:44 AM

Hi Vishak, Thanks for your comment,! But i think you were little misinformed, well my idea was not to connect the A/C directly to the engine intake.........seriously it looks like foolish, even if i did say is obvious that, the out air pressure of the A/C is very very small, than the ai...r intake required for the Engine, By the way, if did that, the engine go into serious trouble, ......!!!! My idea was to pass the A/C air flow chamber around the Air Intake in the process, it also cools the Air intake...there by giving a small significant improvement......that's all....., That was my Idea..., Any ways.....I don't know even after all this explanation., in comments, I am poped wit the same questions by people, please read the comments, before you comment, i have given the same answer to one of the guys., Thanks MadanRead More

Commented on ninja10R09's review

Sep 21, 2009 11:41 PM

Hey ninja10R09, What do you mean by ' I will suggest you do your homework first hand. Don!..before you type...'.....???? are you showing attitude here....? and when did i said i would wish to constantly time and tune your bike to run it to perfection...? All i said was tuning 2stroke mu...lticylinder are more complex in nature than 4 stroke engines carburetted , which by nature are natural..? So, what's the big deal...? Don't get Offended my friend...? And please watch ..What you type...? Madan Read More

Commented on ajay.dost's review

Sep 21, 2009 01:44 PM

Hello ajay.dost, Please tell me How can you tell..that Engine is getting Heated up.....??. are there any visible indications..? or the bike is making a lot of rattling noise..? or the Gear shift has become very rough...? or the small pinch of blast occur when your riding continuously after 5-...6kms....? If none of the above then ,please mention it clearly..., We will try to give some suggesstions. And since your bike is 1000kms old , there is no need to check you carburetor at all, Believe me if your are going to give the honda service guys to check your carburetor and then they end up re-tuning it......your screwed..! Every carburetor is digital tuned by factory, but all these guys do it manually(through digital tachometer), Since this is your new the carburetor will hamper the engine dynamics and in turn the Life. For currently i could give you a suggestion, 1) change the Engine Oil with Oil filter (immediately) **sometimes improper oil circulation due to clogged oil filter or impure oil can cause engine to heat up..! Regards MADANRead More

Commented on Boxer01's review

Sep 21, 2009 01:23 PM

Link again:-

Commented on ninja10R09's review

Sep 21, 2009 10:30 AM

Hi ninja10R09 , I don't call this as review at all.., there is nothing more than Specifications....Very sad. And why do you call ' timing and tuning' as negative?????? any multicylinder engine faces the same problem...(only if it is carburetted) for example:- Kinetic Comet 350 (v-twin) has the same problem, since it is carburetted, tuning is very difficult even though it 4 stroke. But in two stroke since number of cycles taken to generate power are less( 2 cycles/energy and in 4 stroke --4 cycles/ Energy)......definitely it will be even more complex than 4 stroke....It is Natural.........Please remove it from Negative list. Regards MadanRead More

Commented on Boxer01's review

Sep 21, 2009 10:16 AM

Dear Boxer01, Please correct your review, Your RD350 has, inline twin cylinder, each having 347cc of displacement. I think your doing worng math, without knowing RD350 properely. It is not 347cc/(2cylinders)= 173.5cc per cylinder...........WRONG!!!!!!!! But it is 347cc * (2 Cylinder) = 347cc cylinedr..., because at any given instant of time 't' only one cylinder has ignition. This applies to all multi-cylinder Engines(petrol or Diesel) in the planet. Just imagine if it is Honda CBR 600R, then according to you it will be .... 599cc/(4 cylinders) = 149.75cc per cylinder...then RD350 would be more powerful than this. Honda CBR 600 :- power 110.00 HP (80.3 kW)) @ 12500 RPM Yamaha RD 350 :- power 33 bhp at 7000 rpm( i don't know exactly( for LT ot HT)) I think you have copied from this article............ Please don't follow the articles in the internet blindly, just because it has great pictures and some math specs of Bike in power, torque ....etc. And Also one more thing, the greater the number of cylinders the faster the output of power. Regards MADAN Read More

Commented on maheshs87's review

Aug 22, 2009 01:22 PM

'now it’s giving a noise from it’s top of the engine head like something hitting together...' answer:- timing chain has nothing to do for producing the hitting sound, rather if it becomes little bit lose....then a sound like of the bike rear wheel chain lose sound will be produced. The hitting s...ound will be mainly because of the Increase in the gap of EXHAUST VALVES and INTAKE VALVES., get it rightly adjusted by your mechanic, after 50,000kms it is evident that your intake and exhaust valves will have become lose, it is matter of adjusting the gap given in your bike service manual. and after this..try just adjusting the timing chain tension......THAT'S it ....there will be no problem. Be very Carefull...!!!, an improper adhusting of the Valve Gap, can impact your bikes, POWER,SPEED,MILEAGE ..everything you feel about your bike, SO get it done by a professional only, see if that guy has the metric gauge meter to check your bikes current valve gap, and then tell him the valve gap required as per given in the manual. every bike has different valve gap metrics, even though they are of same engine capacity. (Pss:- I don't call an 10yr expereinced garage guy as a professional). Regards MADANRead More

Commented on maheshs87's review

Aug 22, 2009 01:07 PM

Hi mahesh, Your are partly right, there are no such automatically self-adjustable timing chains, even in the higher end cars to higher end bikes, because these are not easily prone to problems and are very durable. In fact instead of saying automatic, every bike is given with a manual tension adju...ster mechanism for the timing chain. It is clearly visible, it is just like a potruding nut from the cylinder, particularly at the left side and back of the cylinder. Rotating clockwise increases the tension and rotating anit-clockwise decreases the tension. Don't do it yourself, get it done by a professional mechanic, I don't think so you should be replacing the Cam chain, but if mechanic says so..., Regards MadanRead More

Commented on own review

Jul 22, 2009 11:35 AM

Hello, K&N filters increase power upto 7% provided if you do upjetting in your carburettor There are types of air filters Most common in India are RC 1060 and R-1100 RC 1060 costs 1700 rupees and R-1100 costs 2300 rupees If you want power,you have to do upjetting in your carburettor otherwise is no use of K&N filter.Your engine power can also drop. R-1100 is a high power filter but suitable only for bullet To increase more power,again you can fit higher capacity carburettor and K&N filter with upjetting. Example is that I can perform my 125 cc bike like CBZ extreme by putting Apache RTR/Pulsar 180 carburettor with upjetting and K&N filter But the drawback is mileage drop.If my bike gives mileage of 65 earlier,now after doing changes,it will give mileage of 35-40 The better option for me will be to go for Apache RTR or Pulsar 180 then instead of all these alterations. Hello pankajshirke, Your right in:- Definetly you should increase the mainjet size of the carburettor, when you have fitted with K&N air filters. Who said no to this..? You are wrong in:- Every engine has capacity in CC,i.e., 100cc means it take maximum of 100cc volume of Air&fuel mixture ratio for combustion. You can't put an 180cc carburettor to 125cc, even if you do have to down jet it to 125cc carburettor specs, even though you may achieve a good response of your bike, in terms of ridea nd feel, because the opening dia of INLET and OUTLET have changed w.r.t to the previuos 125cc carbs Openin diameter of INLET and OUTLET. But theoritcally , with test and measured in lab, you will be getting the same Horse power or hp with 125cc carb. So, if you want more power you have to go for higher CC bikes. Else , why do you think....companies are doing much R&D for different segments of bike. Regards MADAN Read More

Commented on own review

Jul 16, 2009 10:07 PM

Hello friends, I really apologize, if i have little oversided ,with emotion of my friends death. My point of view is to bring awarness to people who blindly buy a bike, just for show. ...well it's ok...., since we always trust our indian companies for first place......., But these companies s...hould not take advantage of us and keep releasing the models just by re-furnishing them...and not maintaining the quality standards...not ensuring proper service to customer ..? We should definelty realise this...and fight back! Also what is stopping them to introduce bikes with DELTA BOX frame structure, i have seen 125cc bikes having DELTA BOX frame with rear disc mandatory in DALEIM bikes.. Why not in INDIA....if our companies can spend extra 10000rs on digital speedo and graphics why not spend the same by introducing these ones. (chasis and brakes) Regards MADANRead More

Commented on own review

Jul 16, 2009 09:46 PM

well Rags_ManSon...I think you are right.. i really went a little bit overside, the pics of friends dead body was just flashing in front of my eyes...i am sorry. But ...truly my intention was not to degrade Fireblade or Hayabusa..., But to tell the people that INDIA we are losing grip on saf...ety issues, companies are rather tending in becoming to lose focus on safety issues and simply contemplating their products with high end ads and all. We no where compare Fireblade , Hayabusa to Indian segment bikes, my question is other countries are able to give bike of safety features...why not india. all the foreign bikes have DELTA BOX chasis...why can't indian auto companies afford it. I have seen 125cc bikes like Daelim ROADWIN having a deltabox frame and rear disc brake....why not here? , I always felt that in our country people are always bent on cheating other and making quick money.! Read More

Reviewed General Tips on Buying a Bike

Jul 16, 2009 04:42 PM 1979 Views

(Updated Jul 16, 2009 10:07 PM)

By now I have atleast 12 years of experience in driving. In these years., say from last 4years .i have been watching closely, so many brands,  models, makes, engine capacities(100, 115, 125, 135, 150, 160, 180, 200, 220).Full of competition, new models are launched every few months, so much como...Read more

Commented on abhi_singh80's review

Jul 16, 2009 03:03 PM

Hi all, Just read the review and all your comments. My opinion, is I don't care about wether the bike is from Yamaha, Honda, LML or any other company for that matter. It should be realiable, Durable when under any operation. Hey Don't you see...these companies make big money...for them a ...cost of single bike from their company is nothing...and think about the component or the spare cost. I don't like a simple mis-wiring or earthing caused by careless assembling of the bike and selling them with huge false trust. and we depend upon these bike with all our life and our family's life, if something accidental happens. due to that small mistake in their factory. Dear all, please think....we are riding a bike by our assumption that it is good and nothing will happen, and we let our family(wife/children/parents) sit behind you promising them a safe ride home, they trust you that nothing will happen, Let us say if the same battery problem occurred ....while he was overtaking a truck at 60kmph and suddenly the engine failed, or horn not working. and there is another truck coming from opposite....?????? what could have happened ? whole family Lives could have gone....just because this F***ng battery problem caused by some assembling mistake done in the factory. Who is responsible for this is it you or is it the some small false component. Hey it is Company duty and responsibility to care of all these things...even the technology what their implanting...should not only be to the looks or racing. but also for safety.. who is that guy ...who was talking about not have KICK starters for INDIAN bikes it 'SuperSportsJM '. What do yo think..? do you have a family...?are you married...? Don't be BullS**t stubborn ....! don't get carried away by LOOKS or Company Brand names..! all we want here is SAFETY, RELIABILITY and DURABILITY. Think People Think..! All this LOOKS, STYLE, PERFORMANCE will not matter, once you lose a PRecious Life. MRead More

Commented on own review

Jun 05, 2009 05:09 PM

Hello shining star, this may look crap fo you, Yeah i know boring the engine and installing larger valves will definitely increase the power ......this even a fool will know. See i have written this article 4 years back, keeping the full baked knowledge in my head. FIPK,--Fuel injection Perfo...rmance kits are different and far more advanced and better than FI kits. Even though you sound like a garage guy , for whom, the first word of increasing power would be REBORE the engine. I would say why don't you see for yourself. Please compare Yamaha R15 150cc FI able to beat karizma 225cc carburetted. Think results after adding FIPK. I wouldn't test like to test my results practically on a roller, as an engineer, the results are perfect in Mathematical proven model. Practically it may vary in a tolerable band level. Best ever example why don't you see MOTOGP 125cc class, that would sound something not crappier for you..! (ask your garage guy to see it..tooo) Regards MadanRead More

Commented on u.venkatesh23's review

May 20, 2009 01:51 PM

Major_Satish :- Your are WRONG!!!. Please remember , the ECU is not programmable like(MSD), and forget about re tuning ....every bike / car has by default Non_ programmable Fuel Injection systems installed. If you want to re-tune called as Re-Map the ECU, you have to buy a Reprogrammable ECU in the market. So, forget it...! The problem is simple..:- Please follow the steps. 1) let the bike warm up..(i.e., after few kms of driving). Gear into neutral and at idle rpm ...bend down and listen to the noise from the cylinder,, if your hearing rattling sound., then your Exhaust valves are to be tightened as well as Intake valves. 2)the back fire is generally seen when people remove there exhaust mufflers for more performance. If you have done , then please revert it back. 3)Also please check that Intake sensor-placed near the Air filter box and Exhaust Sensor near/in the Exhaust are functioning properly or covered with dust. replace them if necessary. If you don't know how to do this , ask your TVS service guy to do all this. and believe me your problem will be gone..! Your bike has Direct-Fuel Injection system. FI bikes/cars are more robust than Carb's. but If you try to alter something improperely...they malfunction unlike carb bikes/cars. In INDIA there are very few people in the Garage or service centers who are familiar with Fuel Injections and Programmibilities. So, choose carefully, always go to company show room. Regards MADANRead More

Commented on own review

Apr 16, 2009 09:58 AM

Hello Raghu,, Correction...... the increase in power would depend not exactly 2 to 3bhp. MADAN

Commented on own review

Apr 16, 2009 09:53 AM

Hello Raghu, Let us go step by step for modification for your bike..; 1)change your stock air filter to K&N air filter and tune your bike's carburettor with a highly experienced person in garage using Digital Tachometer. Cost;-approx Rs :-2500(bangalore) but don't know in Delhi. Increase in ...Power:- 2-3bhp 2)Change your engine oil from Castrol 20W40 to Motul 3000v 20W40. gives better performance than castrol. These are basic performance enhancements for your bike without any harm done to your bike's engine. There are many other Modifications , but they are prone decrease your bike's engine life. I wouldn't recommend that. I would think the above enhancements will give the a good performance your bike would require. well mag wheels are nothing but alloy wheels. Read More

Followed sriguru

Mar 12, 2009 07:28 PM