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''Tumhari Disha''

Nov 24, 2004 10:35 AM 24747 views

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Zee TV presents “Tumhari Disha” started from August 22, 2004 at 8:00 pm. Before it was shown from Sunday to Wednesday but now you can watch it on Monday to Thursday at 8:00 pm on Zee TV. Tumhari Disha is the story of a young girl who sacrifices herself, her desire, dream, happiness & love for her family, which is not her real family but foster family.

This serial is a refreshing change for those who have tolerated serials like Kyunki…. Kahani…. Kkusum….Kumkum….. And such more serials which have been boring & we are tolerating them since a looooong time.

Tumhari Disha is produced by Film Farm production house of Harsh Dave and Pintu Guha and directed by Hemant Prabhu. Disha’s role is introduced by Chhavi Mittal along with other star cast like Kanwaljeet Singh, Zarina Wahab, Karishma Randhawa, Nitin Raaj and many more.

The story of “Tumhari Disha” is of a bright girl who is very caring and loving and she is most loved by her foster father whom she calls “baba” played by Kanwaljeet. In the foster family (Bhosle family) of Disha there is Suhasini (Zarina Wahab), Vijendra (Kanwaljeet), Rano (only daughter of Suhasini & Vijendra), Aajuba (father of Vijendra), Brother & Sis-in-law of Vijendra and their son Gautam. Disha is daughter of Deva (servant of this family).

But due to Deva’s irresponsibility Suhasini & Vijendra’s only son dies of accident, this happens when they were celebrating Rano’s birthday (when disha, rano was child). Deva gets scared coz due to him his master’s son came under the truck and dies so he runs away from the spot leaving Disha, no one knows where he is. So, since then the Bhosle family where looking after her and they did no difference between Disha & Rano. But Suhasini was not fully accepting Disha as her own child but Rano loves Disha and she shares her very problem with her and so do Disha.

Vijendra has a good family friend Anupam Bhosla and business partner too. Anupam has a son Inder, a tall and handsome guy who is foreign return but have Indian touch. Inder loves Disha and she loves him too. And they were not aware that Rano was in love with Inder.

The negative role is played by Dushyant Kumar Sehgal known as DK and is boss of Kanaka Empire. He is doing project on Diamond so he was searching for a model for the diamond project and his assistant Taj (the one who played in Kasauti - Indronil) was given the job to search model and when he sees Disha and Rano in shopping mall then he takes Rano’s snaps coz he thoughts she is having model looks but when DK sees the snap then he says Disha is the right model for his project.

In Bhosle family Vijendra announces the name of the person who will be involved and will be doing the presentation for the the new project “Kanaka” and Disha, Inder & Gautam was going for the presentation of the project and when they went for the party of the same then suddenly DK sees Disha then he offers her for the modeling but she rejects it then DK forces her again but Disha was not interested. But mistakenly when Disha was about to go then her shawl was pulled by the throne of the flower that was in the side they were standing but without seeing back she thought DK was doing it so she slaps him and then in anger DK decides that the model for his project will be Disha only and she will have to do.

The next day Disha, Inder & Gautam goes for the presentation in the hall the and decides there that Disha will be presenting the slides then enters the villain Mr. DK (with french cut beard), then Disha gets shocked when she sees DK there, then she is not able to do the presentation and just leaves the hall. But even they didn’t do it the got the project and Inder & Gautam was happy as well as surprised as they were not aware of the fact but Disha tells them the truth. And later they decided they don’t won’t the project.

Returning back home they tell the incident to Vijendra and he too supported Disha and told that whatever she did that was very much correct. But then DK starts to play his role. He did everything that would made Bhosle family come in road, he planned if he will do so then Disha have to do the modeling. But still Disha was on her decision. And in between Vijendra car gets accident and he dies.

When Disha came to face the cruel truth of her life then she starts sacrificing everything for the Bhosle family. She did whatever she can to prove her loyalty. She came to know the truth that she was not the real daughter of that family when Suhasini realizes that Rano is in love with Inder but Inder loved Disha and wanted to marry her. Since then Suhasini ignored Disha and knowing that fact that Disha and Inder loves each other still she wanted that Rano should get Inder.

When Disha knew that Rano loves Inder then she makes the biggest sacrifice of her life by marrying Mr DK and she wanted to take revenge of the death of her Baba, coz DK was responsible for all this and after marrying him she got the paper of the Bhosle house and returns that to the family. And she is now ready to do the model coz now she is no more Bhosle but she is now Mrs. Sehgal and whatever she will do it will come upon the Sehgal.

But the destiny plays its role when she marries DK and enters in his home then Deva (Disha’s father) is there in DK’s house as servant and now Disha and Deva are having good relation and she also treats him nicely and calls her baba coz Deva is of old age and she respects every person equally but they both don’t recognize each other.

When Disha tells Deva that she want to see her family then Deva become ready to take her there and Deva drives the car and on the way they stop by the temple and there Rano and Suhasini was also present. There Suhasini comes to see Disha and Deva together in the car then she leaves Rano at temple and she follows the car and Disha stops the car at Inder’s house and she goes inside the house to meet Inder for Rano, and while Deva was waiting her outside the house there Suhasini come in her car and she reveals the truth Deva that Disha is her own daughter and Suhasini misunderstood the situation that both father and daughter is making plan for money and now they are together but in fact both Disha & Deva were not aware of that fact.

But now Deva came to know the truth that Disha is her own daughter but Disha doesn’t know. Now Deva takes care of her daughter more than before. On the other side Suhasini tells to her family that Disha is fraud and she is with her father, she married DK for money and like that she blames Disha. But poor Disha, she is not aware of all this and destiny has played very bad role for her.

This new girl ''Chhavi Mittal'' played the role of Disha is overall good but if she could be bolder then it would be suited for the role. Dushyant Kumar Sehgal (DK) has done justice for his role. Zarina Wahab has done a very good job and even in this age she looks beautiful. Inder has also done a good job. Rest characters have played their role well.

Thanks for Reading and now Ratings & Comments Plzzzzz

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